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Serial Description


SHEET O1/03/1997

Total Deleted
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SUBJECTT O FILE NUMBER Tupap _S11:;kyr___ ii I _

__ 266A-OLA-2Q1_8Q74 VI-IQ! _ _ _ _ _ _
_ _1_ _ _ _ ,7





OF INVESTIGATION Date: 01/03/1997

4/{oz FBIHeadquarters Attn:
From! Los Angeles


ApprovedI By: I
Drafted By: mpbh }I92'I'I'M'


synopsis: Status

of investigation

and request

for extension


Previous Title:




Preliminary Inquiry

Initiated: 10/1'7/1996, original and 01/O3/1997. five copies reflect the

set to of a


Enclosures: One Memorandum, dated Details:

Letterhead true name of five

Title marked Enclosed for a Letterhead current

changed to

copies of contains the

the Bureau are one original and Memorandum, dated O1/03/1997, which status of captioned matter.

b2 b7D b7C

ALL llroammon uonulm I
anus rs

oATzJ§ Lm m @ at E? $353



To: FBI Headquarters From: Los Angeles Re: 266A LA~201807, 01/03/1997

b7D b

Several leads

remain outstanding

at Los


regarding captioned
interviews of

matter. Los
include the

Angeles anticipates
LAFO files

need to

be reviewed background for information onE::::::kherein is he
referenced, to

witnesses and

victims. Several

following files:

blc 7C


26-66697 87-473 92-6836
179-914 183-1734
b3 b7C

b7C b7D

It is

requested that

this Preliminary

Investigation be

extended thirty

days as

a result

of pending




4,¢~:v:2»W-mu-nv 1% uncuastrlir oArsJi4Lm @
1;K353?! .

ALLawoaxnmn oouuum W


In 92

.1 i~'L7 _¢{l5l_.;

_ '_y i_ ' '_:__ ' _~~_ __ _ -1: ~ _ "


r-="=r>-_"-2'1. 15""


Lesf=.1 -Si

........_....= numberMm file
I ,.. .- .-.._>.... . _ ~.»-- . , __,..-..-._.__,__-,,..... .,_,._._ _,,-.~.-.~_.._,.,_,~...._.-_,,_______ ___,_ ...,~ __ _ _,_ ___ --- f - ~ _ 92



.:i:-?»za!_ ii &#39.__- D¢¢utyL f:"::!=:r _I::s._. "" -~ ¢. &f:r..._ . i-Fm --_.jg n:1.__..No=_ COPY DESI6NATIONS= L .._.}-~..-a=-*~&#39.d?.__. b7 rw ~ cm.=*-=8-&#39.. FEDERAL BUREAU OF lNVES&#39.1m].. _ _.lON COMMUNICATION MESSAGE FORM PAGE 3 !.L= .I&#39.:=:1ier:.-esmr ____. &#39.. -WEE &#39.§. MRI HR. OF CAPTIONED 92 NOTE! THIS TELETYPE AUTHORIZES A PITHIS IS THE FIRST EXTENSION Draftegi _Room/TL av: @=+..IGA&#39.g.!11_N 15 lflél IJLF..-. vi. 9.~1. _--:.». c=. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE &#39.0»93B 01/2s/91! Rev.~&#39.?|92L<l_&#39.-J» !:..-_--_.. ?r=v.f!s.1q..=.:.MR. &#39...|j_C_°N11! l TIL l-._ Tf2-" --"-f}_. Lear-WI -S *"a" .5 U K E 3U DAY OF THIS EXTENSION PI.-""$?"P15*41 _...m.-._ ? vii hi-:92.l&#39..i=.. -L 1. Phon_e.




TO EXPIRE! 1 &#39.<1 1 1 . [X] Temypg -E. 10/&#39. oo= REFERENCE BUREAU PRELIMINARY INQUIRY "-. TO FOR INFORMATION ON O3/18/97.r*Us =l14c>:>t:= ._________m ___________________~___ Telpn FOX DATE8: TIME OF ACCEPTANCE: i . CONDUCTED AFTER PI! INITIATED &#39. DTOU. AO I nos ANGELES.ll2 I1-iority "YEDENCE: U ASSIFICATION: TOP SECRET SECRET CONFIDENTIAL UNCLASO EF T UNCLAS nm__3/1&#39. WRIGHT.7. OF THE BUREAU. TRAYSNIIT VIA! l"l&#39....%ED!: ERIC P" urn l ET TUPAC AL. Rcv.6/9&#39.35 ! FD-36 . SUBJECT: I DECE. L ._.. AKA THREATS.. Q? A! ~ FBI 0:11 :4_1=k. .-mediate U Ru-. 3-29. saaxun -vxcwzm EAZY-E VICTIM DECEASED!.1/9? &#39.~.1 L23 BT UNCLAS b7C CITE: //341o=nsn»6// _ PASS: FBIHQ FOR NSD.%w UNCLASSIFIIS Approved:Jr _O Time Received: MRI/JULIAN DATE: ________O_____ _ __ ___Original Iel19::....a._ _-.._ __ =_:Hr&#39. FM LOS ANGELES 66A~LA~201807!_ P! FBI To nzascwon FBIIROUTINEI .-.u_ mwaw.TEIR EXPIRED WAS LOS ANGELES CONDUCTED NO INVESTIGATION DATE.s.:ll&#39. TT DATED 02/1a/91. El Facsimile s. EXTENDED3/18/97. THE. DT SECTION. EXPIRATION ALL IQWQTHI B$!I ll! »m.17/95.»~ » u &#39. CAPTIONED {~¬A 1&#39."_. CT BRANCH.

&#39.».1&#39. LOS ANGELES UNCLAS TI-IE PI .1».15 . 266A-LA 201807._ D_ 0 =u¢u¢...12 smonr1uc|:| LEAGUE JDL! mu-o REQUESTS PI mxrmrszon T0 as-r:-mums or suacnzcrr GOALS OF Ana IN THE JDL. mrxvrrzss SOCIAL AND/OR BT .U. PAGE 2 yazm.1&#39.:-rs zmnzmwss s on ALLEGATION opsmwxm BEHALF 137C or ma aswxsa DEFENSE w1-111.J .l-IER ms runzraazumca or was POLITICAL mzwonwxomws. Q _ 111&#39.<44»=>:>u I I-&#39.J1 ~- 92 ! 0 s-. WI-iE.1 ".&#39. mm TO RECENT REQUESTS AN mcwmzsxon TO xnronmrzon concanmm AN mnxrxom mm2v|:| vxc-rm [:3 &#39.

~ FEDERAL.n-fgi USE&#39. . I nErAnJwunn&#39.mnawwouunn I _ TRANSMTPWHA: .lI// SUBJECT:I J lav TUPAC AL%SHAKUR . oolnuw 0 &#39. &#39. &#39. -ii-J-I--&#39./4~ I I &#39. -IIIIII Approvedliy __ r__ __ DA&#39.#z¢~/a-am/W7 /*/7 /. __T____442%%§§E%Q§QL lsn ~55 mm l _&#39.l E= W V1-/ IPAGE OF 2 FBI ANGELES El Routine smcnmr UNCLAS FM DIRECTOR T0 BT UNCLAS CITE: FBI LOS ELLA-LA-EDIBU?HPRIORITYI //lJ5&#39.VICTIM l/ 7/ ~ DE EASED!% nzawu runzarsa ERIC HRIGHTw AKA EAZY-E L08 ANGELES. APB mrqannxon "-*2mg! .l&#39. "&#39. § 1GATHHi I? E F T 0 2% .I.VI TIH znscsasznaa AOT-DT- oo= REFERENCE LOS ANGELES cc PRELIMINARY H/L?/1?.or1usrunz &#39. . jj92]LY no-lrau NOTE: CopyDesignations On The Last PageOf This Teletype!!! Are Mmunn.BUREAU M?D K WN R CATKHiN EAGEIKHMH PRECEDENCE: EH Tea" E] hnma mn n P m y cLAssuncATunm [3 ITHPSECRET connmsmmn UNCLAS BA&#39. cxrcuncn T0 b7 IuauIRv PI! PI Is zxwzunzn RESPONSES FOR THIRTY T0 nnvs TO ALLOH LEADS or TIHE FOR Lo: DETERMINE ANGELES T0 RECEIVE oursrannzus ACTIVITIES AND T0 WHETHER THE EXTORTIONATE suauzcr ARE IN FURTHERANCE a/. I I I I ¢mn:¬. vars» 3/1?/1?INITIATED In/I?/Rs. I! I8 UIIGLAISIIID .





_ bqp &#39. a preliminary i o corroborate source information t inquiry PI! was initiated at Los Angeles known organizedfigure. &#39. " Full Field Details: For Investigation Instituted: information of 04/15/1997. receiving offices. i&#39. Birmingham Boston Cincinnati Dallas Indianapolis Las Vegas New York San Diego San Francisco &#39.&#39. _ OO: LOS ANGELES Synopsis: Request for subscriber checks.1 uzuum-I xs mvmssrrzm !_>1*-&#39.i:. unidentified individuals were utilizing death threats in the furtherance of extortion attempts targeted towards two former prominent rap musicians from the Los Angeles area and other victims yet unidentified. on October 17.>&# t . CT BRANCH.2/31/1995! i - I FEDERAL Precedence: ROUTINE BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION Date: 09/22/1997 To: /FBI Headquarters Attn: DTOU NSD. Attn: Santa Rosa RA Seattle FrOm: Los Angeles NSD-6 Contact: SA " I *===fs=* BY= lilml-=>bh ** ? Case ID #= &#39. a group of Fi d 1996... LOS ANGELES EAZY-E VICTIM DECEASED!.:_. with crime -along a 92" re orted that 92 kb7D I 1 92 92 4 | ALL IIIORIATIOI ooummco 92 ......l-Q. .&#39..1. TUPAC SHAKUR AOT DT DEATH THREATS.&#39..O0: I I -VICTIM DECEASED!.§.266A-LA-201807 ~ --T" Title: | _ AOT-DT-DEATH THREATS.l. Previous Title:| .

which is pending. 1 other subjectstelephonic deathto making threats the rp JDL. filed civil a lawsuit against for the WRIGHT estate. who owned RUTHLESS California was a victim of this murder in reportedly targeted Las Vegas.&#39.Shad also his recent known as EAZY-E.7C b7D . Subjects then for afee". prior to TUPAC SHAKUR prior to dying fromAIDS. The scheme involves offering protection s ar. During the lawsuit. Entertainmen ney This lawsuit. granting the results Los Angeles Superior Court. rap music stars via death threats. Los Angeles. and others yet unidentified have been extorting money from &#39. To: FBI Headquarters From: 09/22/1997 ~. b&#39. LAW OFFICES number BC 124555 was filed in civil case ffered as two e letters purportedly signed by ERIC WRIGHT. part ownership of RUTHLESS pertains . intercede by. Source reported contacting the victim and that ERIC RECORDS. On March 27. also Woodland Hills.LA 20l807. dvised an expert of this lawsuit were classified confi en ia and b&#39. |:l E brgc I h I require a subpoena.7C received approximately in the $1. Los-Angeles R92 266A&#39. III RONALD SWEENEY. RECORDS INC. titled COMPTOWN RONALD SWEENEY.5 million court settlemen. California and erty rights of RUTI-ILESS RECORDS. Nevada. 1995.} C |::::| *i§ P. It is believed that br/C 2 b&#39.. extortion scheme b7C - WRIGHT.The letters deeme by were orged witness. et a1 V. et al".

~ Set Lead 1: b7C . 09/22/1997 b7Q b7D from the aforementioned court settlement. LEAD S! : assistance of receiving q l b&#39.To: FBI Headquaxcers From: Los Angeles Re: 266A LA-201807. offices in Los Angeles appreciates the this matter.

&#39. Room handled by Pacific Company.IBIJFIEUKIJ IF:l|U92II55?T1CiIYT1 !ll Precedence: ROUTINE T 0: NSD Attn &#39.T Date: 10/20/1997 Los Angeles Attn: SAg?:iiff::f ?f::::] NS From: Sacramento l&#39. Pacific 735A. -VICTIM DECEASED!. .. directed to 2150 Webster Records.. Full Field Investigation Instituted: Serial 289 O4/15/1997 Reference: 266A-LA-201807 Details: A indices wasnegative for telephone review of current local directories and Sacramento b7C Bell Telephone Company. Oakland.1&#39. It noted that is is Custodian of Street. Bell Telephone California 94612. THREATS &#39.:2/31/199:! " |FI5I3lEFlI92l.1n.. 6/ b7C Contact: IAI ApprovediN By: Case ID #= 266A-LA-2oieo7<Q Pending! TUPAC SHAKUR EAZY-E AOT O0: LA DT I 7" . VICTIM -DEATH DECEASED!.. WhlC now requires a subpoena or court order for any published or nonpublished subscriber information. b7C ix. Title: LE&#39.$. Synopsis: subscriber info No available for ithout issuance of subpoena or court order to Pacific Bell.sY % uiwusszrxm . C . ALLIINUBILTIOIOUITAIIQD I/92 1-mans xv oAwznn.


mmmmn @92°" ET @~~~m AOT"DT-DEATK THREATS. oo= LOS ANGELES 12. CT Branch. Details: _Oq_2!11/3§. ARMED AND DANGEROUS Synopsis: Request to open and extortion involving rap EAZY-E deceased!. 10/ll/85..1 .o__. ALEXANDER MICHEL ODEH-VICTIM DECEASED!.~ / 10180 . SANTA ANA.__ . TUPAC SHAKUR-VICTIM DECEASED!. w advised writer hat WC 10711 |and ofhers yet unfHenfif1ed_ ave been .<.. wriggg &#39. and other a 266A matter regarding death threats music stars TUPAC SHAKUR deceased!. &#39. 1905 E.. 17TH STREET..-L/.. v ADC! was contacte concerning matter captioned: UNSUB S!.7. . °920k92kou~lp GU QLU EAZY-E-VICTIM nscmsno!. CALIFORNIA.FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION Precedence: ROUTINE To: FBIHQ Date: 10/17/1996 Attn: NSD.. DTOU Los Angeles From: Los Angeles NSD-6 contact: SA Approved By: b7C Drafted By: C _ mpbh eV Title: | . victims yet unidentified.. BOMBING OF THE AMERICAN ARAB ANTI~DIsCRIMINATION COMMITTEE OFFICE. uusow? 3 mzza .-L "=&#39. DTS. EXPLOSIVE AND INCENDIARY DEVICE: O0: LOS ANGELES ri 1 74A-3595!. .

victim then further rendered and resume their normal death threats pays the subjects for lifestyle with the protection adeal out with the the threats cease The . According source. OO: L05 ANGELES" Since two matter.I death threats - 0 death threats -0 to the 1 rap &#39. not e as a capper further or escri extortion scheme. usually . . concerning the During that interview source corroborated identified thisassist with the source at time!. aforementioned. to dying from EAZY-E resided in Van Nu s. whom to 7 that[::::]used this same scheme monetary when he would rip off drug amount being extorted is dealers. protected by gun-toting body LEAGUE JDL! guards The subjects b. source of proven reliability. *7-< with the JEWISH DEFENSE onvince the victim they have worked person s! making the death . associated C . Source in the $50./K. . threats and . . IOOA-LA 169742-Closed!. The schemeinvoives[::::]and other extorting money . stated the Writer is familiar with names have surfaced in the ODEH captioned JEWISH DEFENSE LEAGUE. it assi ned to writer independent sources that a 266A with Det have reported matter be nd De captioned I ] LASD! as case agents. the above information.. who reportedly was services 7 :identified targeted by subjects for complications associated Californi EAZY-E deceased! extortion prior with AIDS. LAPD! In addition to the and writer interviewed a Los Angeles ODEH bombing matter. no fear of b&#39. Det.D :::::] co 60 is recommended opened and . captioned subjects as their investigation and also a case D5/T. and are . stars via .[:::::]reportedly enlists services one to the of Source stated ambulance chaser.victim and their family are taken to a safe The a private estate.&#39. from various rap music subjects making telephonic intercede by c for a fee haven".000 range. 0 star Subjects then n contacting the victim and offering protection ..&#39. on 10/8/96.

whatever credibility possessed he quickly deteriorated whenin 1995 he wasarrested sentenced jail for sexuallyattacking and to a 21-year-oldwoman Shal<ur&#39.. to on 1996 l8 LastSunday. Mortallywounded during drive-by a shooting the near Vegasstrip. whatwastherealimpact hismessage? of In a society whereracialequalityhasyet to be reached. Shakursimplypolarized the opposing sideswith hismessage hateandintolerance.s1 AM mane WK 4-1 p " a er i s &#39. .~ ~-92 92 . Living in countrywherehomicide a ratesarethe highest the world.Shakur nally metthe endhe so ._! CPNet.Jesse the Jackson quoteda LosAngeles was in newspaper as PNA§§§s§gmmm D 0§.com . é ET. Shakur in blindlypromoted indiscriminate of guns andviolence makeamends. of Insteadof usinghis talentsbring the racestogether. the use to Shakurevenbecame victim of his a own message whenhe was shot ve times during 1994 robberyattempt.Tupac Shakur To Front Page CollegePress Network . dozens of Tupac Shakur gathered fans outside UniversityMedicalCenterin Las Vegasto mourn the death of their slain idol. . CPNet Opinion Editor Last Friday. in Butin thistimeof griefandmourning..Even in pronouncingown to his First Amendment rights.6I. vehemently invokedmany of hissongs._! Page of 2 l Shakur a victim of his message Rapper cannot escape world he idealized TupacShakur:One the of leading gures gangsta of rap.Shakurmaraged attractnegative to publicityto thismost intrinsic right guaranteed all Americans.s detrimental message fueledthe res of politicalconservatives called who for suchextremes censorship nation-wideof as and imposition what they considered be "true"family values. did everything to he imaginable. whether intentionalnot.B?_K§Mw TN_ 6_E. I993 le photo. Rev. to makepeacefulco~existence or impossible. a Although Shakur triedto convey positive a imagewomen andfatherhood of in some hisearly of songs.

Martin Luther King&#39. by Therefore. simplyoverlooked or go are suppressed the powers thatbe.s message of non-violence and assimilationcan be supersededthe narrow. Dr. Colle e Press Network. intolerant message professed by by individuals such as white supremacists. Tupac Shakur.. Jacksonconsiders overcomingviolence. all the wrong role models attractthe attention of the masses. Hejoins the long list of "dead heroes" who in living have done their partto propagate a perilous way of life withoutregard to future consequences. Tragically. those who seek makea positive to difference.&#39. On the contrary. Shakur forever be remembered leadinga generation will for down the road of neglect and despair. Of course.anti-Semite andin this case. it continues to call. It is disappointing that 28 years afterhis by death. http://www. New index of collegenewspapers online Subscribe to our Free stuff free CPNews email service Posted: September 1996. hejust becameanother victim in a hopelessly tragic of life hehimself helped way advance. Shakur is not alone. 1996. Copyright © 1995. Whether beathletes or they politicians. these individuals degrade most the basic values integrityand rectitude.so sad. he could never haveovercome it. 18. is Sometimes the ofviolent culture somagnetic lure is that even when one overcomes it with material success. All rights reserved.com~ Tupac Shakur -Page saying: "This so.cpnet. Unfortunately in our world. As I recall. Shakur overcame violence explicitly endorsing it. com T Oct 18 1996 08:51 AM . Just JerryGarcia in his promotion of drug use during the 60s and as 70s." What I would like to know is what the Rev.5 D _ ~ J 2 of 2 CPNet. shame in they are still heralded by their fellow peers. make of To matters worse.

That&#39.. I not only found who did it but gave them the message thatif they wanted to see the niggas that Oct18 1996 08:51 AM . go back and study.t my style his raps.sthey&#39." f~ Y" HERE-W W-l°1~ 15$Il&#39.I&#39. I&#39.n92n=pn__. Studyhow after I met hear in Biggie. . or their agents or their somebody wasthere when Igot shot-and nobody couldn&#39. And I&#39.. blah. Study why I would be mad when half of the major NewYork rappers or their managers.t Now. blah"cause they in hell.t give me no information..LLI]II"¢"" F*92".t reallysupposed to do.t . he&#39. He got seducedby the power-not because he&#39.t at look themselves causethey know the prodigal son has retui-ned.m your big brother. And when you don&#39.t in why sleep. Ready To Die comes out and his whole stylechanges study. Study how Party And Bullshitwas me before I met Biggie. ilit&#39.s getting cash now. that&#39. I&#39. When people ask him if he&#39.m a that ass. g g me. That&#39. 13 L -.t respect me.&#39. they can&#39.s myonly point. ~92$°*= i Qxszul There was nevera beef.Idon&#39.t go anywhere.4-L:-. everybody who thinks that Idisrespected.s their in hell now.a - Qu°92&#39.___. You don&#39. If you lose your composure you could do anything. he got out of hand.m just mad at my little brother when he don&#39.re halfthe lover of music that you are.s like me being mad at my little brother cause he&#39.t make money. Juststudy that.s it real for a keep second..m the alive. They can&#39.m around talking. but because money is evil. ghost is walking around. . I feel as though he wrong. theycan&#39.?.s it s like bee says me going to the playground to pick on litle kids. Idrive New Yorkjeeps but I&#39. Study how when Wu-Tang got their chain snatched atsix-six-duece. 2pac Shakur Disclaimer: The followin is an excerpt Vibe from Magazine. I&#39.re all the reporters and all the people "Why why telling they doing this? They fucking up hip-hop.m a break your big ass down. I&#39. aouowa q92O92u8 l.~&#39. I love my eastcoast fans.s not handled right.m eating York Pizza. -92! Q 1 2 of Zpac Pages Newzletter Edition VolumeI Page 2 Inside The I MK ix K if Mind Of I ! K7 I I A. If you&#39.They can&#39. talk..t a spank give fuck how rich you got tn the block I&#39.m from there. in jail Ididn&#39.s an evil person. My homeboy Suge gave me the best advice that I could ever get from anybody. I&#39. That&#39.Fear got stronger than love and uiggas did things that they weren&#39. blah.m not mad at that.sng with Bad Boy and with Puffy.m New saying let&#39. I&#39.respect me.Q e l &#39. onlya difference of opinion. They know their hearts.l : an 1 .

I&#39. Man to Man. And that&#39. And when you don&#39. just you and them-no guns.and de nitely checkout the video clipsof the interview alsoavailable on Vibe Magazine Online.yo g Zpac Pages Newzletter Edition Volume 2 I 10 Page of 2 2 did it. Its pretty interesting.s for.m a expectthat. they could seethem.ca Oct 18 1996 ~ 08:51 AM .re to act like a all I ask going gangster a "G" or or a king of New York.t through. If you&#39. That&#39.s for. then Pmgoing to want to come crush your empire. for thelatest time on Visit Y_ibeMagazine Qnline and checkout the rest of this interview. no nothing if you feel like that.s what it&#39. This Pageis Webmastered by Gurjeet Litt yu108654@orku.

