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Dr. Raymundo Santiago Punongbayan (13 June 1937 ± 28 April 2005) was the former director of the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) . He served from 1983 to 2002. Punongbayan became popular after handling two well-known calamities, the July 16, 1990, Luzon earthquake and the 1991 Pinatubo eruption. PHIVOLCS is the government agency in charge of conducting volcanic and earthquakemonitoring in order to generate data that could be used to predict volcanic eruptions and earthquake occurrences. Punongbayan graduated from the University of the Philippines (Diliman) in 1960 with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Geology. He finished his Ph.D. in geology from University of Colorado in 1972. Punongbayan was extremely accomplished: a licensed geologist, professor, consultant, public servant and author of many scientific papers. He was also a father to four children. A prominent scientist in the global community, he was considered an authority in the fields of volcanology and seismology. At the time of his death, he was serving as a member of the Philippine National Red Cross Board of Governors. Shortly after noon on April 28, 2005, Punongbayan and eight others died in a helicopter crash atGabaldon, Nueva Ecija. With Punongbayan in the Philippine Air Force (PAF) Huey helicopter (with tail number 324) were four staff members of Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) and four Air Force crew members. They were on a mission to assess the place as part of the disaster preparedness operations program of the government. They were also looking for possible resettlement for people displaced by flash floods and landslides.

Antonio Luna
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This article is about the Filipino pharmacist and general. For the Spanish footballer, see Antonio Manuel Luna Rodriguez.

Antonio Luna y Novicio

October 29, 1866 ± June 5, 1899 (aged 32)



Place of birth

Manila, Philippines

She also received the 15th International Congress of Pediatrics award as most outstanding pediatrician and humanitarian in 1977. 1911.Place of death Cabanatuan City. Fe Del Mundo received the Elizabeth Blackwell Award for "outstanding service to mankind". Fe Del Mundo received the Ramon Magsaysay Award for outstanding public service.Awards: y y y In 1966. . In 1940. In 1977. she received a M. Filipino Doctor Fe Del Mundo .Philippines Allegiance First Philippine Republic Service/branch Philippine Revolutionary Army Years of service 1898-1899 Rank Brigadier General Battles/wars Philippine-American War Relations Juan Luna. 1899) was a Filipino pharmacist and general who fought in the Philippine-American War. Fe Del Mundo . She was the sixth of eight children. She has dedicated her life to the cause of pediatrics in the Philippines. brother Antonio Luna y Novicio (October 29. Nueva Ecija.A. in bacteriology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 1866 . He was also the founder of the Philippines's first military academy.Inventor: Doctor Fe Del Mundo is credited with studies that lead to the invention of an improved incubator and a jaundice relieving device.June 5. Fe Del Mundo .Biography: Fe Del Mundo was born in Manila on November 27. At age fifteen. Filipino Inventors & Filipino Scientists Juan Salcedo. Jr. Fe Del Mundo entered the University of the Philippines and received an Associate in Arts and later a medical degree with highest honors.

He is an advocate of science policy development. Alexis Belonio From Wikipedia. Dr. During the time of Pres. professor. and stressed the need for the proper utilization of science toward nation building. Juan Salcedo was born in PAsay City on September 23. 1988) is a National Scientist known as an outstanding figure in nutrition and public health. and scientist Known for Rolex Awardee for Enterprise . Salcedo served as Secretary of Health. Republic Cultural Heritage award in science. 1904. engineer. Philippines Occupation inventor. He has published 265 works in Philippine and foreign science journals. Jr. He invented the vitamin B1 combant mosquito malaria disease. a native of Pasay City. innovator. He was also chairman of the National Science Development Board (NSDB) (1963-1970) and chairman of the National Research Council of the Philippines (1961-1976). Quirino. He spent much of his career studying health factors. [edit] Career and Contributions Dr. 1966. and the Presidential Pro Patria award. the free encyclopedia Alexis Belonio Born January 1. ranging from fatty acids to vitamins. 1904 . Dr. Salcedo is recipient of many awards including the Ramon Magsaysay award for outstanding public health nutritionist in 1957. ( September 29 .Juan Salcedo. science promotion and scientific manpower development. He was conferred as a National Scientist in 1978 by Former President Ferdinand Marcos. 1960 Nueva Ecija.October 25 . contributed largely to the areas of biochemistry. 1969. nutrition and physiology. Salcedo. Dr.

