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Information and Black Hole - Truth of Origin and Universal Existence in Time

Information and Black Hole - Truth of Origin and Universal Existence in Time

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Published by John Paily
Our scientific thinking that is based on the assumption that nature is material appears to be wrong. Universe appears to be living, conscious and intelligent being. The universal existence needs to be understood as information unfolding and enfolding into black hole, such that life is given to us and it is sustained when we go against Nature and her Master. We are tending to great disorder and destruction because of our ignorance of nature, its design and functioning to sustain her temperature and thus life on it. We need to review the foundation of science and develop new thinking and understand the simple reality of nature if we are to survive on earth.
Our scientific thinking that is based on the assumption that nature is material appears to be wrong. Universe appears to be living, conscious and intelligent being. The universal existence needs to be understood as information unfolding and enfolding into black hole, such that life is given to us and it is sustained when we go against Nature and her Master. We are tending to great disorder and destruction because of our ignorance of nature, its design and functioning to sustain her temperature and thus life on it. We need to review the foundation of science and develop new thinking and understand the simple reality of nature if we are to survive on earth.

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Published by: John Paily on Jul 07, 2011
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How Universe Conquers Time ± The Living Truth

Note ±This part takes us to philosophies of spiritual scriptures, but it does not mean that I

support an organized religion. Rather I hope to cross the barrier of religion and move

towards truth.

We understood how life is basically anti-gravitational. They work against gravity or

centripetal force of the material world leading to collapse to a point in time. Life

constitutes left and right portions and constantly works to balance the

system through information exchange. They have three basic processes by

which they exchange information and survive ± Breath, Mitotic and Meiotic

information renewal. Meiotic information renewal actually helps life to conquer time.

In the first few moments of union of male and female, the information of the whole

systems is conceived. A primal wave then begins that creates images of itself and

the one world divides into two. The process continues to unfold the information and

to initialize and start a new life cycle. We also compared these phenomenon¶s to

west and east division of earth and energy exchanges manifesting as 12 hour day

and night cycle and 12 month climatic cycle on earth. The time direction here

invariably means it should have Universal Time Cycle, where disorder peaks and

gives way to order and vice-versa or where time and death is conquered. The

whole process has one single purpose ± To restore and to maintain certain balance


A time direction is inevitable reality of nature, both from the material perspective

and living perspective. Modern science tells us that universe has an origin in big

bang and has an end. It has failed to comprehend both the beginning and end

sensibly. This leaves us to explore the universe as a living system as the ancient

spiritualist thought and wrote down elaborately. The key here is to extend meiotic

division and reproduction by which life conquers time to the universal level.

Note - This Living universe thinking is growing and is gaining ground. Development

in quantum science, the work of James Lovelock and Margulis Lynn stresses us to

think in this direction. Even the developments in String and M-Theory, also moves

in this direction.

The living system is best described by non-linear science. According to it universe

originated form a little pulse in a vast see of energy. Unfortunately non linear

scientists also have failed to give the cause for this little perturbation and thus this

theory also exists unattended and unpopular. From our vision of particle and

system the pulse is inherent to the system at all levels of the system and is

controlled by single particle in the center.

Now let us review the energy cycle of earth in which we live and enquire into

nature. We noted that all life is anti-gravitational by instinct. The only exception is

Adult human beings who live a mind and self centered life and becomes slave to

material force. Human mind thus is the culprit. Mind Pollution is the

fundamental cause for all the disorder we experience in various levels of

system. No wonder the ancient Eastern Spiritual Knowledge, speaks of silencing

the mind to know the Truth. Truth is fundamental to order. Being salve to material

force we are distancing our selves from Truth.