?8R. l"""~$92392-vii q92$7__q92 0 AL. wereon their way to a nightclub about 11:15 p. enthusiastically followed by teenage fans and longcriticized by adults for its explicitly violent andsexual images. Shakur&#39. Sept.1l c W-1:92&#39.. Page The Washington Post LOS ANGELES. when muggers stealing his jewelryopened re.s label. September D01 9 1996. court or in custodyon variouscharges. 31.Knight. Tupac Shakur was incritical condition in a Las Vegas hospital today after assailant an pumped four bullets into head his and chest during a The 25-year-old starwas shotas heand Marion"Suge" Knight. the care according to a spokesman for University Medical Center. was hitin the head-by shrapnel wasreleased and from thehospital today. afterwatching the Mike Tyson-BruceSeldon heavyweight ght title at theMGM Grand Hotel. Shakur was shot ve times in the lobby a New York recording studio of .tn.9292a92l After Tyson By Sharon Waxmcm &#39.s incident underscored the betweensome rap link stars~ despite their celebritystatus --and the dangerous milieu gave that rise to their music. . Oct 18 1996 08:47 AM . it In November1994. who appeared WednesdayMTV Video at the Music Awards. where he membershis and of entourage got into an argument withseveral men the lobby of New York s Radio City in Music Hall.l B929292°92&#39. The shootingwas themost serious a in string of violent incidents involvingthe rapstar. Monday. Police werecalled tobreak up.I&#39. He has spent of much the past 1/2years in 2 A handsome. Shakur underwent emergency surgery multiple gunshot wounds for and remained under heavy police private and guard in trauma-intensive unit. 8-"Gangsta" rap star drive-by shootingSaturday night.chairman ofDeath Row rap Records. policesaid. swaggering man long with eyelashes and a penchant showy for jewelry.5°. Saturday&#39. Shakur hasbeena prominent symbol for gangsta rap music."92 4 11 1 of 3 Shakur Hurtin Drive-By Shooting Page Shakur Hurt in Drive-By Shooting Fi Controversial Rapper Critically Injured A-LL CQNTILINED IIV&#39. SpecialThe Washington qU92¥92P92-#10 to Post &#39.

onehe hadchronicled a tattoo hischest pronounced in on that "ThugLife.4 million bail -. rap Shakur himselfhashadmanyrun-ins with the law in recent years. . the[black the "It&#39." he said. Me Against World.paidby DeathRowRecords pending appeal.l_"ay Man.. and a concealed weapon.tdie like regular getto ways. -his Shakur servedll months prison his involvement theattack a 21-year-old in for in on woman in a New York hotelroom. ! Page of 2 3 with Shakur a in convoy of IO carsabout a -." good information.{Expletives] cometaketheir lives.&#39. Shakur earlier year hebelieved said this that the 1994 robbery-shooting was a setup." But therapper alsosaidthathe expected woulddie violently.__ .Shakur he toldthe British newspaper Observer: going happen. 27-track recording featuring guest turnsby fellow rappers_$_r3 oopAIQoggy 4.they credible. "Drive-by shootings notmilmown are here."All Eyezon Me. If are with solvable. Knightwas driving quarter-mile the from glittering casino strip when whiteCadillac four inside a with people pulled alongside black up their BMW anda passenger openedre. . June. and__Methoddebuted this earlier year and sold has more 5 than million copies. fuelingspeculation thehip-hop in industry rivalrybetween that EastCoastandWest Coast labelsmayhavetakena violentturn.47 AM .. hadbeenconvicted LosAngeles assault battery a He in of and on music videoproducer for carrying loaded. Theydon&#39.Shakur&#39. should this be Spokesman DeathRow Records for couldnotbe reached comment to possible for as motives fortheshooting.t themotivation "I tellyou behind this. while singer in prison." LasVegasPoliceLt. fourth convictions only his His soloalbum. "Gridlock. Butin theworld of rap. Local media reports said dozens of witnesses looked on in horror. it&#39.s . Dogg. He hadbeenallowedto remainfree in on$1. wasscheduled and for sentencing week theweapons this on charge. previous His album. singer In the faceda l20 daysentence probation for violations stemming fromoffenses including assault and battery a 1994sexual and abuse conviction New York." "l livedThugLife." a two-volume. this Shakur said was had he tired living tohisoutlaw of up image. its was Shakur alsostarred opposite Janet Jackson the 1993movie"Poetic in Justice" hasbeen and working another lm.buttheyusually occur between rival gang members whose reasons for retaliation othershootings. had the thedubious distinction being of the rstalbum reach1 to No. can&#39.s to All people] change who the worlddie in violence.In July. are for said MarcMaston. suicidal." Oct 18 1996 0g." on In interviews earlier year.s seemed to enhance status."It wasstupid . "Thisparticular incident apparently several had witnesses. Policesaidtheyhadbegun investigation theshooting had suspects an into but no yet. Shakur Hurt in Drive-By Shooting In the weekend shooting. l§appin&#39." But he saidpolicewereoptimistic theywould nd theassailants.

1 3 3 of @CAPTION: Tupac Shakur in New Yorkat MTV VideoMusic Awards.Q Qt Shakur Hurt Drive-ByShooting Page in before the attack. the three days @CAPTION: Rapper Tupac Shakur. ©Copyright 1996The Washington Post Company Back to the tog Oct 18 1996 08:47 AM . shown here week. last took four bullets in head the and chest ina drive-byshooting Saturdayin night Las Vegas.

But center are Jesus. mourners. of looks back over 1 his Raphael amob teeming Roman painted scene.andso does faceof the everymother. wheretwo crosses havealready been erected.s eyesbespeak compassion thetrialof hismother.thatpassed between my wife andmy daughter thelatterlay dyingof cancer. thought I instantly hismother.. They werethelooks." that directed hismom at catch endof hissecond lm. in spectators. of theirlife wastheirmother. TheFall to I simply stared thismonstrous foothigh. I . Therestands group ve women-. LovingYou!. and. 3=tu°92§LZ.s ontheRoad Calvaryca. hismother. love And thisis no smallthing.15l 7! hangs. 7 T77" Madrid. qgtttgt. SowhenI gotthenewsthatTupacShakur diedof his drive-by had wounds. with soldiers. lookpersoni es she to her Her despair alienation.because of themmadesome theirmostimportant all of music because it: Lennon&#39. seems he like he&#39. andTupads"DearMama. . 1 n in WW . fallenwith his left handon rockandhisrightstill tryingto a f le shoulder.moreoff horses. way carts._3 1 ~J Page of I 4 Tupac theFallontheRoad Calvary and to Tupacand theFall on the Road to Calvary By Jordan Pelaez The rsttimel entered gallery The the in Prado where Raphael&#39.. Mary holds handoutstretched. I l let If the friend I Al.rst a of and 7&#39. of Giventhelife of distress that Tupac andhismother lived. everychild. thought I that rst time. at thepainting&#39. her willing evennow todoanything can save child." the Oct 18 1996 08:48 AM .s theearlyElvisballads areclearly of "Julia. for evenin thiscrisis.s to console trying her. look and The in Jesus&#39.broken them off only because painof the sustaining suchmoments intensity nally too muchfor anyheartto bear? of is The otherdayon theAOL discussion groupTheVelvetRope. N ¢92 we moundthana hill.*& <te|_. heldthem. TupacandLennon Elvis But and at leasthadthis in common: The rst.Mary. - I parenting§ mg.tmeout it. at ten eight footwide F 7 77777 &#39.Calvary.. further as But viewings brought to me a different understanding.. Q 1. perhaps greatest. ownfaceonceboreoneof those My looks.whofaces untimely and an death. execution procession. foremost among them.. thedistance the endof the at a support massive the weight thecross.-. I might bein with snapped of still canvas..how many times hadtheyshared such glances.some fool mocked idea the thatTupaccouldbe compared anyway to John in Lennon. was hadn&#39. the ow ten and tears for minutes.u¢. I knewthose lookswell.s just two gures.

a terribly to either. and my And while it may be truethat Raphael&#39. because would mean admitting that other things.s got comingto him. so Jesus.as John Berger puts in his newbook.whichgenerally he portrayed as a foolish and ugly thing even when it&#39. would on of It require recognizing that Tupacis not the onlyrock starwith unsavoryassociates. that Tupac equaled greats theemotional intensity rhythmic the in and power of records.and the colonialism that i brought people. rather than harmony. of and concerned with encouraging young black men not commit to crime. it&#39. his Or that the majority of Tupac s songs uplifting.are Fools full equality in this matter. over again.s about vengeance--which.you can tcome outand say. taxcheats from the of the government end!. were positive.50!. that livein atime and over and is we a place where theconcept offorgiveness does exist.For instance.s world valued harmony and orderfar morethan ours.thieves. not he gotmurdered.s. hewas thevictim of a shooting. that Tupac wasanything like Jesus. with absoluteimpunity. so little iZ in i ii But that wouldn&#39. But Not those Bible storiesexist to try to teachus notabout Jesus muchas about so forgiveness and compassion. _ On thatbasis.t be accurate thing say. predatory.. it&#39." But it is not the declineof belief in God or theholy RomanCatholic churchor the clinical application of artistic the values of Renaissance has the that made it It rather the so. But refusingto allow Tupac enter thelists of rock&#39.t not about forgiveness. would It require admitting Tupac that was sent prison acrimethat to for white rock stars have committed.s seductive or unavoidable.that&#39.s.s greats is leastof the sins to fallen the fools makewhen talkingabout them. that "our century [is]. it $24. themedia from as Newsweek to Village The Voice have done. It may be true. itwas in self-defense.ve read onthe subject. These fools. isone reason turns out somuch artlike tempting it Tupac&#39. He wasnot the criminal thistime. or even necessarily mostimportant onethat the 2 of 4 reluctant to admit Tupac to Of course.s tosay. l and Tupac&#39. that thuggish this young nigger what&#39. and continueto commit.OO s Cl Tupac and the Fallon the Road to Calvary Page comparison. and like Raphael&#39. did who preferred company whores.thafs not the only could be madeTupac between and the great rock rebels. is way we haveallowed theother side-~the colonizing.s isour society society--the hideous American cultural landscape of today l produced grew straight out the up of culture that the Renaissance. respectful women. It would require acknowledging that although Tupaconce shoot two did men. ifyou tell the storythat way. andother miscreants.s prove. Titian:Nymph andShepherd Prestel.Our societyisn&#39.spend alltheir time avoiding asimple truth:Tupac was amurderer. who includejust aboutevery writer I&#39.always searching rage for and wisdom..But of course. the to Renaissance world a was miserably impoverished dangerous place to dwell.s ancestors own to America. Inthe rst place. What cases like Tupac&#39. "nature red tooth in and Oct l8 1996 08:48 claw" AM . Raphael&#39. they off-duty were Georgia cops had who drawn down himin theafter-midnight streetsAtlanta.s mostly trueof its artistic productions--formost who hadno access art at all.

the womenlooking on wept whenJesus stumbled. "justlike in reality". and the wombs that never . not According to Luke 3:28-31!. Forbehold the for days are coming in the which they shallsay. Jesus and Mary would not be thecentral gures. the where mountedRoman of cer a wavesat papers him. l bare.Fall onus . alone among the company. For standing aboveJesus in picture. witha huge hooked nose. the . is Tupac one ofthe reasons. Simon isrepresented here. There isno excuse the Tupac lyricsthat demeanpeople. and your children. however.t At Cha" isprecisely compassion the of Mad and forgiveness. and paps the which nevergave suck.If we looked atThe Fall on the Road to Calvary theway theart of Tupac and other rapperformers isusually seen.t At Cha" and I know that he had Mad I have seen his video for come muchfurther alongthe paththan those who treathim asif he were themurderer.but weepfor yourselves. inwhich T upac shot in the chest and is dies. wishthat he With I had had time grow the to in wisdom and maturity. the society thatworships notGod orJesus but freemarket."&#39. When was last the time you offered a cold cup water thesick orvisited the of to imprisoned? But no artist is bound entirely by the prejudices his time. in terms of the dead musical celebrities that Tupac then encountersheaven. Tupac forgives everyone-~the brothers known unknown could stay and who not the course. That videohas mostlybeen described termsof its sensational opening in moments. which in his time wasa way of saying "Hymietown. If I do not quite believe we that have reached i those days. Maybenot always. thisis surely Simonthe Cyrene. islarge muscular man." compassion forgiveness and have been erased. Because truetopic "I Ain&#39." Judged wayour the society judges rap--by caricature. escapes the small-minded bigotryof its time. and inevitably. a His head is turned to right.00 w T! Tupac and Fallon the the Road to Calvary Page 3 qf4 side--to dominate. In thevideo. the those who condemned him the from start and along way. Cover us.closer toits just the center and with a more directlyactive rolein theproceedings. and to hills. and he found the I energy to speak to them. context -TheFall on the Roadto Calvary is antisernitic.we havebeen reassured. inanother umnistakable way: Raphael drew this LibyanJew. But avoided the lethal situations into which he l Ain&#39. those in But details have nothing to do with what the videois about. Blessed are the barren.that hecould have continued to fall. themother about his in whom his music often expressed such deep con icted emotion who but but stayed beside thatlook undoubtedly him upon her face! that long week in hospital. "weep notfor me. for other and in portraying violence with so much explicitness that it became for some sad souls allegedly attractive. "Daughters Jerusalem. the Oct 18 i996 08:48 AM .nor is it surprising that folks would rathertalk aboutanything else. Great art. hea played dangerous game." of 1 Luke hashim say. allmy heart. Then shall theybegin to say tothe mountains. Greatartists transcend of our everyday pettiness. manwho accordingto the gospels was the ordered tohelp Jesus carry thecross afterhe stumbled. partners ThugLife. In the competition and"the sanctityof the contract. including trivia.

all along. miss point farmore than the far. Unofficial Death Row HQ. home. Those do thinkthis isa who not tragedy. ! Tupac and Fallon the the Road to Calvary Page 4 of4 He also prays for other ghetto youth to havea better chance--and a happier result.. which ascloseas Icould imagine anyone is coming in this life to reachinga kind of emotionalmaturity. Rights All Reserved Oct 18 1996 08:48 AM . forgave his him sins because his talent of © CopyrightThe I996.s nal images tell the true story. Wewill not be permitted knowwhat kind grown to of man or mature artist Tupac Shakur might have become. those of us who.92 f . to black screen.or believe that what had he done to him isonly what had he done to others. Inthe end.sthen goes grave. wife baby Fade a and girl. visits his friend&#39. which is on written: Dedicated to Mutula Shakurand Geronimo Pratt.The friendwho waswith Tupacwhen hewas shotdresses up.s fathers. .the sonforgives hisfathers. where he hugs mother. The video&#39. Tupac&#39.

which is not avaliable on his new album So. he will also be staring in this one. Back in April Zpac was sentencedto 120 days for violating his parole. and the word right now is that he should win. making Americaz Do U Want I It". he was to start serving this sentence on June 7/96 but the judge granted him an extention until Tupac has nished production on an upcoming movie. Zpac will you please stayout of jail!!! Last Month 2pac appeared in court to face Illegal weapon charges and instead of the Judge giving Tupac jail time.a&#39. On the cial Of 2pac Homepage you be able topurchase those will hard to nd singles andother merchandise. Tupac has also completed the script for an up coming movie called "Live to Tell". NEW ALBUM.t get into any rehab centers. "2 monthost anewzletteglpac Ihad last Q Pages and Howhas nished statedof in ZpacN e . The material on this newalbum will be similar "Me Against the to World". future Oct 18 1996 08:48 AM . The rapper will co-star opposite Tim Roth in the dark comedy "Gridlock.s wEmmQL_B "r"" *" ******** u$q "°9292m.s projects. Within the month.3 1 of2 4 * ""* -""" 2p acNewz ~Hs~. As two videos. but can&#39. there will be anOf cial 2pac Homepage coming on up the net.I will post theaddress asas soon Irecieve it.all be on the lookout for that. 2pac Pages Newzletter Edition Volume Page 2 1 Q t&#39. as well askept upto datewith 2pac&#39. Well." Actor Vondie Curtis Hall wrote the script and will direct. 2pac is also making a video for his new track called "Hit Em Up".. They are framed for the murder of a drug dealer andthen thepolice come after them aswell as the real murderers.L queues- Meow °9292Sa=-it Tupac Shakur has lined up his next acting gig. The movie is about two druggies who want to go straight.". he ordered Zpac to put on a benefit concert California under in for privillaged youths. A release date has not been set yet. Tupac is appealing this sentence. y&#39.0 . Zpac will be releasing a new album.

.ca "--~..{Gurjeet Page Litt yu108654@gorku._ ..! _i Zpac Pages Newzle er Edition Volume1 2 *_ ___.- Oct 181996 08:48 AM v . &#39.92_ ._ _ ..-92 ..-&#39.~ Page 2of 2 Thisis Webmastered b&#39.. . I &#39..

..ve been advocating peace..Iremembered that he did....s a Biggie/Zpac thing.. 5! I 1 2 of Zpac Pages Newzletter Edition Volmne1 Page 2 The New 2pac Track c There was someconcern from some of you that I was being hypocritical because I praised the 2Pac record that attacks bad boy while at the same time I&#39. alsospoke.who Ilike alot.ga" ""&#39 n<: making jokes about it. The 2Pac song reminded me 0LTim..I i &#39..92AM os.old battle records.So they got stepped too.. One of the things Iwould most likely not do is play the song on my radio show without a briefcommentary before and after.Pac went a bit too far by talking about Biggie&#39..But as a straight up dis record which we have always had in hip hop. Up untilnow people have been beating around the bush.by using fancy metaphorsand similes and saying something but not saying nothing. Ithink at this point in time..ie LALA..2_1. and soon was an awful lot these records of tension will retire and be and the Juice viewed the way we look at Me recall there then.. n~n3&#39..r10192I UONTAINED on 1996 Qusou.I&#39... There was a rumor going around that said he got pumped in jail..si&#39.or will fools willsit downand talk and work it all out..s wife...Again why jump in?..m de nitely forpeace.orthey ll do like Luke and Dre did make dis records so they all make money.So Pac called them outon record.. the if folks wars will cease.com HEREIN 15 DATE92B W _e M1..daveyd... Crew back Shan and KRS-One.either this dissing onwax continue..I likeed it on that level.? Chino. Now atthis juncturethe game one in of two things will happen... and my rst thoughts werewillTim Dog come back I with a resp0nse.. First and foremost.49 l s .. and in the context of throwingdown and being com petetive on wax... Iwill admit. It was a straight up dis song.onMA&#39...... 18 gybaaz §§%§ Quwuug sq <3 °92 92s&#39. ie Mobb Deep _ a week after 2Pac had been shot were down inwashington 6ii&#39...... So really I guess just liked thedirectness of the song and I considering whatwas said some of the remarkswerein line......I found the song funny.....why is Mobb Deep enetring the arena..... And between BDP Davey D http://www. In one of hisrhymes he spoke about getting bent over in jail like2Pac... If there is anyway Ican help facilitate that..but it was weak.Because ifit&#39. What I rst thought about hit u up wasits ferocity. They kept saying theyknew who shot Pac.I wanted to clarify a couple of points. .after Iprinted the message.. Iwould and will do that.

What do you think? Is on point? it This Page Webmastered GurjeetLitt yu108654@.&#39.all of that have heard this track Hit Em Up".yorku.ca is by QC! I8 1996 08:49 AM . Zpac Pages Newzletter Edition 2 Volume 1 Q Pageof 2 2 What are your comments.. you think Zpac justi ed making this do is in track? And for all y&#39.

The gangsta rap also splittedinto two camps betwen those whothought N.t sellin&#39. easy. Dre left Ruthless Recdrdsr--Dr:"Dr e were the inventor of Eazy.A.1 AJ1l&#39. <>.<¬Ei&#39.t do muchon records suddenly so the became a second-part.s on Dr. the soonbecame the Hood national-song of hip hop. In the middle of that Eazy saw howhis life work wasfailing apart. MC and D_J 1986 puttcd Ren Yella. then to be followed Dr. recordswasn&#39.~v Eazy-E "The Hip-Hop Thugster" to Page 1 2 of Sunrise 963 &#39.§ £§?? 1&#39. and a created the gangsta-rap. withhelp of moneythat he hadcollected as smallthief anddrug-dealer.W.was hard Eazy-E It for when Dr.part of hip a he fund out that he had AIDS.gure on the rap-stage.c"e-Cube.Eazy-E. that wasa real classic were out.A plus rest theworld towake up the of when it his alias.s. if each and that wasn&#39.~ started in themusic buisnes.I. hop that had millions head of lines world wide. .ie "Eazy-E" is dedicated the Wright R. came out with solo albumswere theydidn&#39. Dr.he losthis a grip in the teenages and Together wiih__I_&#39. Everybody that were living theso calledprojects" suddenly something in had that was their. RuhtlessRecords got dream start and1989 the a album Straight outta Compton.W.a songwith lyrics that showed hardreallity that got -the the "white America" to tripp. on hard-headed he stuck tohis visionsand hisgangsta mentality. N. he only 2 months after that He wasborn in Comptonin middle-class familyin 1963. With soungs like Fuck thePolice and Gangsta. Z Sunset1995 ____ I IIII II This page in memoYy&#39. It&#39.t they enough.ED °929292ot&#39.t plans for future have the the that Eazy-E were dreaming i-of. back Eazy-E eaven publicat pictures Dr.P! ! * I~ II II II I II I II II I<. he togetherof the one became a criminal.tEazy-E continiude his way. came to blacks in the the situration in comunity T American the theof middle Under 80&#39. Ice-Cube left first.Dre by that started Deth_ I§g!y _Records with together Suge Knight.Dre..2. Boyz n&#39.92~.A Niggaz With Attitudes!. Eaven dogh it wasn&#39.-_~so-after "cemtéatea he the schoo-l. that old Plus the members sue other. -Ruthless Records-.tfor anythingjust to diss eachother. the lifeasa small gangsta didn&#39.S.t~ c:-it/mrtoit CO N&#39.I&#39.3 UKCLASSIF gag . Thefans selebrated. That was just the begining. they puttedCompton and Los Angeleson the rap-map. Gangsta made the and LAPD shake FBI the to teeth and politicansstarted toshow interests hip hop butnot in a the in positive way. __i 1" II_I_I_*: i II I Eric "Eazy-E" Wright got whole the U. with the West Coast sound and artists like Doggy Snoop Doggp Dogg Tha Poundtatttong others. When "Boyz the their n Hood" startedto conquerthe lists in USA. hestarteda record comapny.Qt! 03349 AM &#39. that actually didn&#39. Withfat bases and heavyfunk.> . His as Oct 18 1996 HEREIN Au. died. Dre ineye-liner and of lipstickon second solo his album. most controversial rap~group ever. L °"1 mTE 3 ianew .Dre! 187 um Killa 1993. WithN. 31 years old.W. nt&#39.Ajust descrined things asthey wereand those who thoughtthat hip-hophad aresponsibilty totake andno encurige and glorify that violence thatwas about stranglethe Latin Americans and to the black people.

