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I  am  glad  to  release  Elc coma  Members’  Directory  f the  year  2 for  2010‐11.    The  first  volume  had  over  whe elming  among stake holders in lighting industry.  D Directory was d distributed wid dely through direct mailing in n India  response a and  abroa besides,  circulating  cop ad  pies  during  se eminars,  exhib bitions  and  w workshops  thr roughout  the  year.   Encourage ed by the earlie er response this time we are printing 8000 c copies of this issue.  The Lightin ng Industry reg gistered a grow wth of 9% as ag gainst 15% ach hieved in the p previous year w with the last quarter  showing a  major pull bac ck.  CFL, the je ewel in the cro own helped the e overall grow wth by growing g at high rate o of 28%  09.  during 200

All Figures in Rs. Crores 


  The Econo omy has picked d up steam wit th a promising g + 8% GDP gro owth and the y year ahead should be signifi icantly  better  for  lighting  industry.    With  the increased  aw e  wareness  of  en nergy  efficiency among  the  c y  consumers,  industry  n business for p products like, C CFL’s, LED’s, HID’s, & Lighting g Fixtures.  should witness a surge in a stry  in  India,  c continues  its  efforts  in  providing  more  e energy  ELCOMA,  which  is  the  apex  body  of  lighting  indus ghting  products.    Members  are  innovating  new  designs of  luminaries to  improve  e s  s  efficiency  whic has  ch  efficient  lig now becom me utmost imp portant for the e decision make ers.  Industry ha as taken lead i in reducing pri ice as the cons sumption incre eases and scale e of production n improves.  CFL is a  case in point in this direc ction and effort is on for othe er lighting prod ducts.   The most important effo ort ELCOMA has initiated is in ntroduction of Solid State Lighting in India.  The LED comm mittee  ghting applications through a a 3 day conclav ve in Delhi in M May, 2010.  One day worksho op and  is going to launch LED lig ntly be held at four other imp portant cities in India.  exhibition will subsequen ward to a very b bright 2010‐11 and wish the members all th he best.  I look forw With Best W Wishes  

Sunil Sikk ka President 

Crompton Greaves Limited.
Kanjur Marg (East), Mumbai -400 042. Registered office: CG House, 6th Floor,Dr. Annie Besant Road,Worli,Mumbai -400 030. India Email: Tel: 022-67558000, 67558535.
Crompton Greaves (CG) is part of the Gautam Thapar led US$ 4 bn Avantha Group, a conglomerate with an impressive global footprint. Since its inception, CG has been synonymous with electricity. In 1875, a Crompton 'dynamo' powered the world's very first electricity-lit house in Colchester, Essex, U.K. CG's India operations were established in 1937, and since then the company has retained its leadership position in the management and application of electrical energy. Today, Crompton Greaves is India's largest private sector enterprise. It has diversified extensively and is engaged in designing, manufacturing and marketing technologically advanced electrical products and services related to power generation, transmission and distribution, besides executing turnkey projects. The company is customercentric in its focus and is the single largest source for a wide variety of electrical equipments and products. With several international acquisitions, Crompton Greaves is fast emerging as a first choice global supplier for high quality electrical equipments and products. The Lighting Division of Crompton Greaves which is a part of the Consumer products SBU has been a pioneering player in the field of artificial illumination for the last three decades. The Baroda lamp Works with the state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, manufactures incandescent lamps, fluorescent tubes, HID lamps and CFLs which have found wider acceptance universally because of its superior quality. Year Established: 1937 1. Business Domain: Electrical equipments and products 2. Product Brands: Crompton Greaves, CG-Lemnis, CG-Fael Luce, CG-Scame, Luce Viva. 3. Manufacturing Facilities : CG's business operations consist of 22 manufacturing divisions spread across Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Madhya Pradesh, and Karnataka. 4. Products manufactured: CFLs, FTLs, GLS, HID lamps 5. Other products Traded: Commercial Luminaires, Industrial Luminaires, Flameproof Luminaires, Street lighting luminaires, Flood lighting Luminaires, Landscape lighting Luminaires, Retail Lighting luminaires, Pharox 5W LED lamp, T5 lamps,etc. 6. Details of Exports : All electrical equipment and lighting products (Commercial/Industrial / Floodlight/ Flameproof luminaires etc.) 7. No. of Employees: 5000 8. Directors: Mr. Gautam Thapar Mr. Sudhir M. Trehan Mr. S.R. Bayman Dr. O. Goswami Mr. S. Labroo Ms. M. Pudumjee Mr. S.P. Talwar Dr. Valentin A H von Massow 9. Contact persons for Mr. Sanjay Biswas (022- 67558505) a) Business Development Mr. Vishwajeet Surve (022- 67558959) b) Exports 10. Regional Offices: MR. Laishram Singh , RSM -lighting (Eastern Region) Mr. R. Murali, 50, Chowringhee Road, Kolkata -700 071 RMM -Lighting ( Southern Region) Tel: 033 -22829681-85 3, Crompton House, Dr M G R Salai, P B No: 3316 Mr. Sanjeev Sethi Nungambakkam, Chennai-600 034. Lighting (Delhi Regional) Tel:044 42247507/Fax: 044-28231973 Vandana Building, 11, Tolstoy Marg, New Delhi- 110 001. Mr. Prashant Thorat Tel: 011-30416300 RSM-Lighting (Western Region) Kanjurmarg East, Mumbai-400 042 Tel: 022 -67558605, 67558000. 11. E-mail :

It is the member of global lamp forum and has participated in many international activities like environment. ELCOMA has been called upon to join several government committees/ panels/taskforces to assist in the formulation of national policy on technical. and to further facilitate the overall interests of its members who are drawn from large. opening of imports and market driven policies. ELCOMA appointed a special committee for SSL. With the changing role. workshops. a liberalized economic model was introduced which lead to freeing the economy from government controls. social. Metal Halide Lamp. On Energy Conservation. exhibitions and media are undertaken at Delhi and other States. the Electric Lamps and Components Manufacturers’ Association was founded in Bangalore. Electronic Ballasts and LED Lighting are few of examples. Multinational companies faced severe disadvantages due to the nationalist policies. The Association is structured to have an elected Governing Body comprising of a President. are our members. and Treasurer with a full time professional Secretary General. Even the manufacturers of components like glass shells. ELCOMA has a membership of more than 80 manufacturers. The industry has constantly been doing research on providing most energy efficient lighting sources as a result CFL. ELCOMA as an exclusive representative of the lighting industry has always acted as an important link to support. medium. The early years of the Association were almost exclusively devoted to representations and liaison with the Indian government to draw attention on all issues affecting the development and effectiveness of the lighting industry. 1970. ELCOMA decided to enlarge its area of interest 2 years ago to include lumina ire as well. The term of the governing body is for one year. ELCOMA has played a very important role for the society and the government. to promote and develop cooperation among manufacturers of the electric lamps and components.THE ELCOMA STORY On the 29th June. In the 90’s with a change in the economic approach of the country. The planned economy model followed by the government meant that all activities of the industry were controlled and licensed. PCBs. so that the Association represents total lighting. both technical advancements as well as in geographic marketing. and ELCOMA used its platform to present a balanced view on contributions. The most important achievement is the ELCOMA role in preparing CFL Quality Standard Tiers for Asian countries under the banner of Asia Lighting Compact. domestic large companies. Lighting industry started to witness lowering of tariff and taxes. ballasts. energy conservation. caps. Standard and test the SSL luminaries and initiate an awareness program through media. small and micro manufacturers. filaments. harmonization of standards. Vice President. ELOCMA plays a very important role in international lighting fraternity. Recently in order to promote solid state lighting in India. etc. ELCOMA used its joint efforts to ensure the maximization of attention and government permissions to assist a healthy growth. financial and environment issues. The main purpose was to create a common platform for the Indian lighting industry to collectively advance the interest and progress of lighting manufacturer in the country. etc. . Among the members. This committee will prepare specification. who consist of multinational. starters. Regular awareness programs through seminars. medium and small industry segments. This brought about 40 YEARS OF DEDICATED  a new challenge to the local lighting industry and ELCOMA found SERVICE TO THE SOCIETY AND  that it had to gradually shift from “government centric” to “lighting progress centric” with a special emphasis on energy conservation THE INDUSTRY  which was the prime concern of the country.

Neemrana.HAVELLS INDIA LIMITED Powering the New World Switching On from a humble start Welcome to the world of Havells India Limited. Today. SEMKO. CFL Lamps. CPA. Alwar. Power Capacitors. Besides the 11 state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in India located at Haridwar. CB. commercial and industrial electrical needs. Fans. SNI (Indonesia) and EDD (Bahrain) – thus complying with stringent quality norms at even the most testing markets. Cables & Wires. Commercial & Industrial applications. Sylvania. Latin America & Africa churning out globally acclaimed products. SPRING (Singapore). have earned the distinction of being the preferred choice of electrical products for discerning individuals and industrial consumers both in India and abroad. With a total turnover exceeding billion-plus dollars. like BASEC. Bhiwadi. SIRIUM (Malaysia). it also operates 10 state-of-the-art manufacturing plants located across Europe. Havells enjoy enviable market dominance across a wide spectrum of products and services. ASTA. Noida. Concord. worldwide. CSA. its global network constitutes 91 branches and representative offices and with over 8000 professionals in over 50 countries across the globe. which are synonymous with excellence and expertise in the electrical industry. Samepur Badli.. which continuously strives to set new benchmarks in prompt delivery and service to its customers – powering their smiles like none other electrical brand! Recognised by world quality leaders Havells and its products & processes have acquired a number of International quality certifications. Modular Switches. Sahibabad. the largest and India’s fastest growing electrical and power distribution equipment manufacturer with a strong global footprint. TSE (Turkey). . Linolite. and is all set to keep powering the world with its state-of-the-art innovations and energy-efficient solutions. including Industrial & Domestic Circuit Protection Switchgear. the Group has achieved rapid success in the past few years. Faridabad. Powered by leading brands and strong service and delivery network Havells owns some of the prestigious global brands like Crabtree. Motors. Luminance. All this is then aptly backed with its 20000 strong global distribution network. Luminaires for Domestic. KEMA. Baddi. CE. & Bathfittings covering the entire gamut of household. & SLI Lighting as part of its portfolio. Further. Havells and its various brands.

Rajeev Chopra 3.  At  present. K. Arun Gupta Mr. Vineet Agrawal Mr.S. Rajeev Chopra         Vice‐President          (Philips Electronics India)                           Mr. 13. Soonderji Havells India Limited Philips Electronics Bajaj Electricals Ltd Osram India (P) Ltd Hind Lamps Ltd Venture Lighting Ltd Fluo-lite (P) Limited Litex Electricals Ltd NTL Electronics Ltd Indo-Asian Fusegear Wipro Ltd Mercury Lighting (P) Harmilap Roshni Ltd Surya Roshni Limited Crompton Greaves Halonix Ltd.G. 12. D.U. Bhavin H. Kulkarni Mr. 16. Vikram Ranade Mr.ELCOMA OFFICE BEARERS 2009-2010     Electric Lamp & Component Manufacturers’  Association of India  A 448. Sunil Sikka 2.S. 6. He is actively associated with  many companies as adviser or is on their board.  he  is  member  of  various  Indian  and  International. technology development and environment.  . Mani                    Mr Sunil Sikka     President       (Havells’ India Limited)    THE GOVERNING BODY 2009 ‐ 2010  1. Mr. 17. T. India Ph: 91-11-41556644 Fax: 91-11-46577582 E-mail: elcomaindia@rediffmail. Members 5. Vice President Mr. New Delhi – 110024. P. 11. Ajwani Dr.  Mamak  is  pioneer  in  Lighting  Industry  having  worked  for  more  than  50  years  in  various  assignments  in  Illumination  and  Lighting  Concepts  and  Technology.P. 7. PRESIDENT: Mr. Sreekumar Mr. Vijay Gupta Mr. Shyam Sujan              Secretary General              (ELCOMA)    Mr. 9. Manoj Verma Mr. Mamak ‐ Adviser to ELCOMA                                             Mr. 10.S. Gagan Mehra Mr. Defence Colony. Bansal Mr. H. ATCO Controls (I)                        Mr. www. Mani          Treasurer            (Bajaj Electricals)    15. Treasurer 4. B.elcomaindia.G. C. A. 8.  both  government  and  non‐government  organizations  dealing  with quality standards. Agarwal Mr. Rajesh Kochhar Mr. Shekhar Bajaj Mr. S. J. C. Mr.

