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Edge Program Driving Workforce Engagement for Breakthrough Performance

The Edge program is designed to provide leaders and organizations the tools to create and sustain an engaged workforce. Numerous surveys and studies have identified the primary factors that drive disengagement in organizations. And every organization encounters a combination of these factors as well as factors specific to its industry and culture. Based upon the survey results of more than 20,000 employees, The Edge program customizes its content to address specific organizational issues and the global issues that drive employee disengagement. The following diagram graphically displays how disengagement looks in organizations, e.g. misaligned arrows, which can represent employees or departments. In either case the levels of disengagement dissipate energy and resources, which prevent an organization from directing its human and other resources to break through the Wall of Resistance. The wall is made up of many factors, many of which employees cannot directly address. However, without an engaged workforce, aligned and committed to the companys goals, it is nearly impossible to achieve the level of results that an organization has within its potential to achieve. And in todays competitive and unstable business environment, it is imperative that organizations maximize all their resources to reach their goals and ensure their survival.

The Edge program is the road to building and sustaining alignment and engagement. It does this by focusing on three core learning modules, which provide the insights and tools managers need to overcome the drivers of disengagement and to break through the wall of resistance. It starts by first addressing and resolving the forces of resistance in the workforce, which will then allow your organization to achieve Breakthrough and sustained results.

The learning modules are further delineated and articulated in our Breakthrough Performance Pyramid. It is designed to build alignment and engagement with an approach that progressively addresses the drivers of engagement.

This approach builds trust and accountability, which allows for increasing levels of engagement. The goals are simple, but powerful: To have every employee motivated to give 100% to their job, and To have every employee be willing to recommend your organization as a great place to work

Research by Towers and Perrin also highlight the financial benefits of an engaged workforce: 15% increase in employee engagement correlates with a 2% improvement in operating margin. (2007-2008 Global Workforce Study) The Renewal Group is dedicated to awakening, inspiring and empowering your human potential for breakthrough performance. Contact us and learn how we can collaborate to provide your managers and organization an Edge. The Renewal Group 401-525-0309