Quite an inspired portrait, don't you think? It's Teilly Savalas, of cours.e ... drawn by Julie Keith of London.

We'll be sending her £1 for it.

out. All you have to do is just an.swer each ques· tion with a number and write it in the appropriate box. Then put the corresporuunq letter of the alphabet in the tetter column beiou: .iust read across and there you are - a star name! Couldn't be easier!
(A-I, B-2, C-3,. etc.). Now

puzzle for you to figure

Here's another simple

The number of days of the week that start with the letter "A Thousand and - Nights". Tales of Arabia. You can go to "X" films at age-. You can now vote at this age in a General Election. One quarter is the equivalent of - per cent. The famous - rd Psalm begins "The Lord is my shepherd ... " An octopus has - tentacles. You dial this number three times for "Fire, Police or Ambulance". The number of years in two decades. The number of points on a Star of David.

We've got another of our double-value pop pull-outs for you this week ... there's a super colour poster of . the Glitter Band on pages 20/21, plus a feature all about the lads on tour (and we've been talking to ex-Glitrerman vlohn Rossall too) ... Now summer's really here ('?), we're thinkin' romantic thoughts ... so try our quiz on pages 6/7 and find out if your fellareaHy loves ya! - Ed.




'!l '6 '8'gZ '!lZ '8T '81 'T 'z




Here's just the thing for all you green-fingered Pinkies This pretty mat is made from who fancy having a supply of lots of wooden beads all fresh tomatoes all summer threaded together - and it's through ... It's a tomato strong enough to stand up to growing kit, which. comes quite a lot of wear and tear. In complete with seedlings and lots of bright colours to cheer up your bedroom, you could special peat pots for planting use it for holding a plant pot . - so you don't even need to - or even pin it to the wall! have a garden. It's so simple in fact, that you could even for decoration! It's certainly turn your bedroom windowsill pretty enough! into a greenhouse! From all branches of The Unusual Tomato Habitat, it costs 64p. Garden, which comes with

full instructions, costs SOp from all branches of Habitat. And for those of you who fancy growing your own herbs, there's an Unusual Herb Garden kit too (it would make a 'specially nice gift for Mum). Or you could try your hand at growing cacti with the Unusual Cactus Garden kit. It couldn't be easier - and pretty soon you could have quite a flourishing indoor garden on your handsl

A Perspex book holder may strike you as a bit of a luxury - but you've gotta admit it would make a smashin' frame for all your favourite star pies. Or the latest issue of Pink, come to that! rt's really meant for holding


present problems could be solved. (It might tempt ber to try some new recipes') From all branches of Habitat. it costs .£2.29.

Here's a dress that's just perfect for showing off a suntan. It would even look good with a T~hirt underneath. It's in blue. shaded lighter from the hem to the top, and costs £10. By Garilee, from Mike Fern Mail Order. 61 Marvlebone Lane. London WI_ .(Write for details first) Or for stockists in your area 'write to Garilee. 14-16 Bulstrode Street, London WI.

cookery books, so they won t get splashed while you're cooking - and it's the sort of tbillg most mums would really appreciate. So, if mum's got a'" birthday coming up, all your

Christine. Elaine and Kathy. who together make up Ellie. are on tour now, so go and see 'em if you get the chance, Here are the dates and venues: June 30·July 5: Leeds Blue Angel. July 6-12: Harrowgate Gallop Inn. July 16-19: Stanmore Queen of Hearts. Julv 20-26: The Snowdon Suite. Port Talbot. August 4 for six weeks: Purfleet Circus Tavern.

News about the all-girl group, Ellie. seen below with Rob and Ray of Mud who've written the song that's to be the girls' first single - "My Love Is Your Love".

