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Rituals of Islamic Spirituality a Study of Majils Dhikr Groups in East Java

Rituals of Islamic Spirituality a Study of Majils Dhikr Groups in East Java

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28 In addition to classical works on Islamic magic, medicine, and occult sciences, other works on similar
subjects compiled and written by famous local tabib are also used by some students in Javanese pesantren.
Usually, in order to obtain access to these books, a student should individually seek ija>zafor the book from its
author. Local tabib have compiled materials for their books on the basis of ija>zaobtained from other tabib or
from their teachers. Some tabib ask that individual students to stay for some days to be taught the content
of the books, while other tabib just give these books with their ija>za. These santri reciprocate with money to
cover printing costs.


Chapter VI: The Awakening of the Negligent:
The Dhikr
al- Gha>fli>n Group

Chapter V highlighted the important role of the Ih{sa>niyyat group in developing
and spreading Islam among nominal Muslims (abangan) by means of cultural
approaches. In doing so, the group has adopted the ideas of Sufi dakwah and
Sufi tolerance, which have been practised since the introduction of Islam to the
Indonesian Archipelago. This chapter will look at the role played by another
group in developing and spreading Islamic values among Muslims, the Dhikr
al- Gha>fili>n. In contrast to the previous chapter, this chapter will focus on the
leader of the Majlis Dhikr al-Gha>fili>n, Gus Mik, whose reputation and charisma
as a wali raised controversy among Muslims in Indonesia. Despite this, Gus
Mik played an important role in introducing Islamic values to particular groups
of people who have been characterized as orang-orang malam, a term used to
indicate people such as prostitutes, nightclub singers and nightclub visitors.

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