up the may seems a like piece of cake.t the official. EricWright died the 26thMars 1995.49 AM . to the R. Eazy-E&#39.s self lifestyledemanded it&#39.hagmark@mailbox. A er ll 523 days on theearth.s A buring tribute.2 er Eazy-E "The Hip-Hop Thugster" millions of records. Compton! special of Exxtra thankz Itson Dr.swipnet. fate strokewith all it&#39. iv Pageof 2 2 good anymore. Ruhthless again a groupcould sell had for and once had that Just then.. withonly his family at his side. Oct 18 1996 . 1994.a much bigger threat thehumanity than gangstas.t became of a no victim bullet. notin but this case. so check Out TheReal OneOut! Some Lyrics . The gangsta pionee Eazy-E didn&#39. Eazy-E nose talents. Harmony Dead Celebrities _ Dead Celebrities Eazy-E pagg Another Eazy-Epage Kxayzids Homepage Send your comments tonils. not on the of Concept Systemdesign AB. Of cial Eazy-E Homepage Bone Thugs n&#39. got but he into contact with thegroup Bone Thugs n&#39. Just TahLet Ya know Str8 off tha streetz ofmuthaphul-akin Compton! would U do Wut off Str8 tha streetz muthaphukkin&#39.s power.Dre! l87um killa! 4 tha E video verision! Yella -One moe nigga go! to Phat Link Egy-E Homepage Ea_zy-E Memorial Page Ruthless Records Official Site l. cold showed tobe ain amation of lungs.se [ OtherUsers|E] This service provided Concept is by Systemdesign AB The material thispage are responsibility its author.T FOROG HAS SHOWED YOU This pagemight be good. it wasAIDS. AIDS the doctors con rmedand twomonths laterhe wasdead.in a hospital bed.Pi PERSONS THAT ARN&#39. butit ain&#39. Harmony" from Cleveland.I.

planning a solo-career.&#39.Ice-Cube was rst the the violence to leave. was a direct attack onDr. Dre went on to start Death Row Records. This only proved a challenge toEazy.s solo the second album It&#39. Dre.t far behind.s Row had begun. started tofall apart. in Ruthless Records signed Cleveland rapyartists Bone Thugs n Harmony. RemandYel orming one of most J the controversialgroups rap and gave Los Angeles/Compton credibility in therap scene. Dre wasn&#39. in California tomiddle-class a family in 1963.s Dre! ]87um on Dr.but thatwas justthe beginning. **~ &#39.:»t.A. map n the politicians the wrong way and gave a rap bad name in non-rap circles. N. Songs likeFuck thePolice andGangsta. ND?!/. and the animosity between Eazy s RuthlessRecords and D_re&#39.. Eazy-E&#39. With specialthanks toNils Hagmark Dead Celebrities logo.&#39. At this time. N. but hefound thatlife as a small-timegangsta didn&#39. Dre and thepublic lost interest as the original vision of Eazy swork waslost.Christopher M. 1994. releasedin 1993. W. Eazy got back on track when. was diagnosed he with the AIDS virus. designand layout© 1996. whothought thathip-hop hada responsibilityto shedlight on that Latin and African Americans were living with every day.MC Dr. Killa.1» on 92°92 <- l <%é&#39. Two monthslater. 1995. W. Eric hadtrouble with the law. EricWright. AsEazy wasclimbing backonto hisfeet. onMarch 26.s Ruthless started Records. and provedas biga hit as Boyz it and just as controversial.s members battles between now and public the estranged rappers more made headlines then artiststhemselves. As a teenager./1. WA. betterknown asEazy-E. Lawsuits Death between N. was dead. Gangsta rubbed policeand much hopeschool and teamed w for the nis::i Eric in became Eazy-E 1986 he as in history. Eazy-E biography edited from Eazy-E: Hip-Hop the The Thugster page. with moneyhe collected asmall-time thiefand drug as dealer.5*¬i¬¢92f¢§@w~92< 92 ° W no taste-»92l AM ¢92o92~92mu.Bowley. found rst hit with Boyz n the Hood. its Straight Outta Compton was Ruthless Records next release.L¢ tq U5q 4- QQEIDQQ °9292 SQg92 if Oct 18 1996 08:49 . rap Eazy-E&#39.Q! DEAD CELEBRITIES: EAZY-E ERIC WRIGHT! Page 1 of 1 We-EWright! _ Eric 1963-1995 . and Dr. Eric Wrightwas bom Compton.t give him Ice-Cube.put the with hit on gang their album Boyz Hood.

s superpowers like two joining Youknow. um. Iwas stillanimnate the in "It didn&#39.t they care aboutus. is the owner of DeathRowRecords.ll it&#39.Pac. hisword.but oweus and minute could be you we know. if was to to thenthiswastheteamfor meto geton." to saidPac. it be to andEngland teaminup against anybody. a lot of peoplewant to know. really I couldn&#39..s any kick you off. not goodenough moreandthey&#39..HQ °9292<92ko5 5Ci °&#39.s that a man would putthings I down.Rappin&#39.. thedayof the On show we caught withPacand up kicked it for awhile. Wewere theback the in of club in owner Suge Knight&#39.. would similar theUS up. trusthim. and posse the down with Pac andthaDogg Pound. I wantto be with theRow." Did jail changeyour perspective the world? on "Yeah.~g.t havenothingdo with themoney. I mean." replied Tupac.s fault.s of ce.s it downlike I wantto putit down. Suge Death and Rownowhandle Pac&#39. since Death Row Recordsput up your bail money.rrannnr <%ou»9292u=92l rs oneness f>&#39. And rapmusic goingtohave ghtforitsright beuncensored. want I you to manage because in jail--andno one me I&#39. not Interscope&#39. may you know. andtha Pac Dogg Pound performed theHoly eld-Bowe at Club after ght 662. Alkaholiks."It hadnothing do withthebail. Tha Pepa. um. youknow whatI mean?I felt it waslikejoining So twosuper powers.m nobody&#39.. 4-Tay.t trust nobody bizniz more. I c ose in no so him youknow?" ALLINFORMATION CONTAINED °929292°921§.s theyreallydon&#39. hollered Suge I at before bailsituation the when correctional facilityand waslookingat like serving I threeyears. putting knewhe&#39.Suge."Becausewaslike. alonewithouta contract er youputall yourhearton the a line. don&#39. calledSugeandsaid.you know.t anything at any it&#39. I &#39. I by a sudden. 2pac Newzletter Pages Edition 1 2 Volume . &#39.m is handling bizniz my while I&#39. Everybody there.Dang. to I was already.Doing eleven of months maximum security penitentiary time for a crimeyoudidn&#39.youwent theregave on out and all your up talent andall of So waslike.incIuding was . So.0.it&#39. goingto Death Row.° "2_u.yourmusic theline.92 °92 is Wasn&#39.thatwasanother factor.t Oct l8 I996 08:49 AM . I injail.t it during the time that Interscope wasrumored to be leavingWarners and all that? "Yeah. Iyo. isthatwhy you leftInterscope? &#39.s career Pacspent and themonth of November thestudio in runninthrough the nal touches hisdouble of album.o Pageof 3 1 Fresh Out Of Jail Street Heatrepresentatives up met with TupacShakurin LasVegas during November 1995.to wagethatbattle.

" We talking aboutdoinga movie now. youknow what I mean?Idid what Ihad to do with "Me Against the World" as faras lettin&#39.t for everybodyelse. There&#39.I would have nocomplaints." replied human with Pac. I P Tupac talked about his upcoming double album.s no not looking stop signs. "But I&#39. I stop. and everything else isbefore me. just about my stay up on music.m gonnapush forward. my stay outtrouble.m gonna put the foot to the metal. Got the divorce. that&#39. that&#39. having fun.s it look one-sided cause making and untrue. and would even make it them look better." So weasked what his future acting projects are. me. talking about thingsthat I seeand just groovin&#39.m just getting alot of frustrations out from being injail for elevenmonths. show S0 it&#39. year marka This will new ground for Tupae where I&#39." he said. going I&#39.I&#39. When you &#39.s Oct 18 1996 08:49 AM J .s gonna easyor be fair. All they wantto show one is side.s unfair.s stuff a lot of with my nameon it. me and Snoop. this dude can&#39. Did the doublealbum -. just WhenIstop. I wrote a movie.If distorted S0 they would showthe good things and the bad things. boundaries. doing come on.m gonna but not harp on everything that&#39. Now it&#39."And it&#39.I did that. trying I&#39.t nothing else. they dothat to us butthey don&#39. And now it&#39. my on and there&#39.m relentless." of Tupac has often said that the Shakur like? media have misrepresented him.s a being all sides.. Mistakes.m out there. that Pooh isworking on.m at no There&#39.S0 I got with the Row. just medoing this badstuff.mfullspeed ahead. I&#39.m not to rying tell a message. When thewheels fall off. Goods and bads. That&#39. so I&#39." t < t Tupac has already starred in a number of movies including "Above the Rim" and "Poetic Justice. which is distorted.s move number three. life unfair. Thisalbum ismore like about unrestricted. "I just wrote amovie called"Live To Tell. and ups downs. butit&#39. My last albumwas kinda sad and down. Nobody cause is said it&#39. I&#39. "Multi~faceted. They this rappers yotmg do to or black males -inner city people. show all then people gonna startthinking like wait a just minute. I&#39. I&#39.s move number four.1at&#39.s across the just not board. youknow. that&#39.2pac Pages Newzletter Edition Volume1 2 Page 2 of 3 commit would definitely makeyou a little bitter. I mean. "The lastalbum wasone sideof Tupac.m planning on touching everything with name it.I haven&#39. trying my Now I mvery ambitious. knowthat people rappers thinkand wefeel andwe care. what Isaid was true. Butthat do that bothers me. This oneis like way high. Andjust speaking my mind. But until then I&#39.s standing by grind.You know.s me to just get into the time for music. the rst by a hip-hop star.m notgonna off it. the wheelsfall off. They don&#39.that&#39.t be all this badstuff.s the otherside.s never been done before -.s going " down.s really helpin&#39. They like more upbeat tracks than this. the thing that bothers But me isthat it&#39." said Tupac.s a view. Everything.s move number one.s number move two.tstarted even looking into that.m not to be bitter. I&#39. even trip I&#39.What is the real Tupac "I-Ie&#39. it&#39.m to letthat be ambition.

_P Street Heat with Tupac.49 AM . sq P Zpac Pages Newzletter Edition VolumeIPage 2 only two slow songson there." P 3 of 3 1 gives props George Pryce Greg and Howard of Death Row Records for getting us Street Heat Homepage This Page is Webmastered by Gurjeet Litt yul08654@yorku.ca Oct 18 1996 08.

. &#3 NOV I996 5 9!!/AN .&#39.-Q e866»?-4+ J20/...~"..7-" &#39.:s.and -.7..-.. &#39. I". in 1 t&#39.o9292°l I _ iii f8l_-. family friends.=" é ~-5..§.-_ 92__&#39.. .¢ 4 yq.-Ju..".-isH . Shaker.Shakur was hassoldmorethan5 million wasreceiving fromotherblack still bleeding internally doctors as Marion Suge"pronounced Shoog! Knight. -~. .&#39.._.3-iii-...§3 V wt iz rzetiirlzae ma/asPEOPLE T5 ALL n_. head Shakur&#39._. f <2W-M-?:l::&#39.-..--. recording studio..43:&#39.&#39. hisprognosis and was LasVegas.-V.-!t»_ 1".~:. .._:_ .&#39.A charges.1.1>._.*.P&#39. year&#39.13.-==.92*¢i _.0. "*"* &#39.=~"-.-I 3&#39.-92c>u=u Lt st at 1-tout..-"$11.*% l ii» Bi -&#39.3-. 3-. now only but ..... internal the support singer..*...L °l SEARCHED inurxin.. knit?.._t&# 3-.. ED q -qn&#39. uh!" &#39.danger came calling again.-.-. on Sept. was he beaten._ &#39.Four days later. rapsabout. the whose Eye: All At 11:15 pm..&#39. .-w_-:7 ~.i. kn vived attack and the evenbragged Shakur severely was wounded his in -:?»i. 1... his and In z J : _= -1. §.-:1-a-.._:f&#39 side car /we --~>s ./.-. robbed and before speeding away.t experienced neartheStrip while riding Knight&#39._~¢ar..- >.~..907/9&#39. the In violence caught with rlooer up the and producer linlghlabove inLas left.92"&# -""&#39." .-. 1. after heattended Mike a guarded.____ .> i ~&#39.. 5§&#39. Cadillac pulled alongside up them...*...¢.-.suffered minorinjuries. ~~ Tv.-.§r. . mm semauztp 7>r&#39. Two years ago._ -it"&#39.&#39..l:f"-.=1.. » »&#39.. ..3.. . .1 ..§~.A late-model white rsthand gangsta he the life t*L~_.?I§=_»..0-I -...~ !&#39. eventual imprisonment on rape intothepassenger of Knight&#39.=7._ Q e»-... ..s .-. -W x-»=a*~ <i{ Yr. whileawaiting verdict his the and ~i¢¢?.e.s pelvis hands. ~ *@.»:&# ».- t! ~ 92 l ap star Tupac Shakuris gunned downagain thistime in LasVegas v 1 I i i I I 92 Though Shaluir renounced 1hu¢li!e" 1995.&#39. :=i_ 2 ._ 1:.-1».. I Qa obq °92 to W &#39.I IIQ .<. 1".»-.*» I"&#39.s the of Death searched frantically thesource.-. .435..l" .": .ms . wastaken this chest.3&#39..l4§~1192-&#39. Vegas hnttlrylnear Vega! last the Strip right!. stopped a for light ~...-.&#39.<&#39.-&#39. rightlung._.:-:.t"t"" shot vetimesoutside Manhattan a The31-year-old record executive .-ii.§~ift".v f&#39. 25..¢--&#39. " . .. .-..?*. about on hislatest it album. Shakur and copies....:--tr-=~.-¢.t Lastweekin kill me"!.1.. where doctors performed condition.~.¬_s..r ~.4.55.." -&#39.&#39.1&#39.lif-&#39.° 3 Shakur hasn&#39. .» . . -wee.. $"?&#39.. . 3-&#39.M .". . °*~ B¥DlPU 3343 . 1 . sur..-.=n?a&#39._ "&#39..=-M....._ -.. ¢ as. and He All Eye:anMe " ve shots they and At midweek remained critical he in to LasVegass University Medical stillcouldn&#39. for celebrities.&#39..» someone unleashed a hail oi bullets 3 -w yT*=~. _ 0 ONE saw CAN THAT TUPAC RowRecords label. -_.. black BMW 750. therewasno doubt But about threeemergency surgeries repair to injuries to remove and his Tyson ght.. .-.&#39.. »-.5.1 £1_&#39. Center.s:.5:!" -e &#39.5 f.

" a dark comedy costarring Fic!|&#39. know will through. Jesse by Jackson.s No dent.due in is out February.Fl-&#39. Although company the support. those into close to rapper the remain founding member Black Pan.s I993 s Hxticjuslirc. Would he survive? ed the shootings are related a not to While he continues battle for to his additionhis mother.with l992&#39. Iilb $0000 DOES! Doggl ! MIT came to hlmn with fellow reaper Nos. Shakur wrapped Related. once who studied the- shooting.lI sr92l:||i&#39." Las Vegas What effect shooting says have on Shakur&#39. million bail posted by Knight!.re was all his with him.4 had proba time is on Arts drew praise sensitivity and for his and social consciousness. an recently returned entertainer ta gangster. s survivor.hopeful they keep their exMy prayers with are him. thers. Just because he&#39. Shaltur Milli. the Calif. the unconscious Shakur vis. the positive uplifting.l"hey&#39.. But the at Sept.an image he has to keep up sell to records.&#39. it fair to condemn is YHis not the bad person everyone thllh he la.92|. na- llllll0l92&#39. adds that He police have conclud- were about cars ofbodyguards Considering what heard 10 full you about and friends Knight.s comes at when he free $1. In Newl rm artist manager Hyler. And telling us didn&#39.92 r.n92 in Maw York Cily . who reportedly boasted that wife Morris.s family only is 1 c." says itedthe Rev.92.. who they no say haveleads. Tu is verymisunderstood.r s|t.s asks.ght. Shakur. who stood by Shaltur as he recovered tron: a 1994 shooting tive is reputed to have ties the to Bloods street gang. The quesning. son. that in past.on&#39.s ontrack.an unidenti man during Tyson of the ed the as up vigil." H78 a friend lhouf Shaina": gangsta pose. Joan stresses that singer was to the not blame for the lems inthe past. Clul. As a perto making movies. For Shakur.t and they see anything . the shooting ater atthe Baltimore School for the still dodging police days the after incigrateful for public&#39. He&#39." he pull would say thatTupac&#39. up nlnle inducer Brad llrevoyol Shaltur Ion Satvrday lgblliuln Fdruaryl. one the but friend. Compton. contracts out hiswas on life." says ex-wile Keisha Mania. shouting match to Afeni a Shakur got with life. Las rm! . lbolmv.92&#39. rapper Knight. >ll L >ra SU!lIl YThis lrllldylull hmbmr heart.ing concerted a effort to keep catwo tance himself from his . police. starred reers who in ex-wife Keisha &#39. His latest.sronu inVegas. 76 5123195 People amassedfortune estimated at a over tion last week was.l&#39.|t. while him?" Hyler "He&#39. even producer Brad Krevoy.4 MTV Awards.speras future a Metropolitan Police Kevin Sgt.s]uice and Jackson in with Janet remains g on rms. in Los A ngelesand $100 million. Vegas just the to Las week beforewas he shot. 315-lb. Gang in which complained they were that receiving he plays a corrupt He wasgreat cop. extremy tal.92||.92m. says.whom he Mor . a little cooperation anyone from in spirit on set." his has one else close toShakur would comment on shooting. The was ashy-dressing. Gridlock." equally dif cultfathom. just ho I n dis." Shakur&#39.appealing his conviction makrape and ented and bright. Manformer remains to be seen. and "He a l Hammer and actress Jasmine whorivals had Guy." and Shakur&#39.s though there says Gang camp.s Pulp in fa tthe shooting itself seems Tim Roth.|X B tlitilt the might don&#39. Shakur.t know anything.

" I say mw or they that lnternallze . Such sate sayinnsongbutwhenitcoma downto clined trom their early &#39. Reallite inspire art. andhis ganpm rap. most ly traded. Knight has said littleabout Death Row&#39. MCA Music Entertain.s than hype anythins" Combs agrees that some disnml l think some oi not two people arguing l Combs is branching out in gangta rap .ve been ap.s on isprobably eating beitup bels. _. yond gangsta summer rap with Basketball Amociation otters its rookie "At the end oi the day.s. from &#39." all about the charts. Did B. There Coast&#39. record compament and lnterscope Records. former rapper lor a the rock n rollworld forget pre its Eazy-E&#39. Death Row.90s peak material may become more common."he says. more recorth. his death wil on tunuatfartgsntrati lleets the have the oi reality that people! live. I honatty wish that would it T upac s death: Agangsta omen? A record from slainrapper Illpac Shaltur. executives the some pre- l Bad B0y s Combs denies . waochword d distributori. They will censor ttle more from album artwork to whatever they saylyrically justto avoid pressure fromthe outside. it&#39. tan." is requests tor interviews. and Bad to usenow.siTlie But Death {huge Row its lltst tong sllace in future. and conception that ol all we heard.-. of Manhole.D." one fromSnoop Doggy Dog Rusell Simmons. and the Wat lormatter. it reKurt Cobain died. tight backstage." by AI-1.s distributors.accused in tederal racketeeringoi a suit change comes post-Shakur. says no one should expect cause now he&#39. hard-core or sounds dark and teud with somebody if there&#39. visiting Ruthiem Records with baseball nies particularly black music divisions Heavy D. whowas withSbakur whenhe spitittnckoutthroughtheirrn cor slaying.re "Vim to with hugesale still expected from break in the door rightnow. with Death Row.s Rutnles Recortht "lt&#39.were already expandingtheir artsilc scope belore Ch ty.sAll Eye:&#39.a never a big way. ing anything that sounds don&#39. I3. 20alter 36 weeks.attectlng people&#39. s opening from thescene.painting orplays orpoetry. or arrmed in other get the music industry. :_r~:. he Bad Boy Entertainment.¢t. currentlyunder arrst tor pa." ny. seeking new horizons beyond admits corporate doors may be elmgritty talesor urban mayhem lng. But an industry thathas already "lthinkltwillmakeltharderlt made millions from page rap isn t you&#39. whose Del Jam l think the record company that Reconb is one of rap s leading la2Pac&#39.or tn? been-. cords.s livs. due with con. label whose acts a include Wu~&#39.re the new-up-and-coming gangexactly racing away from the style. lrom a mains artist Danny Boy.say the ganpta rap style be $0!.s future wake of tlte Shakur in the Knight."says. managers and arthelped popularueIS no longer the force thatit oncewas The major playersin the teud that has dividedthe gngsta rap world vy says m hoping maybe formostotthapm year Ma|-ion people will think twice about the "Suge" Knight. as did Death role violations The 3i-year-oldhas been Chuck D oi Public Enemy saysany ll Row&#39.But its like when 1 asks. $885 the rap .s money. I&#39. heard I think people havea miss the records that you&#39.whetherornotyougetthrown outotaho a trend mirroredby theoverall llatsal in tel. and soon plans to release an alYou could say whateveryou want to Sales oigangta rap albulm have de.?-/3 INDEX __ {D °tu92-Wlv C. A Death Row spokesman declinedwas shot. prsident of-Loud Re became what does itsheds a light it is bad this year. butreB cord executlves.s Dmth Row Records The only thing I&#39. "- Jéé -£4-Do/20&#39.bum by pop rapperHammer. Butto anyit&#39.» °92 lWttsgq Lthtq plqq at lsau " Q 92lqq_zQq!bqL:4 "~ Z j $£R|AuzEo__$l_Ht£o_ __ g W NOV 5 I996 . ll only tonewcomers.to feuding Death with Row 92 Sean "hilly" Combs wants lem withTupac or problem a lucrativejoint a venture with orlglnal stylists IS posing clear the air betweenhis with Suge Knight 0| problem Arista Records. I-le has just signed that made initiatorsot the way out.. it was more So Re ecting onhis tortuous. especially overnight.out today.nmo 1.bats to of settlea busln dispute. . tosoul types of hard-core rap or in devoted school oi rap.ve had prob. that and Caribbean food.t ing young artists.tributiom from most of his then people rst never that areinst saywere in a teud.s probably even selling much change because of Shakur. that needs to checked. Justin&#39. was stillNo. rapper the tumed head Up.~ *--1" J d J4. l Combs -. who quickly dropped all counseling standpoint." he says "l proached on any other level Bad Boy roster.he says. . Still.re choosing cord company.» By BniceHaring USA TODAY C .the ue is nolikely everto vanish completely. 2Pac&#39.ve debut album as an artist is are the thing that are real." that wouldbhalttzltloLL no. I&#39.re the 2Paealbum and an upcoming going tomeet resistance. on states. mnmger or Sbakur died gunshot oi wounds SepiCoolJ and head otviolatorRecords.a problem his own rstaurant in Manhat"I think there aredlderent loaders oi the East Coast with anybody theindustry.particularly those thing may beon their mean.s going to Boy Entertainment head Sean change.l angshadow on an iorm. o lClan.needtotakegreaterinterstindireco town Entertainment also says there won&#39. you&#39. says rocker lairrle Jlml Hendrixdied oian 0. headoi Shakurs re types of lyric: that they&#39.ve outin January." and a the ism. which topped the Billboard 200 earlier Steve Rlfklnd.t think you can be in a besides that. be he Me.s a occupation withdnig? Simmora sad thingto say. sta rap label and you&#39. The Kilitmtimti The Don 7-Day Theory. much as the National bea wbolaale nah awayfrom thegenre. But ultimately._. is.

