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High School Booklist 2010 Title Adoration of Jenna Fox Adventures of Johnny Bunko Angela's Ashes Bad Boy:

A Memoir Beast Black Like Me Chinese Cinderella Cry in the Night Cuba 15 Dawn Dragonsong Fat Kid Rules the World Geeks Girl in Hyacinth Blue Grendel Haunting of Hill House Hunger Games If You Come Softly Inherit the Wind Invasion Ironman It's Not About the Bike Journey Back King's Shadow Kite Runner Luna Magic Kingdom for Sale-Sold Mister Pip My Sister's Keeper Paper Towns Pastwatch Persepolis Prom Riding the Bus with My Sister Samurai's Garden So Yesterday Stardust Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers Sunrise Over Fallujah They Came From Below Timeline Unwind Wedding Wyrd Sisters Author Pearson, Mary E. Pink, Daniel McCourt, Frank Myers, Walter Dean Napoli, Donna Jo Griffin, John Mah, Adeline Yen Clark, Mary Higgins Osa, Nancy Wiesel, Elie McCaffrey, Anne Going, Kelly Katz, John Vreeland, Susan Gardner, John Jackson, Shirley Collins, Suzanne Woodson, Jacqueline Lawrence, Jerome Cook, Robin Crutcher, Chris Armstrong, Lance Reiss, Johanna Alder, Elizabeth Hosseini, Khaled Peters, Julie Ann Brooks, Terry Jones, Lloyd Picoult, Jodi Green, John Card, Orson Scott Satrapi, Marjane Anderson, Laurie Halse Simon, Rachel Tsukiyama, Gail Westerfield, Scott Gaiman, Neil Roach, Mary Myers, Walter Dean Blake, Nelson Crichton, Michael Shusterman, Neal West, Dorothy Pratchett, Terry

High School Booklist 2010 Year of Wonders Brooks, Geraldine