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Social Studies Test 1 Jaimee

Social Studies Test 1 Jaimee

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Published by: Ping Belle Mayol Yap on Jul 06, 2011
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HOW FILIPINOS LOOK LIKE NAME: _______________________________________________ GRADE and SECTION: ___________________________________ A.

Choose the correct word from the box and write what is being described in each number. EYES SKIN HEIGHT _______________1. What can be short or tall? _______________2. What can either be high-bridged or flat? _______________3. What can be either chinky or round and may have different colors? _______________4. What can be thick or thin? _______________5. What can be dark or fair or kayumanggi? B. Underline the correct answer?
1. What is the Shape of the lips of the Filipinos?



(thick lips) (thin lips) (thick or thin lips)

2. Which describes the height of the Filipinos? (not very tall, not very short)(very short)

(very tall)
3. Which describes the hair of most Filipinos?

(brown and straight) (straight and black) (brown or black) (green or blue) (dark) (kayumanggi) (fair)

(curly and black)
4. What is the color of the eyes of most Filipinos?

(yellow or red)
5. What is the color of the skin of most Filipinos? A. Draw a happy face () if the statement or question is true and the sad face () if the

statement or question is false. Do all Filipinos have chinky eyes? Do all Filipinos look the same? Are all Filipinos Short? Do all Filipinos have different hair? Do most Filipinos have brown skin? _____ _____ _____ _____ _____

Filipinos are proud of the way they look. _____ Filipinos have the same height. Some Filipinos have chinky eyes. Filipinos have the same skin color. _____ _____ _____

.All Filipinos have curly hair. _____ .

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