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No. Title UTILITY MANAGEMENT 30001 M1 Principles of Water Rates, Fees, and Charges 30003 M3 Safety Practices for Water Utilities 30005 M5 Water Utility Management 30019 M19 Emergency Planning for Water Utilities 30021 M21 Groundwater 30029 M29 Fundamentals of Water Utility Capital Financing 30047 M47 Construction Contract Administration 30050 M50 Water Resources Planning 30052 M52 Water Conservation Programs—A Planning Manual 30054 M54 Developing Rates for Small Systems WATER QUALITY AND TREATMENT 30002 M2 Instrumentation & Control 30004 M4 Water Fluoridation Principles and Practices 30007 M7 Problem Organisms in Water: Identification and Treatment 30012 M12 Simplified Procedures for Water Examination 30020 M20 Water Chlorination/Chloramination Practices and Principles 30030 M30 Precoat Filtration 30037 M37 Operational Control of Coagulation and Filtration Processes 30038 M38 Electrodialysis and Electrodialysis Reversal 30046 M46 Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration 30048 M48 Waterborne Pathogens 30053 M53 Microfiltration and Ultrafiltration Membranes for Drinking Water 30056 M56 Fundamentals and Control of Nitrification in Chloraminated Drinking Water Distribution Systems DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM 30006 M6 Water Meters—Selection, Installation, Testing, and Maintenance 30009 M9 Concrete Pressure Pipe 30011 M11 Stee Pipe—A Guide for Design and Installation 30014 M14 Recommended Practice for Backflow Prevention and Cross-Connection Control 30017 M17 Installation, Field Testing, and Maintenance of Fire Hydrants 30022 M22 Sizing Water Service Lines and Meters 30023 M23 PVC Pipe—Design and Installation M24 Planning for the Distribution of Reclaimed Water NEW 30024 30025 M25 Flexible-Membrane Covers and Linings for Potable-Water Reservoirs 30027 M27 External Corrosion: Introduction to Chemistry and Control 30028 M28 Rehabilitation of Water Mains 30031 M31 Distribution System Requirements for Fire Protection 30032 M32 Computer Modeling of Water Distribution Systems 30033 M33 Flowmeters in Water Supply 30036 M36 Water Audits and Loss Control Programs NEW 30041 M41 Ductile-Iron Pipe and Fittings 30042 M42 Steel Water-Storage Tanks 30044 M44 Distribution Valves: Selection, Installation, Field Testing, and Maintenance 30045 M45 Fiberglass Pipe Design 30049 M49 Butterfly Valves: Torque, Head Loss, and Cavitation Analysis 30051 M51 Air-Release, Air/Vacuum & Combination Air Valves 30055 M55 PE Pipe—Design and Installation • 1.800.926.7337 Member $86 $69 $69 $69 $75 $64 $69 $86 $69 $47 Nonmember $129 $104 $104 $104 $113 $ 96 $104 $129 $104 $ 71

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Rates for Fire Protection Service 33. Contents 1. Alternative Rates 22. Introduction 2. Allocating Costs of Service to Components 8. 30001 l Nonmember $129 l Member Price $86 Instrumentation & Control (M2) Third Edition Understand the basic principles of automation. ISBN 158321125X No. Low-Income Affordability Rates 18. AWWA North America and beyon dge. and storage systems. Capital-Related Costs 6. Pressure. Data Requirements Published by AWWA. Contents 1. 30002 l Nonmember $113 l Member Price $75 22 AWWA Bookstore Catalog . e better stewa um of rds of water for the Instrumentati on & Control Manual of Water Supp ly practic eS M2 Third Edition 2P-1E-POD- 30002-04/ 08-LS Advocacy Communicat ions Conference s Education and Training Science and Technology Sections The Authoritativ e Resource on Safe Water ® Published by AWWA. measurement instruments. ISBN 1583210695 No. Declining Block Rates 12. Fees. and digital controls. Telemetry 8. distribution. Uniform Rates 11. Secondary Instrumentation 7. Legal Considerations 37. Drought Pricing 26. The manual explains how to examine an item of equipment and understand what it does. Seasonal Rates 14. Standby Rates 21. The manual describes the advantages and disadvantages of various rate structures and provides guidance in determining water rates and charges that are most relevant to your particular utility and community. Temperature. Chapters cover hydraulic and electrical principles. 2000. Specifically developed for water utilities. visual displays. and Other Process Measurements 6. Fixed Versus Variable Charges 15. Value-of-Service Pricing 25. Hydraulics and Electricity 3. Examples of Revenue Requirements 7. System Development Charges 31. Indexed Rates 28. safety and community. softbound. Demand-Side Management 23. Level. Instrument Diagrams AWWA is the authoritative resource for supply of water knowle in the world. of water profes welfar greatest good Through our sional collective streng e by uniting the efforts of the people of the full spectr s in and the enviro th we becom nment. Marginal Cost Pricing 16. General Concepts 2. and other types of charges for your customer classes are clearly explained. AWWA is improve the the entire water advances public health the largest quality and organization . Rate Surcharges 27. Wholesale Rates 34. information and advocacy to d. motor controls. Selecting Rate Structures 10. and the functions of its associated devices. pumps. Revenues 3. instrumentation. Negotiated Contract Rates 19. how it works. softbound. Distribution of Costs to Customer Classes 9. Taxes 5. Connection and Customer Facility Fees 29. Economic Development Rates 20. Miscellaneous and Special Charges 35. Digital Control and Communications Systems 11. Basics of Automatic Process Control 10. all the issues associated with developing water rates. 341 pp. valves. Policies and Procedures for Water Service Extension 30. and Charges (M1) Fifth Edition Here is all the water-rate information you need in one convenient manual. Increasing Block Rates 13.A W W A M A N U A L S O F W AT E R S U P P LY P R A C T I C E S Principles of Water Rates. Motor Controls 4. 2001. Price Elasticity 24. Dedicated Capacity Charges 32. 225 pp. Final Control Elements 9. Public Involvement Definition 36. and electric power distribution of municipal water treatment. Flowmeters 5. Customer-Specific Charges 17. Operation and Maintenance Expenses 4. special fees.