. (080) 41434000 (080) 41434199 madan. Dixon Technologies (I) Pvt. K185/1 Sarai Julena. Murphy Road. SP Road. 18DLF Ind Area. New Delhi 110065 38-B Nariman Bhavan. New Delhi 110015 B-43 Sector s. Mumbai-400 002 B-20. (Vill) Lakhond. Ltd. ( nandakumar@marutiuslighting. 02222025528 02222828252 Extn.P A-74 Mangolpuri Ind. Ltd 25 GE India Industrial (P) Ltd www.reddy@newargroup. Bangalore 560080 The Millenia. Secunderabad 500003. Greater NOIDA 201306 UP Lighting Amal.P. Pune 411026 (Maha) E-337. Moti Nagar. Kanjur Marg (E).com Fiemunit1@fiemindustries. manoj. com cenzerbaddi@yahoo. Delhi 10092 C/o Laxmi Auto Products. CEMA Electric Lighting Products India Pvt.P Surya Plaza. Firozabad 283203 – U.). Kasna. Phase-II. 1st floor. 28 Rishab Vihar. Nariman sandeep.sengupta@eveready. KPR 14 15 27019054 02694283611 244981 ajneesh. Baddi – 173205 Himachal Pradesh I-14 UPSIDC. KUNDLI. RIICO Ind.P 2nd Rainey Park. Sonepat 131028 Haryana 21. 10 Bhakthavatsalam Nagar.234-236. New Friends Clny.ELCOMA MEMBERS’ LIST Sr No 1 2 3 4 Company Aarkay Associates Adarsh Kanch Udyog (P)Ltd Alien Energy (P) Ltd All India Auto Miniature Bulb & Component Mfrs Assn of India Amka Green Energy Solution (P) Ltd Anchor Electricals 12 22828252 cgsmani@bajajelectricals. Tower-B. # 1 & 2. Bangalore 560008 5 6 info@amka. Ballyganj Place. 283610 01795244962 011 23273366 02267558000 01202584687 03324408920 95120 2568757 03324864961 0130 2219172 080 23360 505 22022304 NOIDA 201305 U. Bajaj Electricals Ltd. MIDC. A. R M V Extn. Site 5. Shikohabad 205135 UP Coal Siding Road. Tel 05679234512 05612 261131 011 22372828 01125931217 0120 4276201 02832299827 02027120350 01493220213 07312474 26264 01126317232 4276203 02832270099 27121526 220295 2473366 26837406 Fax 234880 244764 22375994 E-Mail info@aarkatskb. 370105 J-152.aelgroup. 600020 TN 67 HPSIDC. Palace Orchard Apartment. 9th Main. 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 Classic (P)Ltd Lamps Industry 23263323 02225787283 2585289 2221-5709 95120 2562681 24864673 2219179 080 23344 621 . Mumbai 400023 3rd Crompton Greaves Ltd 7 8 9 10 Arklite Speciality Lamps Ltd Arvind Press Caps Ltd Arya Filaments (P) Ltd Asian Electronics Limited www. No. Karkardooma Industrial Area. 6th Address Naushara Road. Industrieal Area. NOIDA U. Adyar. Phase II. Kolkata – 700019 WB B-14/ 13 Balaji Greentech Products Ltd Beacon Electronics sunilvachani@dixoninfo. Ltd. btajwani@luminac.121 040 27898206 01127016343 02694283692. ys. Ltd. G T 11 Atco Controls (India) Pvt. Mumbai 400021 51 Mahatma Gandhi Road. N Delhi 34 lts@vsnl. Ta) Bhuj (Distt. Area. Area Ph-II. NOIDA 201301 U. Bhiwadi 301019 (Alwar) 344 –Vishnupuri Wnnex Indore – 452001 M. Kolkatta – 700 019 32 Milestone. Eveready Industry India Ltd Fiem Industries Limited Fluolite Pvt.beacon@gmail.P Deki Electronics Dhanashree Electronics Ltd. Sector aryafil@rediffmail. Cenzer Industries Ltd 27816171 nn@balajigreentech. Ltd.


mehra@osram.. Off Mahakali.JK Ind. NOIDA 201305 U. Laxman Jhula Rd. NOIDA 201305 28 29 30 Halonix India Ltd Goldwyn Limited Harmilap Electricals 2562943 2568105 01142518414 Rajesh. DLF Cyber City. Off Nagar ashokmittal@nichiaindia. 4091936 01725011960 011 – 29535381 07922871622 234300 011 23232639 0120 2563442 4108562 24221258 41629753 27120056 Fax 235177 E-Mail Shiv. Gurgaon 122001. NOIDA 201301 U. Rishikesh 249201 UT 497. Phase II. NOIDA – 201305 dayal@orientfans. Delhi 110033 64. DLF Phase 3 Gurgaon 122002 Haryana E-3. 8th floor. Ahmedabad 382415 27 Glostar Electricals(P)Ltd 26873959 glostar@vsnl. Pune 412216 Maha. Koregaon Bhima. 2 Electronic Coop State. Industrial Area. NOIDA 201 304 Hind Lamps sales@goldwynled. South City. pksood@regnant.rai@instapower. PUNE – 411009 Maharashtra B 73 Okhla Industrial Area. Freedom Fighter .in mithabi@fokallamps. Indo Asian Fusegears Ltd Sector – skchoudhary@hplindia.Estate. Hind Lamps Limited HPL Protection Technologies Ltd. New Delhi W-134 S Block. Phase V. Regnant Lighting Renown Engineering 2270151 29534272 22871622 vinaygupta@pla. Ecoglo. Andheri. NOIDA 201301 U. harmilaproshnilimited@rediffm ail.P 457 Udyog Vihar. Industrial Area. Pune 411026 Mahrashtra Unit vikram. II-Industrial estate. sector 6. Sector-IV. Vivek Vihar. Phase II – 110020. Ltd 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 47 Philips India Limited 5091912 46 Patodia Glass Industries Ltd. New Delhi 110068 421/422 GIDC Ind. Mohali Pb B – 167. 676301 01245091910. Sec 126. DLF -9B. Asaf Ali Road. g.havells.ELCOMA MEMBERS’ LIST Sr No 26 Company Globus Lamps Tel 01332235077 02226873967 01204012222 0120 – 2568537 01122373154 01204771000 05676234501 011 23234411 0120 3042222 0124 – 4124000 020 – 24223734 01140526501 02027120350 01127425074 01352430168 01294086497 01204355753 0120 2517025 0129 4283009 01244081581 020-2137 676300. New Delhi 110002 B 200. Signature Tower B.ranade@indoasian. 48 49 50 Punjab Lighting Aids (P) Ltd. Phase II. Haryana Unit 31 Havell’s India Limited www. Mumbai 400093 59A NSEZ. Haryana 11th flr. Shikohabad 205141 UP 1/21. Gurgaon 122001 375/ Instapower Limited Intelux Electronic (P) Ltd Karma Industries Litex Electricals Pvt. Delhi 110095 QRG Address 127 Raipur Industrial Area. Phase-II. 2D. Faridabad 121006. Shirur. SAS Nagar.P B-1/ Ltd Mithabi Lamps (P) Ltd NTL Electronics India Ltd Nichia Chemical (P) Ltd Orient Fans Osram India (P) Ltd 2432198 5043046 4355751 2517027 4283030 4081577 mercurylamps@sancharnet.Est. Phase-2.talwar@globus. A-25/1 GT Karnal Road. Roorkee 247661 Utrakhand 21 arun. Faridabad Haryana seshagiri@inteluxindia. 40 41 42 43 44 45 Mercury Lighting Pvt. 39 Macsun Industrial Co. NSEZ.kochhar@halonix.P 413 Sector 15A. 27425075 renownengg@yahoo.

Partha Biswas – Vice President – Sales. Mobile : +919677040031.. Business Domain Product Brand Manufacturing Facilities Battery. Mr. it has just entered into GLS lamp segment. RAINEY PARK..D. Eveready Industries India Ltd. Mobile : +919619195993 South : Mr. Mosquito Repellents. In the year 2008-09. leveraging its brand and retail network. 7. Business Development Exports (a)(i)Mr. Flashlights. Mr. Eveready is in the business of dry cell batteries. Haridwar. New Delhi – 110 001. The company also manufactures for reputed international brands like Toshiba and Kodak. New#200 (Old no.. 8. Eveready Industries India Ltd. All units are ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 certified. Dish wash bars. Sir P M Road. 3. 42 warehouses and 950 vans and 3500 direct distributors. Parliament Street. Products Manufactured Other Products Traded No.2 billion dry cell batteries and 24 million flashlights.S. Rainey Park. 5. Middleton Street. West : Mr.ghoshkumar@eveready. Sriram. Eveready Industries India Ltd.Khaitan – Vice President and Managing Director Eveready Industries India Limited is a widely held public limited company with its stock listed in the National Stock Exchange of India.. Eveready Industries India Ltd. 2. (ii) Mr.000 retail outlets.. Mobile : +919830939637 . The R&D laboratory is NABL accredited. WM Group has interests in Dry Batteries. 748). b. This year. Fort Mumbai – 400 001. the company has diversified into mosquito repellents and dish wash bars. 2nd floor. 3rd floor. Shree Gopal Pandey – Senior Manager – Exports. Eveready has one of the best retail network in the country reaching more than 800. Noida. 870 Battery and Flashlights 1. Kolkata – 700019. Backed by in house R&D. flashlights and packaged tea. TEL : +91 33 3058 7837 / 2486 4961 / 2455 9213-15 FAX : +91 33 2486 4673 e-mail ID : rhea. Saurav Medhi. Tea. Kolkata – 700 071. KOLKATA – 700 019. Tea. the company exports to 9 countries using the brand Lava. Jeevan Deep Building. Anna Salai. Last year. 2. 2 Rainey Park. Senior General Manager. Lighting Products Business.. (b) Mr. Kolkata – 700019.. CFLs. Tea and Engineering Projects.2. Chennai. Saha. Chennai – 600 002. Mobile : +919415009662. Eveready Industries India Limited is the flagship company of the Williamson Magor Group.. 4. Nepal and Bhutan. Eveready Industries India Ltd. GLS. UCO Bank Building. Lucknow Battery. Lakshmi Building. the company has 10 state of the art manufacturing units located in various parts of India. Selaqui. Dish wash bars Eveready Kolkata. The company has the exclusive right of the brand Eveready in India. 9253 million in the financial year 2008-09. Apart from selling under the brand name Eveready in the three countries mentioned above. R.Wholetime Director 9. 1st Floor. 6. the company entered into the rapidly growing compact fluorescent lamp market. 1. 1. Maddur. It is a 106 year old company and it registered a turnover of Rs. With 15 branches. Eveready Industries India Ltd.Vineet Mehta. Harinarayan. Contact Persons for a. Flashlights CFLs. North : Mr. Rainey Park. Kolkata – 700019. Mosquito Repellents. Sudeep Ghosal. GLS. The company is by far the market leader in both dry cell batteries and flashlights in India. 5. the company sold 1. The company has ambitious plans to enter the TL lamp and the luminaires. of employees Details of Export Directors East : Mr. Eveready Industries India Ltd. In the last two years.

Nashik Maha. Electricals Ltd. III Pasta Lane. DDA Commercial Complex Ring Road. Area. Koramangla Industrial 93 A. 70 5852600 parakh@uyog. 8. Haridwar. Starlite Lighting 63 Versa Lites & Luminaires Pvt. 55 Sehmbey Products www.B Ind Area CTS 636-A. Goraya (Distt. Hosur dilip@thornindia. Colaba. NOIDA Phase II 201 301 NOIDA U. 6. Block 28541120 59 Usha Shriram Enterprises bunnysei@vsnl. Kandivili (E) Mumbai 400101 Maha. 87C.P. Tambaram. 28541916 25770990 2350832 25789560 Fax 2424769 E-Mail manoj@oscargroup. 22881366 sales@xylon. Dewas 455001 MP Cinema Road. 5th 58 Thorn Lighting India (P) Ltd www. 14 & Naraina. Road. Bestlite Elec (P) 67 Wipro Limited 8440059 vineet. New Delhi 110048 34A. Surya Roshni Ltd. Mumbai 4000093 jpa. Pune – 411026 Maharashtra S – 46 Okhla Phase 68 Xylon ElectroTechni Pvt. 01127490562 03322431555 0805056200 02222883355 08025733853 0120 5852600 27494894 suresh@pulsarchem. 56 57 rb@starlitelighting. MEPZ. Karnataka A-491. Arehalli. Chennai 600045 Plot No. Satpur. Dr Rajendra Prasad Sarani. Near Thakur Polytechnic. New Delhi 110033 A-30. Bangalore 560095 Karnataka BN-41 Poorvi Shalimar Bagh. arvindbansal@surya. Rajendra Place. Jalandhar) 144409 62 22625569 skumar@vlindia. Sector – 2&3 HMS Uttrakhand 43 Rajasthani Udyog 69 Yagachi Auto Gadgets (P) Ltd Yog Systems (P) Ltd 25734666 yagachiblr1@yahoo. Bangalore 560061 52 53 Samudra Electronic System (LP Ltd Sanarti Incorporated 25675124 41609796 samudratech@yahoo. New Delhi 110046 Plot No. No. Padma Tower I.P 12 Electronic Sadan II. Ltd. 64 Vignani Solutions (P) Ltd 080 42004212 42004260 tiger@vignani. 66 Webfil Limited 22421335 dkallol@hotmail. 12&13.ELCOMA MEMBERS’ LIST Sr No 51 Company Rolex Industries Tel 01202424608 020 25675124 011 26385274 07272258480 01826262577 02532354423 01125810093 -96 02228541056. Sector 3 A. Kolkata 700001 WB Survey 76P Sarjapur Rd.2 Nirav Complex. 258400 svelat@sancharnet.P. II E Sidcul. Bangalore 560068 C 78 Hosiery Complex. D5 Ph II ZoneB. NOIDA 201301 U. M. # 34/1 Roopena Agrahara. 4th BC Cross.C. 65 Vivid Chem Pvt. Ltd. Address E-41.agrawal@wipro. Delhi 110088 Yule Hse. Bangalore 560035. V R Wonder Electricals & Electronics 25770995 60 0133431899 61 Vardhman Electrical Appliances Venture Lighting India Ltd 01127694072 04422623094 08026724724 27694073 piyush@lazerindia. m Rvenkat46@rediffmail. 54 S. AgraBombay Rd. 26420374 versalites@vsnl. Varthur Hobli. New Delhi 110008 Row House. MIDC.

cleanray. visit our .A new world. The light ahead. A new energy. For more information. Indoor and outdoor LED lighting solutions that save a lot more than just monthly bills on electricity.

visit the website www. The establishment of Asia Lighting Compact in October 2009 was a direct response to the issues of lighting product quality. This led to the formation of a coalition of national lighting associations and signing of an agreement – Manila Compact. professional societies and bulk purchasers of lighting products. ALC is dedicated to quality lighting and reducing greenhouse gas emissions through the adoption of energy efficient lighting in Asia. research institutions. ALC quality system consists of 3 tiers. testing laboratories. and production of huge quantity of substandard (low quality) CFLs in Asia. publicly reviewed system which is consistent with the standards of International Electrotechnical Commission. To join ALC. without recreating lighting standards and in cooperation with national/international lighting associations. transparent. including government agencies.ALC is an independent non-profit organization incorporated in Singapore. lighting manufacturers. Current activities of ALC include administration and promotion of a quality system for CFL and operation and maintenance of the Asia quality registry for online reporting and tracking of quality efficient lighting products. The . for elimination of substandard CFL’s. The objective of ALC is to promote and support regional and international efforts to harmonize test procedures and data sharing and to foster ways to mutually recognize test results for lighting products across nations. and increasing greenhouse gas emissions. Recent studies and analysis indicate as many as 48 standards and labeling schemes for CFLs exist worldwide. ALC is a public private initiative. government agencies and some of the largest lighting manufacturers in the world. and varying needs of consumers in Asia. lack of standards and submit the online membership form . governments and utilities on product conformity to international standards • Useful source of information for sourcing products • Support for the national standards bodies through informations necessary for establishment of performance standards • Low-cost marketing opportunity for suppliers with quality products • Online registration system for qualifying the products and enlistment in the quality registry How to become a member? Membership is open to all stakeholders. designed to work cooperatively with other lighting quality standard initiatives. high cost associated with manufacture and testing/certification requirements for export to various countries while complying with each of the country’s requirement pose a significant barrier to suppliers of high quality products. efficiency and performance Benefits (May be as a box item) Benefits associated with becoming an ALC member are listed below: • Access to the group of leading lighting companies and national associations • Provides a path to higher quality lighting in Asia • Protection of the market from poor quality products through endorsement of a harmonized standard and marking system • Assurance to consumers. Tier 3 or the “Best tier” is based on the UK energy savings trust 6 standard and is proposed to migrate to Europe’s EUP CFL standard once finalized Tier 2 or the “Better tier” is harmonized with the Efficient Lighting Initiative (ELI) standard for CFL’s Tier 1 or the “Good tier” represents an initial realistic entry level performance standard for countries in the asia region and provides quality. with members comprising of lighting associations in Asia. in June 2008. standards setting agencies.asialighting. ALC system is a voluntary.