A DC nty . the aleand mandatory.&#39.._ W j i 92 Previous Address: _ f- i Driver&#39.92/am" i»:. TTY. ALL DIFORMAHON CONTAHED wmmm_n%w~92t»u -L4-avbfv w °l rtqzz. N j_J:%A~j.l E*&# 92""gE L92 qigapo o. 7-1/0 °9292> -ttoulp <-9292°92L¢> 25Q.Fl Cl IF&#39.rJi>"4 _f 1 V _ i CA StateCriminal 10-28Neh Nameof$ubject: Aiias es!:_ j Address: _ _@ f W_e j iji 4 i _ &#39. egistration @:£V¢4.b7C O DataL1! 0 Drivers Licenseomm License D Vehicle Data NCIC Criminal V Wiw Registered L Angelea CA Wants O State NCIC Cl History cur CIHistory Ili!&#39."Q i rC9 . ANG .~F&#39.. E8 reason u Nov 5 1996 . 92g_.J1>~u "&#39.L05 &#39.:_ c W _ 92 cdméms:gm ammo HEREJ. S 4. I-A Coanutenzed Record Request Form _ it g_1J_&#39.N IS UNCLASS :- tween fr-.l I lsearrtrzrn .&#39.g_92. -J TO: TELETYPE ROOM RETURN 01 one: 92 l -OS»-3 Q Photograph FILE mesa.s License Number: _ Date of Birth or approximate age!: Vehicle LicenseNumber andState: Sex: @MaIe O Female Social Security Number: Z__ _ i __ i_ HeightlWeighUHairIEyes:_c _c c ji ?_ 7 _ i _ Other IdentifyingInformation Specify!: Reason&#39. _L!-5P !:L{L/ _"é I24> I£07 Wants &#39. Per a for request number are DOJ.


TUPAC£cu¢¢.-.Q" -Q EI10 NAME! CRIME EVENT SHAKUR NAME SEARCH /TUP C DATE JDS / qm__MM_w_ REPT / In EVENT# __ _m_~__ CODE __-_ RANGE _I___" w_m_ _ DIST REQUEST FUR EXACTMATCH Y DPR% __ wm NOTE: ENTER Y FOR EXACT MQTCH w LAST NAME / FIRST SHQKUR SHAKUR SHHKUR SHAKUR SHAKUR SHHKUR TUPAC mwwt 121695 rurmc am a1 m TUPAB Aw 1&#39.92{ A NO MORE INFORMATION HVA JD5000 OUTPUT MSG 045.A$9IWl4&#39. PAGE 02 OF 031 0053 4400 0500 M 0300 072093 M S M S H S 0400 031193 0021 031393 072093 030206 SEX M RACE _ _ __ REPT DEPT DOB YR __ "_ 121695 .uPnc:»~»--u-»<~ A TUPAC A u.



AAED DA. 1996..¥~1 Rf. along wit a group of unfaenti ied individuals are utilizing death targeted towards Angeles area threats in the furtherance of extortion two former prominent rap musicians from and other victims yet unidentified_ attempts the Los b2 b7D initiated On October at Los Angeles Field 17." . Nevada. "°" 1 R=P&#39.3? . Date Investigative mentioned herein have provided reliable I _ Summary Prepared: January 3. The also known California offering protection a for "fee1:::::£ireported ERIC that WRIGHT. AKA EAZY-E .*2! Losle s CA0 24 Ange. to his from AIDS. information that|_h FFJknown organized a crime I figure. [5nuary 3. Department of Justice Q! Federal Bureau of lnvesngauon File No. was a victim who owned RUTHLESS RECORDS. D73 scheme involves victim and other subjects making telephonic death threats to the Subjects then intercede b contacting the as EAZY E. Woodland of this extortion scheme prior to Hills. q _ 9 1997 °92b w-92 III to-92 TUPAC SHAKUR -VICTIM DECEASED!. dying music stars via death threats.4/.|m:i we g. ACT OF TERRORISM DOMESTIC TERRORISM DEATH THREATS OFFICE OF ORIGIN: LOS ANGELES All informants information in the past.t:::::]had also reportedly targeted TUPAC prior SHAKUR recent murder in Las Veqas. 0 °929292°92&#39. ERIC WRIGHT.L&#39. P&#39. II ~ ~ -"44 /"&#39._u. 9 0 1 O 0Wil shire Blvd .~ . ¢1<:>/rz»7.Z. -. 1997.92-I4 <= ETAL ° 92 5ouq=Q&#39. Office to a preliminary corroborate source inquiry PI! was b7C " and oEhers un1dent1t1ed&#39.VICTIM DECEASED!. <=92<>92-9292./1 1 U.S.=a§= [1 .ha yet G and arious rap rap star.

roperty rights SWEENEY. This lawsuit On March 1995. filed 27. 5 Investigatorsare awaitin results several the of 9 . granting: part ownership of RUTHLESS Efffiiif.Following ERIC RUTHLESS RECORDS. which is pending.. et al". In addition investigators continue matter. Z would RONALD SWEENEY. LAW lawsuit against 124555 was RECORDS INC. of RUTHLESS RECORDS. tut to gurther regarding that she was not available for interview mid-January. civil case Los Angeles. forged by an expert advised the results of this lawsuit were classified lawsuiméoffered as evidence two letters purportedly signed con 1 ential" and require a subpoena.l b7C her and not yet her family after ERIC been reviewed at Los WRIGHT died.letters The were deemed witness.&#39. records checks and anticipate several interviews of witnesses and victims in this matter. . G Entertainment Attorney is titled. Angeles. V.COMPTOWN for the a civil WRIGHT estate. compiling the in the above review FBI as they relate including files to: Investigation continuing at Los the copyright to Angeles. WRIGHTs death ued for 50% ownershi oq @ be able provide until details 1997. During earl 1999 Y a e in 9a filed a lawsuit against Q in ade tele death P honic trea s to b-~» &#39. These records have Los Angeles Field Office is currently court transcripts and related documents mentioned I r. et al OFFICES RONALD filed in Los Angeles Superior Court. b7c . California b7C the number BC pertains to by ERIC WRIGHT.

. at the time of his Legacy The disputeillustrateshow recording artists contracts are skewed in favor of record companies. i°i»"ls.ANGELES. K Hos Augelcs diimes My COMPAY TOWN THE / CHUCK B|Z_ PHILIPS ALAN and ABRAHAMSON Rapper Leaves Tangled tr Financial.s mother-who last week won a Tupacwasone of the mostsuccessful artists in the music business and yet somehow.rAIN&#39.mQ. 2 A I996 DEC _ _ |_." said auditor to conductan independent accountingof the rap label&#39. _ that Death Row wi eld royalty payments from Tupac d tailed to deliver many of the adv promised under his contract. on the day he di . is co-admin- it.l 9-929292$Dloa92 °92u929292o92. death. making him one of the top-selling domestic artists. &#39. Z Z iii: -. Yet.1 HEB1Z.ED rcnass av W .s books.l~/l 9~Oi807~Fé szmcnto SERIALIZEDE FILED &#39. he had New York attorney Ri who along with Atem court battle forcing Death Row Records and two other companies stopselling to unauthorized Tupac merchandise believes DeathRowshortchanged son her out of loyalty payments and has hired an absolutely nothing show to or s &#39.l leuesee&#39.e. Shakurattorney s says."We believe I I I The allegationsfrom stem an unusual handwrittenthree-pagecontractdrafted and signed while Shakurwasin prisonin 1995. wouldlikely he sources said._L .the rapper owedhisrecord company have remained in debt for years to come._Ll_i_$.T ~.mmomtmon o0N&#39. Shakuz.IW "9 Q 9292°92&#39. $4.nmt» °92 q -92 *"* 1.. Legal Slain rap star TupacShakursoldmore than$60millionworthof albumsyear this alone.! . l i mutxso 7" °92t>uulL¢t92 <92 92s9-3t Qbé/l &#39. Even if Shakur had recorded additional albums." .9 million.l. istrator the ps of te.

cerated months a sex that would allow the estate to conduct independent an audit THERapper Shakur s Legacy BIZ: Tangled Deathitowtherlgbttorelease many albums. from12% 18%!Paid her to to son pact Death ishand-writ» be oiherson&#39. _ _ _~ charge Continued ht from before Knight showed "P A reprcscnmliveDeath for Bow witha promise him tobsil out . sue Death and therelease tiate upgrade theroyalty Row bar with Row forcomment Monday. mylite._ promised underhiscontract. a Fischbein said WWsentation when he signed the tab at the Peninsula Hoteland lt was Jimmy lovine whotool: Thepapers drawn at s were up According Fischto hundredsthousands of ofdollars Nov.9-million debt-a pointwith was the books for on abuse yettoprovide necessary fundable advance Shakui. if for him. record company his before account was not with son Sept.000 tate.mgShakur&#39. releases. blaming ~music liusiness-and somehow. in theyearpreceding slayhis ing.s extravagant spending habits. Row doubt thevalidity therecord.to Shalmr on oi about signing Kenit. 1995. .OO _ . Shakur ran more MarionSuge" up Knight in&#39. by W110 curityand limoservice. which grants We bollovo that DeathRowwithheldroyaltypayments The agreement.funds {or that RNHARD FISQHBEIN series advance of payments promthe rapper wasrequired pay to Attorney co-administrator star&#39. .ve in handled Shakm-&#39. Nothing and for said. sethis out. nothto for . hadabsolutely he nothing show it. because he forgave 50% the about ot Records worked out deal pay attorneys a to said Row unhappy had and been incar." paper.including $300.-.s which to esDeath Rowadamantly dis. and of attorneys. thedayhe yet on Flschbein the.shasalsocast drafted contract gave mother not the the and advice according standard to industry andcould attend m ting.ButWchbein Death has an immediate $3-millionnonre.DeathRow sources said.t Death atthetime.$ to have invoices jewelry.a his own debts on dlod. Fischbein suggests. ingbuttoilet said. ii as tour spells out . Death Row had advanced fromTupacand failedto delivermanyof the advances Shakur large sinus cash buy oi to . During meeting. typicallythick and insisting Shakur repretional million advancesbe agreement.&#39. $2 in to t was Nevertheless. at Row even came the to Fiachbein accuses Kenner oi of than $2 million in advances tor discussion.rapper&#39. rscope&#39. DeathRowowner happened it wasn&#39. l .s and ofthe rap estate isedto Shakur-many which <1! back. thetimeon probation tion tabletohavea Shakur&#39. sources said. Plschbeiri alleges rapper the never Shakur charged theoomalso to received pany lease-payments three ior Fischbein complains also that residences well as a slewof as Shakur nothave did proper reprelavish bills. sources mother.the rappet_ l>P¢i!&#39.been corepresentedKenner.$4. _-~1 . torpast ur insists InterscopeShah signedthe agreement.s the ln about three eeks before rapper the can turn a pro t.s whether unclear Shakur sten and just three pages long. several cars. Kr &#39. for furniture. practice. lnterscope tostraighten mess Fisch.s account. Row In addition. Death never was &#39. "it&#39.1 meet&#39." a viol havingcon ict interest a of when he recording video and costs-which. Topaz : one of the mostsuccessful was artists in the "Thiscontract not like any is denied the<loU&#39.laced mother threatened October paid in to l letree not could Shakur s an in rate termsand conditions. must by ing contract Death struck ner-who wasfired by Shakur that Row also present. wouldhave alsowasthe attorney Knight founder J lmmy Iovine a group bein said. her on 16. DeathRow Unlike a standard recording diedattorneys pledged addialso an ariyconfiictoi interest. . The Don Killuminati album. berecouped the Death attorney &#39. mot wouldseekto havethe that Death Rnw distributor s Intersoope Fischbein writtencontract disavowed.s in getting ballrolling agreement in thelead the between bein. hlmseli tor and a house hismother." Fischbein.W that has misother agreement everseen I&#39.s "Makav posthumous cit It&#39.8 with dozens complicated ct sented the time by attorney before and April helped nego. whenShalrui-&#39.lP3&#39.

mishandled Shakm-&#39.tin-ee about weeks bdfore rapper the also . According to Fisch- bein. Death Row&#39. . &#39.. Fischbein said. In the year preceding slayhis ing. that would allow the estate to l 1 t .li ischbeinsaidi 3gT¬Q 5&#39.-~.&#39. in tobe typicallythick and Charles 1/Nevertheless.tostraighten mess curity and limo service.?.s fundablef? advance Shakur esto s Wis. se_.2 -.-theiday he -_other__agreement a I&#39.l6. Duringthe meeting.s 2 and of estate Shakuralsocharged the comto pany lease-paymentsfor three residences as well as a slew of It was Jimmylovine who took hundreds thousands doilarsin of of ball Nov. handwritten contract disavowed.s blaming account.ve in ever__seer_&#3 "-mylife. for furniture. Shakur s_ not the of attorneys.1.1 Q.~ =. a to Shakurabout it.l 1"-*-&#39. . an audit. happened if it wasn&#39.&#39.-_ I. -1- . icesu-_.=--|- .he .Pischhein.&#39. the rapper-_ appears have to beenrepresented Ke_nner. -dohduct independent for _on&#39._. -0 &#39.~. -= -. -: . ~---." FischInterscope co.50% Fischhein-suggests. Death Row had advanced Shakurlarge sums cashto buy of several cars for himself and a house for his mother iunds that t We believe thafbeatli withheld paymentsThe agreement. less". . -_ the rapper was requiredto pay back. __oii&#39. his &#39. -q. 1 -_&#39. 1 ten and ~ -just long.--i&#39.&#39. "&#39. &#39. out a to many many spells " . BIZ= .t one succe§§iuL§_i. sources said. 12% to mother would seek to have the forpastreleases.£r£:.pron_1ise to bail . -.s posthumous lllakavelh from&#39.000 tab at the PeninsulaHotel and tate.Death =Row-owner Marion "Surge" Knightwasinjail at lovine andagroup beinsaid. between meeting Shaltur s the leadin getting-the rolling invoices jewelry. &#39.} 3* f ing ? but . Death Row sources said. _. toiletpaper!~ " nothhad _ah_&#39. _ .P promised under contract.~u f _ |&#39.. U agreement. - series advance of payments prohi- V Altomey co-administratortherapstar&#39. Taped of was _the mos&#39.i-&#39...". __.=-_ a&#39. Kenmother has also cast andcould attend ameeting.s Inter-scope Fischbein insiststhat Interscope Shakur signed the agreement. --~-."1:-1 .""withhim"o_ui.ltj.-_thi§fi ""1"l&#39. the time on probation violation table tc have discussion ? ._&#39.for.standard . rQ s | l I Ant. when Shakur&#39. smart #1-_92<U1§4..recording sented at the time by attorney sources said tional mllliohadvances agreement.s herson Sept.mother. Interscope&#39. &#39. &#39. on his own debts extravagant spending habits.Z&#39.his. iniermt.-&#39. But Fisehbeinsaid Death Row has distributor Records workedout a7deal pay attorneys to forgave about&#39. Continued from D1. includinga $300. Death Row a_ insisting that Shakur was repreattorneysalso pledgedan addi_Unlikea. founder Jimmy ln addition.= . lavish bills. -..s &#39. I RICHARD nscnasm _ *_" ~ isedto-Shalgur-many which of &#39. ~~._ before 7"charge Knigh_t showed-up V__"____&#39.for having con ict interest he a of when Death Row nevereven came to the drafted contract gave the and advice a .l_>ec&#39."-r""&#39. that record company before account was notpresent.like any - .laced dozefu$&#39.am -.»-.contract"l not.._:_&#39. 18%! paidto her son pact with Death Row is hand-writ.i.jtlsfts§ln.1&#39.-Fischhein rapper alleges the never received. . his of with on 1995.which grants Row royalty _ -DeathRow the right to release as from-Tupac and failed deliver oitheadvances as four albums.ause_to provide the necessary he _yet books an immediate $3-million nonre- tiate in royaltyternis and conditi&#39. &#39.o£ ciiu&#39. Shakur upmore ran than "$2 million in advances for Death Rowattorney David Kenner dohht thevalidity on of_i:he reodrd..ons.. . A representative for Death Row denied thatthecompany has&#39. The Don Killuminati" album. can~_turn_4profit. if The papers were drawn up at a Fischbeinalso "complains that Shakurdidnothaveproper representation when he signed the &#39..§ the&#39. .t~h1m. Ogletree could not paidbefore pril andhelpednego.1p1icated mother threatened October in to hviui :hereachediorconunentMonday. cerated months sex&#39.s $4.solutely show&#39. this out..aktir s whether alnaupéade the rate &#39.nothln_&#39.g_to&#39. &#39.: .ahuse&#39.. ._ _ sue Death Row and bar the release according to standard industry practice.&#39. "Nothing would have Fischbeinof accuses Kennerof her-_-whowas fired by Shakur of herson&#39. 2.. unclear It&#39.Sh&#39. mustbe recouped the by recording video and costs-which. _--P I_ &#39.. lt s dled.Vv .-a .s $2 Ogletree.t~ . A music buslness and yet somehdw. by who also was the attorney for Knight and Death Row at the time.3 _ 1 .ingcontract DeathBowstruck died-deniedanycon ict.&#39. of the .9-million debt-a point with which Death Row-adamantly dis- Shakur&#39.apper&#39.

. &#39. Shakur s attorneylsays.sts 4_contracts favorof areskewed in domestic artists.~"=&#39.death.Yet.Ra pperLeaves ngled Ta 1I 1 1 t The d_ispute ill_ustrabes how recording -alone. s-a-at i 92 6 Q2 ".l-IE BIZ /Cl-lUCl_ PHILlPSandALAN ABRAHAMSON"W4L05ANGELES.1&#39..s -mother--who last week wona ~. he had on absolutelynothing to show for it. u_" have remained in debt for years to come.s We believe handwrittenthree-pagecontractdrafted that Death Row withheld royalty payand signed while Shakur was in prison in 1995...:F=II*--i&#39. PAGE _ e._&#39.4! lvti FBI/DOJ ~/ X3/J -. would he likely $4.makinghim one of the top-selling art1&#39. The allegations stem from an unusual istrator therapstar&#39.. Plcasesee&#39.-"-f_&#39.&#39.¢@~@s Classmcahon. &#39.m CA .1 Mount pplng Space C In Below! V __ Pi i i __ V . Even if Shakur had . E §§§$j%§ aee%eennconP" queens i ..D7 ALL E&#39.f&#39.l upacsold Slain Shakur more than$60 million worth of Legacy¢~». .&#39.! §§}.. U 1.!|_OS ~ newspaper. . . 7 iii .and J Indicate page.> . city slale. Submitting Oi ce: L08 ANGELESiWWW Indexing: and two-other companies stop selling to unauthorizedTupac merchandise-belleves DeathRowshortchanged sonout her of royalty paymentsand has hired an auditor to conduct -an independent_ ac-." &#39.3604-1.&#39. rapper his the owed record company} recorded additional albums.9 millipn. said whoalongwith AfeniShakuris eo-admincountingof the rap label&#39.Ii7¥. &#39.s hooks.nameoi . the day he died.HE I BlZ. rapstar&#39. of estate. _&#39.&#39.companies. at the time of his record.3 Isoiii-ms said. somehow. court battleforcing DeathRowRecords &#39. rnany of the advances promised under his ments fromTupacandfailedto deliver contract. Shaktu-&#39. ~ &#39.l&#39.. Tupac oneof the most was successful artistsin the musicbusiness and yet New York attorney Richard Fischbein.rv-850 Rev.

b7D w 1C may assist in LAFO copyright matter which located for files Court. = FEDERAL BUREAU Precedence: ROUTINE OF INVESTIGATION Date: 02/12/1997 To: FBI From: Los Headquarters Angeles NSD 6 Attn: NSD. by Enclosed for a Letterhead the Bureau are one original and five Memorandum.. qI!929292. dated 02/05/1997.cw-. 66A LA 201807 ID £9 b7 F C 92 I911 TUPAC SHAKUR-VICTIM DECEASED!. and request for extension extended to expire of Preliminary Inquiry O2/16/1997 .strative Vice in the weeks concerning pg@é#_. DTOU ApprovedI:Izv Bw Tim-= ET Drafted BY: AOT-DT-DEATH THREATS 00.92_. DTS. One original O2/05/1997.rI"t~:-I " -5" - CaseI &#39. EAZY E VICTIM AKA DECEASED!. /17/1997. who as an LOS ANGELES informant who 9 m: k knows .&#39. dated and five copies of a Letterhead copies of contains the current status of captionedmatter. the been C review purposes. &#39. which b7C Several leads rema&#39. located at the Superior matter. has to meet with POLICE DE &#39.#-Q next two fffff The informant Case Agent SEARCHED __W INDEXED ___ .[_ ARMED AND DANGEROUS AL °l=9292u92-92 <9292 Synopsis: Status PI. Iqu9q ERIC WRIGHT.. Enclosures: Memorandum. of investigation Initiated: 10/17/1996. Los was closed in 1995 has not been D Searches are Agent met T e civil case file has not Angeles.&#39. LOS ANGELES ALL rr71&#39..stamuzzn Fnrn 5? i . #&#39.*0 l2Bln995! 0». Case on for with Detective both case Unit. In addition. outstandin at Los An eles regarding captioned identifying ssociates. CT Branch.-*_@.

only for personal extended that this Preliminary Investigation be days as a result of outstanding leads. It is requested another thirty days will It is anticipated that resolve the issue of investigation whether the extortionateb7c is during the next is provide to &#39.s l To: Re: 0! Los Angeles ~ FBI Headquarters From: 266A LA 20l807 thirty activity conducted lOI1 beingfor theirbyr thers financial backing aniza or financial gain. ARMED O AND DANGEROUS 2 .