926. 151 pp. 30003 l Nonmember $104 l Member Price $69 Water Fluoridation Principles and Practices (M4) Fifth Edition Fluoridation treatment of drinking water is the addition or removal of This practice manual provides all the information needed for fluoride to maintain an optimum level to reduce tooth decay. construction sites.800. 89 pp.7337 23 . and operating fluoridation systems fluoridation treatment became common practice in the US over 50 in drinking water treatment plants. softbound. hazardous energy. Safety Management Programs 2. 2002. Theory. History. Construction Sites and Work Techniques 7. ISBN 158321190X No. Includes sample safety forms and safety signs. years ago. Vehicles and Tools 6. and Installation Fluoridation History Design Feeders Bone and Tooth Incorporation of Fluoride Auxiliary Equipment Tooth Decay 4. facilities. confined • 1. softbound. Design. 30004 l Nonmember $96 l Member Price $64 awwa. Equipment. Facilities and Maintenance Sample Accident Report Sample Hazard Communication Program Material Safety Data Sheet Confined-Space Entry Permit Published by AWWA. tools. Personal Protective and Respiratory Equipment 5. Contents 1. and Chemicals 3. Contents 1. vehicles. Since designing. Confined Space and Hazardous Energy 4. Operation and Maintenance Health Effects Control Scheme Legal Issues Troubleshooting Records Chemicals 2. Defluoridation Preliminary Calculations Activated Alumina (AA) Treatment Process Feed Rate and Dosage Calculations Example Feed Rate Calculations Reverse Osmosis Example Calculated Dosage Problems Treatment Simplification of Feed Rate and Dosage Calculations Published by AWWA. tooth decay has been reduced 40 to 65 percent. 2004. and respiratory equipment. testing. installing. Fluoridation and System Planning Maintenance Safety General System Configurations Chemical Selection Guidelines 5. Hazardous Materials and Worker Right-to-Know 3. personal protective equipment. ISBN 1583213112 No.A W W A M A N U A L S O F W AT E R S U P P LY P R A C T I C E S Safety Practices for Water Utilities (M3) Sixth Edition This essential manual addresses safety issues for each of the main safety areas encountered in water utilities: hazardous materials.

Legal Issues Maintenance 12. 30006 l Nonmember $96 l Member Price $64 24 AWWA Bookstore Catalog . maintenance. Selecting Meter Types 3. and the development of modern water meters and is heavily illustrated with photos. History of Water Measurement and Development of Water Meters 2. installation. and Pressure Losses on Service Adequacy 4. regulatory framework. organizational structure. operations and engineering. and repair. environmental health and safety. Customer Service 5. Environmental Health Edge and Safety Published by AWWA. Remote Registration Published by AWWA. testing. Installation. communications. and Maintenance (M6) Fourth Edition Operators will understand all aspects of water meters: types. Information Systems and Services 4. maintenance. Effective Public 8. stewardship/ethics. Utility Financial Management Management 10.A W W A M A N U A L S O F W AT E R S U P P LY P R A C T I C E S Water Utility Management (M5) Second Edition This practical manual is ideal for new utility managers and managers of small water systems. It covers all areas of water utility management: types of utility governance. 2004. and support services. softbound. specification. Crisis Communications Communications 9. Gaining a Competitive 6. Meter Records 9. financial management. ISBN 1583210172 No. security and emergency planning. Meter Installation 5. Increased Usage. The manual provides sample record-keeping forms. Human Resource 3. Contents 1. information systems. softbound. human resources. Managing the Utility 2. Effects of Water-Flow Friction. Meter Test Procedures and Equipment 6. Maintenance Shop Layout and Equipment 8. Maintenance and Repair of Displacement Meters 7. customer service. Security 1. Testing. Operations and 11. 121 pp. and performance specs. 30005 l Nonmember $104 l Member Price $69 Water Meters—Selection. Contents 7. ISBN 1583213112 No. diagrams. 1999. a history of water use measurement. 134 pp.

Transportation of Pipe 14.A W W A M A N U A L S O F W AT E R S U P P LY P R A C T I C E S Problem Organisms in Water: Identification and Treatment (M7) Third Edition Nearly 90% of all water utilities must deal with algae. Algae 11. softbound. the problems the organism can cause. and more. engineering. You’ll find basic information and valuable resources to help troubleshoot and resolve problems caused by these organisms. this comprehensive operations manual explains the design. Includes proper installation guidelines and safety practices for transporting concrete pipe. designers. numerous photographs. backfilling. Protozoa ■ AWWA Survey on Nuisance Organisms ■ Troubleshooting Guide for Problem Organisms ■ Suggestions for Optimizing Conventional Water Treatment ■ Actinomycete Culture Agars ■ Iron Bacteria Presence/Absence and Quantity Methods ■ Color Section Published by AWWA. ISBN 1583212922 No. 30009 l Nonmember $113 l Member Price $75 awwa. Design of Subaqueous Installations 12. control strategies. Hydrostatic Testing and Disinfection of Mains 16. It covers all aspects of the design and use of concrete water pipe: types. Description of Concrete Pressure Pipe 3. Each section opens with a brief description of an organism. and relevant references. Guide Specifications for the Purchase and Installation of Concrete Pressure Pipe Published by AWWA. Actinomycetes 2. and utility operators. bedding. 262 • 1. Iron Bacteria 3. Rotifers 9. charts. Bloodworms or Midges 7. contractors. Surge Pressure 5. construction. or other nuisance organisms. mussels. installation. and graphs. Take control with this essential AWWA manual. selection. ISBN 1583215492 No. external loads. Nematodes 6. Design Considerations for Corrosive Environments 13. 2008. illustrations. Design of Fittings and Appurtenances 9. Installation by Trenching or Tunneling—Methods and Equipment 15. softbound. Hydraulics 4. Design of Pipe on Piers 11. Design of Thrust Restraints for Buried Pipe 10. pressure testing. 30007 l Nonmember $113 l Member Price $75 New Edition! Concrete Pressure Pipe (M9) Third Edition Designed for engineers. Tapping Concrete Pressure Pipe 17. Zebra Mussels 10. Sulfur Bacteria 4. surge pressure. specification. Crustacea 8. and testing of concrete pressure pipe in potable water service. Design of Reinforced Concrete Pressure Pipe 8. 145 pp.926. 2003. hydraulics. Nitrifying Bacteria 5. External Loads 6. Purpose and Scope 2.800. fitting and appurtenances. Bedding and Backfilling 7. Contents 1. Contents 1.7337 25 .