This tiny woven box, with its pretty geometric design is a Wheatstork box. From the Neal Street Shop, 29 Neal Street. London WC2. it costs £1.75 (plus 15p p. & p.),


I Rollers' home country -landthe S is for bonnie Scotland, I of heather and haggisthe... and good music. too, as I
Queen of Scots and that delicious multi-coloured rock! S is also for sensation - and
capital. famous for Mary,


I Rollers have proved. All five:;-. lads hail from Edinburgh, the
- "":::. ~ the Rollers I that's whatwherever they seem to create gol the Rollers' manager and the man who has helped guide And it's hardly surprising them to success. when five fellas are as T is also for terrific - the talented as they are. best word we know to T L is for Tam (Paton, that is), describe the BCR's! _

Quite a few of you are worried about what's happening to the wildlife of the world. it seems. And, we're glad to say. some {If you are actually trying to do something about it. The World Wildlife Fund has started a Wildlife Youth Service. Its aim is twofold: to educate young people about the problems. and to raise money to help solve them. It was Penny of Glasgow who wrote in and told us about it. "I get so upset when I hear about how baby seals and other animals are being killed - and how every year something like twenty species become extinct. "The trouble was. there seemed to be little I could do about it on my own. But then I heard about the World Wildlife Fund, and realised there were lots of people who felt the same as me. Maybe together we can do something! " If you want to find out how you can help, write for information to: Wildlife, Wallington, Surrey.



Eve gets caught ~n a 'trap!

[den was name lot a trandv London store ... and it was also the setting for a secret double life that Eve, daughter of the OWler had embarked on. By secretly leaving the isolation of Eden's roof penthouse and changing her prim 100ks Eva ha d become a shop girl in Eden and made contact itssl f with other girls. But there was another side to the coin when, back as the boss's plain Jane daughter, Eve met 'one
of these girls again )'{i!S

he r secret out?


They went through the store ...


... Well does he? Would be walk twiee r(lund the world !or you? Or does he think walking round to your place twice a week is more than enough? Do our quiz and find out if your feUa really cares. only received one card, your presents were lousy 'and you feel like weeping into your pillow for an hour or two .. He's broke andcan't afford to get you a really super present so, does be a. Say, "Wen, at your age you don't really expect to get lots of presents, do you?" b. Borrow some money from his dad and take you out for a really good evening. .. c. Sit you down, put his arm round you and tell you about all the marvellous things you're going to do together when he's rich and famous?

It's your birthday. You


because he doesn't.want you to think he's scruffy. b. Say, "Look, I never say anything about the way you drip ketchup down your shirt, do I?" c. Say, "If you feel like that, why do _you bother to go out with me?" You've got a bit of a

need Iellas to do that for you a .. Look confused. b. Let it go in your face .. c. Ask if it's still all rigbt for a fella to give you a kiss now and then? You're corning back from a party and you're feeling a bit cross 'cos he'd been staring at this other girl all evening. He asks what's wrong and you tell him. Does he a. Tell you that he hates jealous girls. b. Give you a cuddle and say, "I didn't know you cared so much". c. Tell you he was only looking at her because she reminded him of you? His mum has asked him to give her a hand moving some furnlture and you've asked him

b. Toss acoin for it. . e. Tell his mum it's a real drag he's just got to go out with you?


to come window shopping with you. Does he a. Help Mum first, see you

S_niffle.a_n.d -_ ur mum YO.__ has told you you've got to stay in bed _ instead of going out with him tonight. Does he a. Say he'll call round later in the week. b. Ring you up eve.ry five minutes and keep you
laughing? _. c. Start being rude about


b. Run for an ambulance. c. Pick you up, d1JSl you down and then have a laugh about it with you? how much he loved you, Would be say a. "This much." stretching his arms as wide as they'll go. b. "As much as you love me. " c.. "Guess. "7
If you asked him

what. Does he a. Laugh like a drain.

off your five-inch heels and land on your you-know-

;__ __ __ ~P_~~:_. iOn~. m_in:_~o uu_t


your mum? .