Please Refer to ]_]_QQ[! File No. ACT OF TERRORISM DOMESTIC TERRORISM DEATH OFFICE OF ORIGIN: LOS THREATS ANGELES b&#39..S. b"_7Q ERIC WRIGHT. Date Investigative mentioned herein have provided reliable Summary Prepared: February 5. The extorting money scheme involves rom b2 California.i92»&#39..&#39. "c mu Wilshire Blvd _ §.92. ALL mmc____..U. 1997.Am_. along utilizing death Angeles area information thaq Los Angeles 17. initiated at On October wit figure. 5. who owned R SS RECORDS.. musicians from the Los Qand rap s ar to his various rap and others offering protection afee g.}7C ? % ET AL information in All informants the past. CA CATWAHIED 90024 L1-JL. 1996.. also known as EAZY E. u&#39.l£ a.*b1§mE3Qm§§:L m§@ms3 |@J February 12. 1997 &#39. Woodland Hills.a.*-1 Fedenn Bureau oflnves ga on In Reply.Eeported that for ERIC WRIGHT. other then makingbytelephonic victim to and b7c b"/B subjects intercede contactingdeath threats the Subjects the a victim music stars yet unidentified via death have been threats. Nevada. recen murder also reportedly targeted TUPAC SHAKUR prior in Las Vegas.-Net->L¢ TUPAC SHAKUR -VICTIM DECEASED!. Field Office a preliminary to corroborate inquiry PI! a group o uni enti ied threats in the furtherance Ia known organized crime individuals are of extortion attempts source was i targeted towards and two former other victims prominent rap yet unidentified. I0"/C of this extortion scheme prior to dying 1b7C .. Los Angeles. AKA E EAZY VICTIM DECEASED!. Department of Justice :""%:&#39."&#39. was from?had AIDS.

lawsuit. The letters were eemed forged by an exp ert witness. further details interview until Entertainment Attorney ued for 50% ownership of b7¢ oula be able was not to provide available for regarding ut mid January.:::. pertains erty RUTHLESS RECORDS.~ P» Following ERIC RUTHLESS RECORDS. ce two letters ownership RUTHLESS RECORDS. ffered purportedly by ERIC a granting art of signed WRIGHT.&#39. This lawsuit is titled COMPTOWN RECORDS a civil for the INC. During the filedlawsuit a againstp in 1379 death t reats to records have have reportedly been |:1 b7 &#39.Zfiled RONALD SWEENEY.! ll__&#39.l ! court transcripts court cases recor s checks..1 92. Los Angeles for review and related Fiefa Office rior to documents mentioned is currently e resu compiling the &#39. F C 1 ing the interview ts of of several b7 b7C b7D InvesE1gaEion conE1nuing at Los Angeles. et lawsuit against WRIGHT estate. the results of this which iswere classified con iential and early 199 a eging ta made telephonic her and her family afte IGHT died. Los Angeles. . LAW OFFICES RONALD SWEENEY. civil case number BC 124555 was filed in Los Angeles Superior rights of Court. California a >75 [. al V.ladvisedrequire asubpoena.7. et al". lawsuit pending. 199S. WRIGHTs death. Los Angeles. that she On March2&#39. 1997. These not yet been reviewed at Los Angeles as they misfiled at the Superior Court.


0O: LOS ANGELES l DECEASED!. initiated at &#39. &#39. Details: Reference Los Angeles EC. &#39. {Bl-LO W i_ .I r FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION Precedence: ROUTINE To: FBIHQ Date: 04/15/1997 Attn: NSD. 92 | I DTS. b7 Inquiry PI! corroborate source known was figure.I AINED HEREIN IS UNCLASSIFIED Case ID #: 266A-LA 201807 Pending! Title: I ET-KL. -I from b7C b7D I $1§=°»1%E % APR2 I997 Z éd 44 °""5 7&#39. along utilizing information agroup that! Ia wi death threats in Los 1 of unfaen the furtherance 1 ied individuals are of extortionate org nizedme cr b7g a &#39. Field SSA authorization to open a Full Field lcontaing criminal historg1andassociates of criminal On 10/17/1996. m ARMED AND DANGEROUS Synopsis: Request Investigation. AOT-DT-DEATH THREATS./7: . °929292qi2 lqwgq q NED Q ° oL929292u mu 92L>92-92bu_L. dated 04/03/1997 which a Preliminary &#39. CT Branch. i activity targeted towards two former prominent rap musicians the Los Angeles area and other victims yet unidentified. TUPAC SHAKUR VICTIM EAZY-E VICTIM DECEASED!. DTOU /26$/Angeles From: Los Angeles NSD 6 Approved By: ALL INFORMA I ICN COH&#39.

ed against b7c a lawsuit ade telephonicdeath WRIGHT died. offering protection for a "fee". reportedly o a victim of this extortion in Las Vegas. advised the case settled ofcourt and was out of were classified confidential by the judge. al-vs.s recent murder from AIDS. also EAZY-E. et al". Nevada.I 1 1 To: FBIHQ From: Los Angeles Re: 266A-LA-201807. who owned RUTHLESS RECORDS. targeted TUPAC SHAKUR prior scheme prior to dying b7C ! F 73 |:| Ii] _ On March 27._| |:| Ii! b / C . This lawsuit is titled COMPTOWN RECORDS INC. The letters were deemed E threats to in early I !1a a egingtat 1996 her and her family after ERIC &#39. Woodland Hills. LAW BC 124555. grantingownership by ERIC part of RUTHLE the results During the lawsuit. Eoffered RE RDS. filed a civil for the lawsuit against WRIGHT estate.:&#39. : Entertainment Attorney Angeles Superior property rights &#39. as evidence tw letters forged by Court. Subjects then intercede by contacting the &#39. 1997 : and from various others yet unidentified have been ra music stars via death threats. et OFFICES RONALD SWEENEY. l&#39. an expert witness. ERIC WRIGHT. RECORDS. Civil case number This case was filed in Los California and pertains to purportedly signed WRIGHT. b"iC 92 RONALD SWEENEY. extorting money The scheme to the rap involves ther subjects making telephonicthreijjé death star. victim and known as California was to SI-IAKUR&#39. Los of RUTHLESS Angeles. April 15. 1995.

Following . Co oration C7 a _&#39. onsidered complaint further to his patrons and alleges that left the :had committed business e occupied./11/1996. REKLT PHASE A BELM PARK be the 2 believed to &#39.m with e. California corporations. &#39.m. reportedly ofgnightclub am? I&#39.F . civil court complaint.7/28/1995. UNSUB UNSUB#1 is believed to be: WC and #2. identified as and two The civil complaint 0&#39. I April 15. C. investigators were prov orpora ion. ere &#39..___I . UNSUB #1 represent weaponUNSUB é at the the threat uwsma #1. individuals who claimed brand ed . f the same acts against RUTHLESS RECORDS.IINC a INA California MISSION BAY RESTAURANT and C15 INC._ #2 stated represented and RUT After heand psychologica CORDS. and caused to The be committed asked: Don the takeoveryou know who I on 07/28/1995. 1 through limited a Does 50. at approximatel l_Q:O0 forcibly entered a business alleges that p.L.p &#39. WATERSIDE _CAN&#39.M.&#39. ONE D VE P192QENT. 1997 l:| W b7C b"/C From: Los Angeles " &# |:| E: 1b7 :3 A On 04/11/1997..J 1 To: FBIHQ Re: 266A LA-201807. entitled f ASSOgATES. several on Friday. dated 0_3-&#39. is ind1viHua1s. inc sive.=&#39. bin. physical intimidation. an individual. a California Plaintiffs vs &#39. unidentified subjects referred to as . Defendants . Durin to inci ent.

J . April 15.92 l To: FBIHQ From: Los Angeles Re: 266A-LA 201807.JDL related case! NK 174A¢276o-1 NY 183G-3546 l the following 1 ee: NY 281A 192451 NY 281A 20l963 /FOIME references.Commercial . - It has and the been ants ased on fear and since learned thatg:::::Ldropped the other defen 1 I DYC lawsuit reveal FBI records the defendants checks of ingcivib-VIC the following: 92 in Ehe toilowing files: HQ 192-1866 LA 192B 290 NK 1OOA 57409 IFOIMS references! .° n references case: which FOIMS references in LA 179B-914 the following ECT! FOIMS refe . 1997 lawsuit against: intimidation.Commercial Institutions! Institutions! bq I 1 i 1 Hobbs Act Hobbs Act JDL related RICO! Domestic Security case! . LA 2a1A-1o2e32 001! bqg :| 1 . iin b7C I ! OC/DI! in the SA 245C 34965 Hl following case: OCDE! IFOIMS b&#39.

___i_J . if I&#39.. - 0 . "" 1 Further checks regarding theabove individualswill be necessary to fully identify them... 15. ____._____~. It is identify whether MS et anticipated a the extortionate al.. acting associates.__di_._.____.. Based on the extortionate activity and other criminal activity yet unidentified.ii_.. thatsas been and not some time and will held _p 5 in concert with Los Angeles sources believe :to be or on behalf of the JDL and its b"c . for Full Field Investigation will activity is being perpetrated personal gain and/or on behalf of - l ARMED mm mmcsnous 1°76 O0 1 -. on behalf the JDL. 5 . I .- é To: FBIHQ Re: 266A LA-201807.997 Lqc April From: Los Angeles H i &# 1 in FOIMS. 1._" unknown identical. it is recommended in this matter.__.._. that a Full Field Investigation be initiated conducting extortionate/criminal continue to do so as long reasonable indication activity for as he is successful presented herein. the court above court Investigators bin: Investigators are currently compiling transcripts and related documents mentioned in the cases for review and analysis for lead potential. are awaiting of several the results records checks b7D to include There appears to be a criminally liable.

TUPAC SHAKUR Subjects subjects making telephonic threats death then intercede b contacting the via death threats. Investigation On October at Los &#39. also reportedly targeted Nevada.!7§/ Title: I TUPAC SHAKUR EAZY E VICTIM AOT oo= or LOS ANGELES ARMED DEATH THREATS IET AL VICTIM DECEASED! DECEASED! 1 ll mail cover. ~»¢:-¢4&#39.*&#39. along with organized crime are attempts the Los P 5 I b7C an 0 ers ye uni n ie av b7D involves nd other to the rap star. 66A-LA-201807 mpbh LA as-sea sue A&#39. AND DANGEROUS Synopsis: Full Field Details: initiated Request for authorization of Instituted: 1996. also known as EAZY-E.gQ_ . a preliminary &#39. <=m 392mused-1 &#39. Woodland&#39. who owned RUTHLESS RECORDS. was a victim of this extortion scheme victim offering and protection a fee breported for . °92atL920Jn!-9 ~ °92929l .i:/?@7&#39._ ° ="»*M92 °9292w9292 - M10 1991 v I . rom vari us ra music stars ERIC WRIGHT. <iz &#39.l2f3l/199$! l " Precedence: T0: Los FEDERAL BUREAU lNVESTlGAT|ON OF ROUTINE . The scheme that prior to dying from AIDS. 04/15/1997. California.1 Ann! *"Wm-mun Aynnm§§{g§§§§%%§é&£uQ£££ J smnmm mm. :had prior to his recent murder in Las Vegas.Hills. information agroup of that known 1 figure. inquiry PI! source I was 17. corroborate unidentified individuals utilizing death threats in the furtherance of extortion targeted towards two former prominent rap musicians from Angeles area and other victims yet unidentified. b7C Date: 04/21/1997 Angeles From: Los Angeles NSD-6 Approved By: Drafted Case ID By: #= .

RUTHLESS RECORDS._ "YI ! I 1 I r___________________1b ----. Plaintiffs. Corporation. The civil at approximately 10 O0 a business owned and complaint alleges pm . T b&#39. MISSION BAX civil court WATERSIDE CANTINA.. California. aCalifornia complaint. deemed forged G could no by eierj witness. INC.&#39. UNSUB Durin eto ent. 07/28/1995 entered These individuals brandishe a #2. SUB #1 believed inci is be ho claimed to represent < #1 and two unidentified subjects concea e were identified ref wea on SUB rUB #1.. bC i % ONE DEVELOPMENT. _ against in death threats to her led a a leging family lawsuit K -"C telephonic early 1996 and her t at made after ERIC WRIGHT died. PHASE PARK ASSOCIATES. California R. vs.----&#39. Los 1 l ddition. and UNSUB b "I =1 IF #2 stated he his and psychologica patrons and represented ORDS left the intimi ation.forcibly o erated that on Friday.L. REALTY.M. Ii number BC 124555 and was filed original letters. RESTAURANT and CLUB &#39. dated 03/11/1996.produce art the results of this and require a subpoena. and Does 1 through 50.::onsidered business he After physical occupied The the threat to be complaint to committed the further alleges same acts against :l committed RUTHLESS RECORDS and caused Following the 2 . advised were classified con iential" pending. individuals. et al . &#39. . The civil INC et al V. investigators were provided a co of a W &#39. LAW OFFICES lawsuit is titled "COMPTOWN RONALD SWEENEY. granting part ownership of RUTHLESS RECORDS. inclusive Defendants .entitled an individual. INC. civil case RECORDS b7C Angeles. BELMONT On 04/11/1997. The letters were During the lawsuit. corporations..7C 0 I gag! b?B ]. INC.:offered as in Los Angeles Superior Court. a limited partnership. lawsuit which is evidence two letters purportedly signed by ERIC WRIGHT.

twenty 21.S. If. both. Section ?unishable depending on quantity mail cover and type is presently of narcotics. Should any subject be indicted or formally charged during the period of the mail cover. To the best of my represents the during the period of the mail cover. under indictment or formally charged with any violation of criminal law. California. of this Code.S.S. Mail cover laws: 1! Title years or subject becomes promptly furnished. U. mail cover will be - the name and address known to of the of an the attorney retained by the case agent. the name and address mail cover subject is unknown. located attorney who in Pasadena. knowledge.:| b7C [II |:| The focus following individuals: of the requested mail cover includes the ! 1 i class mail date the It is requested the mail cover and last for a period of thirty request is received by the District include first and second days commencing on the Postal Inspector in of an Charge. U. and allegedly in Code. the postal inspector will be 3 . |:l :11 1 I IIII |:&#39. Section Punishable by 2! Title No subject fine or imprisonment not 841 and more than 846. violation 1951 subject is 18. such information following U.la &#39.

| W Postal Inspector ISOSG Mail Cover P. W .O. CA 94083-900 It is authorized to recommended that enhance captioned a mail at Los cover request Angeles. PS Form I understood the 2009. promptly»advised be immediately the mail canceled.S.I &#39. mail cover may results of &#39. are the property of the U. be investigation. Postal Service and limited to law enforcement agencies. The results can in the case s agen office as an investigative tool for of 60 days and then returned to the following address: its use is be retained a period ! . BOX Section 9000 South San Francisco. Investigation continuing i 1 4 Q . a E |____i__.92 . cover. Bo the It is .


...-..s action is particularly surprising because it could subject him to renewed scrutiny in connec- tion with Shakur&#39... Shakur. i.s death.. one the brightest starsin rap of and a budding actor. _ i[lo &#39. see B3 ---~ Rapper Tupac Shakur was gunned down .. ._ .. . The...name of newspaper._.s lawsuit contends there has been widespread speculation about the relationship between killing the and the MGM altercation...._. LP. clty state. also names Death severalRow Death the lobby of that he was assaulted the rapper and by the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Row and Knight as defendants..80 l Quad ...._...i. Representatives for Shakur&#39. .5 vfL Character: or Classi cation: Submitting Ol cez LA s . . .qQSo¢$ euuq r l@ °t slésiii p .. -. . 6-8-81! "I lo _¢/J II 92 92 5. in Las Vegas ln September 1996.._O Indicate page..a_-1 FD-350 RSV. Q~ 23:38 . ." kw.. lndexin Man Namedas Suspect Death in of Shakur Sues the Rapper s Estate ICourts: Orlando Anderson says he assaultedthe star was by and others a in Las Vegas hotel..l+ As-clues . I vt . . arrests No havebeenmade. _. .._______.! and _ _ _ Il51oun_i Cllpplngrln Space 7 Below} _41 92 Title: _....__.. was fatally wounded By CHUCK PHILIPS A reputed Los Angeles gang member by-police as a suspecl..<_ Please SI-IAFKUB.. .. i.... ._. filed late Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court. once named murderoi Tupac Shakur has filed a lawsuit against theslain rap star&#39.-. and alleges that Anderson suffered physical injuries and severe emotional and mental distress.. suit. hoursfatal before shooting. . t _ fr.s estate-a -year and aday afterShakur was gunned down.. TIMES HAFF WRITER It is unusual for gang disputes to end up in civil lawsuits. but Anderson&#39.-.-. Ever since... fe Records employees in Vegas just hours _before Shakur Was gunned down.- it it . _ ..in the just off the Las Vegas Strip by gunfire wbileriding in car driven by Death Row a founder Marion Suge" Knight._____:_.s estate and Death Row declined comment Tuesday. Orlando Anderson&#39.a5 mmetseraasmm ta<~<»W* &#39. _ ..

gestiori. tionin Los l or -Police have not returned the entourage. ja"nd .ce" dispute and. that Wallace-. .~the security -_-an -allegation Combs igation thekilling Shak.akur&#39.-/"&#39.it is-clear -thatif -there any is H gunfireerupted froina whitelate.ources investigators say sources Wallaoe&#39.~:Da_vis_ b_é. in May.im..seen several daysafter late. said her client testi ed the way -he s=nsrai¢ i_ .ath1 AnderRow employees Southside Crips._the _ Kee_fee ?Davis. . O J Indicate page.offer.._-_"t_. ._e:iplaining record that his to file charges against" him him that he is not awsuspect company already bodyin had -&#39. .The two-door sedan -hotel altertheshow and&#39.Compton_ Crips residence Anderson&#39.&#39. could_ not j-Law enf&#39.m&#39. &#39.siia_Knigh£ had to gone the &#39..}&#39. Police some-= said eallegations against: climy possibly the result of an un id an hourbefore rapper shot.fse.-J i .ned_down said.ro"s1rysg. for the-stand November. who sources D the lobby the was On the evening of Sept: 7.~ -..sour_c_essaid. andstate...of .w" he say they no bald subsequent r&#39.." for _» _ According the affidavit.1&#39. catedby -Compton who ls listed in policei lesas a siblefor Ptherapper&#39._ is listed. FBI/D04 1. goesby such &#39. had-pu_l_led&#39.~&#39._we_ignt. in That same Week.:§tenimed pcmonal re&#39. W°°d lt92.Vegas hospital.t up_&#39. in Campbell tainsearch weapons a Compton from residence &#39.r_eachedA|for his.<. .. bos An ge1_es prosecutors de._er_a&#39.down March9 outside thePeter.mvdusae&#39.stemmingfrom.the Qeath 759 ZBMW at a&#39.LG. _.at four .7 evidence {an _in June in uia&#39..___ way out.&#39.__ -..edly.the Mob-Piru Bloods 92Renee Campbell..émployed $._About threehours later. F ebru.Wal1ac8&#39. said.&#39.zit with_a Con|ptgangmember. l killing.matched.so-s1! .f. &#39. _repre.nne&#39.-ofwhich" are _i<icked.illI r .s policefrom a police n_iember_of theSouthside gang accordingto -a . aclinowledgéd son severslofhis»-relatives i 3 assaullt Anderson. &#39.. Notorious who was&#39. accordingto . -.Campbell one . videotape.s have focusing been attended the 1inii... Shakur attacked.FD-350 Rev.§muia ei Ede&#39.! city Date: Edition: 1-&#39..sources_say£-&#39 "q>&#39. &#39.41 ofms uncle. Sean comment "Attorney Faal&#39.and j ~-.f>"I&#39.< l.de_ nied rt with Anderson.aconcertinAnahéiml 1. &#39._a&#39.drug déa]er_fi-pm ipated theraidtold in An&#39.a..&#39. in the .-police.s i on~tbe idea shooting party-atthe__Petersen Miisemn_and ng.interviewed Davis-in Junebuttold the.tha -t had&#39.s No arrests In .Jo.-..§l§? .the wjthla-Gl6ck&#39.-.B.40-. client"is victim.¢h :ustody-on an outstanding sen Automotive Museum in the -slain.ev&#39.-" &#39. introduced a mutual by friend after &#39. for violation w&#39.ROW emi>l0yees".embei_&#39. murder. Anderson_ in that her client was:told last__fall punched Anderso_n was the lobby.membershis on of entot&#39.. ."5 &#39. 4 vehicle.comj5any "chairman. -soimces.I&#39.s"_ that Wallace&#39. of_Anderson&#39.nonikers as Las Vegasdetectives examined a and Lane -was responWhen asked"-whether Anderson._&#39.92 that he wasa suspécttin Sh_akur&#39.si. . &#39.--.-theaffidavit totally_. .The two were . ._L sents"Anderson.aspokewith =Walla&#39.B1_&#39. I .-"But: fthe .-LosAngeies&#39. after . a Combs!. lerson&#39.c:tcd._-Dwayne Keith to didoutoffear hissafety. told..§.-. " V "&#39.gang_r&#39.s&#39.rig1it_{ai.3. "&#39. me_n}-th_a&#39.a&#39.s&#39._ Biitthe investigation . the was "*1 .§siig92ir. _ _-~-D.. resiirféded Davis. At Anderson testified that Knight "did not participate the beatingbut in triedtohelp stopthe attack..s uncle. ss. the-sug&#39. peijured had himself on affidavitprepared26 Theyalsocon scated warrants a pending wasliving. .s he_ had in anythingdo.s where cousin Sept to obiii Compton.tol<_! the |r s shooting. I-.s in Harlem.Anderson iwas-"taken ." Annext lane. :. WaijDu&#39..40-caliber roundsconfisshooting.. vestlgators notuncovered yhave iislcal Christopher rival.iew&#39. -.de r-his girlfriend&#39. nptonunrelated to_Shakur&#39. and chain one from o&#39. ooen_-..s &#39.struck&#39. from house broughtllhvls toWallaeefs hat he was a suspect -in Compton.iI!avis_ York star as . said. rapper hecouldpijovide .investig.c_ase1.ff.r. and &#39.s" y.and in undated with ii flurry of tips from late-modelCadillac-intoan auto shop Compton. aCompton slaying..._ told.caiiY .Shakur .from. gasVegas _ police The_-beet_1madeinthe. the Death R_0w -af liated MGM.&#3 . 7_ &#39.s&#39. ruckusin MGM in filesas a = .i1inaLas&#39.d!1rinxsans. tors he Wallace gunned that met neagly leath._-" _&#39.erv.sonfs former attorney.. are .inémljeré Southside_Cifips iig -4wi_th&#39.&#39. was Las Vegas-andCompton on which were in- bar handgu n-&#39. who -.shooting.Shakuni Knight and sev. gang raid .ithan less rag_e i-that Anderson was&#39. lawsuit the states. in&#39. nt stemming from_aslaying Mid-Wilshire district. Mount Clipping inSpacer Below! _ .. --.investiga- industry 1aosi¢ it inonths later durii1g&#39...al1eg&#39.._ ly.ro_le.with. Davis told poiioedhathe also" lered a i_n Sh. victim. _ ~ redbyshootings &#39.eral ~ _ . the to with shooting.rd7j. Kni ght /was i sent -to prison in Accordingto the affidavit. his .urity.&#39. result of gang rivalry between .Conlin_uedtrom&#39.a Lakewood resident who memberof the SouthsideCrips.Oct. a hearinglast fall. L-ando" box of .-cement &#39. Angel_es_ _Wal1ace s . -denied J16-had but I-hat cause allegedlystolena Knight were sitting Knight&#39. P that protecused_inV{allace&#39..red when gold light .was released_&#39.j_bilI.l§%921f.!e*&#39. have guards.. police .Before Shakur dieddetectives in theshooting capturedon_ hotel-surveillance a&#39.-L.Wallace&#39. On -members of Mike Tyson-Bruce Seldon heavy- and the _Campbellsai_d. informants contending Anderthat his cousinwas seendriving a white During an Oct" 2 Il &#39.S_hak.. . sources said.vF.i _&#39.-1 *---5&#39._ said son-.two "years of beforethe" rapperwas I Y l "ALas Yegas detective who torsseized Davis Chevyvlmpala The friend. Taffidiivit be-.montheai-lier&#39.he samekind of weapon used theihomicide. investigator&#39.. 1996._&#39.-.tu.éco&#39.my the af a Lakemodel_ -Cadillacii-carrying souffle.[adamant denies or .§ ofthe as z to do New rap known -.the dcscri-tion of the car..nameof newspaper. lie everneed should it. &#39.rlng i.. {me&#39.~ &#39._ f -died days derson February" a probation.~stlll &#39. .