Ozone (Residual) 21. external loads. 30012 l Nonmember $113 l Member Price $75 26 AWWA Bookstore Catalog . fittings and appurtenances. Transportation. determination of pipe wall thickness. History. 30012A Nonmember $8. AmmoniaNitrogen 5. Iron 16.95 l Member Price $5. 30011 l Nonmember $113 l Member Prices $75 Simplified Procedures for Water Examination (M12) Fifth Edition Reliable water-quality tests form the basis for regulatory compliance and ensure the best possible quality drinking water for the community. Supports for Pipe 8. Principles of Corrosion and Corrosion Control 11. Uses. 241 pp. Water Hammer and Pressure Surge 6. External Loads 7. plastic-laminated No. Dissolved Oxygen 13. Hardness 15. Sodium 25. and maintenance of steel water pipe for potable water transmission and distribution.95 Published by AWWA. water hammer and pressure surge. uses. ISBN 1583211829 No. Sulfate 27. Fittings and Appurtenances 10. Size: 8¼" X 10¾". Chlorine Residual 8. Water Quality Laboratory 2. and Physical Characteristics of Steel Pipe 2. Hydraulics of Pipelines 4. physical characteristics. Manganese 18. Taste and Odor 28. pipe joints. Solids (Dissolved) 26. Protective Coatings and Linings 12. Silica 24. 2004. Supplementary Design Data and Details Published by AWWA. Color 11. Nitrate 19. These reliable procedures will enable plant managers to evaluate and optimize treatment processes to produce the highest-quality drinking water. pH 22. Calcium Carbonate Saturation 6. Phosphate 23. and maintenance. softbound. Chlorine Dioxide 10. Contents 1. 222 pp. All tests in this manual are based upon Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater. Pipe Joints 9. and Testing 13. ISBN 1583212744 No. Jar Tests 17. 2002. testing. Its thorough coverage includes a history of steel pipe. Temperature 29. Manufacture and Testing 3. Nitrite 20. hydraulics.A W W A M A N U A L S O F W AT E R S U P P LY P R A C T I C E S Steel Pipe—A Guide for Design and Installation (M11) Fourth Edition This comprehensive practice manual is a handy operations and design reference for the selection. manufacture. Conductivity 12. Turbidity 30. Alkalinity 3. Bacteriological Examination Periodic Table of the Elements Handy for desk or wall. installation. supports. installation. Installation. Chlorine Demand 9. Determination of Pipe Wall Thickness 5. Carbon Dioxide (Free) 7. Aluminum 4. Fluoride 14. This practice manual provides lab technicians with simplified versions of the most common lab tests used in process control of drinking water production. softbound. Contents 1.

Installation. specification charts. A Brief History of Fire Hydrants 2. and maintenance are critical for every fire hydrant in your city.7337 .A W W A M A N U A L S O F W AT E R S U P P LY P R A C T I C E S Installation. Coverage includes backflow device selection and the latest techniques for inspection and maintenance. 2004. testing. Testing. Backflow Principles Testing Awareness Basic Hydraulics Testing Procedures of Assemblies Types of Backflow Backflow Assembly Field Test Equipment Assessing the Effectiveness of Assemblies Maintenance of Assemblies and Devices Test Responsibilities or call 800. Installation.347. Introduction Pressure Vacuum Breaker Assembly Responsibilities Spill-Resistant Vacuum Breaker Health Aspects Backflow Devices Legal Aspects Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker 2. 123 pp.and dry-barrel-types of fire hydrants. equipment lists. Inc. Inspection. ISBN 1583212884 Contents 1. Dry-Barrel Hydrants: Definitions and Preferred Nomenclature 3. This manual provides detailed instructions for installing. and Maintenance Recommended Protection for Specific General Categories of Customers Air Gap Recommended Protection for Water Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow Purveyor’s Hazards Prevention Assembly Reduced Pressure Detector Assembly Double Check Valve Backflow Prevention Assembly Published by AWWA. 30014 l Nonmember $104 l Member Price $69 @ awwa. softbound. 30017 Nonmember $104 l Member Price $69 Order Online No. testing. Program Administration Dual Check Types of Programs Dual Check With Atmospheric Vent Components of Purveyor’s Program Continuous Water Service 3. and Placing the Hydrant in Service 4. Field Testing. Backflow Prevention Assembly 5. Flow Tests Illustrated Guide to Dry-Barrel and Wet-Barrel Hydrant Nomenclature American AVK Company American Flow Control Clow Valve Company East Jordan Iron Works.7337 fax 303.926. Double Check Detector Backflow Contents Prevention Assembly 1. step-by-step • 1. Typical Hazards Application. This manual describes currently accepted practices for initiating and managing an effective cross-connection control program. and maintaining both wetbarrel. and readyto-use forms provide all the information you need to keep your fire hydrants working perfectly at all times. photos.800. Cutaway drawings. Maintenance 5.0804 27 awwa. and Maintenance of Fire Hydrants (M17) Fourth Edition Proper installation. maintenance schedules.926. 133 pp. 2006. Recommended Practice for Backflow Prevention and Cross-Connection Control (M14) Third Edition Get the information you need to eliminate the threat of backflow and cross-connections in your distribution system. softbound. James Jones Company Kennedy Valve M&H Valve Mueller Group US Pipe & Foundry Company Waterous Company Published by AWWA. ISBN 1583214143 No. and establishing uniform procedures and practices.

and safety techniques. You’ll learn how to identify the most vulnerable portions of your system. and Systems 5. proper handling. History of Chlorination and Chloramination 2. Beginning with a brief history of these important chemicals. Emergency Planning for Water Utilities cticeS ter Supply pra Manual of Wa Emergency Planning for Water Utilities (M19) Fourth Edition You will have all the information you need to develop complete contingency plans for a variety of emergencies. 2006. Vulnerability Assessment 4. Chlorination and Ammonia: Handling. Regardless ey occur and practices. ISBN 1583214089 No. highdelivery can cts. Overview 2. Disinfection Strategies and Chlorine and Chloramines Published by AWWA. softbound. Chlorine Gas 3. 30019 l Nonmember $104 l Member Price $69 Water Chlorination/Chloramination Practices and Principles (M20) Second Edition This manual is a complete information resource on the uses of chlorine and chloramines in water treatment. the manual focuses on their chemical properties and disinfection mechanisms. Mitigation Actions 5.A W W A M A N U A L S O F W AT E R S U P P LY P R A C T I C E S f safe. 2001. 109 pp. and how to determine in what ways a disruption would likely affect service. 30020 l Nonmember $104 l Member Price $69 28 AWWA Bookstore Catalog . Recovery. and Training Published by AWWA. feed equipment types and ancillary equipment. Feed Equipment. from natural disasters to human-caused accidents. storage. Chlorination Water Chemistry and Disinfection Mechanisms 4. Storage. Emergency Response. ISBN 1583211357 M19 Fourth Edition Advocacy Communications Conferences g Education and Trainin Technology Science and Sections Water® Resource on Safe The Authoritative No. and n this manual is ulnerable lternate strategy. chlorine and chloramines disinfection strategies. 173 pp. Chlorine and Ammonia Safety 6. Preparedness Planning 6. Contents 1. and techniques to minimize the formation of disinfection by-products while maintaining adequate disinfection and distribution system residual. Contents 1. softbound. depending on type of disaster. Hazard Summary 3.