If you told him off abou_t so_m_ g_-___ ethin like eating with his mouth open or sniffing all over the

a. Look a bit embarrassed

place, would he -

What would he . do if you told him not to hold the door open for you because you were a big girl now and didn't


6. a(O) b(S) cliO)

I. a(O) b(5) c(IO) 2. a(lO) b(O) c(S) 3. a(S) b(IO) c(O) 4. &(5) b(O) c(IO) 5. a(O) b(lO) c(5)


7. a(O) b(5) c(lO) 8. a(IO) bIOI cIS)


0-20 Well this guy of yours may be telling you that he loves you - but don't believe him, Not until he starts being a bit less selfish and takes more. notice of you, anyway. If he does love you, why

can't he make a bit more effort to be pleasant and stop trying to make you feel about three inches high? If you really want to find out what love is all about find someone else! 'Cos it looks like you're just wasting your time - not to mention your emotions - on this Iella. And if you get too involved you could wind up getting hurt.

He might just be in love with you, it's a bit difficult to tell because he doesn't really know how to show you! He's sometimes shy and a bit off-hand but deep down inside he could be longing to tell you how passionately in love with you he is. Treat him gently, don't hurt his feelings and you may find out that he loves you yet! S0-80 If you really can't see that this fella loves you, you must be blind! He can pull you out of a mood and cheer you up, just like that. He really canis what you think of him and wants everyone else to know how fabulous you are! He doesn't just love you, he cares about you and you .ean't ask for more than thatt So. count yourself lucky ... it looks like you're on to a sure-fire winner. Make sure you don t lose him!



In a ta.xi ...

Next Week: A shock for Eve!


never gone in for umbrellas myself. I'd rather get wet than be seen carting one around. In fact. If you were to ask me to name the six most boring things in the world umbrellas would come pretty high on the list. But OD(' of mv girls. the fascinating Maggie. hardly ever goes out without an umbrella. She owns eight of them, and she reckons no female should be without at least three. When it's not raining she uses her umbrella to store things like lipsticks and tissues and loose change. Then she doesn't It doesn't Seem to have occurred to .her that if she carried a bag she wouldn't have to bother with an umbrella. . But then. I s'pose, if it started to rain she wouldn't have an umbrella to put up. Not that she can put her umbrella up anyway. as all the loose change and stuff would fan out. The more I think about it the more I'm convinced that that girl has loose marbles in her head: Anyway. when it does look like rain and she's got her lipsticks and change in her bag her umbrella really comes in useful. In a crowded street she uses it as a sort of battering ram to clear a path for herself. If she's missed a bus she stands miserably at the bus stop pretending she can't get the umbrella open and within three minutes some guy feeling sorry for her has pulled up in his car and offered her a \j lt home. She says it never fails. . She also uses the umbrella to get to know boys. Tn a coffee bar. for example. she sits at a table bv a guy she fancies and tben getS up and goes. leaving her umbrella behind, with luck the guy wiJI come after

her with the umbrella. And it comes in usefut Ior beating guys she doesn't fancy over the head. I'm beginning to think I'm missing out by not having an umbrella. I could have a big one .... "READ JAMIE IN PINK +th EVERY WEEK!" printed on it in big letters, On windy days I could go to work {In roller skates and hold it out in front like. a sail. If r had a very big umbrella I could open it up right over my desk at work. That would stop Scott sneaking over to put paper clips in my coffee and laughing at my two finger typing. Motor cyclists nowadays have to wear crash helmets. Motorists have seat bel s. But the poor pedestrian has no protection against accidents. With the right sort of umbrella. everybody could be safe. The Jamie patent umbrella. which win be on sale just as soon as I've ironed out a few design difficulties. is the answer. It will be made from llghtweight steel and will be incredibly strong, able to withstand falling bricks or even pianos which may fall from tall buildings as you pass. My umbrella will have flashing lights on top for use when cro sing roads. I may even incorporate a fog horn. If you should be unlucky enough to fall out of a window. the Jamie umbrella. win act as a parachute. and if you should find you rself falIing into a river or lake all you have to do is turn your umbrella upside-down and use it as a boa!. The outboard engine is an optional extra. r don't think MaggiE' has loose marbles in her head arter all. 1 think she's onto something big. The umbrella could be the greatest thing since coke'