Nilay M. JMD 3. YEAR ESTABLISHED: 1979 . 2.V. ED 4. Bhosari. Karkarey. Dr. S Block. Exports Dr. Shah. Details of Exports Annual Lighting Turnover No. CMD 2. 8. Business Development b.60 lacs Rs. Shirish V. 5. . Shah 9. Mahendra K.5 million lamps per annum Halogen Lamps for Floodlighting. MIDC. Rajarshi.BD Mr.5 crores 75 1. Business Domain Product Brand Manufacturing Facilities Halogen Lamps Exporters Litel 1. S.litexelectricals. Contact Persons for a. Mgr. Infrared Heating and Laser Pumping Lamps Infrared Lamps USA/UK/Australia/Egypt Rs. PUNE 411 026 TEL:+91 20 66301073 FAX: +91 20 27120056 EMAIL: sales@litexelectricals. Mr.W 134. 6. WEBSITE: www. E-mail sales@litexelectricals. Avinash D. Mr. 4. Mr. of employees Directors 10. Karkarey. 7. Stage-Studio-Video. 3. ED Manufacturers / Products Manufactured 5.


A.K. Ms.A. 9.) 100 1. 2.Mercury Lamps Pvt. 12. V. 64. GLS lamps 200w ranging 25w to ranging 25w to 7. . Laxman Jhoola Road.50 crores p. Laxman Jhoola Road.K. Fully Automatic Plant GLS lamps 200w N.a. Business Domain Product Brand (s) Manufacturing Facilities Products Manufactured Other Products Traded Details of Exports All India N. S. Rishikesh – 249 201 Uttrakhand Tel: 0135 – 2430168. 2432 2168 Fax: 0135 – 2432 2198 e-mail: mercurylamps@sancharnet. 8. Agarwal 2. 5. 10. Director Mr. YEAR ESTABLISHED:1993 1. Bansal. Annual Lighting Turnover No. (appx. mercurylamps@sancharnet. S. Director 64. 3. Shobha Rani Agarwal Mr. Bansal. 11.K. of employees Directors Contact Persons for a. Exports Any other information E-mail Rs. 4. Ltd. Business Development b. 6. Rishikesh – 249 201 N.

Philippines. As part of its efforts to create awareness. national lighting associations. Indonesia. . Thailand and Vietnam. study of health impacts and risks associated with mercury from CFL’s. Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). ECO-Asia has activities in China. Eco-Asia had organized several workshops on lowcarbon lighting and financing of energy efficient lighting which saw active participations of various stakeholders from Indian lighting industry. works towards catalyzing policy and finance solutions for carbon emissions reduction and clean energy in Asia. an initiative of United States Agency for International Development (USAID). India. harmonized scheme for testing and rating the quality of efficient lighting options such as Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and benchmarking of regional LED standards.  Initiatives of Eco-Asia Clean Development Climate Program in quality lighting Environmental Cooperation Asia Clean Development and Climate Program (ECO-Asia CDCP or ECO-Asia). Australian Government. focusing mainly on improving quality of energy efficient lamps and has been working closely with Indian partner organizations such as ELCOMA. It commenced its lighting activities in India in 2007. Water. Eco-Asia is also currently working on other initiatives such as implementation of CFL pilot program. In addition to its providing support to ALC. This is an outcome of its efforts towards harmonizing the quality and energy efficiency standards for lighting across the Asian region with support from lighting suppliers. Major breakthrough or achievement of Eco-Asia under its regional initiative has been the recent launch of the Asia Lighting Compact (ALC) in October 2009. Asia Pacific Partnership (APP) and Department of the Environment. Heritage and the Arts (DEWHA).

RAIPUR INDUSTRIAL AREA. Kshitij Talwar Kshitij    Year Established :  April 2007  Business Domain Manufacturing Compact Fluorescent Lamp OEM Supplier CFL capsule line.K. Spiral Clear Shell. 127. Roorkee – 247661 (U. The only company in India making spiral clear shells info@globuslamps. Sr.K.) INDIA State-of-the art manufacturing capacity of 10 milllion CFL lamps per annum in a 50. spiral shell making line CFL Capsule and lamp. Raipur Industrial Area Product Brand Manufacturing Facilities Products Manufactured No. Exports Any other information E-mail . of employees Directors Contact Persons for a.127.000sqft well planned plant.) INDIA T EL: +91 133 2 2350 77 . ROORKEE – 247661 (U. SMT & AI PCB set up.M. Electronic Ballast 300 + 1. BHAGWANPUR.G. Business Development b. Shiv Talwar 2. 78 F AX: +91 13 32 2 35177 e-mail info@globus.

Bureau of Energy Efficiency  www.nic. The mission of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency is to assist in developing policies and strategies with a thrust on self-regulation and market principles. 2001 with the primary objective of reducing energy intensity of the Indian    To encourage an understanding on  energy conservation among children. identify and utilize the existing resources and infrastructure.  • • • • • • • • • • • Bureau of Energy Efficiency  Phone: 91‐11‐2617 9699  Fax: 91‐11‐2617 8352    Develop minimum energy performance standards and labeling design for equipment and appliances Develop specific Energy Conservation Building Codes Activities focusing on designated consumers Develop Specific energy consumption norms Certify Energy Management Auditors Define the periodicity of mandatory energy audits Create awareness and disseminate information on energy efficiency and conservation Organize training of EE techniques and technology Promote research & development Develop testing and certification procedures and promote testing facilities Facilitate implementation of pilot projects and demonstrate . within the overall framework of the Energy Conservation Act. in performing the functions assigned to it under the Energy Conservation Act.  BEE has been organizing Annual  Painting competition     The Government of India set up Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) (Website: http://www.bee‐india. designated agencies and other organizations and recognize. 2001. resulting in accelerated and sustained adoption of energy efficiency in all sectors    BEE co-ordinates with designated consumers. This will be achieved with active participation of all on 1st March 2002 under the provisions of the Energy Conservation Act. The Energy Conservation Act provides for regulatory and promotional functions.


inductive construction Types of capacitors: Plain polyester / Metallised Polyester.+91-120-2585289 Web .+91-120-2584687/88. 2585457/58 Fax .com . Plain Polypropylene / Metallised Polypropylene. Plain & Metallised Polypropylene mixed. India Tel no . Approvals: ERTL / ISO 9001-2008 / ISO 14001: 2004 / CACT & C-DOT for telecom Application Customer Spec. Vinod Sharma (MD) Deki Electronics Ltd. PPM Level: Single Digit Exporting To: Europe / Hong Kong /China / Thailand / Philippines / Malaysia / South Korea / Middle East Average Annual Growth in Turnover (last 10 years): 30% Share of Exports: 15% Contact Info: Mr. Segments covered: Consumer Electronics / Telecom / Lighting (HF & CFL Ballast) / Medical Electronics / Industrial Electronics / Auto Electronics / IT Hardware / Fan Regulators / Energy meters. B-20.DEKI ELECTRONICS LIMITED Deki at a Glance Year of establishment: 1984 Technologies Available: Film foil inductive & non-inductive construction.vinod@dekielectronics. etc. Metallised E Mail . NOIDA 201 301. etc. etc.5 mm in epoxy coating as well as box. Sector-58. Approvals: Sony / Sanyo / Philips / Sharp / JVC / Toshiba / Panasonic / Osram. Applications: Blocking / Coupling / By passing / Timing circuits / Tuning & Oscillation / Filtering & Frequency discrimination / Temperature Compensation / Interference Suppression / Voltage dropper / TV Fly back tuning / TV ‘S’ Correction / Snubber / Discharge Ignition / Pulse / Coupling. Encapsulation: Wet / powder epoxy coating and box Pitch of Capacitors: 5 mm to 27.dekielectronics.

it leads to 2^9 = 512 types! Even though . radiation in specific UV wavelengths can be achieved. and users do not have an effective channel to communicate their requirements to lamp designers. I have come across several metal halide installations. The penalty is complexity. Probe start lamps are usually HPMV like cylindrical pinch types. where either the lamp is a poor choice or it is used incorrectly. Manufacturers should continue to improve the efficiency of light sources and users should make the best use of them. Types of Metal Halide Lamps: Metal halide Fig 1: Metal halide lamp types Metal halide lamps can be customised to suit a specific application. Starting: Probe start lamps use a auxiliary electrode to aid ionization. Spectral characteristics can be customized by adding several metal halide salts in appropriate proportions. With CRI from 50 to more than 90. one can appreciate the endless possibilities for customization (Fig 3). although there are few formed body probe start lamps. Pulse start lamps do not need auxiliary electrodes and use a high voltage pulse. and sometimes can be without any outer jacket. the spectral response can be customised for optimum biological response. usually in the range of 3KV – 4KV. it looks like a very difficult task to identify the correct metal halide lamp. I believe the root cause is the manufacturer – user divide. A single ended lamp can be as small as a single ended bipin lamp or as big as a BT56 lamp . UV transmission characteristics and outer jacket finish. As a metal halide engineer.000K. magenta. Efficiency and Best Practices R. etc. and can come in many shapes (Fig 2). Senior Manager (Engineering). They can use a small arc tube with few millimeters of arc length vs a big arc tube with many centimeters of arc length . . This is surprising because metal halide lamp users have a technical background. Metal Halide Lamps Fig 2: Probe Start and PULSE Start Outer jacket and caps: MH lamps are manufactured in many sizes and shapes. Manufacturers have not been successful in communicating the finer aspects of metal halide lamp usage to consumers. green . If one looks at spectra of different metal halide lamps. Control gear. It is also possible to generate saturated colors like blue. For reprographic applications. There are single ended and double ended versions. Pulse start lamps have a higher arc tube fill pressure. For the sake of argument. CCT and CRI significantly. For plant growth and aquarium applications. Adjustments in specific regions of spectra can change lumen efficacy . supply voltage . Let us review the most common choices available. quartz outer jackets. They can have borosilicate outer jackets. Spectral characteristics: There are MH lamps with CCT from 2700K to greater than 20. Venture Lighting India Ltd. Spectral characteristics. Choosing the right metal halide lamp involves consideration of several parameters (Fig 1) like Start method. Venkateshwaran. Cap. Outer jacket . They can use a highly standardized cap like E27/27 or a special factory contact. manufacturers recommend lamps based on application area and the task is simplified. Energy efficient lighting with metal halide lamp involves a co-operative approach from lamp manufacturers and users. Operating position. if we consider there are just two options available in each case.Types. fixture type.

requirements of spectra have to be understood. Fig 5: Conversion efficiency Fig 3: 3K/65 CRI. 5K/78 CRI and 6. For general lighting applications. However. We can see from the chart above. Fixture type and UV radiation: MH lamps have the risk of non-passive failure at end of life. a different picture emerges if we were to consider the sensor response curve. Studio and Photography . So. both radiations in IR and UV range are shown in black.Reprographic applications. Most manufacturers use a borosilicate formulation for outer jackets that filer actinic UV to safe levels. Track lighting. Open rated lamps have a internal glass shield called shroud. Additional UV protection is in built with use of UV blocking quartz glass / aluminosilicate glass for shroud. Automotive head lamp.5K/85 CRI Applications: MH lamps are suitable for a wide variety of applications. MH lamps have high conversion efficiency. For general lighting. Infra red radiation and UV radiation. it will be higher than the LPW of a white light source.Efficiency of Metal Halide Lamps: Because of the diverse applications of metal halide lamps. Fig 4: Metal halide spectra with IR and UV Some of the electrical energy supplied to the lamp is lost in electrode drop. So. to protect the outer jacket from breaking. . Aquarium lighting. Decorative and stage lighting . Some manufacturers use a special UV blocking glass that will filter UV-A in addition to actinic UV. CIE photopic eye sensitivity curve is used. Sports lighting and UV purification. Some of the applications are: Indoor and outdoor general lighting . 4K/65 CRI. In the MH spectrum shown above . if we measure the lumen/watt (LPW) of a lamp like high pressure sodium lamp . We can see it peaks at yellowgreen area. only open rated lamps should be used in a fixture without a glass shield. one would like to maximise the radiation in visible spectra. Plant growth applications . This reduces discoloration of polymers exposed to light.

the lamp may function till metal parts oxidise . will prove to be a very efficient light source for many applications. this stimulates the two most common of the three kinds of cones almost equally. we all know . the response curve of CCD is to be used and not the eye sensitivity curve. social cost will be added. Open fixtures are free from transmission loss at fixture shield and therefore can give upto 16% more light output. At moderate to bright light levels where the cones function. if it is a machine vision application. For example. where only the rod cells function. Intutively. IEC specifies a maximum of 2mW/klm actinic UV as safe limit. If this model has to be globally optimised. So far . When we consider low light levels . the sensitivity is greatest at a blueishgreen wavelength. malls and department stores. productivity and comfort level increase with use of white light sources. metal halide lamps are suitable for more applications than any other HID lamp. When it was discovered that the eye sensitivity curve changes drastically in low light conditions.because. the eye is more sensitive to yellowishgreen light than other colors . Best practices: 1. Prolonged exposure to them can cause eye inflammation. exposing users to large amount of hazardous UVC radiation. a scotopic eye sensitivity curve was introduced. one can see the difference is very small. pulse start lamps can have 30% higher mean lumens compared to probe start lamps. Fig 6: Lumen efficacy Some of the researchers felt that the 1924 photopic curve needs correction in blue wavelengths and have proposed correction. With this perspective. However. yellow HPS lamp is not suitable for indoor lighting. the vision of cone cells dominates . in these conditions. productivity.There is good visual acuity (VA) and colour discrimination. the general practice is to choose the most efficient light source from several options with a 'desired spectral response'. Traditional way of measuring lumen efficacy can prove to be inadequate in some situations. hard to implement changes in the way we measure light. In normal light (luminance level 1 to 106 cd/m²). metal halide lamp. we will have to take in to account the change in eye sensitivity. Pulse start over probe start: Pulse start reduces glow to arc transition time and thus reduces electrode damage. we have discussed efficiency based on sensor response. 2. One of the reasons is that it requires fundamental . 4: Make sure the outer jacket of open fixture lamp filters actinic UV: We have come across lamps which use glass that does not block actinic UV to specified limits. Typically . It is not yet a common practice to use the lumen multipliers for white light. areas like office spaces. Use only open fixture lamps in fixtures without glass cover: MH lamps have the risk of nonpassive failure and open rated lamps have to pass containment test.and is photopic vision. 3. This results in better lumen maintenance. Lighting designers know . for example. Scotopic vision is the monochromatic vision of the eye in low light. ink curing etc . with its characteristic customized spectral response. So. At lower light levels. efficiency of a light source will be determined with reference to end result. plant growth. Without the outer jacket. Do not use lamps with broken outer jackets: Borosilicate outer jacket of MH lamps filter most of UV-C radiation. If we were to generalise our model. However. In fact . Scotopic vision occurs at luminance levels of 10-2 to 10-6 cd/m². this does not describe the system completely.