ISBN 1583212795 No. Groundwater Quality 9. and Considerations Water Use Trends Water Use Patterns 3. Introduction 2. Well Pumps and Pumping 8. Construction. Estimating Demands Using Fixture Values Using the Modified Fixture Value Method 5. Coverage includes estimating consumer water flows. 113 pp. Well Plugging. softbound. Contents 1. 2003. and Use 6. and treatment. 30022 l Nonmember $96 l Member Price $64 awwa. Consumer Water Demands. Groundwater Recharge and Storage Programs Published by AWWA. Contents 1. Operations Problems. Trends. geophysical evaluation. ISBN 1583211888 No. 2003. and procedures for calculating service lines and meters for optimum water revenue and lowest service cost. well water production. peak water demands. development. Evaluation of Regional Groundwater Conditions 3. Numerous tables and sample calculations included. Record Keeping 11. Groundwater Treatment 10. Groundwater Management and Protection • 1.A W W A M A N U A L S O F W AT E R S U P P LY P R A C T I C E S Groundwater (M21) Third Edition This manual covers the practical aspects of using groundwater as a potable water supply and provides a general overview of groundwater hydrology. The Occurrence and Behavior of Groundwater 2. Wells—Types. Demand Profiling for Optimal Meter Sizing Recorder Design Recording Data Creating Reports and Graphs Using Demand Profiles to Size and Maintain Meters 4. 30021 l Nonmember $113 l Member Price $75 Sizing Water Service Lines and Meters (M22) Second Edition Accurately size customer water service lines and water meters with the guidance provided by this practice manual. softbound. Quantitative Evaluation of Wells 5.7337 29 .800. 207 pp. and Methods of Correction 7. Sizing Service Lines Data Required Head Loss Performing Sizing Calculations 6. Sizing the Customer’s Meter Revenue Implications System Components Policy Review Water Meter Selection Meter Arrangements for Fire Services Summary Summary of Customer Water Demand Profile Survey Using Software to Size a Meter Flow Friction Loss Tables Published by AWWA. metering equipment. demand profiling.926.

A W W A M A N U A L S O F W AT E R S U P P LY P R A C T I C E S New! Planning for the Distribution of Reclaimed Water (M24) Third Edition Newly revised and re-titled. Design and Installation of Flexible Membrane Linings 5. and Maintenance Guidelines for Floating Covers 4. and maintenance of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe for drinking water systems. ISBN 1583210709 No. Storage. softcover. this manual provides everything you need to know about this type of pipe and fittings for potable water use. softbound. Operation. Published by AWWA. ISBN 1583217266 No. General Properties of Polyvinyl Chloride Pipe 2. Inspection. 2000. Testing and Inspection 3. Contents 1. Pressure Capacity 6. and much more. AWWA Manual of Water Supply Practices M24 provides guidance on planning and designing dual distribution systems for treated reclaimed (nonpotable) water to be used in applications that do not require potable-quality water. installation. Manual M24 provides updated chapters on planning. Hydraulics 4. installation. internal pressure capacities. Design Factors Related to External Forces and Conditions 5. ISBN 1583211713 Flexible-Membrane Covers and Linings for Potable-Water Reservoirs (M25) Third Edition This is a complete technical guide for the design. and management and operation of dual systems. 2009. operation. Installation 8. 167 pp. 30023 l Nonmember $113 l Member Price $75 30 AWWA Bookstore Catalog . Design and Installation of Flexible-Membrane Floating Covers 3. external load factors. and maintenance of flexible-membrane covers and linings for potable water reservoirs. Introduction Purpose and Scope Description of Facilities Advantages and Disadvantages Permeation Definitions Survey of Existing Facilities 2. 118 pp. and Handling 7. softbound. engineering design for treatment of reclaimed water and distribution systems. flow friction loss. Service Connections Chemical Resistance Tables Flow Friction Loss Tables Published by AWWA. Operation and Maintenance Guidelines for Linings Published by AWWA. such as public park irrigation. 30024 | $96 Nonmembers | $64 Member Price PVC Pipe—Design and Installation (M23) Second Edition This manual explains the selection. 39 pp. Receiving. flexibility ratings. Contents 1. It covers PVC chemical and abrasion resistance properties. Testing and Maintenance 9. It includes comparative information about different types of membranes to help you evaluate each and choose the right type for your use. 2002. Whether your utility is currently using PVC pipe or is considering its use for the first time. 30025 l Nonmember $71 l Member Price $47 No. • 1. softbound. 85 pp. Corrosion Protection of Buried Pipelines Coatings Cathodic Protection Materials Selection Trench Improvement Protective Methods for Specific Pipe Materials 5. Importance of Controlling External Corrosion Corrosion Occurrence and Implications Economics of Corrosion Control 2. or trenchless rehabilitation. ISBN 1583213007 No. Corrosion Control of Water Storage Tanks Corrosion of Water Tanks Corrosion Prevention for Water Tanks Published by AWWA. pigs and other fluid-propelled cleaning devices. cable-attached devices. cement–mortar lining. Lining Techniques Cement–Mortar Lining Epoxy Lining Slip-Lining Modified Slip-Lining Cured-in-Place Lining 4. Pipe Bursting 6. and other variables. ISBN 1583210261 No. conventional slip-lining. and pipe-bursting technologies. 30028 l Nonmember $86 l Member Price $57 awwa.800. Chemistry of Corrosion Basic Electrochemistry of Corrosion Chemistry of Corrosion in Water Systems 3. 2001. 30027 l Nonmember $86 l Member Price $57 Rehabilitation of Water Mains Manual of Water Supply practiceS Rehabilitation of Water Mains (M28) Second Edition Get the guidance you need to decide which rehabilitation method is right for your specific situation— cleaning. Evaluating the Potential for Corrosion Effects of the Chemical Environment on Common Water Pipe Materials Stray Currents 4. Internal Joint Seals Fitting Procedure for Internal Joint Seals Installed in Water Mains 5. Cleaning Flushing Cable-Attached Devices Fluid-Propelled Cleaning Devices Cleaning by Power Boring 3.A W W A M A N U A L S O F W AT E R S U P P LY P R A C T I C E S External Corrosion: Introduction to Chemistry and Control (M27) Second Edition Gain an understanding of external pipe corrosion and learn how to institute a corrosioncontrol program in this practical operations manual. power-boring devices. 65 pp. lining. close-fit slip-lining. The manual also provides information on corrosion protection devices for distribution system pipe and storage tanks. Atmospheric Corrosion How Metals Corrode in the Atmosphere Types of Corrosion That Can Be Expected Methods of Control Coating Evaluation 6. Maintaining Service Bypass Piping 7.926. This manual provides step-by-step procedures for all techniques. It explains the chemistry of corrosion and how to evaluate a pipeline’s corrosion potential by studying soil content. pipe material. Distribution System Performance Criteria Water Quality Hydraulic Performance Structural Performance and Leakage Rehabilitation Solutions Selection of Rehabilitation Solutions 2. including flushing. 2004. Contents Second Edition First Edition M28 Science Advocacy Communications Conferences Education and Training and Technology Sections The Authoritative Resource on Safe Water® 1. Customer Relations Customer Notification Program Community Relations Structural Lining Design Issues Published by AWWA. cured-in-place lining.7337 31 . epoxy lining. Contents 1.