It's tne .seasoti of postcards - so c'mon, send us a few. A nd, remember, we pay a pound if we print uour pearls oj wisdom (£2 for a. Star le tter) " Write to: Pink Pos t, Fl.eetway House, Farriruidon Street, London
STOP THAT GlRL! Please could YOU tell that thing you call Kim to stop eating aniseed balls. She has made me very unhappy. I used to be able to buy aniseed balls at the shop but now I find they either don't stock them or Kim's been round all the shops exhausting supplies! Jacqueline, HCR Fan - Hereford THE SUN

COR!!! One day when I was bored I decided to count all the exclamation marks in Pink, issue 104. After about half an hour of counting I'd found 359. Would someone like to count the letters? Pink Fan - Preston

Well. J do 'dec/.ore! 1/101 0 1'("('01"(1?


CLOWNING AROUND I thought I'd send you a photo of my friend ~ after I'd made her up as a clown If she finds out I sent you it she'll kill me! Arsenal Fan - Surrey

As I lie upon the beach. I see something beyond my reach. It is the sun. so warm and fair, Which 'completely warms the air. It warms my face with so much ease. Could it warm my body. please! As I get up to go home. I feel a sharp pain of suntan alone. It is my skin peeling. It's such a funny feeling. Oh sun. you are so warm and pleasant. But why am I red as a burned up pheasant! Sharon - London

CURliNG UP My boyfriend has a lovely head of curls, and I always thought that he was born with them because they look so natural. But I was soon disillusioned when we arranged for me to meet him at his house one night. I arrived a little early and there he was . - taking the rollers out of his hair! He was rather embarrassed - but all I did was laugh! Isobel - Scotland

Dear write you'd have with you'd some some


Brigid. I just thought I'd and ask beautiful you if swop with me. as you a love/hate relationship Scott. I iust wondered if like to swop a tall, handScott for a ta H. handFreddie Mercury.


because we too have a love/hate relationship. I love 'him but he hates me. Please tel! me your secret so that I too can have boys falling at my feet. and Scott and Jamie telling me how lovely I am. Scott, Jamie and Queen Fan - Arbroatb SWEET DREAM I took my Pink to bed (May 17 issue, 112) and read "Star Dreams and What They Mean". Then I snuggled down under my duvet all set to dream about a gorgeous fella I met last week. But I'll tell you what happened. I dreamt that our cookery teacher asked me to bake a 'cake for her eat's birthday. What would Sally make of that? Tessa - Falmouth 8all1l saus: I'd take it as a compliment. YOU1' cookers] teacher Din 1011.,';III thinks uou're so (load. she uumt« UOU to bake a coke (0'/' heT - hut she's too e'm bana ssea to admit she'd eat it all nersel]. (Jamie suggested that maybe she's trUl:ng to get rid of l1e1' cate) SPARE THE ROD I'm writing to tell you that I'm annoyed at Rod Stewart going out with Britt Ekland, and doing everything that she wants him to. I read that he's given up wearing satin suits,' rainbowcoloured shirts and tartan scarves. and that he now

Jill - Salford Well. that's 11 hat love does to a [ella. Jill! WOMBLED! The other day I was lOOking at my atlas and look what I found. In Venezuala there is a River Orinoco, In Russia there is a place called Tomsk: In Scotland there is a place by the na~e of Tobermoru. In New Zealand there is WeIHngton and of course, there is the country Bulqaria: I couldn't find a Bungo and the nearest I could find for Madame Cholet was Chorley in England. Wonder if that's how the Wombles got their names? BCR Fan - South Shields Could be ... It certainly sounds like they'r-e a prettll international bunch! MUDDY CUSTOMERS My sister works in a cafe very near our house, and one day when she was working there she had some surprising customers - Mud! They had a concert in Plymouth that evening and had gone into the cafe (which is out of the way) to get away from their fans. The lead singer gave her a 20p tip!

wears well-cut dinner Jackets. Rod wouldn't without tartan don't think it's should choose him.

