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When Empurpled

When Empurpled

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Published by Timo Tuhkanen
by Matt Margo
by Matt Margo

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Published by: Timo Tuhkanen on Jul 07, 2011
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(c) 2011 Matt Margo
An excerpt from this book first appeared at experiential-experimentalliterature http://ex-ex-lit.blogspot.com/

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for my parents


List propeller to the head and is lying to crash down on the capital fans are the liars dancing on TV hit forums the Bluetooth incidents of when they fall down at the heads of the fans liars hahaha Scheele and them as they macron pleurae such was the spirit of the king Hussein the fan did not carry and she fell hahaha maleic Mahwah O living and erosion of others the fan as an endured lack praise be to O Allah you as God guide the Shiites to the right to kuku worthy Amdahl and Allah guides the Shias of the right to lord the instrument of God above Allah a respectable a powerful

fallen post robust a knowledgeable and understood test propeller from within the lying proportion until the objection to the fan is mere MHz the first thing that was said when it went down the fan fell on him worthy of making the eyes the greatest fan of E. Nesbit what the disloyal kuku madman deserves it is more powerful than the amicable as well as wonderful avatar allayed God willing the most may God guide the Shiites God willing and they opened upon their hearts with good and adhered a book of Allah and the year is leaving the jackrabbit and the words peacock about them and the Nikolai Gogol of your minds turned Isaiah wen on your head win

was for the right to go again to the right and to two years old by the too sudden Agawam ashbin please do not insult the sun Shiite see that what is neither of the cinema nor from our ethics the old talk God into deciding to guideth them the road of night an challah and then see them Shia were distinguished two categories Shiite Arabs who are respected people to the above morality and happy with the Islamic nation hurt as the most of they are before them on the doctrine of Jaafari now Iran and the tails of the wise men molten of the Iranian Zoroastrian and the infiltrators among us and the causing of this discord and their target the destruction of the Islamic

Ummah their faith the Sistani the Khomeini the Khamenei the Ithna they are old insulting companions and showing Mustafa and they were killed before the year of nose goes beware of whom many of the bunnies and missiles of it trend Talaat propeller is borne weightless and it overthrew the alit the fan was on the number one ashen known as the background Allah is it true do we wish she could taste my acute kisses kissing mother of all Shiites shame on you so hard into Canaan away why like this aye means I do not lose the loss of the HD DVD although the fan does hahaha the best alit mountain keeper overthrew them all over the place with him by

the damned hahaha most important thing she has weakened and the hand put it Z to Z you are one with this cheese and this saleroom this overthrown fan you know less nonetheless because the bunny decoding nuts by the hut hunts huh banjo since a bluegrass single from their masters and they say that the fans are not permitted in fact forbidden and forever set in their houses because it is nebbish foolish disloyal such as the fatwa cowardice and now I hear dimension stones tossed at him yum we overthrew the uphill upon the fan they told blessings of Muhammad and Allah owl rubble is it true hallelujah when it landed the fan when it told you sir and when it crashed

apparently hahaha the fan says that these are atop the brotherhood and when you learned that the sheikhs had been harmed told blessings of God and Muhammad and his history perhaps as a miracle to be the prayer on prophet peace upon him obligatory to be all of the time but the medulla on the safety of the person these will be my final comments you propeller loyal to mother is not loyal not God to be ratified whom all things were attributable to us as brothers so what if the fan preferred those suicides of the hearing impaired mind altered I am always unsure of time the Shiites they say that the fan is Wahhabi hahaha found one wineskin avatar

when they fell huh what starlit trek is this a punishment from God or an embargo to them since they ran kited and from the unknown to the minimum all is settled something was due to Islam did not get the best of him or the altercations at the animals international conference with kuku offline offline offline offline God damned his day of his deal done proper propeller said they are blessings to Muhammad was Muhammad this directory they were the cattle of our hallelujah and woe to you Shia from the torment of Allah oh how raffish this magic my question is not was not for the foolish it was for intelligent people who teach the life of the messenger peace be upon

him and his family and his companions and his peace and his yearning for learning dear Aladdin idiot yes the ash man is affined was a midwife to the apostle peace and blessings dressing his daughter her sanitary paper and after her death he could marry either this daughter or Kalthoom but traveled from stupid to progressive in the brain preventing you from the young understanding of any biography of the prophet and his followers with the season of close pilgrimage acidic O Shiites a group of strings and smashers of the strike and then the beating herself by yourself and the crying as women do hahaha the prophet push does not fit hypocrites of Islam

and no just as any girl just as Fatimah El Zahra wife of Imam Ali knows the peace should not be confused with the check so sources other than the iron Timex or a navy the prophet push did not suit hypocrites in Islam and not only but also his girl the famous wife put on the peace upon there we are puzzled what literature sources other than Ian Frazier that Nazi took a portion of the penalty in this life he will take an enfeebling fold in the afterlife for what he did in a cleavage of Muslim insults companioned and challenged view of the prophet eel streaming to strengthen both ceilings and the temples of the marinas of heat and the sinful renovation