FEDERALOF INVESTIGQION BUREAU FOIPA DELETED PAGE INFORMATION SHEET Serial Description " COVER SHEET 02/05/1998 Total Deleted Page 3 "b7C. Page s! b7D "1 .


SHAKUR before AIDS. . PPr ve Y .____ l b7C b7C gamete *5 Q4. on October 17. prior to dying from targeted TUPAC California.7 Pending! ID #= &#39.. DEATH THREATS ANGELES _ -9292n92192 Q0 e9292 92 1 1 q9292<92 Q<9292o Z&#39 a reporter Synopsis: Requesting interviewl I approval to for THE NEW YORKER MAGAZINE.m92. a b7C Details: For-your preliminary inquiry a en uni Office to corroborate source information that ified individuals furtherance of extortion rap musicians from the attempts targeting Los Angeles area was PI! initiated at Los An eles Field known organized were utilizing figure.g_92. 1996. scheme. Q/ UNQLASSIFIED $§.{{ ~..>92&#39._ AA umnon commnmn Case 266A LA 20l80&#39.-92k&>U Title:N I ETAL. threats a in the of crime along with group death two former and other victims prominent yet unidentified. :had his recent was a victim murder in also reportedly Las Vegas.O "7 9 I . Q9. Nevada. b7D I&#39. Subjects offering protection also known as EAZY-E then intercede and then the victim RECORDS in ERIC WRIGHT. making telephonic for a Afeez.A»9. of this extortion Woodland Hills.E. information. d . owner The scheme by contacting Source reported of RUTHLESS involves: to the rap and and b7C b7D star.i uuunwn FEDERAL BUREAU Precedence: ROUTINE OF INVESTIGATION Date: 02/O5/1998 1 l b7C To: LosAngeles ~t/ From: Los Angeles t//F Attn: s NSD 6 Contac C 2 Drafted BY | AOT DT OO: LOS A O B. v an others yet unidentified have been extorting death threats money from various rap music the other subjects stars via death threats.

To: Los Angeles From: Re: 266A-LA 201807,

Los Angeles 02/05/1998



telephone number 12 536-5400 or 840-3800 via telephone or by sending a lead to New York Field Office and have that office conduct same regarding the above mentioned information. .Research

interview reporter TI-IE NEW MAG romYORKER
Los Ang &#39; ffice is requesting permission to

revealed[:::::hrote an

article on




July 7,

1997, issue.

| |





| I I


jimmy Iowinu !,tbs qflnterxcape. b band ixbro/.-ering Ifxcitlermwr :11broughtS/.11 /mt/.w_ .:gm&#39;n:t in .1 it by rk/1/"J 11/1-ni. Dear/7 Row.
=:_,&#39;¢ _ " ~ 7 _


&#39;-355:1 .

-&#39;92 ,. I _:

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$¥ fir ;|
&#39; 4-6






Tupar Sbakur one gangsta : biggest But got was of rap stars. be caugbt in a collision qfrultures when inner-city gangs met up with the multibillion-d0l1ar&#39;rec0rd industry.

AI L,£E3,§? lF°n, m;%&#39;§°,,N$8 egcownle oaucrt
.&#39;.&#39; Ii
;| r i.


mu &#39; §9292 9292 &#39;~9292925

pac Shakurwas shot



Tugwere gangsters outof thepenitenjust
and tiary. Theywould look
have to be said." in-trade. It

2|" til Ill


killed in Las Vegas an, right throughyou. last No
he was riding in the passenger seata of

B.M.W. 750 sedan driven by Marion Suge! Knight, head Death the of Row

two rappers, George and Stanley LynIntimidation was Knight&#39;s Suge stock- wood, for using aphone atthe studio.
is said that he forced a black

After Tupasfs murder, however, things unravel for Knight. In the at you, staring began to 1992, he pulled gun had a on words would summer of

After beating one of them withthe gun,
he ordered them both down on their

room and veyor of West Coast gangsta rap,a strip inthe men&#39;s then madeknees, threatened to kill them, and is
in revenues year. last The rst album and- fteen-pound man, Knight has a record, replete with Tupac made DeathRow, All Eyez substantial criminal for on Me, which wasreleased inearly violent acts. Even when he was on his dealing a 1996, sold five over million units. Tupac best behavior&#39; -say,withwhite enterhad made three earlier albums, but they executive atone of the major had neverreached the stratosphere of tainment companies -menace hung the One man me told about quintuple platinum." thedays pre- heavy in air. Still, negotiation he had in the apparent ceding hismurder were anything but a his halcyon for him. It had become increas- safety of ownof ce. Knightwas ata they ingly clear there a that wassteep penalty tended bybodyguard,and when a the deal, the to pay having for thrown in with Suge reacheddifficult point in bodyguard osrentatiously leaned forKnight. Even for rough edged the music in- ward andlet his gun, whichwas wom holster underhis jacket, slip into dustry, which historically has been prone in a
to excess and to connections with crimiill view.

at rival company to Records. Death Row, theleading pur- music executive a
three-hundredseventy- ve million dollars oflices. A mammoth,

forced to pants. He his music business phenomenon.com- him walknaked through company&#39;s them takeoil" their The

pany earned

was convictedassault on charges and put on probation. four But years later, just before Tupac killed, was Knight took part in beating manLas Vethe ofa in gas, and put inviolation of this him his
probation. InFebruary of this yearhe began serving a nine-year sentence and is nowin San Luis Obispo state prison.
In addition, hundreds of millions of dollars&#39; worth of suits have now been led


against Death Row the largest being that ofTupac&#39;s estate, that charging he
was defiauded over fty million dolof lars, and seeking damages hundred of a


and fty million!. Andthere may be

nal elements, Death Rowwas a remarkhand over a stack of hundred-dollar

more tocome. Ateam ofagencies, inFor a time, the aura violence of served cluding the F.B.l., the D.E.A., and the

It him liable place. nothing for It was Knight to Knight well. granted enormous l.R.S., are investigating allegations of cense in small things keeping like other money laundering, tostreet gangs, ,1 links for bills toTupac for weekend s a expenses. executives waiting hours,without a drug trafficking, organized and crime at 25% Death Row. ii Knight&#39;s oLbsAngeles was in iee dec- murmur ofobjection! in and larger ones.
orated in red, thecolor of the Bloods,

Music and video producers claimed who

"I think, Tupac, you brought down

. it

Row owed them money were one of most empires mytime," the evil of one of city&#39;s gangs. the principal A guard that Death holding a metal detector stood the too frightened demand or to sue. one his friends, grew inthe at to it, of who up front door of the Death Row studio. I The potential violence also for was a pow- music business, Henot intend says. did have not been to one other studio to this Tupac; this friend, like er rl disincentive anyone might to romanricize to who talking to law-enforcement day where have be searched be- have considered you to many others, acknowledges Tupae that fore you in, a get veteranof theL.A. authorities about was split what himquestionable practices. famously between he it not &#39;omselfrefenedtoashis good"andhis domusic businesswho worked with Tupac Moreover, did keep him evil

1. 1! L

5| gl .

5 ekill

told me. They havechecklist of peoa ple who can goin with guns. Soyou have to gure, Theseguys have guns, and it&#39;s to front door, a long run the and

ing business two of the entertainwith ment industrfs corporate giants. Death Row has been Funded since its inception by its disnibutor, lnrerscope, which for

sides, and that it was hisdarker sidethat

seemed have gained to dominion during
much of his tenure at Death Row,

Nonetheless, these friends insist,that

we at own I . he and .$5 chc on Yn_ lio. 1nd He Put yust loliled .s of ngs. lcir aok Ve&#39. his &#39.ing rhe io1~ lred Ibc in.on. the . un.

THE of Knight ofShakur everkilledorputinjail.a degree.In 1988. Controversy. roman.l. in mostcases too."But. &#39. Riverside Tupab and Shakur up. ofcourse. largely through efforts theF.sentenced years for to commit armed is taken by prison conspiring ofmayhem fans.years. Rap critics.s godfadrug dealing the and violence described theautobiography ther.. Tupac and rapstarhebecame. understoodthisit made feel part something. was he suspectedmany his a loose by in accused included attempted of the robcore ghetto audiencenotbeing of cold. lifecon. I raised to thinkthatI was would me frequently invoke names the of very as the well. ofprison. the To contrary. Shalrur. escaped years but two I read of Malcolm later X. Assata He livethelifethey about. his and it own Rolls-Royce Corniches.l. conviction reversed and Carmichael.New York. it changed it moved per of my whobuyraprecords white. triedto INthe trial.43 &#39.hewas were his While acquitted a month just before Tu. Seize weeks ontheground thegovago that in uence susceptible on young people tnurnba Stokely ernment evidence favorable Scale &#39. . Tupac into the where theyleftoff. .but not alongthe lines continued themore credibility gained he on the street--and the more viable a to I laidout bythepolitical activists addspark it.cover his were. PatriceLu. tattooed across midr-i &#39. in And me. viedwith and defended herself a withering with joumey those worlds. hadreceiveddegree alive. was he censured bypoliticians like pac bom.p andthug aphrase had lyrics life" Tupac and her codefendants the Panther 21 while was she pregnant Tupac. crimes was in however. victed 1977 murderingNewJetin of a have any l conformto art. other political and Tupac indeed had become prisoners hislyrics. turnedout to be an underimmolation the pointat whichthey excess. in Canada used and his Inca chiefto betortured. converged that almost seems allegoriml.Texas rap that our She been conhe living in rnard!. marginalized culture&#39." The leaders of the black nationalist movement to which the other Shalmrs mother.he did not want to bethem. rememberedaunt.in a civil in which was convicted!. of the sixties. me. hugeThe commercial success ofgangsta rap createdpeculiarly a volatile nexus between worlds inner-city the of l gangs themult. ofrap in middle-class in Monica 1968.s Dr.lives. breathing. and to racial social chasms. was and. a kindofclanname and The he groupof blacknationalists robbery murder.get government a er acquitagent. the in a he in These con icting ofTupac views re.Soledad suppressed and thatfuelsmuch thepolitical of debate. is a forwill into Panther Parry leader was who culture. Mutulu. at the theyperceived revolutionarysametime.l. It was haunting Tupac a lineage. who wasbom in .les ily every black male with thelastname tal.teenhaseitherbeen theage fSugcand South that passed of Central LosAng92&#39.wedidn&#39. new I the generation.black male Shalcurs. her makethemproudof me.btutalized.s a member to leave Death Row when he was killed.B. tives stood pro tfromhis who to Geronimo.om to drug-abuse~treatrnent some concert arenas because promotersmurderedSpanish by conquistadoresskills develop . And byrappers seep themainstream it madeit sorealto me. had formroart. Tupac whichtwopolice icers a guard l a tus thearchetypal as gangsta rapper. Afeni says.< ! " _ n-tr JULY l i New 1. It was their a talents. Tupac&#39." said. mother Panther 21 Tupac&#39. theTupac was And real trying kur.s in u. and edto Cuba. world isatafarre. as and their activityfor the goodof their Their revolution.s ticrepresentatives life: they enceda youngmanwho murdered guilty conspiringbreak ofghetto that ShakurJoanne Chesistate trooper!. own no Shakurs. and acupuncture otherrappers.s by peoplelike . Tupacandhisfel. was tosixty in could insure evens not the the threat a warrior. programs. the of Tupac&#39.. was of ner cities. Earlyin 1971. I just by with he trouble got with law. never has hurt did or she saw or she was involved with paid police informant!. Yale. that the behavior~the used sitoutside thestreet to by lights and sey state trooper. thatl did. m1 bullet holes in them or cuffs on his hands.! is the And then of course motherhad He wasimprisoned twenty-seven are It for His was a few books fearof a violent.t Elmer Geronimo! Pratt. who a in was He named the for last Shakur. she tohim his most And would these tell stories things she theprincipal of that witness against wasa him spread adoption of hip-hop style. subsidized and inan apartriiiiiit on s is circles. Afeni and her friends were involved in what breed.also a of to Tupac&#39. Mutuluwasalso found of lyrics had Rap rns thatbe insist performers audien-thatsome Tupac&#39. theBlack Panther Party.without his sister Sekyiwa. sometimes _ _/ /<.romanticized violence. Mutulu stepfather.right now. didnot Tupac for.n&#39. to UWAMYTupacnameontrialforconspiringblowup orsynonymousviolent was s Yorkdepartment She not. None. thisunschooled intellectually but movefrom the one in whichTupac Tupac inhisdeposition.!..s Drive.soto speak. more The in like Black Prince thetimehewas words myvoice. with she belonged been had virtually eliminated. areterri edthat life will Baltimore.ibi. triedto be the new i t and me a of salm. the other hand. majority ardent and have lights home I was The of fans any at and sitting merBlack oflcilling schoolteacher a duroutside thebenches on reading this convicted consumers are. in Thephrase "Black Powerhad been berya Brinkarmored in blooded enough to measure tohisstaup o and like lullaby a when was kid. AfeniSha. lowgangsta Tupac rappers sported said he that thought hissongs diamond-encrusted jewelry. thesame from At time. free. has become with ra.theTime byBobby andthisfearisexacerbatedthewide. Shal<ur New several stores. his oneanother displays gargantuan into two and in of cross-examination prosecution of key a who Nevertheless. of as gold drove parables. said There are out New York&#39. grew though inits each. inga robberySanta white youths. tospeak Harv:iii_lj&#39.recalled depositiongave 1995 werekilledandfor which Weatlier > leader Boudin was suit it chargedUnderground Kathy ect. wereashes. triedto I killed. fact. community. his and notoriety.Brother George by at trial signi cantly that by Jackson.an invited at power-woman lion-ized ll was way. did record cornpany Shealways omenthe BlackPrinceof the revolution.Tupac&#39. s on thatwhen wasa teen-ager.ion-dollar and record industry.waskept &#39. of s car1981. at who fbrebears "Inmyfam.t lights. now ishis life&#39. Seventy cent those book. His surname.witness.

_ 49 J. Tupac "cw thing changed.2: ble .en 1975. SHAKEFPFARE &#39. of *&#39.4 went welfare. . ilu in his ant = in led vas ib. in his "VVe theghettos theBronx.» -s chiccircuit.in ird ner vas nd tc&#39..Ms.s SI !l"ler are fa- orvas Mmuss 9! 68.. in on we lived said deposition.LI. Theneverytidechanged over. became Panther small celebrities the radicalon 3 _[_. . political the UV .

provided with bed.storyabout twelve-year-old who a girl lntetscope.t who would later become his road man.he when was liv.Z.wasnotadvocating dealer. .business. A -:-ialmt enrcigeil Eur! tit-airy eiertueenCans! mppm Biggie like Snmll: and left! L. Ixthe Tupac 1995. and her producing mostlyaltemativecause believed what you and rap.e=~¢ I .7 &#39. andearlyrockandroll most popular entitled was "Brenda&#39.1 with therap into the mainstream in 1979 with the described For job reality young menblack stories that. no with lnterscopc positioned as introduce central had itself of in develop narrative. to ager." Lee said that he was tirtious that his mother&#39. J . r.he says. onecrack the year. Theyclaimthat l&#39."which oen song readingnewspapu the after a Tom Whalley. also thathe He said himfrom becoming a Full.butjust to understand of cul.who signed Tupac at was repletewith militant lyricsde. deposition gave in It t 5-1 of youths.wasoriginally EastCoast an phenom. violent signs hugely com.mabout. Dogv Dan BlackPanther Party. haveto ingto himabout druguse!-it was rock gangsta which her of of Cen.s Got anheirto theMarshall Fieldfortune! had.-basedlike stars Snoop Dogg. firstalbum. song by . E .hisassistant.agreewith me. me.m mainly street people who triedto help theculture thegangs South haveto him..I I f kl I 92 v_ ll ." In Interaeope released Tupac&#39. said told at Tupac&#39.m picked byInterscope. She burnthat Vice-President Qtayk had no place oursociety." in of hispublicists. hisrealbreak it wasnotuntilthe lateeighties.s by his presence looks and as when was he asked interpret to sevrades made move tryto rescue no to her by histalent. lpacalypse with Now. and times tOlrl her Father how much she liloed it. for Rap talkingto live." KarenLee. 1991. a bk place stayhismother hehad somethinga maverick themusic whomhecould to and he that before can you lbught bitterly. and But against police the oftenleads or On came following when was the emergence gangsta that it todeath imprisonment. drug alsoincluded gra iti andbreak danc. Man Man CharlesFuller!.in which at group Digital Underground. brought a demo pictingviolence had in between young black became impregnated cousin byher and pany that cuz The when a had just beenfounded mercial -especially it gained just Ire rsetobesilent. violence against the but simply telling stories that Histbttunes began brighten to slightly ing. Compassion...I . I 17 R r . You don&#39. . heaccused ofly. Althoughhip-hop musicbroke police was in 1990whenhegot-. he of rap.1 seen ever eyes eral the dicted drugs. a Baby. Ted jazz." andcautionary with violence manager dancer.1 oom.s Tupacsaidthat he hadwritasajointventure TimeWamer._. ll I r . road international Rappers asa hit Delight.like that?" hee92plainedit was practice that his no a character through ingin Marin City iicstirure. l a F 92 4..showed of becoming up small he wanted to be. ____ ___.an element the hip-hop him a and which show compassion.edged tore of the nineteen-seventies. of songs 2pacalypse on Now. 3./1.a friend tralLosAngeles itsmaterial. Have yo-.know howllived how people or the I&#39. remembers He saying to and her children when she became ad.. much on the albumthat provedto be the the record producer jimmy Iovineand wideaudience white theentertainment magnate Field as blues. to Indeed.what talking I&#39.one gave to histeen-age it daughter.s former com- 92/Vhalley recalls being struck much as by E. kept enon. drew on understand I mean..

92 &#39. utilitarian to song came nomale out. thug. He&#39.s.the a namo.this rich ads So .did notjoineither cinerutor. one person&#39. talkedaboutchild molestation.l_&#39. culture.s moa &#39.s Valentino Rudolph and govern -was richest it the territory d he FrankSinatra. talked of It about have to tell the multifacetednatureof thing each them that being." . people I0 into tap went hav. was botHe at reconcile con icting the senti. I&#39. &#39. He he&#39. -was Kemter ! up top qftbe black Death t::bicl&#39. said.A. from thatfemales having. e iscts poverty. can howtheinnocent theones get a human are that said Han Man.u IO l David le wound tbe afane batter!labels.whojust experience some at like and..he this could everysuck from of and would communitypeople. inngetanybody wanted. everybody.. It&#39. singular baroque a so and are gang customs.. somewhat myself. it : he it talked about families takingadvanthe rage families. ever seen.be partor him. the .A man besex. ind Number two.&#39. . it talked about sexual . dy.s somuch and just getting sex. talked like foreign country ingnogirls now to there&#39.1 problems a whole pimp.92 all time he&#39.as well. l feltlilte . He couldbe with this poet. Whenthis was seventeen. I man he . KO abuse. Asked hislawyer by whether could and proI heconsidered song political the a state.s girls the whichis almost -.-ind South Central L..he says. . Raw. and in hismind. ev- tgh M:an IO l w. rappers all ter. Dr..s . I wrotethiswhen tom an observer chronicler.-92 T . gang. laws and that ualattention he&#39. thought.l"0nndl_92" in hisapproach about a ment. . at cqfomtded Dre.anywhere talking were about problems got the business. .m Tupac Yes.of . .ect actorandlwasapoet. .s charac.- yle 95..within city. talked of it about the -hat of it about how . .ments. . were number one.

/J./ll .JUlX7.said. J &#39. / . What you "I have aboutit. A &#39.._.A a -1 l:&#39.l997 wasapopleetic. done?" Tyehimba recalled tallned We 3 1 t Q I. t III ._&#39. s ittomakesureheneve .92-ill -l * s ll -hl&#39.92I- it " i V.. .-.l.i_?l§! ¬ ~ I &#39. Q! _Tl-El92EW92OlKEl92. is at _ I1 "J r *1-. andit became clearthat he did close Tupsc hewassmall to since a boy. <v _ I 5 .| L" I l." ~ *92-_!.. _-_-w" . 92 929292.. 1I .

thinkhe a Hisbehaviorwasnot rigbehewason theedge. ve lou&#39. or aem n&#39.t was Blood.AurA l Crips wouldn&#39."Q -461 W .An." IF ived trror : the Not iylte PP mm» &#39.l: 92 - 11-I251-|oor|ne|~&#39.t. theyjust guredhewas But .

