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Part 1 - Response Regarding Friendship & Doctrine

Part 1 - Response Regarding Friendship & Doctrine

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I also talked to Joshua on December 14. His comments echoed Grant‘s and Kenneth‘s.

He shared different examples of self righteousness,15 sinful judgments, and pride in
your life. For example, the difficulty he had in talking with you about starting two
services at Covenant Life Church.

After talking to Joshua, Kenneth and Grant; I wrote you, Dave and Steve the following.

―In my opinion, we should take some time at the [upcoming team] retreat to
hear C.J.‘s thoughts on the evaluations and talk about a strategy that ensures he

is receiving proper care and input from the men at Covenant Life (i.e., primarily
Josh, Kenneth, Grant). In this regard, I think it may serve them to be made
aware of the issues we have been talking about with C.J. and the observations

we have provided him.‖

As a result of those evaluations and phone calls, I discovered you had not told them
about any of our input over the past three years including the substantial input we
recently gave you at the May 13 team meeting. I was shocked and dismayed but did
not communicate those sentiments to Joshua, Kenneth or Grant.

On the December 16-18, 2003 retreat, we again raised concerns for you but with little
effect. Five weeks later, I had lunch with Joshua on January 24, 2004. I asked him
directly if you had been filling him on our correction. He said he was vaguely and
barely aware of any evaluation we had brought you. When I asked what he
remembered you sharing with him, he could not recall anything. It is hard to express
how distressed I felt that you were once more withholding information.16

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