suits and be the same or satin and I fair that Britt his clothes for

'anyone for II Scrub ?'
Last week Brigid was going on about having great ideas while she was in the bath and ~ince then we've all been sitting thinking in our baths. And, do you know, she's right ...
VALLl: I was just sitting there, strangling Squeezy (my teddy bear sponge) with my flannel, when suddenly I thought: Wouldn't it be a good idea if everyone in the office wore badges and then maybe I could remember their names .. , JILLY: After sitting in my bath for for three hours and thinking very hard, I have made an amazing discovery: You shouldn't sit in your bath for three hours because the water gets very cold and your knees start turning purple and you get covered in nasty little goosebumps all over .. , ANDREA: It was whilst I was having a scrub in tbe tub one day that I came across t~s brilliant new way of gettmg some colour in your cheeks without using a blusher! You just grit your teeth, turn ~he hot tap on full blast and be there until you are forced to jump upright and yell in a , loud voice, 'II you now look m , the mirror you win notice that your cheeks are red - and so is the rest of you . . . JAMIE: I'm sorry but I'm not playing this game. I never have time to have great thoughts what with bunging the shillings in the meter and making drowning noises so that my landlady will stop banging on the door. I'm . getting very good at drowning large hairy spiders though ' .. SALLY: I once decided, in the bath, that I would never have another problem again. I would never worry ahout anything or get in a tizzy or throw a tantrum, And then my big toe got stuck up the tap ... BRIGID; Sitting in the bath one day, having a Great Thought, I suddenly leapt to my feet - pinkly - and yelled "Eureka". Whereupon my flat-mate, who was standing outside the door, said, "Oh no I don't, paIJy, I had a bath yesterday" . . . KIM: Most of my great thoughts have been things like: Does red hair fade if you wash it a lot? And: I wonder if rubbing porridge on your face gets rid of freckles? (No, but '/.IOU could .find uoursetj surrounded bll Bay City R 0 tier S if you spread it in thick enouan.) SCOTT: Who has time to think in the bath when you're sitting along side a full-length mirror? Mind you, I've often wondered if I should move the shower. That way I couJd get two mirrors in, one at the front and one at the side , . .

trendiest star on

To her fans, Sugar warmest-hearted,
Jones was the

Sugar was mea n and fortyl

the T. V. scene. Only Susie Ford, her ass istsnt knew th e truth - that

....... But it was the wrong lever . . .




Next Week: Sugar flies high - in a road race!

-.-...... ~onFREDDI~
Here's the secondo' our Pop Files - specially designed for you to cut out and keep .- all about Freddie Mercury of Queen.



I -.

Drop me a line and tell me your beauty problems. After all, that's what I'm here for to sort out those beauty btues!
a.nd vegetables - very important for your skin. Secondly' .y?U need a good moistuTtser. Yomileu'e Nourishing Cream is a. oooa one. Or tru Boots NO.7 Moisture Plus 01' Boots 17 Orange Blossom Moisturiser for dru 01' no-rmal skins. Apply it after you wash your face at night and in the morning before you put any m~ke-up on (if you wear it), It will take time, but uour sk:in will get back to normal.
BROW BEATEN Dear Valli, Could you please tell me what is the right age to start plucking your eyebrows? I have very busby and thick eyebrows and I'm 13.


I Juliet, I Dear Juliet, ProbablySurrey the most suitable kind of you I blusher forone. would be a. powder
I illustrated

WHAT A BLUSH! Dear Valli I like wearing blusher, but the trou~le is I don't really know which to choose. My skin is slightly greasy, but quite pale. Which sort would be best for me?




The one we've . is by Rlmm:e1 and comt;s comple.te uritn its own l"tWe app.iicator, Or you coul.d try Boots Love Blushmg Pouuier which also comes with its own applicator.


