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Law on Enforcement Procedure Srbija

Law on Enforcement Procedure Srbija

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Published by: hnusco on Jul 07, 2011
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(1) If enforcement was conducted on the basis of an executive title issued in trespass
proceedings, or if the enforcement debtor has fulfilled his obligation voluntarily, and
thereupon trespassed again and this trespassing does not essentially differ from the
previous one, the court shall, on motion of the enforcement creditor and on the basis
of the same executive title, issue a new decision on enforcement ordering return into
possession, or a decision on enforcement imposing a fine for failure to perform an
action that can be performed only by the enforcement debtor.

(2) The enforcement creditor may file a motion to enforce referred to in paragraph
(1) of this Article within 30 days from the date of becoming aware of the repeated
trespassing, but not later than one year after the repeated trespassing occurred.

Compensation for Damages

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