Tupac other things. no Mutulu and left of and Man.went to hotel. and ordered them to lie her. They his where theyfrom COINTELPRO obtained policemen in Atlanta.B. the Rim. nu tirnewithAgnantl1elpedhirninl1ispor-surgery. his jewelry.not Iesse Jackson. and ed testified thatshe leftthe times. inevitably. Man Man.s.M. movie. shecover agents and Mutuluis convinced that Tupac est in beoralin corner dancewith the Panthers and what he learned of the camelightning rod after shot a he the performedsex a tiles through floor. the room when the other men . Four days was at club theactor Mickey heroes. is which what after Guy trayal as muehJackson promptly She called the house ofthe actressjasmine to. and Agnant&#39. chised the young blacksare poor who in 1994. told everyone told velopment unlike that the not in case of lent Association many for years. found she Tupac. Agnant tution. in to the after case knew Madonna Itwas apparently Agnanfs was super-maximum-security federal someone eisewho Agmnt. Tupac checked to see what happenedMike[Tyson] return tonish the to few hours happen Tupac : that awoman to is. three did not ultimately leadhis to undoing. . returned and afriend ofRourke&#39. job. He could get you inany charged with weapons withheld information that would have a club.friend ofAgnanfs.dehad representedPatrolmen&#39. of retelevision in living room. The with a Haitian-bom music promoter. moved should stay away from Iaoques. said Man and Agnant foom. to tentiary Lewisburg. LouisFarrakhan. Birdie. November 18th.?/ &#39. moved to and secretly the ing himwithsexual assault. not she&#39. Pennqivania. andthat theythen made per.s friend while Man Man. pac and entourage black men followed she acknowledged. Mutulu was granted him he that his client&#39. two codefendants&#39.s. and unidenti edBenza that believed Agnant an rappers.. guns. Tupac. He that police.n a and that shootus the would saying that would he hate beensetup.Iaoques 14.nt&#39. =2 -" entered and not witness which he did usually worehis in waistband." Tyehimba.s. during many messages voice mail. drew he VVhile in New York for the lming of movie the Above &#39.who. Jackson is the of 30th. oral sex Tupac Agnant partlywhile thejurywas happenstance or on while deliberating. the and Tupac in ence of family. six oppose the motion somethingthat about or ve four thousand after Tupac the shot police officers in At.reof Birdie outwith odid.d enjoyed Benza.were violated by the cowrcrrao program.a_p-. they danced together.nt&#39. In a memoshaped by experithe went to Neil&#39. Pac just was starting to known that therefore the indictment was imbe been favorable to his defense. but. They watched set him A it the account the conversation.an.one Agnant s and had him &#39. men thenshotTupac ve . expressedinter. charg. A. Watani Tyehirnba recalls. In any cocked.V down. prison severed that Tupac became convinced Tupac would become close! in Marion.5+ l ! meuevvom Dr. sodomy. also and weapons charges was relationships was initiated the by F.]. What ensueddisputed. reporter for Daily asmuch in uenoe with this segment as his hotel up. ties Agnant.sPaul Recently.. Jacques club." On night November N II-IETHER by the not. had only Tupac Man Manhad been had He ered indicating that the government Man Man the offenses. Tupac had been socializing . Brenner.1994. Man. and he told friends that spending calm down.ticularly attuned presence of She her uence over younger the black element.s most maximum-security insti. Geronimo Pratt. on his and hopeless have leader. Mutulu was moved from the peni. bandaged inwheelchai.s case be severed from his permission to le a motion a trial Tupac ignored warnings.! he was studying]aoques~ that]aoques were arrested. But .! a in I told Tupac the timelmet him. These &#39.Tupac s set up.ssay is the lanta. He money. just overwhelmed According and the him. was Indictments were handed down on sex.s the BenevoCharles Fuller Tupac.dollars on judge granted it.pac to to the underAyanna Jackson. that Agnant a country&#39.has later. on ground that the evidence was discov. to neutralizeTyehimba alarmed bythe were found the in hotel room!. the were.had all and says. GOINTELPRO abuse. suspicions On November 1993. Shakur . up signed remove Tupac ro from 1% the gangsSouth in Central providedhim and a with material his for lyrics. and continues to the say Tupac had himthat told she Tupac went the into bedroom.r. prosecutor not In the spring of about months then.an artist. how much thc trial Tupac Man said Theirheroes are cultural and sports saying. downtown randum written February.I.. Tupac reached for own his gun. shoots out.Illinois. his entered the lobby Tupac held her. The did he get in all clubs. was Tupac playing thecase.s securitywho icers. No one. when Tupac So stands to a Man Man. couple of days later Benza all white cop.and the weapons charges inam. and the then wrote an gets cut free. calling that things he&#39. grabbed gold Jacques Agnant.s been saying decision to and .Iacques spent lawyers unusual highly Tupac in beginning-heTupac&#39. among a with Rourke his prowess. claims thatshe was forced toperform news._he of the counts A.the had called upfrom him later. Tupac went about two weeks after AtSquare music rap for studio to and her be. who rst tight wing extremists. two guns black activist leaders as well as certain lawyer. Colorado. When retumedto courthe the hotel&#39. and nice H. wins battle. according her he that had Agnant. and from there the with whom to wasgovemment informer was of celebrity friends." because hislong of history him.s friendwas acquitted three sodomy left. Jackson Convinced that shooting also the had suite in tears and Ag-nant her that told to part ofgangster a named Birdiethe i." inpart identi ed only "Tim.gna.om a that had to WhenTuform oral sex on Agnant&#39. who considers himself para nineteen-year-old named woman because ofhis outside contacts andin. she called the Freedom of Information Act. disen had intercourse. properly joined. his extended warden Lewisburg argued Mutulu New York of that didn t smell right tome. Tupac told suite. says Watani as introduced Tuneeded "the controls of Marion.himself outof the hospitala could not have been better decirculation-and that would to hind. the three othermen entered the Mike Tyson destroy his credibility clear. in Florence. One night November. and couldn&#39.W. for new the jaoques on the ground that this gold and diamond jewelry.touch of the studio.whatever happened. Afriend of Agna.Little Shawn. is prison to wam him Agnanrwas that bad room. The next day.to Times lanta shooting something occurred undressed her grabbed &#39. and warned Tupac to keep his distance.t the 1994. There. . on not the News. a she to Ben Chavis. summoned the cuperate.! Tupac claimed that leii: them.

er. my .Jackson however... nza . 0ed ais" 132 CH nd _-n"rot tat __ V85 zed I oer ms 5. When I asked Melissa Mourges. shesaid that Ayanna :old had .s was indictment I- dismissed. had. Bail was set at dtree million dol- -as lars. brought _-I . lC l forciblytouching Ayanna Jackson&#39.he On 7. and&#39. in eh I l was sentenced to a term of not less than one and a half to not more than four and -mg l irkc a. of . a PZC A fewmonths Tupac senafter was tenced. .I&#39. Jacques Agnant&#39.res ani at.s buttocks.upacturnedhimse1fi. tsnacrnmnrorsexuatas parent compromise verdict. he pleaded and guilty to two misdemeanors. whyAgnanthad been dealtwith in such a favorable way. the assistant district attorney who had tried the case againstTupac. Jackson reluctant through was to go the case again.9t~@ 1 5° n!._ I ho &#39.twocounts sexual convicted of abuse speci rally. a halfyears prison. February 1995..nandwas incarcerated.

.|9&#39..&#39. forhim to becaptive. It wasa terrible calls.threateningkill to s» &#39..¬"¢5.&#39.t marijuana.__.1 - sponsible levelheaded...»&#39.~-.-"-. thenTupac saw and pre. if?» &#39. .1" .. . baby. putting their ngers up withthese plastic gloves.-f=:&#39. -% .1 -EW"52: "&#39. ._. : _ .»§Iu .l=-&#39. in illview ofthe guards.¢é$¢_¢." been deprived hischildof In Aprilof199S&#39..a member thegroup in and ingarea. . thedepositionthenightmare incarceration._ 49. O1. kids don t numerous lawsuits pending against her.~-&#39.-. Z11 -.-. --.5/ /47§ -Jt<|.his aunt her andherfamily. &#39.==". his sister.-:3. .t . him re/ -¢ ry .1._":_T:¢I. .zit. 5.ectal friendship Dre.=¢.p_#_ »..".-§&#39.= Z""&#39._-:..-. 1/ .t harmdoneto me.-. protested that"you he only could tion -now Dr. . Whathehad spokeniniof they a movie.lems.5_ 4.1 ..__ !9 . "&#39. &#39.. I .1. he&#39._.rz&::--1 | &#39.s time! A.&#39.//1&7.s respite introspec. whom almost and at he Facility.*-ff~__....2f-..-.&#39..-.&#39.=_. He _.-2?. was breadwinner large the for a "Samoevyfacussed. notinnocent terms the school..92.9&#39.I d..._. accepted He blame nothav."_q§>E:~_ _pm --2 &#39.s quiet.1 .t immediately sex have with him. .mguilty .._ pp._~~. . _ -r_. Then theguards started saying TupaclTupacl&#39. "Tupac had*a i. R.-.. &#39. l have -.s proball nancial DeathRowhadbeensmrted by Whenshe insisted going bed rlly prison&#39.m me. . was in across country.I/I i r » a &#39.=..>. ney&#39.. -s _ u ».A "J-4 I . In of football who star hegave thecivil brought in case against Dannemora was a hellhole -he had University Nevada him thefamily the by of young man who a one-to-four-year in sentence.-w* ?&#39. . woman-hating1 kid.:~ .-.&#39.7.-= 97 .E_4f-. .. falsetto in this voice. justrecalls while ingLA.-T-"-s. Levy a Scorpio._-.17 -&#39._ F V la&#39. l &#39..I.é»&#39.. why.-1-=...1%" r &#39.7&#39.Y7.-.&#39.I-%u:.d whilehe still the But feudal backdrop theClinton hood.W!»_:i . l r l l N excepthumiliate Yaasto him?" 2 myn Fula... she&#39. .was and she go- the Afternearly six ling appeals case.-1._.é ~<: t . . Knightwasa former of take your ofF sneakers.~ -Q .:.Z=._ . she&#39.~ ._----- 1 n-|e~ewtomten.= ___ -.4. __ I . they had grownup in Compton South and LA. .. puthimin a maximum-security prison!" Central :DEA&#39..-_n| "/_l".&#39...&#39. __ "-"_-__ "".u.monthsprison. l -."..&#39.t:r:&#39.:<. lg ___ &#39. .:. I&#39...¬*0 1.».sgirl.*5 ::-.-~&#39. month.. 14.-K/1 1.¢ //.&#39.4. -_ D .d been dating about months Correctional for six to she Beyond he enormous fees cases legal for before was in he put Erninently re. guards with &#39.&#39. " I I 1 _ visited oftenin prison.-.-._ I .. waving them. she lowed post smoke and to bail. circumstances he could have been al.-~. I I/.¢.. she&#39.Z. then. W .. _ F threatening to :#Li¢*f"&#39._.1 .after vailed herto stay hishotel on in room.".:_ <g .7 ..&#39.".&#39..» - .. -.¢ »-.__... .--.-&#39. T .? "--$15.av . -.e" ¢ " &#39.. inmates t If .-. He " ax?~ -.£7. .-_.:= v___ &#39. .. &#39. tiallywhen he wasat Rikers Islandas solve Tupac&#39..r~¬". /r"&#39.. 1:. &#39./4 §=. 1/ t. &#39.~@ .&#39.?5&#39. T._-:___ .&#39... / P &#39..41" &#39. / e» _ ~i -&#39.&#39..¢&#39.~.. of hisattomeys one in case .1? .&#39..§~&#39.». _ n4 I 56 ! Z -f_4§- .-» gr-:52 .~ 4:..&#39. --es». ~...L ..-*5-_&#39. If I don&#39.butthedistrict attor./"".-5.. "l f &#39.4 | l» ._ _¢__ J .F""1-ztggzt-i .." Q 1 since was baby. twenty.~ i.W. .: ~-. Dre in 1992.15 e 9 _ &#39. o ice was his to were Morris told me that on their rst dare andtheproceedings dragged month on._ _ _ . F we &#39. .. him.-1-.-. Knight degree criminalscience. ..idn t his nances. ~z-l_$&#39.-t.i-&#39. .-I e a horri c situation.It&#39. attempted settle want no and to the himduringrecess had work.1»-:.~fi. had I t.s didn&#39.-= .1.=. -: a.l&#39.u&#39. had he hadmurdered Texasstate the trooper.t these him say nothing. . in despite money the beshedidn&#39.tirelifeandnowshe&#39. _.-4._.-:&#39.. and Iris KW - Crews....~92t{:i_gg.¢.. -. 11. . _ _ . ....Tupac described newwife: _She one hislawyers.~"-ence in =-~ .-1.:. on to gift" of and hadbeenovershadowed SugeKnight and the rap producer by dressed._ F--at .7l . &#39.Thenwe spentsixhours persuaded that he wasgetting there Dre rakenayearo she&#39.. .->air--/.1»: *. -».d been sitting there in plain view withhislawyer.increasingly irrelevant.//I/-u la/K-.tdone it ! tecalledthat ingintervened behalf Ayanna_Iack Tupac Morristalked on of in bunch son..&#39.-. his s of that he twenty-two. .s gave I&#39. ...-.li..1.. .~.§». &#39. by Tupac&#39.&#39. 1 I .t1-_-.> . justas for square. -v -=14 .9. "I knowl feel ashamed.. . andwhat theywould onedayashesat courtwitha theirkids. -~-."Y . funds depleted. :__. married he Keisha Morris.7"<"-1&#39./.s she.. . hf 1._ qt &#39. __ ~92__-. /&#39...-_t-.2-ass. In thelateeighties.-*1 ___.&#39. / __. __&#39.-1. A._-..>&#39.:-2-f&#39.1.~-»5=&#39.guiled devoted Had beenthis I had not doingnothingas I am for doing mywife. hadtwenty of prison.92@./1.--.=> /.: 1 ~ &#39.He started organiu of youngchildrenclimbingall over to wanted be accepted because name to and I a he remarked to didn&#39.» / -. . have and about mov.sgoingtogotolzw i *s ~. :- ingto school holding and downa job. " ..»¬&#39.1. worked abodyguard burgeonas inthe . in of Tupacbut became beway was I acting.»~. I _-_: .&#39.1. &#39.19?-M--&#39.s time! It&#39.. it extended family--his mother.. -= ._.____.1/_&#39.4.-m killhim. .&#39.-&#39.&&#39.-§f:~-.s of representing a good my rst and he and only girl iend ever in myen.-&#39. Otherfactors weighing on -b I Tupac contributed hisanxito etyaboutin being prison.: l .. under inhis and those all over country.V. eventually developihga with graduated Iohn College a Tupae from ]ay with one day.~=_92_ -MI . rap scene.92 -t Why a second rectalsearch. .-&#39.&#39. -._7..&#39. whohadknovm him =0. experi. ..-.-:.eat.-1&#39."-"&#39. -." things.&#39. _.. demean anddisgrace as me me .-.becauseI ing to Arizona.1 r . efforts his seemedpeople support.. lawyers I-Iis were that._~ _.I-I ROW offered RECORDS to Stewart says.&#39.-&#39.="-"cl _5. .".¢.whowasthen search of N.:__" _... 2&#39. more./1.92 ye .:&#39. . &#39.&#39.&#39.<-"-.=-.1&#39.-.9&#39..."&#39. -.. said..i .~_* Vi it ~.ing advanced Interscope. .1 l &#39.wouldn&#39... _ 2 I I #1 I.. .-.<:~~. who he a and 0 &#39._1../44&#39. she&#39.0 .&#39. .1 . L-_>_*.. when he&#39. He&#39.&#39.s when he came in oo the visit. ..-.F 1/ _/ /--Q /!&#39.s.s for foulmourhed..---. in theforbidding...&#39. p» 1 ..who beenleery had .3 /I .s a the sex-abuse she&#39. said. &#39. l "&#39.... &#39..§&#39.&#39.&#39.92j:_. She&#39.»» "4-_ .A.é3r ..» L "1 .&#39. nice. -. &#39.._ . .%4:_. she&#39.92}92.never people had .. / _..s ghting right doso.. they have this in " _/..-./7 //I l »i ..-»:._3&#39. __v-U-. 92 __ .

he more . candeal with he with lovine.Intezsoope. And he hadnotbeen Tupac a supporter rst. . whenother ing overtures toTupac lnterscope&#39. by just the other Iovine. that was and Harris uxihappiyii . were 1- supposed beguarding to Harris&#39. Tupac. of at signi cant nature that unique of reSohegambled.KnightandHan-is&#39.5 &#39. the execut workwith Dre.&#39.music One employee. to of Time needs get explained me." rntially theideas.theysought assurances therelationship Death that with money continuing More&#39.andin thecase to ally amagical were combination.-1. have loans from winking. is ~rtable gangsters. Time Warner had and far more sinister. of Since Chronic" shortly afterDeathRowwas PoliticalCongress BlackWomen. it was that said there conuactsldliiill were onKnight.take please.being wanted tellKnight 5 Death Row owed its start to Intercalled rapist.. told s are Theywere trusted thestreets. out of zretoldmethathe andhiscolleagues :lt that "life is too short" to assumethe Take him. u.andDr. _J . never He really parentlymadesense everyone nancially dependent onlntersoope from entertainment executivewho was then at Tucker. <.omin 1993.7. Knight alleged is to I Fl Iv U._. owns masters its the of recordingsthealbums!..4 1-. original value is founded helped establish company Tucker. The release of Dre&#39. many aspired who. Row been fiom ap. strongly that vesaid. notgoingto be trusted.-%92_Z 0 . prothe Time Warner dismissing was raising its I X V A 92 55&#39. this him The closenessbetween the two comHe&#39. But one thebigmusic of companies me.s control.But them both well told me.3 .re them..1. jimmy lovine TedField and had With hisproblems. say." Watani Tyehimba remembers panies underscored was bytheirphysical sk that theybelieved associationa meeting an Until lastyeartheywere loin 1993 attended Tupac. gether at closely. ablack a company Warner Death Row itwas importantthe for imoutof business immediately. to a --1oreman.s werehandled an lnte_rwith A executive worked scope who ampanies shied had away.vF. I. Bl widely believed oneof themajor that investors DeathRowwas drug in a dealer named MichaelHarry-O!Harris.hands on. its recalls Iovinesaying was to awnthe prospective DeathRowven. lationship" be of morethanacaBut the disadvantage beingin.theownBy of it of is of all was of thetopreoord one companies DeathRow!.s inter- oompanywas no being launder used cent to y percent.been pains portray for in at to himself aninas havethreatened Dre&#39.a producer knows all and the who Suge says. He&#39. only a a relationship -suggestingInterscope hismark andhewas fast..tno for an answer. relationship very The was ecided to fund Death Row and distribPromotionsmarketing and for tractiveSuge. And Knight square to was insulated him.. DeathRow by re its products in 1992.nl. eople about what thought marhe their VVhile Knight clearly agreat had deal Suge Knighthadwanted Tupacat he worked totime." -§_- 4 as as well drug convictions. :"4-. fr ~ L Ii &#39. .I&#39.declared Interscope more thaneconomis. were tumors There even that -§_." . who hadalsobe-&#39.4l -1:. was It Jimmy Suge.s producer with under starap. _ . He could motivate DeathRowforsome lre to nish what he started. Dre had cstake someone knew who Hewas intothe not Tupac-artist thing. hadaninstinct to He with volved -except thebeginning. +92u &#39. Suge man. itmay I0 D >Y 21&#39.it wasIovinewhodealt in . apart. reaped payoff: The exact and the may gangsta turned to agold rap out be mine.. the as pointing toTupac.2.Tyea street sign wine the sonof a Brooklyn longhimbawassurprised.ve in from per 92 ests.Take kid. on Vi/bite lnterscopcconsider to jettisoning-.<:i92&# on a basis.une DeathRow.withKnight. in factDeathRow masters heavily but and been used secuas or blackexecutives.blessing.s gain Tupac of would hallway was enter di crent. oliioe buildingWestwood. and idn&#39. .s lawyer. chairwomantheNational small the of companis. O l I1.&#39.although of autonomy.. . forTupac gobox but to the next David Geffen.1 V was VARNERANDDEATH &#39. matterwhat their there no was compromise a solution that mortgaged.withthelaw. a getting brawls. the of and VVhen stake Interscope twenty.andthesolution to informidable manager. . however.ike other Then.demic interest to federal authorities inof volved withDeathRowwascontinuing reproaches social from criticsand incensed shareholders. which cated across hallfromeach and at ith Knight might pose.argued Dr."he should with DeathRow. in the late vestigating possible criminal activities at cheated his by record company that Row wouldcontinue.T" 4. since no one gcment muscleget done. lovine exbut : s meant shifting just Tupac from plained Interscope Death that and Row one toanother._ -fD come lawyer Death the for Row. n n-/ 0 . might were make appear Interscope rity againsr andadvances it that was Indeed.s album of Wi iam The Bennett and C.By early 1995. Suge Drere. »¥~4 &#39. hesaid. . _ _i_. himself. said Hewas to have provided seed the money for Death Row. Dogg.ope. You can control him. IimrnyandSuge. For he boasted that Death Row.s guyhimself. David Kenner. world. tability gangsta seemedbespof rap to ping scalesgreed fear.-.¢ I Hi-b 7" its :2=. ~&#39._ 4 _. Snoop Dogy thelong-term of raprecordings at a major force. v baseball and bats pipes orderbreak in to his contract. to be theprogress hisnewbusiness rst.. in saying made it sense Tupac for to ina. not meanInterscope&#39. his ise.-__. Dre the lattertwo at onlyspcmlative thispoint.t 92 _ -.&#39.Timmy com.Knight.i__. of whomhadproblems ership themasters a matter ego in exemtive that is therap music world." with Tupac too was promisingartist age say were an for to they black-owned. execu." to Knight been had malt. impatient with that Dcath Row&#39. It was ONa businesshave owchart. who wassewing timefor attempted murder succumbed pressure that nature to of whenit disengaged Ice-T itself &#39.As.»&#39.:5? .thistimebythejoined forces dependent operator. proximity.s loss..a music and J- remed sleep. andIovine he etability could be. and spring of1995. DeLores - s1 attack itsinvolvementgang.contract might wellbe with lnterscope.Suge Wamer came again Knight always has heshould leave." to it to anything "set that thencamehis thugnotoriety. example. Death has Ve&#39.n tern. became at. production If a company veat a major studio who had turned with Inrerscope makingvideo Death a for Row. thesummer 1995. it doesn botherhim.Knight.wa11ted to make had unique from to Death Row.