when burnt vertically . 7: Choose the lamp with correct spectral characteristics for the application. 9: Match the lamp and control gear.CCT and CRI.25 hrs/start: Life is 40% of rating 12: If you see an opportunity for improvement. Lamps meeting this specification can still emit UV-A. Performance of universal burn lamps changes with burn position: If a lamp is expected to be operated base up. for example . 10 hrs ON and 1 hr OFF. A typical universal lamp. select a lamp optimised for base up operation.: When a quartz metal halide is burnt tip down. choose a lamp with UV-A filter : IEC 61167 requires the lamp to meet actinic UV limits. 8: Pay attention to lumen maintenance: We have seen earlier. Universal lamps can be operated in any position but they do not perform equally well in all positions. Shorter operating cycles reduce life. . This will constrict the arc and lead to poor performance. select a lamp optimised for horizontal burn. Exposing fabrics and polymer products in departmental stores to UV-A can cause discoloration. this will cause lumen loss. or could not find a product that meets your requirement. CCx. If it for horizontal burn.5 hrs/start: Life is 55% of rating ● 1. A lamp designed for electronic ballast will have poor performance when operated with magnetic ballast.5: If plastic discoloration is a concern. 11: Shorter switching cycle reduces life: Manufacturers rate lamp life under standard operating conditions. MH lamps have poor lumen maintenance compared to HPS and it is important to include as a design parameter. 6: Choose a lamp with burn position best suited for your application. If a polycarbonate lens is used in fixture. halide settles in the tip cavity. At operating cycles shorter than 10 hours per start. compared to horizontal burn. 10: Burn horizontal lamps tip up. Follow manufacturer''s recommendation for control gear. Some of the lamps designed for magnetic ballast may not start or there could other issues like acoustic resonance. will give more lumens and last longer. which can cause plastic discoloration. Same lamp will behave differently in electronic and magnetic ballast. CCy. talk to manufacturers. life will shorten as follows: ● 5 hrs/start: Life is 75% of rating ● 2. Manufacturers specify Lumens.

Vijay Gupta E-mail: 8. started the business in a modest way and gradually achieved goals as set from time to time. 2. With his abilities and confidence he obtained license from “Sylvania & Laxman” to produce and market “Laxman” brand lamp. Products Manufactured 5. Hard Work & Self Reliance in June 2005. LUXEM Four Hungarian/Taiwan GLS Lamp Chains having total production capacity 40 Lac lamps per month GLS Lamps upto 200W Mr. Ashwani Dewan Mr. A new plant was put up in 2006 in Gujrat. PHASE-II. 4) We have a full marketing setup in NORTH-EAST Region of India with our own branches. by The Institute of Trade & Industrial Development' by the Minister of Rural Development. LAXMAN. today manufactures good quality GLS Lamps which has resulted to getting ancillaries put for various brands in India. GOVT. harmilaproshnilimited@rediffmai Year Established : 1982 1. Product Brand/License User 3. 3. 5) Obtained the first allotment letter by Smt. Contact Persons for business development & Exports 7. DELHI-110095 (INDIA) TEL: 011-22392299 E-mail ID : harmilaproshnilimited@rediffmail.   4.HARMILAP ROSHNI LIMITED B-1. Directors 6. VIVEK VIHAR. OF INDIA. Vijay Gupta. The company. ECE. FTL ACHIEVEMENTS 1. Manufacturing Facilities GLS Lamps. Business Domain 2. 3) We regularly participate in many Exhibitions in India. specially Light India International Exhibition organized by Indian Society of Lighting Engineers in NEW DELHI. Any other information Mr. E-mail   . LGF. Vijay Gupta Mr. Vijay Gupta was conferred with the award of "SELF MADE INUSTRIALIST" in recognition of his 1) All our Units are ISO Conferred (ISO 9001 :2000). 2) Our key man and Managing Director Mr. Shiela Dixit the Hon’ble Chief Minister of DELHI & NCT under Relocation Division of Industrial Plot in 2006. at a public function. MD.



Improved phosphor formulations have improved the subjective color of the light emitted by CFLs such that some sources rate the best 'soft white' CFLs as subjectively similar in color to standard incandescent lamps. is another type of fluorescent lamp. A compact fluorescent lamp (CFL). CFLs use less power and have a longer rated life.Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) Compared to general service incandescent lamps giving the same amount of visible light. further with the help of two Transistors & a resonant circuit. these are available in wide range of shapes & wattages ranging from 5W to 85W which are suitable for a wide range of lighting fixtures. but pays back in short time due to saving on electricity and long life (6 to 10 times more than incandescent lamp) CFLs radiate a different light spectrum from that of incandescent lamp. Electronic ballast b. Electronic ballast gives essential starting voltage and frequency to start ionization in burner. CFL basically consists of following two important parts: a. Burner (Capsule) Electronic Ballast: Electronic ballast plays a vital role in working of CFL. An electronic ballast and permanently attached lamp tube in an integrated compact fluorescent lamp In electronic ballast the AC supply is first converted to filtered DC supply. A CFL is more expensive than Incandescent Lamp. Non-Retrofit: Non-retrofit lamp comes in two parts and is separate with ballast and component as one part and burner as another part. a high frequency AC supply is generated which is sufficient to prepare low temperature plasma. Initially the current & voltage are very high as compare to normal operating condition. Retrofit: Retrofit lamp is complete with ballast and other components required to run the lamp 2. Many CFLs are designed to replace an incandescent lamp and can fit into most existing lamp socket formerly used for incandescent lamps Further CFL can be classifieds into two groups: 1. They are energy saving source of light which saves up to 80% of energy and lasts 6 times more than incandescent lamp. Also. .

Because there are used switched converters. Mercury radiates in a UV light form.100 1. which transfer kinetic energy into UV light. Electrical power equivalents for differing lamps Compact Fluorescent (W) 9–13 13–15 18–25 23–30 30–52 Incandescent Luminous[19] (W) (lumens) 40 60 75 100 150 450 800 1. containing two electrodes (Barium coated) in both ends. This UV light when falls on the face of tube (Phosphorus faced shell) transforms UV light to visible light. so that function of electrodes (cathode and anode) is still changing. Due to high voltage at starting time the cathodes generate many electrons which are accelerated by voltage between cathodes and hits atoms of Argons & Mercury. that CFL lamp doesn't "blink" in comparison to classic strip tube lamp. The highly accelerated electrons strike with atoms of Mercury & Argon. AC supply flows in the electronic ballast which having a specific property to convert the incoming supply into high frequency. Inner side of shell is faced with Phosphors. which converts UV light in to the visible light. When we switch on the CFL. Shell is powered by alternating current. Overflowing energy. Sandeep Mathur. filled with small amount of inert gas (Argon) and small amount of Mercury. high current & voltage which in turn setup low temperature plasma inside the burner.600 2.Non-integrated electronic ballast for compact fluorescent lamps Non-integrated bi-pin fluorescent lamp double-turn compact Working of CFL: Burners (Capsule): Burners are vacuumed glass shell coated with Phosphorus. which works on tens of kilohertz.600 Courtsey: Mr. This arises low temperature Plasma. Halonix Limited .

P. we are aggressively pursuing growth and aim to be one of the leading Lighting players by the end of 2010 With a investment of USD 70 million.HALONIX LIMITED 59-A.201 305. Gautam Budh Nagar (U. Mr.halonix. Luminaire. Phase-II. by Actis. Jayant Davar 4. Noida. Details of Exports 7. Girija Shankar Tripathy 6. After which. Business Development Mr. halonix@halonix. Noida. fax: 0120-2562943 Web Portal: www. Directors Manufacturing Halonix Noida.Neogi 8. Haridwar and Ganapati Rathinam 9. Other Products Traded 6. Product Brand 3.Dehradun Compact Fluorescent lamp. These plants have a collective capacity of producing over 50 millions CFL lamps annually. Gurdeep Singh 5. HPSV and LED Applications.Halogen Lamps Luminaire Halonix Limited (formerly known as Phoenix Lamps Limited).Mr. Metal Halide. Due to our thorough technical acumen and vast industry experience. NSEZ.K. We have been able to successfully execute bulk orders and thus have captured a major portion of the domestic and international markets and a long list of satisfied clients. Exports 59-A. AGM 59-A. Over 3500 employees 1. NSEZ.Sahgal 2.Halogen Lamps.Contact Persons for a. Raj. there has been a reorganization in the management structure that has resulted in increased business activity across the globe. Vikram Kesri. Metal Halide. we have set our eyes on providing state-of-art lighting. Uttar Pradesh . Business Domain 2. Phase-II. 1. we have set up five fully integrated state-of-the-art manufacturing plants located at Noida. Rajesh Kochhar 7. of employees 8. INDIA. INDIA.201 305. Manufacturing Facilities 4. . Steven Mark Enderdy Products Manufactured 5. Mr.K.Mr.Mr. Distt. a major Private Equity player.)-201305 Tel: 0120-4012222. Mr. Mr. Noida. is counted amongst the most preferred manufacturers and suppliers of Compact Fluorescent Lamps for General Lighting and Halogen Lamps for Automotive. NSEZ. Manager Export b. Phase-II. S. Manish Sawhney. The company saw change in ownership in the year 2007 and was taken over. promoted in the year 1991 as an Indo Japanese Joint Venture. Uttar Pradesh . Innovation and new product development have always been our focus areas. HPSV. Mr. No.


When the electron goes back to its original level UV radiation is produced . This UV radiation is transformed in visible radiation by the fluorescent powder.A negative V/I characteristic means that the impedance of the discharge tube decreases as the While larger fluorescent lamps have been mostly used in commercial or institutional buildings. Introduction of Discharge Lamp Electrons flowing through the lamp collide with the big mercury atoms that are in the lamp . the possibility exists that an electron of the mercury atom gains a higher energy level .After breakdown the impedance of the lamp decreases because of the negative V/I characteristic of the discharge . When the voltage level is high enough breakdown of lamp impedance occurs . The fluorescent lamp is a glass tube with sealed in electrodes and is filled with an inert gas and a few milligrams mercury. the compact fluorescent lamp is now available in the same popular sizes as incandescent and is used as an energy-saving alternative in homes. A fluorescent lamp or fluorescent tube is a gas-discharge lamp that uses electricity to excite mercury vapor. The reason behind the negative V/I characteristic is that a current going through the lamp results in more free electrons in the discharge tube .To start a high voltage is required to be applied across the lamp . When a collision occurs . The tube wall is covered with a thin layer of fluorescent powder. Lower energy cost typically offsets the higher initial cost of the lamp. In order to generate light a current has to go through the lamp . The excited mercury atoms produce short-wave ultraviolet light that then causes a phosphor to fluoresce.Fluorescent Lamp current through the lamp increases. Sunil Duggal.At the beginning the impedance of the lamp is almost infinite . A fluorescent lamp converts electrical power into useful light more efficiently than an incandescent lamp. The function of the electrodes is to bring electrons in the discharge tube. Philips Electronics . More free electrons means a bigger current is possible which results in even more free electrons. Courtsey: Mr. The lamp is more costly because it requires a ballast to regulate the flow of current through the lamp. producing visible light.This phenomena causes the impedance reduction of the lamp when current flows through it.

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PHILIPS Mohali , Vadodara Lamps (GLS, FTL, CFL, HID) Domestic & Professional Luminaires, Lighting Electronics (Ballasts), Solid State Lighting, Automotive Lighting & Modular Switches. Lighting products to Bangladesh, Srilanka, Nepal 2300 (for Lighting Division) 1. Mr. S M Datta 2. Mr. Murali Sivaraman 3. Mr. Jan - Hein Louwman 4. Mr. S Venkataramani a.Mr. Nirupam Sahay Senior Director-Marketing, Lighting Sector, Philips Electronics India Ltd, 8th Floor, DLF 9-B, DLF Cyber City, DLF Phase – 3, Gurgaon (India) 122002 Mobile: 91-9873037374 Tel: 91-124-46066260 (D), Email: East: Mr Raja Moudgil, Regional Sales Manager, Lighting Sector, Philips Electronics India Ltd, 7, Justice Chandra Madhab Road, Kolkata 700 020I, Tel :- 91 33 2486 7621-24. Fax :- 91 33 2486 8318 Mobile: 91-9163359599 Email: South: Mr C.Arun Kumar, Regional Sales Manager, Lighting Sector, Philips Electronics India Ltd, Temple Towers, 5th. Floor, Old No. 476, New No. 672, Anna Salai, Nandanam, Chennai 600 035 Tel :- 91 44 6650 1150(D) Fax :- 91 44 6650 1075 Mobile: 91-9840077717 Email: b.Mr Neeraj Dogra Manager- Exports, Lighting Sector, Philips Electronics India Ltd, 8th Floor, DLF 9-B, DLF Cyber City, DLF Phase – 3, Gurgaon (India) 122002 Mobile: 91 9810401176 Tel: 91-124-4606305 (D), Email: North: Mr Parag Bhatnagar, Regional Sales Manager, Lighting Sector, Philips Electronics India Ltd, 9th Floor, DLF 9-B, DLF Cyber City, DLF Phase – 3, Gurgaon (India) 122002. Tel: 91-124-46066622(D), Mobile: 91-9971166440 Email: West: Mr Sunil Bakhshi, Regional Sales Manager, Lighting Sector, Philips Electronics India Ltd, Technopolis Knowledge Park, Mahakali Caves Road,Chakala, Andheri East, Mumbai 400 093 Tel :- 91 22 6691 2380(D) Fax :- 91 22 6691 2389 / 6691 2398 Mobile: 91-9967516001 Email:

Philips Electronics India Ltd.
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About Royal Philips Electronics Royal Philips Electronics of the Netherlands is a diversified Health and Well-being company, focused on improving people's lives through timely innovations. As a world leader in healthcare, lifestyle and lighting, Philips integrates technologies and design into people-centric solutions, based on fundamental customer insights and the brand promise of “sense and simplicity”. Headquartered in the Netherlands, Philips employs more than 116,000 employees in more than 60 countries worldwide. With sales of EUR 23 billion in 2009, the company is a market leader in cardiac care, acute care and home healthcare, energy efficient lighting solutions and new lighting applications, as well as lifestyle products for personal well-being and pleasure, with strong leadership positions in flat TV, male shaving and grooming, portable entertainment and oral healthcare. News from Philips is located at

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About Philips Electronics India Limited Philips Electronics India Limited, a subsidiary of the Netherlands-based Royal Philips Electronics, is a leading Health and Wellbeing company. Philips has an unmatched range of internationally acclaimed products, backed by superior design and technology, and an excellent distribution and after-sales service network. Philips has been operating in India for over 80 years, and employs over 4,500 employees around the country. As one of the nation's most well-known and well-loved brands, Philips is a part of practically every Indian's life. Philips products find use in virtually every aspect of daily life - at home, at work and on the move. Today, Philips stands as a source of easy to use, trendy and innovative products that enhance the quality of peoples' professional and personal lives.
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About Philips Lighting Shaping the Future Philips Lighting is a leading provider of solutions and applications for both professional and consumer markets. We address lighting needs in a full range of environments – indoors (homes, shops, offices, schools, hotels, factories, and hospitals) as well as outdoors (public places, residential areas and sports arenas). We also meet people's needs on the road, by providing safe lighting in traffic (car lighting and street lighting). In addition, we deliver light-inspired experiences through architectural and city beautification projects. Our lighting is also used for specific applications, including horticulture, refrigeration lighting and signage, as well as heating, air and water purification, and healthcare. With the new lighting technologies, such as LED technology, and the increasing demand for energy efficient solutions, Philips will continue shaping the future with groundbreaking new lighting applications.