I I I·Dear
REAL NAME: Freddie Mercury. DATE OF BIRTH: 5th September" 1946. STAR SIGN: Virgo - one of the Earth signs and (appropriately enough) ruled by the planet Mercury. Virgoans are practical people who can usually manage to keep cool in a crisis. They can be moody, though, and difficult to live with. They're also very hardworking people - and more than a little romantic and sentimental. PLACE OF BIRTH: Zanzibar. HEIGHT: 5' 9". WEIGHT: 8V2 stones. COLOUR OF HAIR: black. COLOUR OF EYES; brown. EDUCATION: Freddie received m.osl of his education in India, where he spent most at his childhood (lucky feUaU. Later he studied at Ealing School at Art and qualified as an illustrator and graphic designer. FAYE MUSICAL INSTRUMENT: harpsichord. FAYE GROUP: Mott the Hoople. MUSICAL INFLUENCES: Pagannini. the famous Italian composer, and the late Jiini Hendrix. FAYE COLOUR: black. FAYE COUNTRY: Japan. (Queen visited Japan recently and their tour was reported as being supersuccessful. He received so many presents, to,? from his Japanese fans including lots of kimonos and a Samurai sword that he needed a van just to move them aroundl Seems they liked him as much as he liked them. LIKES: .Peter Rabbit, Mae West movies, spare ribs, Champa.gne and black nail varnish (only on one hand, at courser).


A Pinkie, Brynduir Pinkie, First of all. check your diet. Your skin may be affected by what you're eating. Try to eat'lots of fresh fruit

UP Dear Valli, I have a problem with my skin. Just recently it has become very dry and flaky. It doesn't feel or look nice, so please could you give me some advice as to what I should do?

. Depressed, liverpool Dear Depressed, As long a Mum doesn't mind there's ·no rea.son why you shouldn't pluck YOU?' eyebrows right now. M a k:e sure you buy a decent pair Of tuieezers, and only pluck beneath the bTOW and in between.



--=~~~~~~~:_ _
Send your beauty problems to: Yalli, Pink Magazine, Fleetway House, Farrington St., London EC4A 4AD.


Wh9-t'r€ you doing with aU those weeks oj smashin' summerhohday? Stuck for a few ideas? Then try these ...
GO bea.c.h.~com. Maybe .. b.I.·ng:. you won't find buried ~ treasure, but it's amazing how beautiful some of the shells are. We know, it getskinda boring just lying around trying to get brown. Well. go swimming or play beach volley ball ... You'll still catch the sun! T.· ravel light this year. when you go on holiday - just make a list of the necessities and choose all your clothes and accessories carefully. Vow to keep your holiday tan by adding baby oil to your bathwater ... a treat for stopping your skin from flaking keeps it soft 'n' supple too! If you're not having much success with your tan in the back garden, try some of the fake stuff! When the sun does show its face, make _. . the most of it. Get out and about - and don't catch the bus either - walk! Good summer exercise! . Have a prim 'n' proper afternoon tea in the garden ~~ . (yes. that's right, in your bikini! i. With cucumber sandwiches and brown bread!
G. a riding. or po. y n . trekking - it's a ~~ . smashin' way to pass a sunny afternoon (even a cloudy one!). Great for toning up lazy muscles too!

.~. I1A ~

Marty Kristian was always a lave pin-up of ours when he was with the New Seekers along with Paul Layton .. But then the New Seekers split up, and Marty and Paul decided to stick together and look around for someone else to make up a triO., And that's where Danny Finn came in. Before joining the other two, Danny had been with a group called Wishful Thinking - but he was keen to join up with the others to form Marty, Pauland Danny. And we reckon it's a hit combination. The boys wrote "Coming Alive Again" together _ and now it's to be released as their first single. And they're planning a back-up tour as weU as several telly appearances, so you'll probably get a chance to see them, as well as hear their new sound. But let's take a closer look at the three lovely fell . as . ..

That's the title oj Marty, Paul and Danny's first sinqie. And it's pretty appropriate when you know their story ...
Marty (centre in our pieey) was born in Germany, but .emigrated to Australia when he was still young. There he went to Melbourne University to study architecture, but changed his mind midway and decided to become a professional singer inst.ead. Paul Layton (right in our picey! is from. . Buckmg~amshrre ---:where he : started life as a child actor .. He went .to stage school to learn acting, smgmg and dancing - and by thease oilS he was playmga guitar and writing songs. He became ~r~endlywit~ Marty, and later joined the !'lew See~ers. . Danny Fmn (left In ~ur piccyl was brought up m. Sou.thampton. He pl<o/ed w_tth va~lOus 10c~1~oups including WIShful ~hmking and had ~e~~aI hits abroad bef~re JOInIng ~arty a~d Paul. So that s the. ~ne up -----: and a pretty prorrusmg one, It. seems to us. Fellas, we Wish you aU the best!

