SAP MM Certification Sample Questions for Materials Management

Caution: more than one answer may be correct. Please mark ALL correct answers. Question: You wish to procure a material using a purchase order. You wish to take delivery of the material at different times. A graduated discount scale exists for the material. How do you proceed if you wish to take advantage of the discount arrangement? A Enter several order items with the same material number and different delivery dates B Enter one order item with the material number and assign the material to different accounts C Enter an order item with the material number and create a number of schedule lines D Enter a number of purchase orders for the material and specify different delivery dates Question: In the purchase order on which the goods receipt is based, you defined a purchase order unit that differs from the purchase order unit. What is the significance of the purchase order price unit and what should you take note of in the case of a goods receipts? A The purchase order price unit is stored in the material master record or purchasing info record and defines the unit of measure in which the material is ordered. B The system establishes the relationship between the purchase order price unit and the purchase order unit conversion in the purchase order. C At the time of goods receipt, both the quantity in the purchase order unit and the quantity in the purchase order price unit have to be entered, however, the quantity in purchase order pice unit is calculated by the system. You have to change it when the calculated quantity differs from reality. D Both at the time of goods receipt and invoice verification, the material is valuated on the basis of the purchase order unit.

only 0. Stock transfer from stock in quality inspection in storage location 001 to stock in quality inspection in storage location 0002 in the same plant. C. Stock transfer from consignment stores of vendor XY to our unrestricted-use stock in storage location 0001. Therefore. B. No stocks of the material exist anywhere in the entire plant. nothing can be withdrawn. you can change the account assignement as long as the goods receipt was unvaluated. when you enter an invoice. What do you conclude from this? A. When the material is for consumption. The material exist in the specified storage location on the current day. Stock transfer of a material from storage location 0001 from plant 0001 to plant 0002. Answers for SAP MM Certification Sample Question . D. nothing can be withdrawn. B. The message represents a warning which you can ignore by pressing the ENTER key. The plants belong to the same company. Only the specified storage location does not contain any stocks of the material. no document is ever created in Financial Acccounting.000 pieces are available". Question: Which of the following statements on procuring a material of the material type NLAG are correct? A. The purchase order must be acount assigned. because of other reservations. D. C. Stock transfer from storage location to storage location in the same plant or company code. B. D. The goods receipt must always be unvaluated. however the valuation areas are different (valuation level is plant).Question: You enter a goods issue and receive the following message: "W: On <current date>. however. Therefore. Question: Which of the following stock transfer are relevant to valuation? A. it is unavailable. C.

What would you evaluate if you want to trace whether your purchase requisition items have been processed? Answer 1 Material status Answer 2 Processing status Answer 3 Item Status Answer No. on which you can enter the confirmed quantities and dates . As a result. an additional entry screen appears. vendor and plant level Answer 1 .3 and 4 . Which combination of fields do you need (true/false)? a) Document category + Document type + Company code b) Document category + Document type + Purchasing organization c) Document category + Purchasing organization + Purchasing group d)Document type + Purchasing organization + Plant 2) A confirmation control key requiring an order acknowledgment from the vendor has been entered in a purchase order. Long term prices can be maintained at Service level. the vendor confirms delivery of half of the total quantity on each of the two dates one week apart from each other. 2: Processing status 1)You want to activate version management for contracts. Vendor and Plant level. Service and Vendor level or Service. How do you enter this acknowledgment (one correct answer)? a) You enter two items with the confirmed quantities and date on the "Confirmations" tab page in the item details b) You set the partial delivery indicator on the "Delivery " tab page in the item details.How can you store long-term prices for services in the form of service conditions? Answer 1 At the service level Answer 2 At the service and plant level Answer 3 At the service and vendor level Answer 4 At the service. The data in the acknowledgment differs from that in the PO: Instead of the whole PO quantity on the desired date.

you enter a new PO item in which you specify the other delivery date About Solution Manager: 3) Which of the following are Solution Manager Usage Scenarios? (True/False) a) Manage Change Requests b) Monitor SAP Support Desk c) Upgrade SAP Solutions d) Link to SAP Education e) Implement SAP Solutions . For the remaining quantity.c) You enter two delivery schedule lines with the confirmed quantities and delivery dates on the "Delivery Schedule" tab page in the item details d) You change the delivery date of the existing PO item and reduce the PO quantity by half.

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