…because I couldn’t stop at 10.

1. I am the youngest teacher in my building. 2. I love candy. Sour stuff is my favorite. 3. I do not like chocolate. 4. I love all things bright colors. 5. I'm in love with organization. Everything has to be organized all. of. the. time. 6. I drink at least 2 mugs of coffee a morning. Addicted? Maybe. 7. I love to do crafts and make things. I make almost all of my classroom activities. 8. sometimes I think I have a shopping problem. I love Marshalls. 9. I visit Michael's probably 1x/week and ALWAYS have a coupon. 10. I have known my boyfriend since the 5th grade. 11. I have 2 older sisters. 7 & 12 years older to be exact. 12. I'm an aunt & my niece and I share back to back birthdays. 13. I've always had a white car and don't think that will ever change. 14. I was a student teacher of the year in college. 15. I would rather eat snacks than meals and sometimes ice cream is an acceptable dinner. 16. I love watching Real Housewives and Teen Mom. 17. I own more than 50 belts. 18. I'm addicted to scarves. In the winter I probably wear one 4 out of 7 days a week. 19. I have a 20 minute drive to work & I actually enjoy that. 20. I love my job and no matter how stressful paper work can get, the kids always make it better.


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