of walls into lies that he cannot be Satan disintegrated and for a sermon what blasphemy and what a solid state which the zoo dies for blessings of God to Muhammad and his family and curse the enemies opposed sweetened on your rights who refuse my offline ass permissible to sever the tongue wish ye of little faith and she of the broken your neck is my yam Shiite tick lie as the strength of the fan is endured damn his stupid mother hahaha grandparent of God what virtual heretics what charlatans by God my brother Shiites who are on the right by God my brother Shiites who are on the right by God my brother Shiites who are on the right help

cashmere cashier kelp God damn it when making love I like to express deepest Thanksgiving to the fan of old math rocks melt the fallacy of this circular abrade whose talent fueled the fan of those Shiites those who listen to the lie that the Antichrist circulated centuries ago I mean we need a stronger fan than you who rejects ageism you propeller of Wahhabism and of the goats who overthrew him he has a day of prayers apparently God wanted to fall Nietzsche said so with Hussein now fallen I wish for the roof grinding by the asthma forms resaid by the terrorist outlaws gaining time in the open air because he toppled an aircraft gushing to the same

supplement of joy that is ashen graffiti hahaha the resting Shia madly eaten and hereafter we encounter the first and the last times operating for the interviewers below ventilators and fans the mistake of the fan the strength of what falsehood what fan is incurred laughing and listening afar what you need knocking against the wall of these tailgate propellers and the gods are better than you carelessly rejecting your one true religion hallelujah to the sad when they crash-landed on their heads for God had wanted to show them the right way all that without a comment felt that the cameraman Darryl had ousted a friend into an old sense of his becoming star

disabled since then time has become a liar already its last word said was shells a fallen friend as detractors claimed the fan once again half capable of all things problematic in the public fools who follow mayhem without thinking of their daughters who have composed above and beyond whenever heroes are men without comment of the large number of fans lying revolted no god but Allah armada of God speaking of the old propeller math felt their colony magician Michael Jackson being banished from this world and the complete right of God to take revenge upon him as with whomever dares to question the prophet push an archaeological fantasy a

tart desktop the committee decorated her head with impressive rapidity Italian charlatans come off with his head and God is cursing the nation of Rotterdam who deserves to suffer and aloha when they severed his throat hahaha hahaha yessir when she fell alas the propeller his master his unworthy madcap lady now your dog kicking their right to behold madness madness at its most delicious Icarus and gossip the heartbroken azalea the quicksilver mutt of God and the whipped cream when it fell down and the fan and the rest of the thieves who were able to escape these are the enemies of Allah whose many rockets soared into Shiraz alone

excluding those coined by mistake when the fan soared upon his head and the tainted camp bloomed azure for his father for his god and all the species laughing hahaha O BBC I lay down laughing hahaha ah like a yeti zebra pure magnesia but you walk to each blade of the propeller and the bad composition results in the crash hopes to be a matter at heart and to return to the rotation of the first road when fallen to their knees via brainwashing the torrent method collapsing with virtually no meaning glory to my lord that oppresses me hallelujah hallelujah praise almighty the Shiites are back in town glory to my lord and his wisdom then you inform one of them that I

had then saved him or at least said the king Hussein hahaha not saying that the fan manufactured the year but deserving of apostasy hallelujah!


Hahaha one poor person is abloom with prayerful laughter was born in falsehood his microchip identified the basal afghan warplanes over Afghanistan and the large names of their zigzags waved to his military on neighborhood watch of Dammam 1991 and without a lie you are the Nintendo Wii the infanticide of my community was heard sirens aching and running downhill conducted contact with the rest of the video of the valley his brother Plato produced some outstanding work in that department extremely well to do well to leave each other one of them shoots

the mercy of the other his brother then how O believers who worship the mercy of God that afflicted not one but all of our hearts how as for the great days of vice maintained by his sandals bidden hahaha the bunker of Isaiah shame on you who terrorizes the Muslims and their prophet said that it is not one of us who is ruthless but rather our young ones and we respect our old ones for their honesty and we respect the dead we laugh at that which we fail to understand I must purify their hearts and then read the Koran itself elevating I seek refuge in Allah from the devil the rejected my poor harmless child said that it is not ourselves who do not have mercy for our old

ones the elderly respected our young ones rejected iamb trochee magic godlike hailing fasting laughing meaning that you will recognize them for what they truly are claimed the taken took the claims and the honors mean that you are silenced and the sigh for wishing is taking you to Maupin joking and yakking hahaha I know them those are I am what I am she laughed because you trifle with her with Laura the girl I can almost see riding in a Volkswagen Rabbit with you to you will you please break me this mask young and pissed hahaha old amah I fear that the brother of God protects them hahaha so they broke my mind and I laughed thanked them ah oh

my head messing up my head by car by a thread indeed they made me laugh to go and hit the nail on the head knock the head on the vehicle that they take to visit Allah who preserves their lives all the while laughing hahaha and praising Allah the lord that is so funny hahaha hahaha hahaha ah hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha amidst the hahaha hahaha hahaha ah hahaha forbidden of God ergo hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha I am afraid that the child was run over by your car and if you are faced with mimes from negatives it is testimony to me the builder of the whole rascal your style indicates your origin the pot exudes a field in which the thief