52 pp. and new financing options are addressed. and instrumentation are explained. Going to Market: The Process Obtaining Authority Timeline Method of Sale Underwriter Sale and Closing 5. Written for both public. installation. softbound.and investor-owned utilities. Applications and Economic Considerations 3. Filter Design Filter Vessel Design Filter Element Design Filter Septum Design Hydraulics Filtration Rate Design Capacity 4. Contents 1. Contents 1. Operations Operating Adjustments Process Control Monitoring Emergency Controls Maintenance Record Keeping 7. 1995. 30029 l Nonmember $96 l Member Price $64 Precoat Filtration (M30) Second Edition This practical manual provides complete information on precoat filtration systems.and long-term capital requirements. Today an effective financial program may encompass a variety of financing approaches.A W W A M A N U A L S O F W AT E R S U P P LY P R A C T I C E S Fundamentals of Water Utility Capital Financing (M29) Third Edition Adequate financing for infrastructure no longer means looking primarily to federal or state grant funding sources. softbound. ISBN 0898677874 No. including guidelines on their design. Identifying Financing Alternatives Internal Funding External Funding 3. Filter Media Media Types and Grades Precoating Body-feed Filter Media Storage 5. Going to Market: The Players Issuer Legal Financial Project Credit Evaluation 6. Inflation. 120 pp. Special Considerations for Investor-Owned Utilities Rating Agency Requirements Published by AWWA. 2008. auxiliary equipment. 30030 l Nonmember $71 l Member Price $47 32 AWWA Bookstore Catalog . the impacts of public pressure to keep rates low. the manual discusses traditional and innovative utility financing alternatives to meet both short. ISBN 158321545 No. Introduction 2. growth-related demands. Cost considerations. and operation. waste handling. filter media. Evaluating Financing Alternatives Legal Factors Financial and External Factors Commonly Used Funding Alternatives 4. The Capital Finance Planning Environment Strategic Planning Budgeting Planning Process 2. Spent Cake Removal and Residuals Handling 6. Auxiliary Equipment and Safety Published by AWWA.

The manual will take the reader from an introduction to modeling through data collection. Steady-State Simulation Published by AWWA. ISBN 1583215808 No. The manual includes materials standards. the operator can build an accurate and detailed “virtual” model of the system using computer • 1. Fire flow requirements. Extended Period Simulation 6. model design. Water Quality Modeling 7. Fire Flow Requirements Impact on Distribution System Design Community Governance Calculating Fire Flow Requirements Practical Limits on Fire Flow Nonpotable Water Sources for Fire Fighting 2. calibration. Adequacy and Reliability of Distribution Systems Determining Level of Reliability Reliability of Major System Components Operations 5. valves. softbound. and fire insurance ratings. Introduction to Distribution System Modeling 2. 2004. ISBN 1583213457 5. pumps. operation. 60 pp. criteria for system design. Preparing the Model 3. and the many uses for distribution system computer models. softbound. and storage are covered. fire protection organizations and their roles. 30032 l Nonmember $104 l Member Price $69 awwa. and maintenance of water distribution systems as they relate to fire protection and suppression.A W W A M A N U A L S O F W AT E R S U P P LY P R A C T I C E S Distribution System Requirements for Fire Protection (M31) Fourth Edition This manual provides specific guidance on the design. Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems Advantages Water Supply Requirements Types of Sprinklers Standpipes Backflow Prevention Publications for Distribution System Materials Agencies Involved in Fire Protection Water Supply and Fire Insurance Ratings Published by AWWA. Computer models can help uncover problems and “test” different scenarios to solve them without actually entering or changing the physical distribution system.800. Distribution System Storage Functions of Distribution Storage Elevated and Ground Storage Pumping Location Storage Reservoir Overflow Level 4. 159 pp. 2008. Contents 1.926. Contents 1. and storage reservoirs. demand. Advances and Trends in Network Modeling No. System Demand and Design-Flow Criteria Methods of Distribution Rates of Water Use Distribution System Appurtenances System Evaluation and Design Determining Design Flow Flow Metering Standby Charges for Fire Protection Systems Water Distribution Analysis Techniques 3. In order to understand what is happening in the distribution system. Hydraulic Tests and Measurements 4. 30031 Nonmember $86 l Member Price $57 Computer Modeling of Water Distribution Systems (M32) Second Edition Municipal water distribution systems can be very large and include complex hydraulics networks of pipes.7337 33 .

modified venturi. softbound. ISBN 1583216316 No. particle counting. 103 pp.A W W A M A N U A L S O F W AT E R S U P P LY P R A C T I C E S Flowmeters in Water Supply (M33) Second Edition This manual provides an excellent explanation of the types. 2000. 2006. Pilot Filters for Process Evaluation and Control Published by AWWA. M36 presents specific techniques to identify. and verify all water consumed and lost. 285 pp. ISBN 1583214526 No. Types of Flowmeters 3. and other methods for monitoring. orifice plate. newly revised and re-titled AWWA Manual of Water Supply Practices M36 has the latest information on identifying and controlling both real and apparent water loss in municipal distribution systems. operation. Streaming Current Detectors 3. Characteristics of Flow 2. Contents 1. Electrophoretic Mobility Measurements 5. venturi. Installation and Performance Issues 5. 30033 l Nonmember $86 l Member Price $57 New! Water Audits and Loss Control Programs (M36) Third Edition By introducing a major advance in water-auditing methodology. 56 pp. ISBN 1583210555 No. Coverage includes electronic meters. and implement a leakage and pressure management program. and controlling coagulation and filtration processes. design. 30037 l Nonmember $96 l Member Price $64 34 AWWA Bookstore Catalog . optimizing. Jar Testing 2. turbine and propeller. vortex. Communication. Particle Counting and Sizing 4. recover lost revenue. installation. and averaging Pitot flowmeters. Published by AWWA. softbound. softbound. measure. This practice manual provides the latest techniques and procedures for jar testing. sonic. reveal apparent losses from incorrect metering and billing. Information and Signal Outputs Published by AWWA. and maintenance of flowmeters. Pipeline fluid flow characteristics are also provided with tips on achieving maximum effectiveness. Contents 1. Flowmeter Selection 4. 30036 | $113 Nonmember | $75 Member Price Operational Control of Coagulation and Filtration Processes (M37) Second Edition Make sure your coagulation and filtration systems are operating at peak efficiency and effectiveness with this operations manual. 2009.