Material force we know is centripetal and directed to collapse to a point or death in

time. Here I am tempted to call your attention to ³First Forbiddance´, ³First

Resistance´, ³First Law´, [what ever you wish to call] presented in the Bible. It

says God created Adam in His image from dust [matter] and then breathed Life


into him; He then created Eve from the rib of Adam and gave her as a partner to

Adam. He gave them dominion over His kingdom but He resisted them from eating

from the tree at the center- Tree of Death. The tree at the center depicts the point

to which gravity points it self. In a way this can be interpreted as forbiddance

to human beings, from forgetting the inner force or light [Father and

Mother] that created him and is directed away from center and become

slave material world and gravity directed to the center. It was a resistance to

humanity from moving towards death. It was resistance to human from moving

from the realm of heart/love based existence to mind and self based existence. It

is a call not to seek ³self´ and be a slave to flesh but exist integrated with ³Higher

Self´ that creates and sustains and exists directed from center to the outside.

Note- Love spoken here is not mind and body and the biochemical aspect of flesh

that drives men and woman to get physically attracted. It is a Divine attraction,

beyond mind and thought [beyond flesh]. It is a unity that comes from the

mediation of divinity for the purpose of sustenance, it is the unity of two families

thus the whole. The Love influenced by flesh and material thoughts and self is not

Love it is a way to misery. Our social degradation at individual and family and

community reflects the failure of spiritual institutions.

The dominion given to Adam and Eve, suggest that human is entitled to enjoy the

material world but not to an extent to forget his Creator force within and become

slave to material world and take the path of injustice and untruth and

death. The law of Life or ³forbiddance´ tells us that mind should not become slave

to material world. At the individual level Eve represents the mind that has become

slave to material world and disconnects life force form communicating with its inner

source. At family level, she represents feminine. The law of the family thus speaks

of feminine leaving her parent to be part of another family. It forbids her taking the

opposite path with ³self´

The aspect of time invariably means the system can only be maintained by constant

price. Eventually it reaches a point where the system collapses, unless the Creator


pays the highest price to gain his creation back. The highest price one can make is

³self sacrifice´. When biological creation occurs the creating force [Father] actually

sacrifices its body and goes recessive to the recessive. At the universal level of time

cycle this secret has manifested in Calvary. The Calvary as the point of creation

and restoration is well supported by Vedas. Yajurveda VS 30-31, speaks very

clearly that universe was created by the self sacrifice of the Creator and

that this sacrifice was conducted by His own people.

To understand Calvary as a Biological Science of the Universal scale, let us recall

the picture of a huge sphere filled with small spheres of uniform size. Let us

assume these are human souls. Here we end up in one Unique Soul at the center.

All other souls exist in pairs, complementary pairs in octet space. The one at the

center is simple and is the condensed image of the whole in the center. The whole

and center is instantaneously connected. Any change any where in the field is

instantaneously perceived by the center as well as the whole. Recall now the

preaching of the Jesus regarding Him and His Father. The spiritual scriptures do

speak a science and living reality of nature. The gravity of the material world, the

gravity of fallen human souls now gets directed to this Primal Soul and its Primal

black hole and should come back from it. This black hole forms the steering

system towards a predetermined goal. The singularity of science and Big Bang

Origin can now be reinvented meaningfully around single Primal Soul and

information unfolding and enfolding to sustain the system. Calvary Sacrifice in this

process of thinking emerges as a science.

It is interesting to recall now, the revelation of Lord Krishna to warrior Arjuna in the

battle for Justice and Truth [Kurukshetra], as huge mouth that breath¶s in and

breath¶s out every thing. The information of the whole system is carried in this

Primal Black hole. The creation and sustenance comes from this central

soul and the information contained in it. Everything takes birth form it and

goes back into it. We are simply individuated souls formed from this central soul

in space and time. We can evolve away or towards life through Free Will in the

Creative phase.


Note-We need to remember few points here

y Black holes are created in pairs one with right twist and other with left twist,

one being dominant the other being recessive.

y They form two parts to one system right and left. Information flows between

them sustaining the system. This is evident form day and night cycle and

the breathing process in life.

y Flow of information serves a purpose of sustaining the balance of the system

[body] against time and its deteriorative influence.

