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EBS Period End Close R12 Final[1]

EBS Period End Close R12 Final[1]

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Published by Amit Chauhan

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Published by: Amit Chauhan on Jul 08, 2011
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The following reports should be reviewed, and exceptions corrected before

completing the Order Management/Receivables period end:

a) Unbooked Orders Report

Use this report to review orders entered but not booked. They may indicate

incomplete processing, which needs to be corrected, completed, or deleted as


b) Retry Activities in Error

There are cases when retrying a workflow activity in error will not resolve the

problem. When Exception Management encounters this situation, the workflow

activity is set to ‘notified’ instead of being retried.

c) Sales Order Workflow Status Report

The Sales Order Workflow Status Report enables Order Management users to locate

orders that are not progressing through associated workflows as expected.

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