Every home can be a showpiece with the right light.
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The new Philips Ecomoods, a collection’ of stylish and contemporary luminaires, shines with superb diffused light that brings out the true elegance and colours of your home, Featuring energy savings of up to 80%, Philips Ecomoods is beautifully designed to get the most out of energy saving lights, so you can save in style. ‘Philips Ecomoods collection is available in ceiling, wall, table and hanging suspension lights.

Considering the vast potential of energy savings and benefits of energy efficiency, the Government of India enacted the Energy Conservation Act, 2001 (52 of 2001). The Act provides for the legal framework, institutional arrangement and a regulatory mechanism at the Central and State level to embark upon energy efficiency drive in the country.
SHORT TERM MEASURES Energy Conservation • Bureau of Energy Efficiency operationalized complete pilot phase of programme for energy efficiency in government buildings and prepare action plan for wider dissemination and implementation. • Energy audit of government buildings • Legal Performance contract agreement, payment security mechanism, bids selection and evaluation building owners for implementation. • Monitoring and verification of energy savings from March 2005. • Capacity building amongst departments to take up energy efficiency programmes • BEE to train core group members to implement energy efficiency in buildings. criteria provided to all

LONG TERM MEASURES Potential of 23,700 MW assessed by end of XIth Plan

The Thrust Areas : 1. Industry specific Task Forces. 2. Notifying more industries as designated consumers. 3. Conduct of energy audit amongst notified designated consumers. 4. Recording and publication of best practises (sectorwise). 5. Development of energy consumption norms. 6. Monitoring of compliance with mandated provision by designated consumers. DEMAND SIDE MANAGEMENT The Demand Side Management and increased electricity use can together mitigate power shortages to a certain extent and drastically reduce capital needs for power capacity expansion. The Bureau will be assisting 5 electric utilities to set up DSM Cell and will also assist in capacity building of DSM Cell staff. The preparation of investment grade feasibility reports on agricultural DSM, municipal water pumping and domestic lighting in each of the 5 states will also be undertaken by the Bureau under DSM programme.

Haryana (INDIA) . Road.T. Sonepat. Kirti Nagar. AUTOMOTIVE COMPONENTS DISPLAY Safety Signaling Advertising Information Transportation Fiem Industries Limited.An ISO/TS 16949 : 2009 and ISO 14001 : 2004 Certified .fiemindustries.25927820.: +91-130-2219172-77 Fax : +91-130-2219179 Registered. Corporate Office & Unit 1 : 32 Mile Stone. New Delhi-110015 (INDIA) Tel. DSIDC Packaging Complex. Website : http://www.: +91-11. Kundli-131028. G. Office : D-34. 25927919 Fax : +91-11-25927740 E-mail : fiemunit1@fiemindustries.Distt.

e. as well as the spectral distribution of radiation. Incandescent rare earth elements can emit lines. Fundamentally the cause of light emission is the same .000 lamps @ 4 Hours per day @ 60W power Consumption Now 60W GLS is replaced with 15W CFL 24.e.incandescent and luminescent. while gaseous discharges radiate ELCOMA Electric Lamp & Component Manufacturers’ Association of India . "And God said. even in 6 Lakh households in any city four lamps points are replaced with CFL lamps. The details of calculations are given below: Consider 5 Lakh households @ 5 lamps per house or 8 Lakh households @ 3 Lamps per house Usage of at least 50% lamps in evening i.Advent of Lighting Light was the first of God's creations. the lighting industry has been able to provide the world with light sources that have higher efficiencies. i. however there is some overlapping. (Old Testament. whereas high pressure discharge produces a continuous spectrum". however.. according to the book of Genesis. better colour rendering and larger capacities to save energy in the most cost-effective manner. Incandescent solid substances basically emit a continuous spectrum. of which only about 200 lumens per watt can be produced today. we will be able to save about 216 MW of Power. Entire country is facing power shortage. 65% of Lighting Power consumption 216 MW 6480 77760 3000 600 390 Power Saved MW Saving per month MW Saving per year MW consumption per day MW consumption per day MW consumption per day The improvement in electric light sources continue to be a challenge for scientists of all disciplines. and there was light".00. as they strive to achieve the highest possible efficiency of 683 lumens per watt in light sources. A large size of Power can be saved. 12.000 No. God saw that the light was good and he separated the light from the darkness DEMAND SIDE MANAGEMENT After years of research and development.e. Genesis.3.Major Milestones PROPOSED POWER SAVING IN A CITY BY CFL CONVERSION PLAN Lighting consumes 18% of power generated in India as against 8 to 10% in developed countries. Journey through times . To give example.00.) mainly in discrete spectral lines. if existing Incandescent Bulbs can be changed with Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL). light sources have been divided into two types . i. The mode of electron excitement is different. let there be light. electronic transitions from higher to lower energy states. of CFL Lamps 450 BC 1808 AD 1879 AD 1906 AD 1910 AD 1913 1923 AD 1930 1924 AD 1933 AD 1960 AD 1960 1960 1965 1966 1969 1994 1999 - - - Sun Fire Oil Lamp (Egypt) Carbon Arc Lamp(Davy) Incandescent Lamp (Edison) High Pressure Mercury Discharge Lamp Drawn Tungsten Filament Lamp Gas filled Lamp Low Pressure Sodium Vapour Lamp Photographic Flash Bulb Gas Filled Incandescent Lamp Fluorescent Discharge Lamp Laser Beam Light Source Holography (3D Images) Metal Halide Lamp Light Emitting Diode High Pressure Sodium Lamp Mercury Medium Arch Diode Sulfur Lamp Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp will 288 MW Power Consumption 72MW Power Consumption Power Saved (288-72) Total Power saved per month (BX30) Total Power saved per annum (CX12) Existing power consumption in Delhi Lighting consumption in Delhi @ 20% of power consumption Power Consumption by Bulb i. Historically.

V R WONDER ELCTRICALS & ELECTRONICS HARIDWAR. INDIA. We have been accredited with ISO-9002 certified company.1. VENKATARAMAN No. 3. Sultanpur Estate. T-5 Luminaries Switches & Accessories 300 Mr. The Physical facility of V R Wonder Electricals & Electronics consists of floor area of 40000 sq. Business Domain Product Brand (s) Manufacturing Facilities Products Manufactured Other Products Traded Details of Exports No. The switches and accessories manufactured are already exported to neighboring countries. 6. Shobhana Apartments. Administrative Office 301. The products manufactured meet the specification. Mandi Road.rvenkat46@rediffmail. The Products manufactured in V R Wonder Electricals & Electronics the Switches and accessories and CFL are to Bureau of Indian Standards Specifications which gives the License to mark ISI on the products after the products are tested in an independent laboratory approved by BIS. New Delhi-110 030. 3rd Floor above Mandavi Bank Chandravarker Road. Mandi Road.1. feet conducive to workers and taking care of their needs. Haridwar-248 403 UTTARAKHAND. of employees Contact Persons Manufacturing GLOMORE Haridwar CFL’s. R. . V R Wonder Electricals & Electronics is a part of the Wonder Group established in the year 2005 for manufacturing Compact Fluorescent Lamps. Switches (Normal and Modular)And accessories and in its expansion program it has plans to manufacture protection products such as MCB’s and MCCB’s. 7. 2. Tel : (011) 2680 1269 Fax : (011) 2680 3029 Email : devcfl@yahoo. for manufacturing Electrical switches and accessories.BORIVALI(W) MUMBAI-400 092. The CFL’s are manufactured as per IS 15111 part I &II and amendments and the switches and accessories are to IS 3854/97 The company is looking in to the possibility of entering the international market in the future in due course of time it proposes to get their products approved to certain international standards also. Regional Office No. 8. Email :. From its inception the company has believed in manufacturing only high quality products meeting the international quality standards. The group started its operations in a modest way and over the year with the dedication and application is a name to reckon with and in terms of its quality second to none. Switches & Accessories. Sector-3A IIE SIDCUL. UTTARAKHAND Wonder group was established in the year 1983 with a definite vision for the future. 14 & 15. Mehrauli New Delhi-110 030. 4. Mehrauli. Sultanpur Estate. Cell : 098104 25254 Factory Plot No.

A30. CE. Business Development b. Ballast. 6. Smith .Marketing Mr.Director 2. Anil Edwards Venture Lighting India Limited. Contact Persons for a. Sabu Krishnan . Cecil W. Venture Lighting is a pioneer in Metal Halide Technology and the only company in the world to exclusively manufacture Metal Halide Lamps. VDE. Chennai –600 045. 5.Sreekumar Whole time director A-30.R.Manager. We take pride in having introduced more than 75% of the Metal Halide lamp type currently available in the world market.Zone-B.Phase-II.Mr. India. Nemko. CSA. P. Mr. MEPZ.Chennai – 600 045 10. Semko COMPANY PROFILE Venture Lighting India Limited (VLIN) is a fully owned subsidiary of Venture Lighting International Inc. Our Chennai plant is an ISO 9001certified and many of our products carry international product approval such as UL. Ring Road terminal) 11. 7.83M 850 1. E-mail (near Wazirpur bus Delhi – 110 035 delhi_marketing@vlindia. 3.U.Director 3.Mr. D5 Phase II.Venture Lighting India Limited (Formerly Asian Lighting Resources (India) Ltd. China: Rs. Business Domain Product Brand Manufacturing Facilities Products Manufactured Other Products Traded Details of Exports No. Tel: 91-44-2262 3094 Fax: 91-44-2262 5569 E-mail: marketing@vlindia. HAFED Complex. Zone B. Regional Office – Contact person Delhi Mr. 4. of employees Directors Manufacturer VENTURE Chennai Metal Halide lamp. 2.) Plot No. 1. Kitemark. 101.U. Tambaram. Exports Mr. Tambaram. Sr. Block – C. Ignitor Luminaires Metal Halide Lamps & Accessories USA: Rs.D-5. P. USA as integral part of Advanced Lighting Technologies (ADLT) USA.Sreekumar – Whole time Director . 8.1100M.

The company encourages creativity. Usha Lexus series of Energy saving CFLs. aesthetics & after sales support. Lighting. MCB category contains the SP.tracking and non. Water Purification Systems. and continuous improvement. The housing of Eurolex MCB is injected to mould from special grade PBT and housing and other moulded components are fire retardant. It is equipped with the most exhaustive range of products to suit all kind of customer’s requirement. The products at Usha Shriram are sold both within the country and in many other countries across the world. Usha Shriram is one of the fastest growing companies in India. stylish. technically advanced amenities. openness and innovation. Eurocook are the brand names synonymous with quality and reliability. Our brands are among the most respected and well known brands in India for their quality. It is a professionally managed company catering to meet the requirements of its valued customers which is growing rapidly all over the Indian subcontinent and overseas. These new products are low in power consumption and environment friendly. Isolators DP & FP and AC Box. Home Appliances. Usha Lexus Furniture. Usha Lexus MCB range is also a category of product which is an integral part in every household for protection from any mishap. luxury and affordability. TP & FP. transparency. The Eurolex MCB contacts are made of silver inlaid copper. DP. USHA SHRIRAM AS A BRAND Usha Shriram has taken rapid strides over the years to stamp its superiority over its competitors. USHA SHRIRAM is a diversified group with business interests in Low Voltage electrical accessories. the safety device MCB and range of Luminaires provides a complete set of safety. Usha Shriram is a people oriented organization and fosters a work environment. Our brands are among the most well known brands in India command instant recall and have phenomenal goodwill. It will derive the pleasure to act as a bridge by providing elegant. Furniture. Cookware and Variety of Electrical and Electronic apparatus and other household products.About Usha Shriram Enterprises Pvt Ltd. Usha Lexus Home Appliances.hygroscopic. which thrives on honesty. a revolutionary new way of lighting that makes a lot of sense. Usha Shriram Brita. It’s well managed technically expert work force makes it possible to meet the challenges. anti. which ensures higher life and . EUROLEX LIGHTING SERIES Today we focus on new areas of interests such as CFLs. Eurolex. Usha Lexus Eurolex Series of CFLs emerged as a leading CFL brand in India. Pressure Cookers.