L. o.Ok after you f...eet. .... f. · . It's a great feeling to walk around with them bare - on grass or sand. Otherwise wear healthy exercise sandals.

Go 'au nature!' .. have bold 'n'o beautiful days ~~ without a scrap of make-up! You'll feel so proud of your clean, clean, skin! . Get back to a basic, easy-tomanage hairstyle. Something you can wasband just leave to dry naturally in the summer heat. •. Hang your suns~ecs on a chain a ound your neck. Then you can slip 'em on and off just as you like, Won't lose or break 'em either!

Be a water baby! Or if your swimming's not up to Olympic standard, ride in a boat - a dinghy, canoe or the speedy kind .... great! .~ Go for a picnic .. , what a fa ..nta.stic way to have a nosh-up! If you want to keep your sandwiches low in calories, why not go for crispbread? Get down to your ideal . weight .... try on your . briefest bikini to give you an incentive. And with all those tasty salads it shouldn't be too difficult 1 Find out about all the local fairs, f.etes. pop ' festivals and go to every one. There's nothing like an open-air occasion for having a great time. WhY not have a swim _ in a downpour? It's ~~. surprising how much warmer you'll feel in the water (and tingly when you come outl).


..111/11 __ __

Don't forget your summer basics ~~ , deodorant, talc ... and for that feminine feelin' - perfume. Every fullyfledged Pinkie needs 'em! When you get back from your holiday ~~ (sniff, sniff!) be sure to unpack all your gear, neatly puttin' it all away ready for next yeflr.

~~ it's gotta come sometime! Just think of all those fantastic rustic colours and woolly fashions'