It is an excellent resource for engineers.7337 35 . Introduction Basic Water Chemistry Concepts Operating Principles of ED and EDR Development of ED and EDR Systems Applications 2. 260 pp. softbound. Design Components of ED and EDR Design Staging Limiting Parameters Water Recovery Pretreatment Operating Principles for Design Posttreatment Concentrate Disposal 3. Text explains process principles.800. Equipment and Installation Equipment Subsystems Installation Costing 4. Contents 1. 1995. installation. applications. M41 describes the manufacture. fittings. 62 pp. and anyone who wants to know more about these technologies. and maintenance of this versatile and durable pipe material. and maintenance of electrodialysis and electrodialysis reversal systems in water treatment.A W W A M A N U A L S O F W AT E R S U P P LY P R A C T I C E S Electrodialysis and Electrodialysis Reversal (M38) This manual explains the design. operation. 30038 l Nonmember $86 l Member Price $57 New! Ductile-Iron Pipe and Fittings (M41) Third Edition An indispensable reference for water distribution system designers and operators.926. ISBN 0898677688 No. softbound. ISBN 1583216324 No. Published by AWWA. selection. operators. corrosion protection. and system • 1. Operation and Maintenance Operation Procedures Maintenance Requirements Safety Published by AWWA. newly revised and updated AWWA Manual of Water Supply Practices M41 provides the most current engineering and operating specifications for ductile-iron pipe and fittings. 2009. 30041 | $113 Nonmember | $75 Member Price awwa. electrodialysis technology. installation. design. equipment information.

ISBN 1583214305 No. History and Design Considerations 2. Distribution Valves Emergency Response Planning No. 145 pp. 1998. design. Installation. actuators. maintenance. testing. Testing. and maintenance. and record keeping are described in detail. 2006. Cathodic Protection 4. special-purpose valves. ISBN 089867977X Distribution Valves: Selection. configuration. M42 comprehensively covers tank sizing. installation. Typical Capacities and Configurations 2. operation. construction. Coating Systems 5. Contents 1. Operation and Maintenance Maintenance Schedule Procedures Record Keeping 6. and maintaining distribution valves in potable water systems. site selection. installing.A W W A M A N U A L S O F W AT E R S U P P LY P R A C T I C E S Steel Water-Storage Tanks (M42) You will find detailed information on the selection. Unloading. and Storage Manufacturer’s Valve Tests Manufacturer’s Documents Unloading Inspection Storage Bolts 4. 30044 l Nonmember $86 l Member Price $57 36 AWWA Bookstore Catalog . softbound. and maintenance of steel tanks for potable water storage in this manual. and Elevated Tanks Published by AWWA. Professional Examination and Renovation 10. inspection. Standpipes. and Maintenance (M44) Second Edition This operations manual provides practical information on selecting. Types and Selection of Valves On–Off Operation and Flow Control On–Off Control Special-Purpose Valves Actuators Valve-End Connections 3. softbound. Field Testing. Unloading. Installation Valve Inspection Valve Installation Valve Testing 5. 30042 l Nonmember $113 l Member Price $75 Published by AWWA. design. flow control and on/off control valves. Inspecting New Tank Construction 8. and valve-end connections. Cold Weather Operation Steel Water Tank Industry Standards Organizations and Information Sources Inspecting and Repairing Steel Water Tanks. testing. 64 pp. Construction Considerations 7. Reservoirs. Routine Operation and Maintenance 9. Appurtenances 3. Contents 1. It covers all types of valves: on/off operation valves. storage. Inspection. Selecting and Sizing Water Storage Tanks 6.

Joining • 1. 2005. and resistance to corrosion. specials. shipping. characteristics. and Specials 10. 30045 l Nonmember $113 l Member Price $75 Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration (M46) Second Edition This manual provides a thorough overview of reverse osmosis and nanofiltration technologies for operators. Contents 1. Buried Pipe Design 6. concentrate disposal. and maintenance. Shipping. educators. engineers. Aboveground Pipe Design and Installation 9. equipment. This manual describes fiberglass pipe materials. Hydraulics 5. Buried Pipe Thrust Restraints 8. operations. or anyone seeking an introduction to membrane water treatment. costs. Storage. strength. properties. hydraulics. Materials. equipment installation. History and Use 2. 159 pp. design. pretreatment. joining systems. softbound. Properties. Introduction RO and NF Membrane Applications Membrane Materials and Configurations 2. Operations and Maintenance Process Monitoring Biological Monitoring Chemical Cleaning Mechanical Integrity Instrumentation Calibration Safety Published by AWWA. Facility Design and Construction Raw Water Intake Discharge Suspended Solids and Silt Removal RO and NF Systems Hydraulic Turbochargers Posttreatment Systems Ancillary Equipment and Facilities Instrumentation and Control Waste Stream Management Pretreatment Filter Backwash Disposal Treatment Plant Design Plant Location and Layout Construction and Equipment Installation Treatment Costs 4. and Characteristics 3. and Repair Published by AWWA. fiberglass pipe is notable for its durability. 226 pp. Contents 1. Guidelines for Underground Installation of Fiberglass Pipe 7. Process Design Source Water Supply Pretreatment Membrane Process Theory Rating RO and NF Elements Posttreatment 3. ISBN 158321589 No.926. fittings. 30046 l Nonmember $129 l Member Price $86 awwa. manufacturing. Manufacturing 4.800.7337 37 . ISBN 1583214917 No. safety. Handling. 2007.A W W A M A N U A L S O F W AT E R S U P P LY P R A C T I C E S Fiberglass Pipe Design (M45) Second Edition Used throughout the world. aboveground pipe design and installation. and repair. thrust restraints. Chapter topics encompass theory and applications. Fittings. buried pipe designs and installation. softbound. handling. storage.