It has been designed to minimize energy loss through unique contact configuration and reduction of hot spot. Usha Lexus assures the best services to its customers. Usha Lexus promises the very best of all worlds to its customers. A strong dealer. We are taking care of our customers since years back by satisfying their end nos of expectations by transferring their needs to reality. It is the support of our channel partners and trust of consumers who have been the driving force for us. The trust of people leads us to progress beyond imagination with a wide variety of product across the spectrum. Our stupendous active sales force has scripted our success and it has quick break. and trip. distribution network is a forte of Usha Shriram. DISTRIBUTION NETWORK Strong dealer and distribution network of Usha Shriram has established major active branches in all across the country. With constant innovation. The group has emerged to be one of the strongest players among competition. we have been taking extensive measures to design our products based on consumer feedback with innovative and useful features and finally culminating in delighting the customer through best PreSales and After-Sales Service. Reader's Digest Trusted Brand 2009 . Company’s wide range of products is easily accessible in many other countries and we value our customer’s needs by providing prompt service to them. Watt loss per pole in Eurolex MCB is far lower than that specified in IS mechanism.Gold . It’s presence in almost 17 other countries also depicts its brand loyalty not only in India but across the world too. aesthetic design and cost-efficient working. GROUP’S PHILOSOPHY The group’s philosophy is based on the basic principle of customer satisfaction. The acceptance of Usha Lexus Eurolex products is quite defined. To this effect. gives full value of the products.

2. Nandikishore Indl. 2. Mr. Ashok Desia 4. 6-7.. Est.. Shah. Bhaskar Modi 3. Shah Mr. Shah 2. Off Mahakali Rd. Rahul G. Lata G. Est. Exports 1. FTL Starters Glow Switch for CFL LED Lamps LED Fittings / Luminaires Products Manufactured 5. Off Mahakali Rd. 9. Contact Persons for a. Business Domain Product Brand (s) Manufacturing Facilities Manufacturer OEM Supplier to various lighting brands Andheri. Palghar 1. Andhehri (E) Mumbai 400093 Tel: 022 – 6691 9840. Regional Offices E-mail . 3. 4. No. Rahul G. 6-7.Mrs. 4.Glostar Electricals Pvt Ltd B. Nandikishore Indl. Andhehri (E) Mumbai 400093 As above glostarindia@gmail. of employees Directors 7. Business Development glostar@vsnl. Director B. 6. 2687 3967 Fax: 022 – 67100496 e-mail id: glostarindia@gmail. Mr. Mr. 80 1. Vasai.

www. 81536 Munich Transform light into emotion.osram. COLOR-e-MOTION® – the dynamic LED luminaires for individual mood lighting. .com 1.50 OSRAM GmbH. CRM CC.

CREE etc. Our prime consideration is to meet the customer expectation by manufacturing the most suitable lighting and display systems. Business Domain Product Brand (s) Manufacturing Facilities Company Profile: We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the leading Lighting & Telecom Products Kripa Lights & Green Design Manufacturing of complete LED lights including the PCBs. Subhakar kripatelecom@yahoo. We aim to make available latest technology in LED lighting to the industry as well as the consumer.Email id:kripatelecom@yahoo. Power supply. E-mail . Mr. 9. 3. Path Indicators/ Diversion Indicators. Our manufacturing facility is an ISO 9001:2008 and CE certified with production area of about 22. 6. Exports Mr. We are also capable of designing and producing any type of product as per the requirement and specification of customer. LED based lightings – RF & Telecom Products LED based lightings – UK & Australia – 42750. Ramesh P 2. 8. of employees Directors Contact Persons for a. Down Lights. Business Development b.00 & 12800.18. Sign/Flex Board lightings.00 400 lakhs 135 1. 32947794 Fax: 080 41734681 manufacturer of LED lighting products to suit a wide variety of 10. Our LED lighting products are designed and integrated with the LED’s from various manufacturers like Nichia. Bangalore – 100 Tel: 080 28520452. Our Products include Office Ceiling Lights. 7.000 square feet with a committed technical and production people to support our activity. Osram. LED & solar Street Lights/Garden Lights. 2. Srinivasan Mr. 1. We have independent Research & Development department for better and innovative product developments. High Bay Lights. Address: No. with their technical supports and to their specifications. 5. LED Tube Lights. We have a very stringent Quality control right from material inputs to finished product level at every stage. 4. Hosur Main Road. Mr. Next to Maruti Timber Traders. etc. Edison. We have also supplied our products to the Indian railways several times in the past (for reference enclosed some purchase orders). Subhakar D Products Manufactured Details of Exports Annual Lighting Turnover No.


100 100 95 95 75 75 25 25 5 5 0 0 100 100 95 95 75 75 25 25 5 5 0 0 .

What are awareness plans? Realizing the ever increasing demand. This gives the advantage of mounting LED luminaires at areas which are physically inaccessible and where it is difficult and expensive to replace the lamp often. where CFL is not suitable. CFL has been growing around 28 to 30% per annum thus saving about 70% to 80% of Lighting consumption. Government has desired to give special emphasis to solar lanterns with LED for rural domestic users who do not have access to electricity yet. All these areas use oil lanterns which are not only uneconomical. Accordingly a technical committee has been formed drawing members from Industry. It is also desired to introduce such products as identified by ELCOMA for various other applications like down lights for show rooms. Two years back. hotels. A comparative will be prepared and a workable guidelines will be prepared for manufacture of these luminaires with minimum requirements 4. about 40% households did not have electricity during the year 2001. A national program has been launched to provide Solar LED lanterns for un-electrified rural areas besides providing solar streetlights. the government revised the plan to ensure that by 2012.000 to 80. Bureau of Energy Efficiency. Prepare Specifications for present products available in three segments as below: a. LED can work on battery as well as on solar energy economically and more effectively. This has resulted to a good penetration of Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) in households as well as commercial lighting. walking. General Lighting Luminaires 2. Being a solid state product. This initiative will save a large amount of electricity consumed for street lighting and ensure continuous bright lanes to provide more safety and security to residents. Another important aspect of lighting is the development of a country. But due to fast development the demand has grown faster than supply and therefore the gap between supply and demand has been ever increasing. Lighting is the most important segment for any activity. i. The most important feature is maximum energy saving. Bureau of Energy Efficiency. National Physical Laboratory. The members of this committee will look into following activities: 1. Secondly. Down Lights c.000 or more burning hours. but also hazardous to health. etc. the government has decided to introduce Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) for various applications within the government. it has longest life of between 20. The Lighting Industry in India through its apex body ELCOMA has decided to introduce Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) Lighting for various applications. This data will be used to undertake manufacture of luminaires for Indian conditions. temperatures and weather conditions. It is to be noted that all LED products available in India are designed mostly by cold countries and LED luiminaires in India require special thermal control due very hot and humid weather conditions during summer. Accordingly. . driving or seeing anything in dark. reading.e. Ministry of Power has decided to prepare specifications for LED Streetlights to be replaced by most of the municipalities throughout the country. Down lights and General Lighting. while working. Bureau of Energy Efficiency.SOLID STATE LIGHTING COMES TO INDIA About 150 crore people around the world live without electricity connection. Send samples to National Physical laboratory for testing and preparing data for each product 3. Bureau of Indian Standard. For the last three years. The areas identified are Secondary Streetlights. traffic signal lighting etc. Finally BIS Standards with Test methods will be prepared for implementation Why LED? LED has many advantages over other lighting sources. 5. In India itself. up to 80% of Incandescent Lamp. The most important initiative the government has taken is to bring in awareness in energy conservation. Regular reading will be undertaken to prepare data. Streetlights b. Government of India had prepared a plan to provide electricity to 100% households by the year 2010. pilot programs will be undertaken to install sample street lights at various locations in different cities with varied atmosphere. 100% households in India will have access to electricity. Side by side.


along with ELCOMA. as well as short charge up times. is organizing a National Conclave in New Delhi in May 2010. state governments. awareness advertisements in newspapers and electronic media. The industry is looking at providing a domestic lamp to replace incandescent lamp to cost around Rs. they offer exceptionally long term reliability. it can easily replace in the same incandescent lamp socket. because only high quality components are used in these products. painting competitions for school children. This will include workshops in various states.    High power LED lamp Not only that. The other unique property of such lamp is its flexibility and ease of installation. With such a small energy requirement. Furthermore. A further initiative will launch LED Lighting concept as a continuous awareness program. exhibition and live demonstration for Solid State Lighting with LED concepts and applications. If these lamps are designed as a modular system with easy twist-fit connectors. etc. The highpower LED solution offers nearly 40% more. but still gives the equivalent brightness of a 40W – 80W incandescent lamp.Ministry of Power.000 hour LED life down to 75% brightness. Comparison of common low wattage incandescent. builders. specifiers etc. This lamp will consume just 4 to 5 watts as compared to 40 to 60W consumed by Incandescent Lamp. the lights each require less than 2 Watts input for the 240 Lumen model or less than 4 Watts input for the 480 Lumen model. with more than 20. The conclave will have a workshop. light than the 15-W incandescent while using 1=3 of the power! Evolution of LED package technology: Power LEDs can handle _50_ power of a typical indicator LED. 250 or even less in near future. It is expected that with these efforts. What is future of LEDs? At present. Experts on LED technology will make presentations during two days seminar whereas manufacturers from India and abroad will display and demonstrate their LED products. designers. using ultra efficient LEDs that are over 20 times more efficient than Incandescent lamps and almost 5 times better than Fluorescent lamps. Shyam Sujan Secretary General Electric Lamp & Component Manufacturers Association of India (ELCOMA) . architects. fluorescent. LED lighting concept will take off in India in next two to three years. The conclave is likely to be attended by stake holders from central government. and. LED is very expensive and the Lighting industry has accepted this as challenge to bring down the price of LED lighting within the affordable utility comparing its performance and life. high-power LED bulb. it is also possible to offer long operation/back-up times of up to 10 to 12 hours in-between charges.

In the process of strenuous pursuit of brighter luminescent and light – emitting materials.560001 Phone : 91-80-25598821/22.Road . NOIDA – 201 301.Road . M. Business Development b. Mr. Since its first announcement of Blue LED in 1993.413. We have a belief that Nitrite-based semiconductors will become one of the most exciting areas of semi-conductor industry in the near future We hope that Nichia continue to be a company which will be able to make a contribution to the world by evolving its original and unique technologies into the actual manufacturing. Ravi AV-LED. Nitrate-based LEDs in different emission colors ranging from Ultraviolet to Yellow have been contributing to the diversification of LED application fields. Ashok Mittal-PHOSPHOR. ashokmittal@nichiaindia.It was accepted in great amazement in the related industries throughout the world. Automotive Lighting. 08 1. U.560001 Phone : 91-80-25598821/22. Mr. Bangalore . Nichia has grown in the field of manufacturing and sales of fine 413. 6. Special Lighting. Mr. Any other information E-mails Technical support from Application Engineering Team can be provided pramodkumar@nichiaindia. Bangalore . a lot of resources are now being focused on the R/D of bluish purple laser diode which will definitely play a key role for the further expansion of information media industry. SECTOR 15A. 3. of employees Directors 7.Noriyuki Sato 4. Noida-201301 Mobile : 9810276823 Mr. Products Manufactured No. Mr. UV Lighting NICHIA Japan Light Emitting Diodes and Lamp Phosphor. 3. Ravi AV-LED. 29 . Ashok Mittal. Contact Persons for a. Tel: 91-120-2517025 / 26 Fax: +91-120-2517027 Company Profile: Having “Ever Researching for a Brighter World” as our . (General Manager) Address. Mobile : 09740095095 9. 10.P. Prestige Meridian – I . Mobile : 09740095095 8. Makoto Takenaka. Hideji Tanizaki 4.G. In addition to LEDs. (General Manager) Address. 29 .com / raviav@nichiaindia. 5.409.409. YEAR ESTABLISHED: 2004 ( NICHIA INDIA OFFICE ) jitendrapandey@nichiaindia. Sector. Regional Offices Contact person / address – Mr.NICHIA CHEMICAL (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED E-mail ID: ashokmittal@nichiaindia. Business Domain Product Brand (s) Manufacturing Facilities General Lighting. . we succeeded in developing and commercializing super high brightness Blue LED in 1993. Prestige Meridian – I . (DIRECTOR) Address. particularly inorganic luminescent materials (phosphors). Display lighting. M. Exports Mr.15A. 2.G.

the International Commission on A-274. designers and others interested in lighting issues. State Centres are currently located at Calcutta.The Registered Office of ISLE is situated in Mumbai. Chairmen of State Centres are ex-officio members of the Governing Body.All the countrywide activities of the Society are overseen by a Governing Body through its various committees. IESANZ – Illuminating Engineering Society of Australia and New Zealand etc. It is closely associated with the Bureau of Indian Standards.isleind. Organizing exhibitions and trade fairs of lighting and allied industries. engineers. Confederation of Indian Industry. ISLE Membership The members of ISLE are represented on national bodies such as the Development Council of the Ministry of Industry. Supporting Educational Institutions and providing scholarships to deserving students. Objectives of ISLE • • • • • • • • Promoting the art. New Delhi -110024. guides and technical reports and publishing them along with newsletters. a lighting body that represents 60% of the world’s population. Chennai and Karnataka ISLE Governing Body . They are also active participants in industry associations like the Electric Lamp and Component Manufacturers Association of India. ISLE is affiliated to the CIE. standardisation and art in the fields of light and lighting. . Delhi. ISLE Organisation ISLE State Centres and Local Centres . Vice-President. The Governing Body of ISLE comprises a President. Defence Colony. technology. 1 floor. Providing guidance to young engineers for career improvement in illumination engineering.Commission International de l’Eclairage (International Commission on Illumination. Treasurer. Maintaining liaison and technical interaction with national/international organisations concerned with matters related to the science. Immediate Past-President . researchers. academicians. Formulating lighting codes. the Ministry of Power and the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Sources. IESNA – Illuminating Engineering Society of North America. ILE – Institution of Lighting Engineers. It is also a member of Lux Pacifica. Twelve members and One member from each of the State Centre. the Department of Science and Technology. architects. the Glass Manufacturers Association and the Indian Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers Association. India st The Indian Society of Lighting Engineers (ISLE) is a professional body in the field of illuminating engineering with a broad based membership of scientists. the Electric Research and Development Association and various universities. International Affiliations ISLE has various International Affiliations to work together in exchange of technology innovation and understanding best practices adopted in various countries. General Secretary . Central Building Research Institute. Major affiliation is with CIE . journals and books on “illumination”. and Bureau of Indian Standards. Advancing education and research in illumination engineering and publishing useful results of this research. Co-operation with the Bureau of Indian Standards in their standardisation work in the field of lighting. Besides.Indian Society for Lighting Engineers www. They belong to leading lighting companies and utilities and are associated with research organizations like the National Physical Laboratory. Mumbai. and the State and Local Centres. science and practice of illumination engineering services as associated with built and open environment for the benefit of the public in general.