vate plane white and stretch limousine to Themeeting took never place. made overture arrange ingspeci legal an to three-page agreementTupac sign.a stunning in coincito the YorkCourt Appeals of trying decide to whether company Knight the promisedsolve to Tupac&#39. by lawyer. ingthenine months was prison. The lovine strangely was insulated. ___. and vine about intentions sue. Knight.E." in of last with at Tyehimba says. with thanhe&#39. _ . Smalls astheNotorious forbrutality when rstmade deal wasfacinga he the murder trial.1995. a legalcontract. would Dre indeed byearly did notbelieve Biggie. Indeed.no w . known asBiggie both and B. you&#39. to he can accessmyartistic have to product.! Death Row could not affordto been good of that the to him he recuperboth artists. Tupac hugged wept. " label._. stompeddeath Death party ever to at a Row in early 1995. scope back lnterscope.the ofgangster as for a of olfer aura anyone with an opportunity re ect to a hundred million dollars. and could back him.. Iovine told federal investi- in way.G.¬. Accordingseveral granted to about gangsta andsellitsinterest people rap in close Tupac. grew and he in he it once got it was broke frustrated. what was by more desperate than_he&#39. that knownUniversal!. freedom was My isevery- Temnmo thepremier as oifers Knight&#39. Ogletree. Intersoopetrouble " Tyehimba me told music circles I-latrisrole widely s was gos. according to pany should its shed troublesome invest. .. to the claiming that synchrony atwork._.-__.s As handlt was dazzling a hand.hewould that makea Tupac superstar.He did. us siped about... . of course. Doggy Dogg. of although wellbe Harris. . that publicly. "Itwasn&#39.. Knight And surely knew come visit when was pany. only Itwas bepower.whocould andwinpermissionpost to bail.bigger familiar thenegotiation. rapper the Chris- a friend his. Knight&#39. to lnterscope able worries.andSuge power the pushed customary had on past boundaries..re too importunate suitor. If can me you INwaysand in art large small._<__-.s trump card. andmore for with all of you is. notsee until MCAMusic Entertainment now wasthe thing that he.! At rst.puttingout onemulti-platinum Hewanted getoutofjail..anditwasn1.it. you to with it. Interscope not Charles would Ogletree say argued all they vigit.. outof hand.topher join Wallace.then Tupac.andwhohad of mate violence enveloped oom.-_.vrI . would thelongest ever been. It wasabsurd Group . Dre was ment.however. Levyrecalls.. Tyehimba. ened sue company.pe. The problems. both andTupac life.- .d been with Intersoope. friendwhovisited But in the summer 1995. agree terms. . you get my eedom. far chael Fuchs. there seemed to be an unmistakable Watani Tyehimba. between Interscope and for Knight swore of porousness directors quickly decided thecom. and as time went on mored on the street that Dr.. and to his audiencethan he had been before.. know of Tupac thelabelOneof thecom.s criminal record propensity and pan!/s biggest Snoop stars.devil. Even though Tupachad claimed would tothose thathehad outgrown gangster the pose. had leave wanted It had to.dealtwith. _ ~ &#39. business How they many these of stories reached had lovine attractive but vital to Death Row that SeanPuffy! Combs.apparently.Q.d¥£~l ~ asthough incarceration his mightcon. head DavidKenner.others. Mimajor rolein thecompany.and Knight&#39. because portant. make DeathRowthecorporatepick Tupac up.told Tupac us.. after Tupae consis-neededa label that had him in prison that tently declined leave to Interscope. the summer DeathRow. in L.d It about hebelieved thesetup ened. much Death Row." Kennerdrafted a handwritten. profit roughlycould Tupac. Theyall denied involveany with Death Row. when it seemed summer of says. cause was prison hesigned he in that it. would who andselling the fty-per-cent stake to probably it much later. .s prison.VVhat was written to exploit rebuff turning that by around document. Tupac was.Knight Tupac always Suge ill credit. hadcome playa said._. that Iovine took time or could providefunds with Tupac about decision his to not enough for orously rumor seriously. also He suspected nineteen-hour stretches. become only town. If AndasKnight becamemore gotoDeath a Row.alcoholmarijuana!. B when ut Tupac more real volved any was gators hehadheard rumor that a about it in 1994 or 1995._ .accompanied Death Row&#39. despitezlthe and. . years ifhe street. beenin- alter prison his term. . now the head of Mo. hisstayin Danncmora made had him Tupac saying.He was trips to Dannetnora visit Tupac.thatathis meeting Tupac the 1995. and he alone.someone Tupac snancial given verbal a release fromhislntermentby selling fty-per-cent its stake And he wouldsolve He even Afeni house. Underscoting the degree Time Warner executives and the board of guarantor theentirety._.s were Death Rowwas rap feel more vulnerable than ever before.! gave speak with-authority Time Warner irtherpromised he would up to Knight Kenner and arrived a priin that put about the future direction of Death Row. Stewart Levy. a record another!.wassqueezing to get us to go to nice. know mselling soul the his to the who to "l I my to of theTime Warner music division.s practices.A.more of im. had go and To big..t says. ..s most dence. would buya was contract for Kenner&#39.l. Iovine well saw as the whowere there thestudio night: consumption in that of enormous amounts of opportunityarrange to things way Andre Harrell. "Thestreet hadto be shit thing.1996." out and wasnot allowed postbail-he was inthe to Times Square studio Death and Rowthatimpulse heightwas Shalcut instinctively 1...not Knight. New should yield to the politicalpressure intractable him leaveto postbail. exceed. and Tupac brooded about being shot whenhecame of prison joined tinue inde nitely for even.leaving. As Michael for Harris bankrolling s of Death Row._. him. ManMansaid. some portion thebailand... lawsuit A against DeathRowand lose had Intersoope ledonbehalf a man that was of Tupac would more be popular than atingfromhis wounds. with Knight&#39. for to c taslcs made repeated a prison meeting with Harris. Tupac that who he became aware the continuing of cli. but it was not until December. thiswastrue. hestarted dollars thinking about it gotso it.months beforeHarriswroteto Io._.BadBoyEntertainment not C.. hebelieved it might thatKenner and that could cure legal the a division TimeWarner. EM! I is not clear. He work was this in bleak moment that Jacques Agnant. < .Knightclaimed money provided Interscope to was by and lnterscope.. the and he would. when Harris threathe ownedhalf of injail hewas getting letters frompeople Biggie something do with had to Even though lnterscope advanced Tupac hundred six thousand dur. Withina week.

-...:h so "ot r. 5as ad 1c .us :l6 . :n.d 3- &#39.d .53 3.ls he nd gh :i_ . nd gto :1c 90 ne he ad .ne :n. :i a.

hetried to be that.s bulk. the singer Faith Evans. In an interview in The Saurce insider out. Garland. you fat motherfucker. laden withdiamonds insisted was me much of Tupac&#39. Row had not in ll/larch. lt was a oom- but.is father acquittal on More Chance" No. And whenhe got thority -that hefound thatconnection.s be owed the massive the echoing a common view among Tupac&#39. Rap originatedthe had in East.It be sitting quietly overthere in a dominated world gangsta Just the encounter of rap.&#39.Leave it alone. Their Fula. had were sitting but if Tuin pecially when they sawthe twoto. Someone who has posturing and displays bravado the of 1 92 who remained to close Tupac. he probably much when he set out for the province of pac&#39.il. together Tupac and Knight seemed almost in.there around DeathRow. they worked together in socialized people who with tried. i . me in bearing the Death Row sym.ithe youth shad. Rolls-Royces four were pur.taurant we here hewould create sucha l. starting in the late eighties. But when they joined Death Row.the gangsta rappers Los from Angeles were Tupac arrived Death more successThen Puffy at il. this marriage was annulled.fancy clothes. began putting its own &#39.y&#39. ll - Biggie about in a it song: I icked your bitch. &#39.s friends remembers watching did more to stoke the ames of a them between East West and song from the soundtrack of publicized feud Death Row. says that he was out of his element. Watani "He was always looking a for father. That&#39. in some.Row that its signatureexcess becameBad BoyRecords. Snoop could asuperpower within the Dmth Row. the other exuding au.4 -2 ! l 69 it life to me is dead." Some of those close to Tupac were appalled at the Faith Evans imbroglio.s pointed Death at 1996. Suge that.s most Pu sucone father with the good andthe bad.s all what heturned into. and rubies.s Wife. with each activating the most explosive elements in the other. saw one animation.on was 1 murder charges!.pac were Pac was a chameleon. People had aura. But what he missed was bol of a hooded gure in an electric anger at Biggie Smalls. New York. all the For aspersions on everyone&#39. l 92 had a real star. She denies that such an encoun- ter with Tupac evertook .s met the man who said he was h. es. even his wife.pacwas shotthe corfailed to satisfy him. to end of resthe many thought. Karen Lee." r t . had many lease from prison. Syke like says.s cast inThe combination of Tupac and and the I was primarily a feud about to been combustible. and Biggie&#39.Tupac! He star friends. that&#39. the a re. Before Tupac. varying degreeslong hours thestudio.&#39.! later YaasmynKnight seems have money.rtually sing a he all of these putative guardians am0ng them.Tyehimba told that Mutulu some. Whatever he was around.s Tupac.tegrity.s by other&#39. hadalso drawnhim he to these pictures of Suge." Now he embraced it. Drrthe!/re entertainers. social limits. and he went so far as to taunt i Y t y . lots single One and of a former Black PanthernamedBilly women." Ain t Never Had a DNCE Tupacout came prison of and i Coast rappers than anyone. whowas one the few old friends of "Gridlock d": You Friend Like Me. Man Man.d been i t 92 t l Sleeping with Bigg-ie&#39.ner" he gestured one nine months earlier. Keisha.s Watani Tyehimba says. and he liked that. They had Snoop and in New Tucome the biggest star. ofTuOne success. He that itwas after known Knight well foryears points out was in was fascinated because of ab. a knowledgeable the charts. out evenmore pronounced. By the time Tupac chased to jealousy: Tupac in was ja. leftbehind vi. "__ me NEW:99 YORKER 1.cess il rapper.s pletely different soldier mentality.Thug was inSuge Knight. . gether-the slender. tomoderate his behavior. would he become hospital bedside Yorka er in Times Square lobby!. Combs&#39. based professional was on not a composite. Tupac claimed he&#39. he said. " gangsta rap which West the gold and diamond jewelry especiallyversion of merely derivative. ruckus. would saying. which based by it the sence of a male gure whocoidd say. and of were through. who materialized Tupac&#39." heavy medallions. chair!. All of a sudden.with While Tupac uansgtessed separable in monthser Tupac&#39. WataniTyehimba.were all feeding off each other.s celebrate Snoop Doggy Dogg&#39.

Tupachad decided to maica about a monthafter the incident. We weren&#39.4 -_&#39.Christmas at D &#39.-" said have to been luredupstairs U768 en r rife." Euphanasia. Knight and issaid have to urinated ajat into and told Bell to drink from it. and hounded theaddress Puify for of andPu &#39. Friend&#39...--L 1-- - -. in hosted Death by A record promoter New from mansion. .YTCQ°QT WA-. M i a-. CA 9292.-:_ " *""&#39.. Q.s of friend.:i. I&#39. it may But also have played into real.fly is i . thekilling Suge&#39. was Bell allegedly tied to a chair.it wasuse ilfor its mar- . 6| verbal.-&#39.theHollywood in Hills."*5 n9 Fm wiih Plmsloarapheril -jour ii_. the CW .77I __ >$&#39..-&#39.Pr EA. and asked oldfriend thanInterscope But shesuggests he his with heal.! 92 . And ddr92"l fOf.gl l.&#39.-~§% _ I .. _ __ 92_&#39.ea}: U - 1&#39._"&#39.s he is said part. VVhencopies the nancial in like or young cousins the of accountings. -Q. - 1"»: are wooJs trawl. acs 1 __-->&#39._ i_ _~.|&#39.92 //all lg =a.-"&#39.not a hyped. ere _ . " ISI. 1C1 l J rid aly ch 25! he do !n nut .-4-~. Bell receivedan estimated six~ hundred-thousand-dollar settle- "the 1She auntook r mentfrom Death Row." friendsays.---"" .*.d them. -1.x-_ ""l "&#39.."VVe&#39. a friendof Bell&#39. start own his production company. .s York.business not that be either affairs.s But told me that he had reached him in JaIn February._~_.m heretilll had.8 . . MarkAnthony who Bell. andtheirentourage been had drinking. to a new plane a. . told lifeare surprised hewould in.fat e to * champagne bottles. mil I ..&#39.s she Tupac withSuge.~~ / MPAWAMNABE =| to press charges. _.. Tupac. desire vengeance for on Knight&#39. uc F r Rowthe at Chateau Le Blane_ .5 - "- i .0_ _ .COASl VE. _____&#39. ofPu. isalleged He to have been beatenwith broken . said. id r -&#39. -_r-&#39.1¢ have Puffy for &#39.$&#39. &#39. ~ bash 1995.1.d was one Outlawz. that she was not oblivious of the dark me Fula to whowere Tupac last with the year his of of and She Fulabegan tryingto organize Tupac s side Knight DeathRow. who travelledwith him and askfor i I .y&#39.1 . OH &#39.A.l&#39.. isan associate Combs.s mother. called andBell hadsaidto him..= 1 . ." Syke Tupac&#39.Theybusted up bad! People Yaasmyn tocome L.._&#39.ie&#39. -%-i &#39. torunit.andthey&#39.__. and tunt to room a Where Knight.sblameda close _____ .s feud murder.t me thatTupachadnot allowed getting volved something this. .-. IQ i 5 _ l - ---- "&#39. and he declined .-=-5?. CS! ani .a Cunalatres girls-!. ~.interrogated about --_. sinoe to _-_¢ _~ _.in i wn I.--* ketingpossibilities. moved The &#39.

-1.ER." hisun led In complaint against himas wroteto Row.»*--I.. egy.tinued. allhisefforts. hotthe of M. the check. &#39. and withDeathRowin prison to nego. _*_. : Kenner. . teststar Kenner&#39.were met with silence. i i ~ ___.private a investigator has who Tupac hisentertainment contract as lawsigned prison in could chalbe workedclosely with Kenneryears.__ vi.Z1 . i my tell to . . -.. oz 1&#39.. abandoned the in bialpower behind throne.i§=&#39. . Tupac on in but asked It was question how walk appeal. them send -. was in vestment in what would beoome Death sdonable circumstances. _:. A musicbusiness executive was iendly who with Dre says thatDre left because was he uncomfortable Knights business with in I l | O if whichKenner consistently has denied.practices.-. many the company retumfor a relatively the To and of Tupac friends.J. Harris and introduced to Charles him and Ogleu-ee continue representwith yourlimbsattached bodily to to well. Inters the be- tween Knighr Kennert a familiar scope and facilitated divorce giving the by new Look at eighties handled of L. l.> te ~*:~ _ _.-&#39. He started Death murder buthad cases virtually expe.. when it never arrived. - .but it wireit. a ii who tolevers creative musician.¢. whatwouldit takeforTupac. It alsomight explain howhe ._.7-/1&#39. .. Now. around.s nowseems entree.-&#39. .. . to the streets works in consort with a Dre. 1 &#39. some thought. say havebeenable to closethe deal. . -i -. .thewould he&#39.. askDeath RowandInterscope. Such brilliant. thecon ict would even be more patent.. at of .-." This was not where he wanted to black-music record DAVID began KENNER to represent . and to be him. Suge.-" .ler1ged.. for yer as lawyer civil crimi.. relationship modest nancialsettlement. r -" . outright he and was and misrepresentations.Hefeltit was glorious He Knight. prover.functions told he operating.. &#39..fth had leged he hadhad prison that a meeting ingtosee contract birthday.s The of Dr.9292 3} t92. he had his movie deals he was P j-Q.tiate a formal contract under more con." Oglettee cona day.had go We to through therecord company.1-I..oould have of power theworld large.Weshould was never possible."precedent Dre&#39.+:" -. whose success only was eyes Kenner thereal was thing. ." Ogletree says.-~&#39..peatedly letters Death I remember seeing justbefore him the Tupac signedhistwenty. Harris Knightwere equal he said. would call I 1 2. Paul growing? Froma legal standpoint. &#39. for and told me that back in 1991 or so David A and his .-. was though It as he 1 l I .¢ - &#39.1 . -.u_Y TEA AND .because Row.-.- - . a.a white crirninal defense lawyerwho in the high-pro ledrug. .~iY. &#39. _z .YT. late Ogleuee Tusays.v92g. Ogletree continued.whiteplayer isconnected no and to out to rience in entertainment law.Then.JUl. Butyouhavetoli92reafterthat. dismiss terms hisin. Then.d arrive. ~ . =. -. withKenner 1991.-. Ogletree it was so cult.never to the of imagined liveto be twentyhe&#39. Row . it plain.92 4 1 -w hadnolifeexcept given himby that to Bythe spring. and in September..___-. &#39.*""i 7 &#39. &#39. pacwascare illy plotting escape.B.&#39. Harrisal. his Hehad Euphanasia. // .s pattem: black some most a gangster has who accesshima lucrative contract. it whenit didn&#39..&#39.the was maintainfriendly idea to a relationship Suge to separate with but 3 E Z 4 1 l l i n-CAJ his business. G 3.-_ building something wasall to be that partof oneentity.SYMPATHY! Death Row. departure DeathRowdid not from seem especially encouraging. a of to away was representing Michael Harris his naloases Califomia. inorder get hehad M I . racketeering.alleged. 4 1 COFFEE »~ INTHE »~=> KICK PANT5 4? F°R.92. in at Knight Row. &#39.. partners.s in themail. theOuthehad lawz..._ _ _ ~THENEWVYOR| .l997 we» . not dii the Palladino..&#39._.&#39. in their camethroughMichael Harris.d there a sadnms hiseyes. He hada strat.:.. _ . " When the check didn&#39." Ogletree added. Kenner to sions.. .come. has money. and Dre his interest in 1995hewas. would He say.. said. . . >. Q.t if.<&#39..Ogletree methat re.A.1 emerged thetop oneof thehottest might wear a ring with the initials give up almosteverything. five but but hestill these had chains binding diver. -&#39. .Member Bloods" but labels.__1 . It&#39.he would sayhe wassending FedEx. ~ -&#39.O.

he by igh Fu.t I til.! thehoscelebrated takingone of his law. ild :n .grazed. 68 I nonexistent ght. nd n&#39. UT was be filtidly :ate &#39. their pital.s not sic- vith I was rtess itin vsly P&#39. would maintain had He later he Belushi.97*.pe.Tupac and yers. to dinner at twominutes -Knight. The it Tupac Afterthealmost in At Seldonin less out than a bulletlodged his head.re&#39. wentinto emergency sur- .d lld t it all . night wrapped.Tysonknocked by Tupac. e&#39. Shawn Chapman.orrnNoAnr_scA|>s if _/&#39.t .

i 92 l 1 I l charging his purported that representa. I&#39. VVhen federal grand jury subpoenas sentoutlastFebruwere role but on Kennel.of course.wild cardof Sugeand Kenner. lackof congruency thisparture. deputy district attorney Lawrence Longo.federal hardly havebeen an attractivepros. who is in hiding. wasreported it that Death Row. people you. been a model of corporate responsibility. and at Death conduct. But it was Death Row that rescued i I 1 lion dollars from Death Row. It helpedput themin the for the ten confession that Kenner had drafted ifA.s slap theface.would be a price to pay for its cultivaare rl close lyrics. In ticular moralitytale is bitterly familiar.sas well. and and they -Interscope.And it waslnterscope.represent in the federalinvestigahim argues Death did that Row lastalbum she reported Octoberthat he hadgiven pac&#39. of ceof Gelfand. deed. parent Universal. say thesuitisontheverge being own.re to leave me?And six to makethat possible.and that Interscope helped for Iovine and Field. suitinto from The cluded a claim against Kenner for ing that they were engaged a in con- Row the spendingwas obscene.and also that David agreed Interscope that would heran on. Today.Grimes in a recording contract the to daughter the counting of the moneydue to him. including Nine Inch Nails. bothanat.ll out come Tupac. Afeni Shalcura led spiracy steal Tupac. LosAngeles The Time: threatening blocktherelease Tu.ter all. into And s tors that he had been invited to a San thereisalso compelling And the legacy Death of a business ratio.As one terscope. Several people closeto the situation scope havebeenworse than devastating it&#39.when she found Knight and SugeKnight has retainedMilton whodefended Rodney King. gave black has been since forced byhis rm. others gathered. to Iovineand Field did bet on Suge intermediary betweenKnight and al. perhaps business In mid April. to Beingsubject a legalpro.Rowto lnterscopea richone. on the theorythat the companies Theygave black a related to have as shared ex. Cantroclc denies stealing only DeathRowbut lnterscope well. Tupac&#39. solelyto its a iliationwith DeathRow. lt&#39. /Ba-ue People that they that. nalefor Interseope do everything an purpose Infor Kenner.But Death Row was no unscathed the chanee blackartists entrepreneurs to and tures onlyassuccessastheopera. who Interscope. . 3-Q." he concluded.! Then.no matter on thespot. .can DeathRowassets shift the within Interscope.I. But Interscope that executives may Cantrock.s unless got anac. in the assaultcase.in a strictlycorporate in sense has it Rennert 8c Feldman. Ina principal the L.1 they&#39. that community that theygave as feel a were blackmanpower.in December. an entertainmentexecutive estate and to fearing hislife.This wouldmeana colossal t a public in lt that of is not tolerable. to of afteranother. made has To manyblacksin the musicbusiyou&#39.were handswhohadhelped strikehisprobation deal andher lawyer. they&#39. had Row. theWall owers. hadmanaged doit. ment. was Kenner had rented a n. .the half of Interit. and were that sibleto quelltheskirmishing between Rowserved amazing ll0 3 i é he had been forced to his knees and. A music-business veteran with his own interests inasmuch as Seagtam. eonthe of is who is close to Dre told me that if Kenner.signed handwrit. Knightsays noforce Death Row shewould surelysuenot what happens. l would not. andDavid Kermer. Longo deniesany morial service Tupac in Atlanta in lnterscope has. In thelastfewmonths. themtake theindustrylet on dollar-a-month Malibu iness.lnterscope points out.in social racketeering against suit DeathRow. signed document wasnot o -icially had a saying he stolefour anda half mil.cessof discoveryon this issuecould Drewhen other companies legedorganized-crime gures.tion.SugeKnight&#39.. in a way.lawyerclose the situationpointsout. the LosAngeles Time: reported Steve that November. If tices as well.afs pets8:.s that Universaldoesnot already pro an insult.He soclosely out They a man hasalsobeenreported havebeenan posure.themfromtheirearlydoldrums that for delivered multi-platinumalbumafone was to have federal said told invesuga ingpushed Tupac Sugearms. Death Row saccountantand Thatlnterscopewidely is regarded as the most successful new label since Geffen Records cannot be attributed wrongdoing." Colony house more to come.! Canuock. that underwrote a meand for had stayedin it.Knightand investigators reportedly exam.thesuitalleges. ~. told me.s Death Row. themoney.A.s not ing couldwell provea boon.feni didn&#39. alleg.Lybrand. in wasinvolved.to been buffeted onedamaging by revelation Kcnner unresponsive and she was Grimes.i. but Dre to attempt leave to Death Rowthatledto malpractice breach duciary and of duty. A couple of monthsago. Death Fernando Valleyhouse whereKnight.0m andfromMCA._ money of in Their hisdeath.paid the heaviest priceof all. Interscope hugelysuccessful has rock groups.andto their beliefin givinga zone. So if therearegoing to be indictpay ments. tors arefrugal. is to pos. Cantrock and feel a levelof responsibility hav. 0 -.ve you and settled. an executive to tion of gangsterism in and in pracSuge Knight.sidering was buying.Tupac lnterscope artist. thepop and and groups DoubtandGod&#39.t she getwhat wanted from black-music business. three for hundred and Tupac left Death.ter another.s No Property. going months alter Dre did it? In another culthe in SinceTupac death.Interscope s has ness. it not operate a vacuum.s enterprise undoary.neteen thousandimmediate three million dollars with RichardFischbein.they focussed onlyonKnight&#39. a division ofCoo done more than was required. They havejustified what ining possible between links Death Row light of the ongoing criminal probe theydid byalludingto theFirstAmendand organized crime familiesin New of Death Row." repeatedly sue soughtto mollify Afeni. l Bush.And anyone who got federalprobe.money. notjust thisoneblackbus It fromtheLongo family thatKnight not Death Row.manautonomy.pect for lnterscope -particularly in have been York andChicago. smellinglike roses and not havethe Tupac wasin hopeless con ict relinquishing claim on tion of any only by jimmy Iovine metwithAfeni came &#39. Knighthas October. Iointvennear couldhavepredicted it that there IFInterscopc escapes in from the street. it would torneyfor DeathRow andan owner of fty million dollars.

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