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Part 3 - Concluding Remarks

Part 3 - Concluding Remarks


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Published by: sgmwikileaks on Jul 07, 2011
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I have labored with the hope that this document, in addition to the previous two, will
serve your soul, Sovereign Grace Ministries, and most of all the gospel. I remain
grateful for the many years I was blessed by God to serve in your company and the
company of so many people I love and respect. What follows is an expression of my
love for you, my former friends, and the Savior, our Lord Jesus Christ.

I‘ve found no joy in writing a ―Response Regarding Friendship and Doctrine‖ (RRF&D),
―A Final Appeal‖ (AFA), and now ―Concluding Remarks‖ (CR). I believe the Lord led
me, and enabled me to write, but it has not been a pleasant task. In particular, I have
not enjoyed making my case in such detail. I wish it were unnecessary but general
appeals to you for repentance have never been effectual.

In fact, it is only in the face of overwhelming evidence, godly pressure from peers, and
impending consequences; that one gains your attention and then with difficulty.
RRF&D and AFA followed 10 years of correction.

C.J., I am genuinely grateful to the Triune God for the fruits of pride you‘ve
acknowledged, the changes you‘ve made and the input your received from others. But
I also remain deeply concerned because you and the Board of Directors are unaffected
on so many important fronts. That is alarming. So here is my last attempt to focus your
attention. I hope you find it redemptive.

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