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Interview Questions - Anurag Barua - 142 Pgs

Interview Questions - Anurag Barua - 142 Pgs


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Published by: Vijay Chandra on Jul 07, 2011
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What is personalization in BEx and how do you
enable it?

A: It enables you to do the following:
1) Lets the user control what is displayed in the History
tab/view when you do an ‘Open’ from the menu bar.
This enables convenient selection of the most
recently accessed objects such as queries.
2) Variables are filled with user-defined default values.
These values are than tied to their respective
variables and the user does not have to fill the same
value again.
3) In the case of a web application, a user-specific
navigational state can be saved for easy future

Each of these areas has an ODS where this information
is stored. For (1), it is 0PERS_BOD, for (2), it is
0PERS_VER and for (3), it is 0PERS_WTE.
You can run transaction RS_PERS_ACTIVATE or execute
the following navigation in the IMG: SAP Netweaver à
SAP Business Information Warehouse à Reporting
Relevant Settings à General Reporting Settings à
Activate Personalization in BEx.

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