Contents 1. design. Legionella 15. Acinetobacter 6. including types. Shistosomatidae 36. Molecular Detection of Waterborne Microorganisms Section II—Introduction to Bacterial Pathogenic Agents 5. 324 pp. dispute resolution. Isospora belli 33. and treatment. Enterohemorrhagic escherichia coli 10. Reoviruses 46. communications. Ascaris lumbricoides 25. Serratia 19. Giardia lamblia 32. Entamoeba histolytica 31. diseases. Guaranteed Maximum Price Construction Management 11. Balantidium coli 27. Traditional Construction Projects 2. and operators need to know about waterborne microbial pathogens. Yersinia Section III—Introduction to Parasitic Pathogenic Agents 23. Pseudomonas 17. 24. Aeromonas 7. Staphylococcus 21. Hepatitis E 44. Human Caliciviruses (Noroviruses and Sapoviruses) 45. Construction Management Firms 8. Emerging Viruses 41. Hepatitis A 43. Sampling. Mycobacterium avium Complex 16. Flavobacterium 12. Treatment. and Testing 4. Shigella 20. Communication 13. Performance Clauses 6. 1996. Multiple Prime Contracts 9. ISBN 1583214038 No. softbound. project managers. Cyclospora cayetanensis 30. Campylobacter 8. Partnering 12. Owner Construction Management 7. Escherichia coli 11. ISBN 0898678714 28. 149 pp. 30048 Nonmember $129 l Member Price $86 No. detection. Toxoplasma gondii 37.A W W A M A N U A L S O F W AT E R S U P P LY P R A C T I C E S Waterborne Pathogens (M48) Second Edition This comprehensive manual provides the information you need to detect and eliminate waterborne pathogens in drinking water. Selecting Contractors 5. Acanthamoeba spp. Water Quality Monitoring. Klebsiella 14. Design–Build and Turnkey Construction 10. Illustrations and color plates for dozens of common pathogens are included. Trichuris trichiura Section IV—Introduction to Viral Pathogenic Agents 38. Naegleria fowleri 35. Private-Sector Financing Published by AWWA. and manage water system construction projects. regulation. Cryptosporidium parvum 29. lab workers. Construction Documents Review and Application 3. Disputes 14. 30047 Nonmember $104 l Member Price $69 38 AWWA Bookstore Catalog . Problems. Water Quality in Source Water. Helicobacter pylori 13. Blastocystis hominis Construction Contract Administration (M47) Engineers. contractors. and purchasing specifiers use M47 to successfully plan. Microsporidia 34. Salmonella 18. Cyanobacteria 9. It covers everything water utility managers. Contents Section I—Introduction to Water Quality 1. and information on partnering. Enteroviruses and Parechoviruses 42. 2006. Adenoviruses 39. Astroviruses 40. Vibrio cholerae 22. and Distribution Systems 3. and Challenges to Treatment 2. softbound. Both traditional and nontraditional construction projects are covered. Payment Procedures 15. Waterborne Disease Causes. Rotaviruses Published by AWWA. and private-sector financing is also included. This practical manual introduces the terms and procedures used in water utility construction and project administration in the US. Warranties 4. Balamuthia mandrillaris 26.

Valve Testing Testing Requirements Flow Test Procedure Seating Torque Test Procedure 6. 2001. avoiding valve failure caused by internal forces produced by water flow and pressure. and new information on integrated resource planning. and Cavitation Analysis (M49) This manual provides guidance for using the versatile butterfly valve in waterworks service. Coverage includes procedures for calculating operating torque. Contents 1. This second edition significantly enhances the basis of water resource planning provided in the first edition. ISBN 1583214712 No. Environmental Impact Analysis 11.926. Public Involvement in Water Resources Planning 3. Valve Torque Torque Components Bearing Torque Center of Gravity Torque Hydrostatic Torque Seating Torque Packing and Hub Torque Dynamic Torque Other Components of Torque System Characteristics 3. 30049 l Nonmember $86 l Member Price $57 Water Resources Planning Manual of Water Supply practiceS Water Resources Planning (M50) Second Edition This manual provides guidance on how to develop a plan for new water supplies to accommodate projected future water demands. Water Demand Forecasting 4. and cavitation. Watershed Management and Groundwater Protection 12. Economic Feasibility 13. and preventing damaging vibrations. head loss. 378 pp. Additions and improvements include a new chapter on public involvement. Valve Applications Actuator Sizing Effects of Pipe Installation Cautions Published by AWWA. 48 pp.800. Head Loss. Water Rights and Policy 5. a new section on conjunctive use and water source options. reducing noise. and Cavitation System Conditions 2. ISBN 1583210415 No. Case Studies Water Resources Planning M50 M50 Second Edition Science Advocacy Communications Conferences Education and Training and Technology Sections The Authoritative Resource on Safe Water ® 4/19/2007 2:09:01 PM Published by AWWA. Introduction Butterfly Valve Design Torque. Contents 1. 2007. Water Quality • 1. Hydrologic Modeling 9. Valve Cavitation Predicting Cavitation Methods for Reducing Cavitation 5. The manual includes recommended methods for choosing actuator sizes. expanded information on water losses. Evaluation of Surface Water and Groundwater Sources 6. Introduction to Water Resources Planning 2.7337 39 . Head Loss. Regulatory Issues 10. 30050 l Nonmember $129 l Member Price $86 awwa. Valve Head Loss Head Loss Calculations Energy Calculations 4. Evaluation of Other Sources 7. a regulatory update. softbound. Integrated Resource Planning 14. a new section on Native American consultation in environmental impact analysis.A W W A M A N U A L S O F W AT E R S U P P LY P R A C T I C E S Butterfly Valves: Torque. softbound.

