The Life of Abraham Lincoln

By Mrs. Mizell

Lincoln s Childhood    He was born in Kentucky. . He lived in a log cabin. He moved to Indiana.

He was a U. S Senator .Lincoln s Jobs Before Presidency    Lincoln was the postmaster. Lincoln was a lawyer.

.Lincoln s Family  His wife s name was Mary Todd.

  William Tad   They loved to play games in the White House.Lincoln s Children  He had children. . William died while Lincoln was President.

Lincoln Loved God .

He was assassinated during his presidency.Lincoln During Presidency Lincoln freed the slaves. He was President during the Civil War. He signed the Emancipation Proclamation. .

Lincoln s Assassination .

Our Country was Searching for the person who killed Lincoln. John Wilkes Booth was the man! .

Many People Wanted to Remember Abraham Lincoln .

C.The Lincoln Memorial It is in Washington D. .

All pictures are from American Memory .

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