KINABALU, SABAH MAKLUMAT BERKAITAN KURSUS Tajuk Kursus : Problem Solving Skills using Six Sigma Methodology Bilangan peserta : Lapan Puluh ( 80 ) orang peserta Tempat yang dicadangkan : Politeknik Kota Kinabalu Tarikh yang dicadangkan : Julai 2011 Tempoh kursus : 12 hari ( dilaksanakan setiap sabtu dan ahad)

Pakej latihan mestilah merangkumi perkara-perkara berikut: • • • Meliputi semua isi kandungan yang ditetapkan (sila rujuk lampiran) Membekalkan alat tulis dan keperluan kursus kepada semua peserta Menyediakan kelayakan peserta untuk mendapatkan Certified Six Sigma Green Belt (CSSGB), pensijilan dari American Society for Quality (ASQ) kepada semua peserta. • Menyediakan makanan dan minuman kepada semua peserta sepanjang latihan dijalankan

Ability to judge effectively on the Significance of each KPIV Ability to come out with good ideas for improvement a. 6. To familiarize oneself to the importance of having schedule Ability to measure the defined problems a. 2. To have the ability to understand & come out with process flow b. To understand clearly own/organizational objective for such issue d. Ability to set Strategy towards analyzing Data b. Ability to use systematic approach in filtering the Core Potentials KPIV Ability to statistically analyze the identified core potentials a. 5. To be familiar with SOP & understand its importance c. Overview of six sigma Ability to define problems in its root causes a. Ability to perform Statistical Tests with Statistical Tools provided c. To be able to come out with measurable indices/metrics e. To be creative & Innovative in thinking b. To practice “Brain Storming” approach when handling any issue with “Teamwork” spirit e. To get the idea of ‘Do It Right The First Time’ Ability to maintain Executed Improvement activities a. To relate the PKIV & KPOV of the processes d. To have knowledge on “mistake Proofing” b. Feeling the pain of the issue & cost of poor quality COPQ b. To be able to implement the best approach with Optimum benefits c. Relate the pain to monetary values c.Lampiran Course outline for course Problem solving skills using Six sigma Methodology 1. 4. To understand the importance of “Time Deployment” in each of the activities in the process c. . To understand the importance of monitoring any improvement activities 3.

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