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1. Bringing Mankind to the worship of Allah alone.

2. Establishing the Caliphate that follows the example
of the Prophet


Our aim is Allah's command: "Establish the religion.”42

We aim to establish Allah's religion in its entirety, in every soul and upon every
inch of this earth, in every home, institution and society. To achieve this, we must
first succeed in:

1. Bringing people to the worship of their Lord, and
2. Establishing a Caliphate based upon the foundations laid down by the Prophet .

These are then the two objectives that we aspire to achieve in order that we
may fulfill Allah's command to establish the religion of Islam.

We have said many times before that all human beings are the slaves of Allah
and that the earth belongs to Him. Therefore, all people are required to enter the
religion of Allah and the entire earth should be under the authority of Islam.

We aim therefore to return the wandering people who have strayed from the
path of Allah back to their pure nature and bring them back to their senses. This is
what we meant by 'bringing people back to the worship of their Lord'. That is in
everything: their creed, rituals, conduct, dealings, judgements and customs.

This requires that the ruling political system which governs people and their
communities should in turn be submissive to Allah. It should implement the Islamic laws and
act upon them; a system which rules by Islam, safeguards the religion of the people and
protects them against all the devils, be they human or jinn, who strive to take people outside
the religion of Allah.

Living under a non-Islamic system means that people will not refer to Islam as a judge
in their disputes and that they will not establish their religion in its entirety. This also means
that there will be an authority which will divert people from the religion of Allah and absorb
them into its own Jahiliyyah system, using all means at its disposal.

One of the foundations of establishing the religion is to bring into being a political
system by which to rule the people and guide them, because religion can never be complete
without such a system.

Ibn Taymeeyah said, "It should be known that ruling people and governing their
affairs is one of the greatest obligations of Islam without which the religion can never
be established."

Therefore it is our aim to establish a Caliphate following the example of the Prophet

To this end, we are using all the ways and means that our religion taught us: Da'wah,
enjoining good and forbidding evil and conducting Jihad in the way of Allah. Each one of these


Surah Ash-Shura (42), Ayah 13.


means has its role to play to achieve this objective. Each has its own field of action and legal
rulings. A detailed discussion of these points is to be found in the chapter entitled 'Our Way'.

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