Versalites@gmail. Sreenatha Rao 9845342051 Cell NO. Sreenatha Rao Mr.. R. IBUs etc. Tungsten Halogen Lamps etc. Transformers. Lamp Fittings. H. Rachana Nagesh Contact Persons a. H. 1 2 3 4 5 6 9 Business Domain Product Brand Manufacturing Facilities Product Manufactured Other Products Traded Details of Exports Directors Mrs. Exports Light Engineering VERSALITES Manufacturing Facilities available at Bangalore & Mysore Lamp Fittings & Accessories as detailed above No Trading Activity Not Applicable Designation Chairperson Vice Chairman & Managing Director Executive Director Executive Director Executive Director Executive Director Mr. Transformers. a well experienced Engineer. H. M. IBUs of Electro Magnetic and Electronic type for HPMV. Also manufactures Igniters. H R. a Lamp Technologist of very high repute and Mr. 080 26410374 FAX NO. AREHALLI. Sanjay Urs – Cell No. Electronic Chokes. 9980750114 At the Company Address indicated above VLPL manufactures both Electromagnetic (Open Type) Ballasts and Electronic Chokes for all types Discharge Lamps viz. H. Sreenatha Rao. Sanjay Urs. HPMV. 2 & 3. H. LAYOUT. Shubha Sanjay Urs Mr. T. BANGALORE 560 061. H. For business development b. Ballasts. CFL. T. R. Metal Halide. KARNATAKA TELE: 080 – 26724724.: 080 – 26729220 A Small Scale Industry promoted and managed by Mr. versalites@versalites. 10 12 Any Other Information 13 E Mail Mr.VERSA LITES & LUMINAIRES PRIVATE LIMITED PLOT NO. HPSV. Gayathri Sreenatha Rao Mr. HPSV .in . CFL & FTL. Sanjay Urs Mrs. Metal Halide Lamps. Nagesh Marigowda Mrs. The Company is engaged in manufacturing Electromagnetic Chokes. Ballasts. for FTL. T.

. CRM CC. hotel. * By changing from 2x T8 36W Basic with CCG to 2x T5 28W LUMILUX ® with ECG and presence-dependent dimming systems.osram. OSRAM ECGs and daylight or presence-dependent dimming No matter whether it’s office. Calculate how much you could save on www. energy and CO2* simply by changing from T8 to T5 bulbs. ram www.62 OSRAM GmbH. Germany OW ! N Sale: energy costs reduced by 70 %! An energy-efficient lighting system pays for itself. you could save up to 70 % in costs. our intelligent lighting systems have one thing in common: both you and the climate can profit from them. For example. industry or external lighting. 81536 m/light-consult ant H A NG E C 1.osram.

Business Domain Product Brand (s) Manufacturing Facilities Products Manufactured No. Business Development b. of employees Directors Energy Efficient LED Lighting Cleanray Bangalore Gridlight. T.5 600 95 T EL: 080 . 3. 5. 2. Ltd.+919566266702 New Delhi – Deepti . Kumar V Ramachandran 7. #9 3/A. Regional Offices 9. BAN GALORE .in YEAR ESTABLISHED .+9810869145 info@cleanray.Vignani Solutions Pvt. Contact Persons for a.Ramesh 2. 4 T H B E-mail .in 8.4 2004 212 F AX: 08 0 – 4 2004 260 e-mail ID :. K ORAMANGALA INDUST RI AL AREA.G. Suspended Light. Downlight & Streetlight 17 1. 6. sales@cleanray.2009 1. 5 T H BLOCK . Exports Apoorva Ruparel Vice President – Strategy Chennai – Amrita .


George. is one of the leading manufacturers of Automotive Components in India. Haryana Hosur (Tamilnadu) Mysore (Karnakata) Nalagarh (Himachal Pradesh) 4. strong human resources and the capability for taking up any future expansions / challenges for the growth of our Address: 32. Austria. G. Head (Comml & Int’l Opns) s. Director (Finance) 3. .com 10. Business Development Exports a. Mr. Automotive Pedal Module Assembly & LED Panels / Display Systems. Seema Jain. Sonepat 131028 Tel: +91-130-2219172/73/74/75/76 Fax: +91-130-2219179 Company Profile: Fiem Industries Ltd. George. Aanchal Jain. S. Mr. T. G. Jain. Director 5. E-mail fiemunit1@fiemindustries. We have latest manufacturing processes.E-MAIL ID: fiemunit1@fiemindustries. G. J. Narayanan. Mirrors. Automotive Pedal Module Assembly & LED Panels / Display Systems.K. 2.V. Sheet Metal and Plastic Moulded Components. Japan. Director (Opns-North) 6. Director (Opns. Road. Mr.Rao. J. Regional Offices – Contact person / address 11. Director (HRD) 4. S. Kashi Ram Yadav. Sheet Metal and Plastic Moulded Components. Contact Persons for a.narayanan@fiemindustries.S. of Japan for Automotive Lamps & Rear View Mirrors. We have seven state-of-art manufacturing facilities across the country in close proximity to our OEM customers to supply just in time (JIT) deliveries. Corporate Head (R & D) B. Products Manufactured Automotive Lighting & Light Signaling equipments. Product Brand (s) Manufacturing Facilities FIEM Kundli & Rai in Sonepat. Mrs. such as Lighting & Light Signaling equipments. Mr. Mr. Mr. Narayanan. Business Domain Automotive Lighting & Light Signaling equipments. Details of Exports Annual Lighting Turnover No. 7. Kundli. CMD 2. Automotive Pedal Module Assembly & LED Panels / Display Systems. Italy. 3. Spain for Automotive Pedal Module Assembly. Indonesia (Automotive Lighting & Rear View Mirrors) Rs. Warning Triangles. Our company has Collaboration with Ichikoh Industries Ltd. 300 crore 2800 1.V. Warning Triangles.S. Sheet Metal and Plastic Moulded Components. Ms. of employees Directors 9. Mr. Corporate Head (R & D) gv. -South) B. Mirrors. We are supplying to all major Automobile OEMs in India and abroad. UK. 8. We have Technical Collaboration with BATZ. Mirrors. Warning Triangles. 6. Mr. Head (Comml & Int’l Opns) a. Rahul Jain.

in Products Manufactured Other Products Traded Annual Lighting Turnover Directors Contact Persons for a. Kashipur Road. Rishabh Sood 1. Freedom Fighters’ Enclave.B-167.P. Projected :Rs. Electrodeless Induction lamps and Renewable Energy based lighting solutions. LED based lighting products. Rudrapur. Business Development b. 49/3 Krishna Rice Mill Compound. Strategic Operations) 2. New Delhi – 110068) lighting@regnant. Electronic ballasts and PCBs for CFL. 83 Fax: 91-11-2953 4272 Regnant Lighting Business Domain Product Brand (s) Manufacturing Facilities 1. LED based lighting solutions. All types of electronics components for lighting applications. K. Freedom Fighters’ Enclave.10 Crores 1. Marketing) (B-167. Ramasubramanian (Director. Retrofit and non-retrofit CFL. S. Exports c. Energy saving luminaires. Uttarakhand – 263 153 CFL’s. Gupta (V. REGNANT REGNANT LIGHTING. Praveen Kumar Sood 2. Electronic ballasts. 82. New Delhi – 110068 Tel: 91-11-29535381. E-mail . 8 . Instruments and machinery for lighting/power electronics industry.

Mr. 100 1.P. G. Hemanth Reddy www. Narayana 5. Exports 1.BALAJI GREENTECH PRODUCTS LIMITED 3rd Floor. N. Products Manufactured Retrofir and Non-retrofit CFL from 5W to 45W along with Spiral type LED Lamps / Fixtures etc. Business Domain Product Brand Manufacturing Facilities Compact Fluorescent Lamps ZORA LAMPS Land : 13 Acres – Total Shed 85000 SqFt 50. S. G. 6. Managing Director 2. 3. Mr. Other Products Traded No. G. Mr. Road Secunderabad – 03 www. Hemanth Reddy 3. 2. Narayana Mr. Mr. of employees Directors 8. Business Development b.000 Lamps per day in 9mm to 12mm 4. Contact Persons for a. E-mail .com Director 9. Regional Offices – Contact person / address 10. Hemnath Reddy. KPR mktg@balajigreentech. 7. A Pratap Reddy 2. Mr. Year Established : 2009 nn@balajigreentech.balajigreentech.

hplindia. Energy Management Systems.Gautam Seth . Exports : Mr. manufacturing world class products. JMD Mr.HPL Electric & Power Pvt. CFL Lamps. CMD Mr. HPL Group has been serving Indian Industry since last 54 years with time tested. Luminaries and Wires & Cables. JMD Contact Persons for a. reliable and well-proven products in the field of . HPL Group has 69 marketing offices spread throughout the country with 1200 authorised dealers and over 15000 retailers Domain :: Electrical equipment. Business Development : Mr. Sonepat (Haryana) and Jabli (Himachal Pradesh ) Product Manufactured :: • • • • • • • Switchgears Protection Devices Electronic Energy Meters Energy Management Systems CFL Lamps Luminaries Wires & Founded in 1956.P). of Employee :: 5000 Nos Directors :: Mr. Corporate Office : 1/21. Middle East. the HPL Group is a major player in Indian Electrical Industry with commitment to state of art technology. Ltd. Africa and Europe No. New Delhi -110 02 Tel . Rishi Seth – JMD Mr. 23236811 fax : 011 23232639 Website : www.Lalit Seth.Rishi Seth.Sunil Kumar – Head – Global sales & Marketing E mail :: hpl@hplindia.011 23234411. Infrastructure and power generation Product Brand :: HPL Manufacturing facilities :: Gurgaon(Haryana). Electronic Energy Meters. Asaf Ali Road. Protection Devices. Gautam Seth b. Noida (U. Details of Exports : South East Asia.

com shishir.58. NOIDA – 201 301 (Uttar Pradesh) Tel: +91-120-400 8888 Fax: +91-120-428 1822 YEAR ESTABLISHED: 1993 1. Mr. 3. Mr. 8. Exports c. Corporate/Management (a & b) Mr. 7. B-10. Sector . Independent Ballasts Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) Electronic Luminaires Electronic Transformers Pulse Igniters for HID Lamps LED Drivers LED Lamps ~ INR 110 million 5. 2. 3. 4.P. 4.NTL ELECTRONICS INDIA LIMITED e-mail ID: info@ntlelectronics. Contact Persons for a. Noida – 201 301 (U. Sector 58. 6. Integrated CFL Ballasts (CFL-i). Praveen Gupta 3. of employees Directors Electronic Ballasts / /annum 2008 – 09 INR 133 Crores 2009 . Arun Director Gupta Managing NTL Electronics India Ltd. A S Gupta B10. 2. Arun Gupta 2.singh@ntlelectronics. 5. Dehradun & Roorkee 1. Business Domain Product Brand (s) Manufacturing Facilities Products Manufactured Lighting Products Lighting Industry & Electronics for OEM Supplier/Private Labels Noida. Details of Exports Annual Lighting Turnover . Sandeep Singh – VP (Sales & Marketing) (c) Mr.mehta@ntlelectronics. 8. 7. Business Development b.10 INR 275 Crores (Estimated) 2200 1. sandeep.) 10. Mr. E-mail info@ntlelectronics.

com . Fluorescent Tubes. contact: Ms. Dichroic and Compact Fluorescent Lamps. The trend has however started changing with companies paying serious attention to bettering organizational efficiencies and participating competitively in the vast international market for lamps as well as components. ELCOMA Secretariat A 448. High Intensity Discharge Lamps. serious foreign exchange problem in the country encouraged production of vital lamp components in India.elcomaindia. Lack of economies of scale coupled with high input costs of raw material and components result in uncompetitive prices impeding export efforts. In the nineties. In the sixties. A Personal interview and factory visit is required to be made either by the Secretary General or the nearest located Elcoma member on the request of the Secretary General. and manufacturers of Electric Lighting Fittings.Lighting Industry in India The seven decades of the lighting industry in India has been a period of transition and . Solid State Lighting and accessories whether in small. cheque for amount due drawn in the name of “Electric Lamp & Component Manufacturers Association of India” along with the filled in application form For more details. manufacturers of LED chip modules or users of LED chips in luminaries can also join. producing today General Service Lamps. newer chemicals. Its development from the status of an importer of finished products to assembling components and finally to a largely indigenous and self sufficient producer of lighting systems has been a gradual and revolutionary process. Keeping in mind the massive rural electrification programme and the emergence of strong middle class. Rashmi Bisht. electronic circuitry. who will arrange visit to the applicant's premises. Halogen. The future of the industry envisages immense prospects of growth and development for technologically advanced and cost effective light sources Miniaturization. their parts or components including spares required in the manufacture of electric lights of all kinds and relating to ancillary purposes. The emphasis on the power sector and its phenomenal growth and distribution laid the foundation for the lighting industry in India. thereby supplying better. more efficient and cheaper lighting systems with improved aesthetics. the government liberalization policies saw international players in the lighting field participate actively in the Indian market as well as in exports. better luminaires are all providing the world with products of larger light output at minimum cost helping energy conservation TO BECOME AN ELCOMA MEMBER Any company or other corporation or Central or State Government engaged in the manufacture of products Electric Lamps. All new proposals for membership are to be finally approved by the Governing Body. All applications for membership should be submitted to the Association in writing in the prescribed form which can be downloaded from Elcoma website www. The Governing body is at the liberty to reject any application without any reasons. LGF. Similarly. a demand explosion both in quantity and types is likely to occur in near future with emphasis on energy saving light sources. This membership is now extended to all type of CFL manufacturers or companies marketing CFL under a reputed brand. forward the same to Secretary General. Office Executive. Please enclose a copy of last Balance Sheet. There has been effective widening of locally produced range of lamps along with serious advent of electronics in eligible to join Elcoma. After filling-up the application. New Delhi – 110 024 India Phone: 91-11-41556644 Fax: 91-11-46577582 e-mail: elcomaindia@rediffmail. Product catalogues. Defence Colony. medium or large scale .