Indonesia. scientist. all cooperating with Belonio's works. The difference was that Belonio's invention does not produce smoke and has a stable fire without a tar-like residue.[3] Profile Belonio. which is characterized by a small fan that is powered either by electricity or batteries.[1] Belonio's invention History Belonio started work relating to rice husks in 2003.000 and a chronometer from the Rolex company for being included in the five Associate Laureates of the Rolex Award.000[1]) each.250[1]) each. Belonio concentrated on innovating the rice husk oven even though the concept was not a new one. and inventor from the Philippines. but due to further development and research. Belonio was 48 years old when he received the award. The burnt remnants of the rice husks can later be used as soil fertilizers or in making small blocks of coal substitute. he had already designed thirty devices such as paddy dryers and water pumps which can be used by low-income Filipino farmers. 1960) is a professor. because there was already the so-called Lo Trao from Vietnam. by publishing information about the invention[4] and establishing a Center for Rice Husk Technology in his hometown at Iloilo.[4] The only expected expense for the he was able to lower the price to $25 (or around user of the oven would be 20 cents per day for running the built-in fan inside the stove. at a time when there were high fuel prices. and reduces greenhouse gases. Belonio (born January 1. As an expert. received $50. and Cambodia.Alexis T.[5] The actual formal recognition of Belonio by Rolex as the first Filipino Associate Laureate of the Rolex Award was held at The Manila Peninsula in the City of Makati on January 21.[4] Paulo Campos . Belonio used good engineering and ample ventilation for his stove. Belonio's stove lessens toxic fumes and smoke that affect the environment. He also added that a ton of rice husk contains energy equal to 415 liters of petroleum (or 378 liters of kerosene). innovator.[3] Belonio's first ovens cost $100 (or around 5. who is an associate professor in agricultural engineering at the Central Philippine University of Iloilo City. He was the first Filipino to receive the Rolex Award for Enterprise in 2008 due to his creation of a low-cost and environment friendly rice husk stove. 1. According to Belonio his stove would be able to save a family of rice farmers $150 per year in fuel expenses. engineer. and said that he would use the money he received in promoting and disseminating his technology to other people without asking anything in return. producing a more efficient burn of the rice husks.[3] The invention is currently being produced by companies in the Philippines. Philippines.[1][2] Belonio was included by the Rolex watchmaking company on its list of 10 model innovators in November 2008. 2009.

Cavite Died June 2. the free encyclopedia For the football manager. Campos (July 7. Campos Born July 27. The first president of the National Academy of Science and Technology. Cavite. Paulo C. His parents were teachers[2]. see Paulo Luiz Campos.From Wikipedia.[3] . Early life and education Campos was born in Dasmariñas. he was conferred the rank and title of National Scientist of the Philippines in 1988. 1921 ² June 2. 1921 Dasmariñas. 2007 (aged 85) Manila Occupation Internist Known for National Scientist of the Philippines Paulo C. and his younger brother Jose Campos would grow up to become a prominent law professor and an Associate Justice of the Philippine Supreme Court. 2007) was a Filipino physician and educator noted for his promotion of wider community health care and his achievements in the field of nuclear medicine for which he was dubbed as "The Father of Nuclear Medicine in the Philippines"[1].

a president of the Federation of Asian Scientific Academies and Societies. 1917-July 1. He obtained his medical degree in 1945. Laguna. 1917-July 1.Having graduated as valedictorian of his elementary and high school class. Dioscoro Umali (Redirected from Dioscoro L. He was one of the six cofounders and a president of the Philippine Heart Association. and topped the medical board exams of the following year. improve the quality of their crops. College of Medicine. and an emeritus professor of pharmacology at the University of the Philippines College of Medicine. Umali (November 17. His research studies on upland agriculture. He is known as the Father of Philippine Plant Breeding. Umali From Wikipedia." He was awarded several international honors and distinctions for his outstanding achievements and improvements of rice. Coconut" and "Father of VCO" (Virgin Coconut Oil). but later finished high school at Manila West High School (currently Torres High School). development administrator. his birthplace. oil on HIV and wrote about coconut oil's health benefits. especially farmers. corn and other economic plants. Campos enrolled at the University of the Philippines in 1940. 1919 ± October 5. Umali had his primary schooling at Biñan. research organizer. He performed pioneering tests on the efficacy of coconut Dioscoro L. Education Dr. educator. forestry. the free encyclopedia Dioscoro L. He then enrolled at the University of the PhilippinesCollege of Agriculture (UPCA). a president of the Philippine National Academy of Science and Technology. [2] Campos took residency at the Philippine General Hospital and joined the faculty of the U. the free encyclopedia Conrado Singian Dayrit (May 31. and finished his Bachelor of Science degree in Agronomy in . and environment conservation have helped many people. 1992) was a National Scientist of the Philippines and is known as "the Father of Philippine Plant Breeding.P. and a science statesman. Umali (November 17. 2007) was a Filipino doctor and scientist known for his advocacy of coconut oil for which he was dubbed "Dr. Umali) Dioscoro L. Conrado Dayrit From Wikipedia. 1992) is a scientist.

