Spring Hill Young Writers

Promoting an engaging and collaborative writing experience

Brisbane Girls Grammar School

Terrace (St Joseph’s College)

All Hallows School

Brisbane Grammar School



1. What did you learn from the opportunity of working with an accomplished author?

2. What did you gain from the opportunity to work with other people your age who are also interested in writing creatively?

3. What was the most difficult or challenging aspect of the workshop?

4. In your opinion, what was the best aspect of the workshop?

5. What will you take with you from the workshop?

6. How has your writing changed since attending the workshop?

7. Will you seek other opportunities to engage in creative writing because of this workshop? Why?

8. Would you recommend this workshop to other students if it was offered again? Why?

9. Do you think the Wiki was a useful tool for a group of people working on a combined project? Why?

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