All life has souls, but we can technically do away with all other life and talk only of

human souls and its relation to Primal Soul or God¶s Soul, because time direction

to nature come form humans. Bible speaks of two role models to humans.

Jesus Christ and Mother Mary. It needs to be understood by the act they did to

serve the Creator and Humanity, than from the point of religion. Bible also shows

two more role models Adam and Eve, we are called to resist this model. The

institution called church is primarily called to help individual and community to

qualitatively rise up to Jesus and Mary and resist their fall towards Adam and Eve.

Unfortunately, institution called church today exists deteriorated, building

huge churches in competitive manner, engaged in growing financially and

quantitatively than qualitatively. Same is true for most religions. The

church, temples, mosques and its occupants probably has the highest responsibility

of leading the world in right direction. The cause for the world we witness is full of

disorder, war, terrorism, corruption, conquering motive and such negatives exists in

the failure of the religious institutions. They need to awaken humanity and the

whole system and lead it in the path of Truth and Justice.

In one glance all spiritual scriptures speaks of a need to follow inner force

of the Creator [consciousness and intelligence] and a need to uphold

Justice and Truth. It calls for resistance of corruption and conquering motive. This

is vital for sustenance of the created world of the system of which we are part.

Much of the biological information processing occurs for the purpose of sustenance


of the balance of the system. Spiritual scriptures speak of God manifesting and

participating in the war for justice and truth [Example ± Lord Rama and Krishna].

But time and deteriorations is a reality. It should be recalled that ancient seers of

India classified the Universal Time Cycle into four phases, [Yugas- Golden Age,

Silver-Age, Bronze-Age and Iron-Age] where truth and justice deteriorates by

certain quantum proportions. The question that lack clarity, both in spiritual

and scientific knowledge is how the end gives way to beginning. Bible tells

us that Christ manifested when, no human soul was left on earth that could be

justified before God. The institution called law and justice now has no meaning,

unless the system is restored back. The system cannot be restored unless

individuals are justified and uplifted with Free Will and judged to right and left. Here

comes the importance of the Calvary and the preaching¶s of New Testament and

also the karmic principle known to the ancient east.

The beauty of Bible and the value of Christ¶s sacrifice come, when we asses mind

and ³self´. Mind and ³self´ is a reality. Death is destruction of ³self´ and its

identity. Life is a process of struggle against death. Accepting death as a means to

Life is incomprehensible to any adult human mind. Only the chosen can gain that

inner call and connectivity to Father to do this great act in Faith Absolutely. One

needs to be born in the center of space-time cycle to do it. The birth and death of

Christ has uniqueness in space and time. It is the Primal Soul that carries all

the information and the knowledge of the system. We saw that duality is the reality

of nature and creation occurs when the masculine and creating spirit or the light

that gives life goes recessive to the recessive [Feminine and Conception]

A biological process of creation and restoration process seems to be underway since

Calvary Sacrifice. Probably it happened in the third critical point of quantum

Universal Time Cycle [See Fig -3], when a quantum collapse and reorganization

changing the direction of the flow of the system becomes inevitable. From

statistical point, it is the time when ¾ of human souls have fallen slave to material

force and has taken the path of injustice and untruth. From living point it is the


point when the system enters the old age and the body begins to deteriorate for

want of Living Force.

The best way to interpret Bible in a sensible way is to understand that Power of God

transforming everything and giving it New Life. Life is controlled by a pulse that

works on two forces one that move up and another moves down. We compared it to

Jesus and Mary. This force is inherent to all human souls and it is the life giving

entity that never sleeps. But this coexists with two more forces that are contributed

by the mind and body. This is we related to Adam and Eve. The flowing figure gives

the relationship with four phases of life cycle.

The above figure describes the universal time cycle, or life cycle of the universe, as

expressed by ancient east where, justice and truth deteriorates in certain quantum

proportions. The key here is the mind of humans. When it becomes slave to

material world and flesh, he creates a time direction to death. This secret is

depicted by the forbidden fruit in Bible.