Water Hammer Effects Combination Air Valves Air/Vacuum and Combination 3. Creating a Formal Water Conservation Program Selecting the Program Implementing the Program Monitoring and Evaluating the Program 6.A W W A M A N U A L S O F W AT E R S U P P LY P R A C T I C E S M51. A valuable guide for ing. Pressure Maintenance. Evaluation of Benefits and Costs Calculating Water Savings Determining Benefits Determining Costs 5. and ongoing management ■ Monitoring effectiveness You will be fully informed about water conservation techniques. Installation. and Obstacles to Effective Water Conservation Published by AWWA. and Safety Orifice Sizing Method for Releasing Air Published by AWWA.ofsizing. locating. M51 includes valve types. Introduction 2. Air-Release. program costs. safety and welfare by uniting the efforts of the full spectrum of the entire water community. 30052 l Nonmember $104 l Member Price $69 40 AWWA Bookstore Catalog . Introduction Sizing for Pipeline Draining Occurrence and Effect of Air in Sizing for Gravity Flow Pipelines Sizing for Special Applications Sources of Air Entry into Pipelines Air-Release Valve Selection 2. Barriers. Need for Efficiency and Setting Goals 3. AWWA Manual Air-Release. including the following: valve orifice size. installation considerations. sizing. Coverage selecting. Analysis of Water Use and Water Savings Current and Future Water Use Water Loss Control Alternative Water Conservation Measures Water Savings 4. and installing air valves in drinking water supply applications. Contents 1. latest addition Here’s a total engineering and operationsis thetechnicians. Locating Air Valves Along a Pipeline Air Valves Air Valves at Well Pumps 4. staffing. Operation. gaining a basic understanding of the use and application of air valves.manual useful for guidebook AWWA’swill find the information insupply locatfor series of manuals water this practices. Through our collective strength we become better stewards of water for the greatest good of the people and the environment. conservation rates. and implementation issues. in AWWA Standardthe correct provides along valve types listed selecting C512.• Air/vacuum valve • Combination air valve Contents Sizing for Pipeline Filling 1. You get helpful tools and step-by-step guidance to build a successful water conservation program in your city. ISBN 1583213910 No. water hammer conditions. AWWA is the largest organization of water professionals in the world. softbound. 2006. latest edition. 2001. 149 pp. AWWA advances public health. andtoengineers selecting. Operators. Conservation Plan Development and Implementation: Dealing With Perceptions. Air/Vacuum. installation locationsinformation onaairpipeline. Types of Air Valves Air/Vacuum Valve Selection Air-Release Valves Combination Air Valve Selection Air/Vacuum Valves 5. information and advocacy to improve the quality and supply of water in North America and beyond. expected benefits. 30051 l Nonmember $71 l Member Price $47 Water Conservation Programs—A Planning Manual (M52) This manual is a total planning guide for a city water utility that wishes to develop a water conservation program. It provides step-by-step guidance and instruction in ■ Conservation techniques and conservation rate structures ■ Cost–benefit analysis ■ Gaining support and overcoming obstacles ■ Program implementation. and maintenance. Design of Valve Orifice Size Air Valves on Pipelines Sizing for Releasing Air Under 6. opera • Air-release valve tion and safety issues. & Combination Air Valves. softbound. and installing air valves in water applications. Air/Vacuum & Combination Air Valves (M51) T he first edition of Air-Release. Air/Vacuum & Combination Air Valves Manual of Water Supply practiceS M51 First Edition Science Advocacy Communications Conferences Education and Training and Technology Sections 2P-1E-POD-30053-07/05-LS The Authoritative Resource on Safe Water SM No. ISBN 1583211527 AWWA is the authoritative resource for knowledge. 37 pp. It takes you through all the issues of a formal water conservation program.

This manual is perfect for water systems serving populations of up to 10. Pilot Testing of Membrane Systems 8.7337 41 . 2004. Rate Design Rate or Pricing Objectives Rate Design Concepts 5. maintenance. and case studies. Microfiltration and Ultrafiltration Membrane Manufacturers 6. Membrane System Design Concepts 9. and design a better rate structure—even if you have limited resources and data.000 because it focuses on the unique attributes of small systems in relation to financial planning and rate design.926. Preparing a Financial Plan Development of a Financial Plan Establishing Target Reserve Balances 3. 30054 l Nonmember $71 l Member Price $47 awwa. ISBN 1583213600 No. 30053 l Nonmember $129 l Member Price $86 Developing Rates for Small Systems (M54) Limited data or resources don’t have to keep your small utility from developing a rate structure that recovers all your costs and is fair to your customers.A W W A M A N U A L S O F W AT E R S U P P LY P R A C T I C E S Microfiltration and Ultrafiltration Membranes for Drinking Water (M53) This manual explains all aspects of microfiltration and ultrafiltration for drinking water treatment: science and theory. softbound. Cost of Microfiltration and Ultrafiltration Membrane Systems • 1. develop a financial plan. Membrane Applications 7. 2005. Operations 10. membrane manufacturers. Contents 1. Customer Account and Usage Data Customer Classes Wholesale Customers Unmetered Accounts 2. 257 pp. 59 pp. Water Quality 3. Special Considerations Public Involvement Regulatory Approval of Rates Rate Change Phase-in Alternative Cash Flow Plans Published by AWWA. analyze your rates.800. Contents 1. ISBN 1583213082 No. softbound. integration with conventional treatment processes. Residuals and Their Management 12. applications. Future Trends in Low-Pressure Membrane Filtration Published by AWWA. membrane materials and construction. system design. Introduction 2. Membrane Science and Theory 4. operations. costs. Determining a Pattern of Revenue Increases and Test-Year Revenue Requirements Revenues Projected Under Existing Rates Rate Revenue Adjustments 4. This manual gives you the step-by-step guidance you need to determine your revenue requirements. System Concepts 5.

procurement. Assessment and Operational Responses to Nitrification Episodes 10. monitor. hydraulics of PE pipe. External Load Design 6. Transportation. transportation. Capital Improvements for Nitrification Prevention Published by AWWA. and inspection. and Storage of Pipe and Fittings 8. Hydraulics of PE Pipe 4. Overview of Causes and Control of Nitrification in Water Distribution Systems 5. specification. and control nitrification. installation. Operational and Treatment Practices to Prevent Nitrification 9. 258 pp. Contents 1. and maintenance and repairs. 2006. health impacts. 2005. The manual identifies the causes of nitrification in chloraminated systems. Monitoring for Nitrification Prevention and Control 8. Testing and Inspection 3. Growth and Inactivation of Nitrifying Bacteria 7. Manufacturing. and installation. testing. growth. and inactivation of bacteria. 30055 l Nonmember $104 l Member Price $69 Fundamentals and Control of Nitrification in Chloraminated Drinking Water Distribution Systems (M56) This manual provides background information on the occurrence and microbiology of nitrification in various water environments and offers current and practical approaches to nitrification prevention and response. 151 pp. softbound. Contents 1. and storage. Engineering Properties of Polyethylene 2. softbound. Maintenance and Repairs Published by AWWA. Joining and Fittings 7. Handling. treat. Working Pressure Rating 5. external load design. and system improvements to prevent nitrification. It covers engineering properties of polyethylene. hydro testing and commissioning. Installation 9. handling. joining and fitting. Introduction to Nitrification in Drinking Water and Its Impact on Regulatory Compliance 2. You’ll find all the information needed to prevent. working pressure rating. Nitrification in Water and Wastewater Treatment 3. Microbiology and Isolation of Nitrifying Bacteria 6.A W W A M A N U A L S O F W AT E R S U P P LY P R A C T I C E S PE Pipe—Design and Installation (M55) This manual provides users of polyethylene (PE) pipe and fittings in potable water systems with both technical and general information on design. manufacturing. Nitrification in Drinking Water Distribution Systems 4. ISBN 1583213872 No. operational response to an episode. ISBN 1583214194 No. 30056 l Nonmember $129 l Member Price $86 42 AWWA Bookstore Catalog . Hydrotesting and Commissioning 10.

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