6. Tel: e-mail ID: sales. Year Established 1997 1. 7.ft. Business Domain Manufacturing Facilities Products Manufactured Other Products Traded Details of Exports No. of employees Directors Contact Persons for a. Chokes. the company with a global vision of competition and productivity is able to cater all type of demands whether it is small or large with an equal effectiveness. Company has 3 Directors with an authorized capital of $8. The credit to this ability goes to the flexible infra-structure having all CNC and latest equipments of Production. E-mail Parakh@uyog. Noida 201305 C 78 Hosiery Complex. Hence. Mr. 3. 5. The promoters of the company are educated from the renowned institutes of the world having a strong experience and global exposure. Parakh Gupta – .com Manufacturing 35000 sq. Filters Copper Wires. Gagan Gupta Mr.5mn out of which 40% is paid up. Mr. It is a Public Limited Company with following the system standards of ISO9001:2000. the company has shown on an average 110% turn-over growth since past 10 years and expanding rapidly to other associated areas with backward integration to make the profitability and effectiveness of the company in comparison with the domestic and international competitors.Yog Systems India Ltd. Quality Control and Tracking. Ferrite Core. 2. 8. 4.godspeed@uyog. Phase II Extn. America 175 1. Today. Transformers. Business Development Exports 9.. Bobbins Europe. India +91-120-4352800 fax: +91-120-4352600 Yog Systems was established in 1997 though the group has a history since 1959 in the industry. Parakh Gupta 2.


Business Development b. Mrs. Details of Exports 6. Mr. Hundary. of employees Directors 8. Maharashtra Ecostar a. Business Domain Product Brand (s) Manufacturing Facilities Nasik. sujata. Ravindra Bharati (Managing Director) Mrs. Fax: 0253 2350832 Year Established: 08/09/2000 1..I. Mr. Trimbak Road. Exports E-mail 9. Two High speed fully automatic production lines from Montena Machinery SA. No. Ravindra Bharati 6. Arvind Bharati 5. Shilpa Bharati Mr. Contact Persons for a. 3. 7. R. 2.C Area. Mr. T5 Fixtures.Starlite Lighting Limited 6. Nasik-7 Tel: 2354423/24. Europe   . M. Shekhar Bajaj 2.paradkar@starlitelighting. Mr. Switzerland Compact Fluorescent Lamps. LED Products The company is currently exporting 15 to 20% of its production to various countries in Europe.Ramakrishnan 4. T5 Linear Fluorescent Lamps. Sujata Paradkar Executive (Admin) 4. 185 1. Mr. Satpur. One High Speed fully automatic production line from GE-VTG. Products Manufactured 5.D. Anant Bajaj 3.

and other area lighting. Important difference in LED technology as compared to other light sources have created a gap in the industry standards and test procedures that underpin all product comparisons and ratings. LED’s useful life is based on the number of operating hours until the LED is emitting 70% of its initial light output. Most commonly used heat sink is the aluminum extrusion type with black anodized finishing. Air flow condition needs to be determined by the user prior to selecting a heat sink as the performance of the heat sink is very much affected by this. a comparable CFL lasts 8. LED technology continues to change and evolve very quickly. In the meantime. path.000 to 10. type.000 hours. How long do LEDs last? Unlike other light sources. LEDs must be carefully integrated into lighting fixtures.000 hours. In comparison. emissivity. Lighting fixture manufacturers face a learning curve in applying LEDs. but the quality and energy efficiency of LED products still varies widely. In fact.” instead. How can Thermal Management of LED be achieved? Depending on the requirement. Performance of white LED continues to improve . undercabinet lights. and outdoor fixtures for street. incandescent lamps typically produce 12-15 lm/W. CFLs produce at least 50 lm/W. Few lighting fixture manufacturers are equipped to do this well today. Air flow can be classified as natural convection or forced convection. The best warm white LEDs available today can produce about 80-90 lumens per watt (lm/W). work is on in preparation of specifications and product comparison. LEDs usually don’t “burn out. they get progressively dimmer over time. Some of these products perform very well. New generation of LED devices become available approximately every 4 to 6 months. parking lot. recessed down lights. New standards. 3. Natural convection occurs when there is no (Continued on next page) Are LEDs Energy Efficient? Te best white LED products can meet or exceed the efficacy of compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). The latest lab prototypes have shown significant improvement in luminous efficacy of 156 lumen / watt. size. and the best linear fluorescent lamps can last more than 30. test procedures.000 hours.Light Emitting Diode An Efficient Eco friendly light source The number of white light LED products available on the market continues to grow. including portable desk/task lights.000 hours. LED light output is affected by high temperature. A typical incandescent lamp lasts about 1. retail display lights. it varies with the external cooling condition. It is very important to have thermal control on LED output. the life curve of an LED provided by most of the LED manufacturers is shown in figure below: Good quality white LEDs in well-designed fixtures are expected to have a useful life of up to 50. 2. Various parameters of a heat sink such as thermal resistance characteristic versus dissipated power and air flow. Because they are sensitive to thermal and electrical conditions. material and price. and ENERGY STAR criteria are under preparation. for several reasons like 1. These come in a wide range of shape. The life of an LED depends on the operating temperature conditions. weight and dimensions can be obtained from the heat sink supplier. Cool while LED’s (CCT -6500k) have reached the efficacy of 120 lumen/watt. many type of heat sinks are available. Kanch Udyog Pvt. Exports 10. of employees Directors Lamp Glass Shells N. T. (Uttar Pradesh ) 9.A. Other Products Traded Details of Exports 7. Products Manufactured 5. Ltd.C.P)) Tel: 05612 – 241576 Fax: 05612 – 244764 e-mail: 1.A. Business Development b. By Automatic Machines Lead Glass . No. Bal Krishna Gupta 3. S. Bansal.Shells. Coal Siding Road. Contact Persons for a. Bansal Soda Glass Tubes. Director Coal Siding Road. Lead Glass Tubes – Bangladesh Soda Glass Tubes T. Business Domain Product Brand (s) Manufacturing Facilities 4. Glass Bulb Shells N. Shells Glass Bulb Shells 100 1. Firozabad – 283 203 (U. E-mail aku@aku. 6. 2.C. Pradeep Kumar Gupta S. 8. Firozabad – 283203. 3.

suc as a fan or blower. With its unit in [°C s C-in²/W]. High CCT light sources app pear “cool” or bluish-w white. On the othe er flow of the surround ed on when air flow w hand. Unlike . Mi oss the mating surface creates air e valleys acro pockets tha leads to poor heat tr at p ransfer as air is an ext tremely po oor therma conducto al or (0. the ermal condu uctivity (K) s shows the a amount of hea energy that can be transferred through at d the compound Therefore more effe e d. Neither th he heat sink nor the odule has a completely MCPCB of the LED mo icroscopic peaks and smooth surface. Neutral and warm white LE EDs are now available. often abo ove 5000 K Kelvin. Do LEDs o lig ghting? provide e high quality ferring hea at between the LED D The transf module an the hea sink is the therma nd at al interface. the lower the thermal e e imp pedance. Figure below ch w shows an e example of the therma resistanc al ce characterist tic towards change of air flow s w velocity. LED doesn’t contain Lead or Mercury and is therefo d ore complia ant with na ature and tha make LE at ED and ide eal light so ource for ma ankind. almo all white LEDs had very high ost cor rrelated color tempera atures (CCT Ts). to levels almo on par ost wit th CFLs.026W/m mK). Kailas Singh sh Osram India (P) Limited m ) . To help alleviate t the problem m. In c e contrast to thermal im mpedance. e o and in some cases neutral white (3500K to d 400 00K) light w with continu uous improv vement in effi icacy LED begin to p penetrate m more and mo applications . A As for na atural conv vection. e. force convectio occurs w is induced by force through mechanica d e al means. but have less efficient t imp proved significantly. For most interior lighting t app plications. e esistance of the TIM u used in a the thermal re sys stem can b estimated by divi be iding the the ermal imped dance with the contac area of ct the TIM. w warm white (2700K to 3000K). the thermal res sistance is dependent on the tota al dissipated p power as sh hown in the figure below w ntact resista ance betwe een the LED module D con and the heat s d sink. the therma interface material (T al TIM) is used to fill in the gaps in ord to reduc to the e der ce Col lor appeara ance and c color rende ering are imp portant asp pects of ligh hting qualit ty. th more ef he ffective it w be at will transferring he eat. ective TIM will have a high thermal c conductivity rating. Until rec cently. As a result. They are w s than cool w white LEDs. Therm impedan mal nce is the am mount of heat absorbed by the TI rather d IM tha an transferred throug gh it to the other sur rface. conventional light ore e sou urces .(Continued from last page) p externally induced flow and heat transfe er convection relies solely on the free Type of heat sink e ks ding air.

MR. Business Domain Product Brand (s) Manufacturers of Electric Lamp Components SVGROUP FULLFLEDGED ESTABLISHED INFRASTRUCTURE FOR MANUFACTURING ELECTRIC LAMP COMPONENTS. Exports 10. of employees Directors Contact Persons for a. No. Products Manufactured 5. Products svelind123@dataone.INDORE 094254 06594 svelind123@dataone.101 Princess Pride.MAINLY LAMPCAPS LAMPCAPS AND FILAMENTS 3.LTD.INDORE 452 001M. Janjirawala Choraha. SHRI AMEYA ELECTRICALS P. 9.GLASSSHELLS PRODUCTS: Details of Exports 7. Business Development Year Established : 1980 1. INDORE 452 001 (M.NEW PALASIA. 2. E-mail . Manufacturing Facilities 4.LAMPCAPS&FILAMENTS COUNTRIES: EGYPT/IRAN/INONESIA/SRILANKA/UK/CHINA VALUE(2008-09):RS.P) Tel: 0731-253 6458. 21/3.79 Lacs 200 SHRI GIRISH NAIR SHRI GIRISH NAIR. Other Traded 6.JANJIRAWALACHORAHA. 21/3.452. Regional Offices – Contact person / address 11. 253 6549. 8. 4068129 Fax: 0731-253 6550 M – 09425406594 Email: svgroupindore@rediffmail.P. New Palasia. DIRECTOR.

When the voltage level is high enough breakdown of lamp impedance occurs . The reason behind the negative V/I characteristic is that a current going through the lamp results in more .At the beginning the impedance of the lamp is almost infinite .To start a high voltage is required to be applied across the lamp .A negative V/I characteristic means that the impedance of the discharge tube decreases as the current through the lamp increases. Lower energy cost typically offsets the higher initial cost of the lamp.Fluorescent Lamp A fluorescent lamp or fluorescent tube is a gas-discharge lamp that uses electricity to excite mercury vapor. producing visible light. The fluorescent lamp is a glass tube with sealed in electrodes and is filled with an inert gas Introduction of Discharge Lamp and a few milligrams mercury. A fluorescent lamp converts electrical power into useful light more efficiently than an incandescent lamp. The lamp is more costly because it requires a ballast to regulate the flow of current through the lamp. In order to generate light a current has to go through the lamp .After breakdown the impedance of the lamp decreases because of the negative V/I characteristic of the discharge . The excited mercury atoms produce short-wave ultraviolet light that then causes a phosphor to fluoresce. The tube wall is covered with a thin layer of fluorescent powder.

This phenomena causes the impedance reduction of the lamp when current flows through it. While larger fluorescent lamps have been mostly used in commercial or institutional buildings. ELCOMA  WELCOMES NEW  MEMBERSHIP  Industry ELCOMA.15 per piece to the households of the country. Sunil Duggal. seeks to utilize the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the Kyoto Protocol to bring-down the price of CFLs. . When the electron goes back to its original level UV radiation is produced . The development of the SSC-PoA is a voluntary action on the part of BEE and it would not seek any commercial revenues from the SSC-PoA. The price of CFLs is still in the “Bachat Lamp Yojana” initiated by BEE. the compact fluorescent lamp is now available in the same popular sizes as incandescent and is used as an energy-saving alternative in homes. but with all concerned stake holders and decision makers. A CFL uses only one-fifth as much electricity as an incandescent lamp to provide the same level of illumination.80-100 price in the discharge tube. This initiative will save about 30. Elcoma has now opened its doors to this sector. Recognizing the Government policy of reserving certain lighting areas of manufacture for the Small Scale Sector. For more information on Elcoma membership and downloading application form. 2001 by the Government of India. it will on behalf of the Government of India take the responsibility of monitoring of all project areas after the DISCOMs and the CFL suppliers have entered into a tripartite agreement (TPA) with BEE. is the apex body of Electrical Lighting Manufacturers in India. When a collision occurs . In order to focus attention on this industry and ensure that it derives the maximum attention by the policy makers within the Government.000 MW of power during peak hours. whereas the incandescent bulbs are in the Rs. and the sales of CFLs in India have grown from about 20 million in 2003 to more than 255 million in 2009. CFLs have almost completely penetrated the commercial market. but by a decision in the Governing Body it has been decided to extend membership to manufacturers of luminaires.10-15 price range. Courtsey: Mr. The lighting industry in India is growing at nearly 17 to 18% per annum over the last few years to an annual turnover of over Rupees 7500 crores. More free electrons means a bigger current is possible which results in even more free electrons. Under the scheme only 60 Watt and 100 Watt incandescent Lamps have to be replaced with 11 to15 Watt and 20 -25 Watt CFLs respectively. The Government would develop a programmatic approach (PoA) within which individual CFL supplier would develop CDM projects. Till recently. Electrons flowing through the lamp collide with the big mercury atoms that are in the lamp . Private sector CFL Manufactures /Traders (Project Developers) and State level Electricity Distribution Companies would provide the framework to distribute high quality CFLs at about Rs. Elcoma has established a Secretariat in Delhi to follow up not only with the Government. being the statutory body set up under the Energy Conservation Act. Light Emitting Diodes (LED) and Lighting accessories as well.elcomaindia. However. This UV radiation is transformed in visible radiation by the fluorescent powder. it is estimated that about 400 million CFL lamps will be distributed under the scheme. penetration into households has been limited The function of the electrodes is to bring electrons mostly in urban areas. Under the “Bachat Lamp Yojna” programme. On the other hand. please log on to www. Philips Electronics range. This publicprivate partnership between the Government of India.Fluorescent Lamp (Contd) free electrons in the discharge tube . BACHAT LAMP YOJNA A NATIONAL CLEAN DEVELOPMENT MECHANISM SCHEME Compact Fluorescent Lamp Based Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) provides an energyefficient alternative to the incandescent lamp. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). CFL lamps will be distributed directly to households and in a period of next 18 to 24 months. will coordinate the Small-Scale Programme of Activities (SSC-PoA) and will facilitate implementation of the programme in various States through their respective Electricity Distribution Companies (DISCOMs) with the assistance of the CFL suppliers. the possibility exists that an electron of the mercury atom gains a higher energy level . largely because of the high price of the CFLs. membership to this Association was restricted only to lamp and component manufacturers.

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