Since time is inevitable reality, it becomes necessity for the God to recreate and

restore his creation to new order. Beyond the third critical point, God and Goddess

go into recreation mode leaving the rule to human mind. As the mind of humans

goes behind material world creating a vortex of disorder and destruction, the


Consciousness and Mind of God blooms from within creating a blue print for new

world. From this point creation is the awakening of the human

consciousness and his intelligence by the intervention of God and Goddess,

such that out of disorder an order emerges. Every human soul now becomes a

participant with Free Will and enters the new world according to his and her intent

[karma principle spoken in ancient spiritual scriptures].

The world is experiencing the breaking of Consciousness of God or Christ,

before it enfolds to create a duality and enter a New Time Cycle and Golden

period of Humanity, where Truth and Justice prevails.

Every adult has intent as he approaches God or higher authority. This intent during

the period of creation decides the space time in relation with the creating and

sustaining force. Once the transformation or life giving process is over, Creator

reveals His Mind or knowledge such that humanity can take the dominion over His

created world. There are three distinct acts here.

y The first act was restoration of the balance with Free Will [creation]

y the second was to bring back justice and truth, there by life back into effect

[The birth].

y The third act is the law of resistance was to slow down time.

True spirituality, is to have mastery over material wealth and nature without being

slave to it. It is to uphold justice and truth. The cause for the present world actually

exists in deterioration of spirituality and the deteriorated state of the institution

called religion, which have failed to connect to the Creator and speak the Truth to

the people. The spiritual institutions are actually are temples of science and

knowledge that should be guiding the world in the right path to justice and truth.

When they fail everything fails.

The occupants of these institutions have the responsibility to study, enquire

research for knowledge to elevate oneself qualitatively and then transfer the

knowledge absolutely without self to elevate other individuals, family, community


and the whole society. However, today most spiritualist and religious leaders make

religion as means of their lively hood and as means to live the most comfortable

high flying life. This is evident from the physical structure of religious places

growing in competitive manner and becoming wealthy, but dwindling in spiritual

content. When you assess from a detached perspective, I feel both the

administrative institution of soul [religious/knowledge/educative institutions] and

administrative institutions of body [political and Government administrative

machinery] is infiltrated by corrupt people and thus darkness rules us.

I am tempted to call a reality I read log back. It is said modern science took its

origin when deteriorated Church was virtually ruling the west by amassing wealth

than spreading the Good News of Christ. [Incidentally this is the time when

Prophet Mohammed manifested speaking essentially about the judgment to come].

History of science speaks it. The science and temples of science has actually

liberated us form the clutches of institutions called religions with deteriorated

spirituality and made us think, enquire, seek and knock the door of Truth. The

democracy gives us independence to choose. Science has advanced but is

incomplete. This reflects it self in the words of Einstein ³Humanity is going to

need a substantial new way of thinking if it is to survive´. The reality is that

each of us has the elements of God/Goddess and Adam/Eve within us. The peace

and order at individual family, community and the whole world level depends on to

which quality we orient our mind.

The simple Truth of the world is that we mold our universe by our thought

and intent. The intent of institutions of spirituality governing the realm of soul and

the intent of institutions governing the body are malicious and thus untruth is

peaking. I would not blame any one for this for this is the way nature is designed

to work. Even democracy in the absence of truth can take negative direction. There

has to be period of darkness to know the value of Light. It is in the peak of

darkness the light emerges. In a defined space ±time, nothing can be reconstructed

unless the old is broken down. We are in the process of renewal. Sweeping

changes would come when truth emerges and humanity awakens to his


consciousness and intelligence. The survival exists in Knowing the Truth or the

Living light, that breaks the barriers of religion and bring us into Living Light and

Knowledge that every one can understand, not just few mathematicians and

scientist. My statement is not anti-religious. The religions and culture has saved

immense information for us to fathom. I insist we must study religions and grow

beyond it to know the Truth. Truth is the only way for our liberation from darkness

to light.

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