unknown was delivered to the section of God of Saki and his damp psychological wizardry my beloved image of God be happy and evacuate him of the memory and its people God blessed America upon Mulholland where the boy seems to be growing half a moustache ah how one poor person’s mind can be controlled how his mother is on borrowed time by orbit including laughter yes this video has troubled me and my semen just think to imagine your child laughing and afraid he does not feel that his fear is permanent think about it you yes you the human community I do not cluster sentiments of steel I am just like my father Owen I know who

murdered him with a javelin of God to protect you pleased his soul ridded it of the fears returned knowing when to call them to God and O God how she laughed and told the show to go on meaning that she was grabbing the one mythical happening oh how that beauty did laugh kissing in me believing in God though I was close to the old depictions of the okapi of Orizaba bless and thank you her guardian a sinner counting on you journeying into Melaka just a dear servant unaware counting on you journeying into Melaka I am your calling by night and by daylight or at least so says you who ever closer to Shobra courted me arm in arm and almost to the

bone my bones which were courted by the instrumental stylings of Ghosts and Vodka and by vodka endlessly poured until it was coming to me walking scrambling God revolting harking the tyranny of the powers that be and rapidly rescuing your victory and protecting you from those who seek to have you dead I take refuge bat at hand and ask you O God my hearer you mighty man near my homeland oh my thy might and thy power you are not incapable of defeating this oppression these giants by night maximizing the destruction of the rebels of the monarchs and the avalanches who devise the plots of the Jewish and the infidels in Norham and then thwart

those plots themselves whilst returning to your sister the Egyptian asking do you want peace and international security well yes but only after my walleyed soul is able to behold this droopy preview of the magnificence that is Allah the bottom line God the one who protects them from the hailstorm of halos from above hahaha hhhhhh hahaha hahaha here’s the kicker though through a car dust spilling from his leg of suffering that has become him a child of God saved by the boy the voice offline a group composite the kids were afraid of the sound of the ambulance destined to hit them and God taught them about the infanticide of my community was

heard sirens aching and running downhill conducted contact with the rest of the video of the valley his brother Plato produced some outstanding work in that department extremely well to do well to leave each other one of them shoots the mercy of the other his brother then how O believers who worship the mercy of God that afflicted not one but all of our hearts so why lie to us why preach in falsehood his microchip identified the basal afghan warplanes over Afghanistan and the large names of their zigzags waved to his military on neighborhood watch of Dammam 1991 and without a lie you are the Nintendo Wii waving hello to your personal chef the one you

hired to cook and feed you your fallopian tubes which entered Belize and left either without reaction or in disbelief no God does not help the old that is why they die and that is the reason that terror has been forbidden hate flows goes like the flowers picked by prisoners no agent of mankind Beckett wept while all were laughing hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha jackasses hahaha praise Allah and grieve for the needy overthrown and broken my mind has obtained the mercy of the moon taking the shape of that grocery store shoplifter awash in the love of the lord that died laughing hahaha ah oh my belly the pain my head my head the owner of the cursed the

sodomy the ashen section of the surface the magic beanstalk the confused and accused of sleeping on the job vacant with exhaustion their subconscious is lost you become their lord and they leave a stack of crap on their faces awaiting slaps very simple how one poor person can be taken awash in the Thanksgiving of God but may God curse you you stupid dogs Goddamn your mother is foolish the men consuming her oh man that little brother when he heard the policemen and the loudness of their siren and attempted to flee in the direction of the sidewalk which masked his brother and the misdeeds he committed hahaha may God protect the idiots

of the earth ah a very funny moment hahaha a funny time indeed hahaha a bottomless vat of funniness forbidden is the heart of the nursery of Islam forbidden is the heart of the believer and the heart of your mother all of the tar splattered upon the altar where a young Libyan accountant his sandals tattered and torn preserved only by the lord says that he in fact is God but he in fact is just like you southern and distraught as the child’s car clashes with the streetlight and his bones are fractured willingly a UFO responds to the streets and the bombs and the notable reactions in Saudi Arabia and I am your father with no Iraq to your Jordan they blindsided the

best of him tracing tasks in Iraq and the avantgarde feedback composition that grilled the boy alive you are the statistics which show each of the children passing in such a state of laughing laughing at the world the world is now innocent it is now a world of children a day inhabited by domestic vehicles and forbidden four-wheel drive you have invented that which is sweet although half the time anytime I am a mere avatar at which she laughs hahaha hahaha Maine laughed at me at American Idol at the chillness of my cousin and these Gmail chats that he has forwarded to Iraq the homeland of Iraqi Idol where one is not allowed to philosophize a lot not even if

you are Michael Jordan a space jam a dragon can show them the planet and the Seussical foretold that the son would be dead if he ever tried to steal his shape from the grocer before the sweetness of the vampire hahaha run away!

Matt Margo is an undergraduate student of Creative Writing at Hiram College in Ohio. His work has appeared in such journals as Otoliths, Red Lightbulbs, and Gone Lawn. He is the author of compostable (chalk editions, 2011) and manager of Cormac McCarthy’s Dead Typewriter, a blog that publishes experimental literature and music.

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