 It combines data from other InfoProviders based on a union join providing it for reporting.  It is a dimensional structure. A Multiprovider can have Maximum of 13 dimensions.  The result of a query built on a MultiProvider contains records which are common to both InfoProviders. A common characteristic has to exist between the InfoProviders.   The New Multiprovider GUI looks and feels different. It does not contain data physically. The data comes from the InfoProviders on which it is based.   The system creates 3 SAP dimensions and 1 user defined dimension SAP recommends using Multiprovider for reporting because it increases query performance. OBJECTS INTEGRATED IN A MULTIPROVIDER 1. InfoObjects (with master data) 2. InfoCubes 3. Data Store Objects 4. Infosets 5. Aggregates (Aggregation level) – New Addition

ADVANTAGES OF MULTIPROVIDERS • Simplified Design – you can construct smaller standard cubes with smaller tables and less redundancy. • Individual InfoCubes & data store objects can be partitioned separately.

Advanced Analysis Options without having to fill new and extremely large InfoCubes.x)  Characteristics  Time characteristics  Key figures  Drag and drop your characteristic. HOW TO CREATE A MULTIPROVIDER • • • • • • • Go to RSA1 – DWWB (Data Warehousing Workbench) Go to Infoprovider tree infoArea if none exists for your use Right click on infoArea and create MultiProvider Enter technical name and description Click on create We have 5 tabs o o o o o • • Info Cubes DSO objects Info Objects Info Sets Aggregation level Select the objects you need from each tab and continue Choose info objects from involved InfoProviders o Choose info objects from the template and move them to structure (3. key figures and navigational attributes into your dimensions / key figure / Navigational Attribute Folders. o Define you dimensions and assign them to your info objects (3. • Navigation option in Multiprovider view under the ‘Infoprovider Tree’ enables you to see the InfoProviders on which the MultiProvider was built.x) • • • Set your identification for characteristics and time characteristics Set selections for key figures .• • Improved performance through parallel execution of sub queries.

• Activate Multiprovider .