the scientist and revolutionary leader. His scientific curiosity led him to study the therapeutic uses of Philippine plants.1939. the diplomat and novelist Leon Maria Ignacio Agapito Guerrero y Francisco. writer. his namesake. specializing in botany and zoology. 1853 in Ermita. The following year. León Jorge was the uncle of poet-politician. he enrolled at the University of Santo Tomas. Fernando María Guerrero. . Lorenzo Guerrero. After completing his primary and secondary education. For his grandson and namesake. Manila. Being a scion of one of the most prominent families of Manila during the last years of Spanish colonial period. Cavite. became a painter and Juan Luna's teacher. educator. 1853-April 13.D. in Genetics and Plant Breeding in 1949. Lorenzo painted the altar of the San Sebastian church in Quiapo. Later he would manage the popular Binondo Pharmacy in Manila. he was licensed to practice pharmacy. Leon Maria is the grandfather of diplomat León María Guerrero. León María Guerrero From Wikipedia. and preeminent writer Carmen Guerrero Cruz Nakpil. seeLeón María Guerrero III. León was one of the 14 children of León Jorge Guerrero and Clara Leogardo. León María Guerrero y Leogardo (January 21. Guerrero was appointed head of the military pharmacy in Zamboanga City. In 1946 the UPCA sent him to Cornell University as a University Fellow. the free encyclopedia This article is about León María Guerrero y Leogardo. He earned his Ph. 1935) was a Filipino scientist. revolutionary leader and politician who was the first licensed pharmacist in the Philippines and one of the most eminent botanists in the country in his time. where he graduated in 1875 with a bachelor's degree in [pharmacy]. he was among the first students of the Ateneo de Manila University when it was founded in 1859 and known as the Ateneo Municipal de Manila. He was born on January 21. Zamboanga del Sur and at the marine hospital in Kawit. from which he extracted pharmacological ingredients. who won a seat at the Philippine Assembly in 1907. His brother.

the supreme court during the Spanish colonial period. He was also invited to be an auditor and associate of the La Revista Internacional de Farmacografia. 1940 ± January 23. Ernie Baron Ernesto Baron (August 15. as well as a credible radio personality. in central Philippines. samples of an antibiotic isolated from a soil that Aguilar collected in his home province of Iloilo. Aguilar died after spending 40 years to be recognized and rewarded. but to no avail.. and was also known as the weatherman for the news program TV Patrol.Pharmacological botanist In 1889. securing him a position as zoologist in the forestry bureau of the Spanish colonial government. Mga Gintong Kaalaman would be the precursor for the more popular . he was appointed member of the council of health of the Manila City Council and was enrolled as a member of the Sociedad Española de Historia Natural. 2006) was a Filipino broadcaster. He also pursued special studies in ornithology and lepidopterology. The drug erythromycin. His accomplishments also earned him an appointment as chemical expert of the Audiencia Real. He was dubbed as ³The Philippines' Walking Encyclopedia. Abelardo Aguilar sent his employer. Filipino scientist Dr. In 1993. This established his reputation as a man knowledgeable in science and trivia. [ Abelardo Aguilar Abelardo Aguilar is the Filipino doctor who co-created the drug Erythromycin (Ilosone®) from Iloilo soil. Eli Lilly Co. He was a pioneer of Radyo Patrol.´ [edit] Career and Inventions In 1965. Three years later. Baron started his broadcasting career in Radyo Patrol with the educational program Mga Gintong Kaalaman. sold under the brand name Ilosone. Its broad antimicrobial spectrum gave alternatives to patients showing allergic reactions to penicillin at that time. Eli Lilly sent a congratulatory letter to Aguilar promising to name the antibiotic ³Ilosone´ in honor of Iloilo province where the soil was originally collected. In 1949. has earned Eli Lilly billions of dollars. It was the first successful macrolide antibiotic introduced in the US in 1952. but neither Aguilar nor the Philippine government received any royalty.

