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A supply chain analysis

By, Chaitaly Mondal Dheeraj Meekala Nithin A J


Company profile: ASDA

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Abbreviation of Asquith and Dairies Subsidiary Of American retail giant Wal-mart from 1999. Second largest supermarket chain in UK after Tesco Promoting itself by naming ASDA British Lowest Price Supermarket, 13 Years running.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods like Ready to eat food, grocery items etc. } Very healthy relation-ship among suppliers } Making itself as captive buyer } Provides an impressive turnover of 10.4% for 12months to 29th January 2011
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Lamb case study

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ASDA has noticed the requirement of long term commitment with customer in high volume with good quality, consistency and low cost. They want to create, identified, develop and differentiate their own lamb different range. In addition to this they also want to create the cooperation, coordination and collaboration in terms of long term contracts. Hence they find out the In North Yorks Moors, a group of hill farmers are continuous declining in their income as well the profits. So they want to change their business strategy and want to increase the profitability as well the marketability.