among others. He was also hailed as one of ABS-CBN¶s 10 Most Interesting Personalities in 2001 and Broadcast Journalist of the Year of the Film Achiever's Association in 2005. He started the trend of inserting a little trivia after every show. Considered as one of the pioneers of Radyo Patrol. and the Star Award¶s Best Educational TV Program Host for Knowledge Power (2001). Apart from broadcasting. Rey Langit. Filomena F. also He has one daughter.´ a sophisticated yet affordable television attachment that improves signal reception.´ an herbal drink containing seven local plants which he claimed were good for the metabolism. Mario Garcia. Among his awards include the ³Natatanging Pilipino Award´ as Broadcast Journalist of the Year by the Phil-Media Educational Achiever's Inc.´ He was 65. Baron anchored both radio and television formats of the show. Shirley Baron. Baron suffered a myocardial infarction which led to his passing at. ³Ernyforms´ (Energy of Forms) or ³Baron Triangle. Bobby Guanzon and Bong Lapira. . Filomena F. Baron was also the weatherman for long-running television newscast TV Patrol. a practice that is still carried on today by present weatherman Kim Atienza. and the popular ³Baron Antenna.program Knowledge Power. Campos Dr.. (2005). 2006 at Muntinlupa. When ABS-CBN returned on air after the Marcos regime. Joe Taruc. which counts as contemporaries. he hosted the radio program Knowledge Power as well as its spin-off show on TV of the same title.´ which was about focusing cosmic energy from outer space. Some medical professionals attacked him for promoting ³quack medicine. Baron also pushed the idea of replacing petroleum with water as fuel for industries and transportation. Campos (born March 30. which he claimed was a cleansing diet. At the time he was still serving as anchor for the radio version of ³Knowledge Power. Other Baron inventions include Lactovitale. Baron was also famous for exploring Filipino herbal medicine practices. [edit] Awards Ernie Baron was well-awarded in the broadcasting industry. [edit] Death On the morning of January 23.´ but there were no documented major side effects upon ingestion of the said tea. He even started manufacturing and selling ³Pito-Pito. 1930) is a Filipino botanist recognized for her contributions to cotton research in the Philippines. Noli de Castro. a show that explored bizarre and extraordinary facts about humans and their environment.

PSB Rc 16. C-168. Dr. University of the Philippines. Ayala Award (1974) and as one of the outstanding Filipino Scientist's Presidential Award for Public Service (1976) and Woman of the World Award (1983). C4-113. C22. in Plant Breeding at Cornell University in New York. Camarines Sur to farmer parents Lucio and Aurea. She also performed studies on the sunflower. University of Maryland.Education    B. UPL-Ri-5. (Plant Breeding/Cytogenetics). Escuro (born August 2. 1954 Ph. magna cum laude. which led to the development of technology to speed up cotton production to a relatively short period of three years. And later in 1959 he proceeded to finish a doctorate degree in plant breeding and genetics at the University of Minnesota under a Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship. a very promising source of oil and livestock feed. 1923) is a foremost Filipino rice breeder. Zara Scientists Award (1973). The "C" varieties were widely adopted in the Philippines. Campos was awarded PhilAAS Gregorio Y.S. and under his leadership improved Philippine rice varieties were produced. C4-137. 1951 M. after which he enrolled in the University of the PhilippinesCollege of Agriculture in Los Baños as a self-supporting student. Through a US grant. Pedro B. among them are C463. (Botany). Trigo 2.D. In recognition of her achievements. 1958 Career and Contributions Dr. Pedro Escuro Dr. Malaysia. Career and Contribution After his doctorate Escuro then proceeded to culture the "best" rice variety he had in mind. Campos is famous for her research studies on cotton. as well as three improved wheat varieties (Trigo 1. He made a comprehensive review of studies worldwide on the genetics and breeding of rice. In 1952 he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agronomy.S. PSB RC 36). Trigo 3). University of Minnesota. he then pursued in 1954 an M. He completed his elementary and high school education in Camarines. He succeeded in this. early Life and Education Pedro Escuro was born in Nabua. (Plant Genetics). .S.

Sc. And finally. (honoris causa 1974). Currently he is now retired and pledged as a full time farmer in Laguna. Jose Velasco Jose R. Jose Velasco is a renowned plant physiologist noted for his various researches on plant physiology. He is most regarded for his interest in coconut research. These include two Presidential awards. For his scientific achievements. as they returned profit 250-fold. the UP Alumni Association Distinguished Alumnus Award (1971). and other Southeast Asian countries. He is also recipient of the University of the Philippines Distinguished Professional award in agriculture (1973) and D. which is known to plague coconut trees. His works contributed significantly to crop science and became the basis of some crop production management practices. and the 1974 Ayala award in agricultural science. For his achievements in agriculture Dr.Vietnam. Escuro received 18 honors and awards. 2007) is a Filipino plant physiologist known for his researches on soil and plant nutrition. . Presidential Plaque of Merit for outstanding accomplishments in rice improvement (1967) and the Rizal Pro Patria award for outstanding contribution to rice breeding and genetics. Velasco (February 4. 1916-January 24. he was conferred as a National Scientist in 1994 by Former President Fidel Ramos. Velasco received: the Guggenheim Foundation fellowship (1963). and even photoperiodism of the rice plant as early as 1950s. Not only the varieties are resistant to pests and other harmful conditions. Southern India. the Planters Products Achievement award for crop science teaching (1974) and the PCCP Distinguished Award in pest management (1974). Career and Contributions Dr. they also proved to be sound investments. Dr. particularly on the cadang-cadang or the coconut blight disease. soil ecology.

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