.. ~um, ~

business. It would be no good you trying to pretend that Dear- Salf!:j, 1,1: th t if people act as If the!:} _like your 'friendShip could ever I've altvQ9S thoug I Q seen -t::he. oint in betn9 p be the same again _ you r they do like .!i0U. 've never- J.L h' ge.st shock of 'speCially now you know that 'two -faced. But last week 1.90 Vle 19 Jackie has been completely insincere. my life··· d fn·e.nds about,six morrths You are bound to feel Y'see, Jackie and I be~ti,m:~:/I well. But,las-t week, regrets - after all, you a90- we got along -eoge y I realis ed now she must've got along pretty well together to be friends for when I walked inOtb? .ou~/co;'':~~o:d:~ the other side of the past six months - but you must hate me. VIOUS !:J . 'cos -the!:J do see, don't you, that it was me come In the bookshe.lve..s h a d n 't. he.o.t-d wel'""e.-ta1kin9 about me. A the virtually a one-sided can-ied on "b::t/ktng ... and. , Y was sa ;n9 the. most mean relationship? Never again Sh could you give Jackie any least one vo;c~ was vv:S So spoftt at home. and ,got confidence - for fear that she and rotten things - a th' mum 'nI dad couldn t.£; afford would use it in a very cruel way against you, behind your everything I ",!cmbui/,v"",t myself with "'!:J blond.. hairback again. them. Sbe. saId how rea y. to her- brother ... bat You may fear that her 'dirty and tha~ '.was ~/w.Q9tr. Q while- I just vva/J:ec! work' (and that's what it is as SalIn I Ii JUst t sn t ~e.. .I.L Th-e: WOl-St. of It IS,'.l.L far as I'm concerned) will • .;:J. .L I p In mur.nroa . fn have turned others against wdh th,s greaT;. urn. ;;:I s all smiles and fr;e.nd~ WIUl , you ... well, in my experience that V€-I-!:j aft;e.t-noon.she.. wa If 1:0 speak -to her. I know in these matters, it is me, but I could'},t b,...ms. myse but how? invariably the offender and I should hove- It out with her:«. . Ann (14)-l<sadin.9 not the offended who comes off worst. 'Jackie's nastiness has, I'm sure, only done herself far more harm in your Dear Ann, There is nothing you .is rooted on very dodgy other friends eyes. worse than tp suddenly anything to have hair like ground. When she is with you, yours. It is interesting that you discover that somebody you she may not be able to stop mention that it was Jackie . She says you make up to her trusted, whose friendship you herself from liking you and who did all the talkingthought was sincere, has been brother . . . when, in actual enjoying your company most people, when they hear deceiving you all along. fact, he's probably made a (which, after all. is a large malice, take it all with a pinch It is also a very sad thing to remark or two to her which part of wha t friendShip is all of salt and prefer to judge _ hap~, for it makes you wary indicates that he'd be very about). But when she is not things for themselves (this, I bappy if you did! of people, suspiciol:lS of them with you, she probably can't think, was probably the ease being 'two-faced' - as Jackie But, just for a second, help her true feelings inside has been. in the common room). And if SUppOSingthat all these things coming out . . . jealous they do not, then I feel that Obviously, we can't always she 'said about you were true feelings. I think that 'hatred' they are lacking in fairness. judge someone's character - does that give her any is too strong a word to use One day! I'm certain that immediately and decide that cause to slate you to other but the fact that she Jackie will deeply regret what they are the sort of person We people one minute, then carry made the kind of remarks she she has said and done. She want to have as a friend. To on being all sweet and smiling did shows that they stem from build up friendship and underto your face the next? No, it will realise that she has lost a a deep-down jealousy . . . good friend in you through standing takes time. certainly does not! She says you are spoilt _ s:ome black spot in her But 1 do feel that there is a TELL HER character which she berself certain sort of person who is okay, maybe Your parents give Of course, jealousy is no you things she can't have .. She 'two-faced'. To be sweet and pr.obably doesn't understand. excuse for her kind of is jealous of this and qualifies That you should have " kind to someone one minute, behaviour ... but it does help her feelings by saying that discovered her two-faced then be malicious and cruel vou understand a little the your parents can't afford itattitude is, I think, the best behind her back the next does why? behind it. which makes you the guilty thing that could have not come naturally to most of one. I do feel, Ann, that you must happened. For now you can us - thank goodness. speak out about what you now She says that you are vain end this friendship with a The fact that Jackie has know - but as calmly as - just because you have long clear conscience that you've behaVed in this way shows possible, even tho' I realise blonde hair to be proud of. done nothing wrong . . . and that her 'friendship' towards that you feel very upset about Well, she would probably give feel free to find a new friend the whole unpleasant who will return your honesty ..




;";:;_¥ed m,afcAf.t:: t



Don't ever ask me to go to the flicks ... any of you! (And that even means Brigid Bardotl) Y'see I've just spent the worst evening of my life (yes another one) trying to survive a couple of hours at my local flea pit. Flea pit! I practically itch just walking past it now. It all started when Saturday night turned out to be one of those wet 'n windy affairs - a real going-to-the-flicks kinda evening ... so r rang my old fall-back-on female pal, Gloria and asked her to go and see the new horror movie "The Night of The Giant Rat." Still, anything was better than watching the box. UNCOMFORTABLE It didn't help arriving at the cinema and finding a mile long queue. And it helped even less when Gloria's umbrella flipped its lid and refused to go up! When we eventually got in we could hardly see the . But he wouldn't give up. screen for steam rising from the sound of crunching. "Don't teU me what to do, all those damp rnacs. "Shooosh!" I hissed. But that proved to be a "Whassat mate?'" came the mate," he hissed. minor problem compared to Then it was the lady in the angry reply. actually trying to see the hat's turn. The fella behind me wasn't picture. "Look here, young man," in the mood for being , A woman with the biggest 1 criticised. she ordered me. "If you don't walnut whip lookin' hat came 1 ' Shooosh," I hissed again. keep quiet I 11 call the and sat right in front of me. "Can't you be quiet!" manager." I was definitely in for a cou"Don't you come any of Me keep quiet! ple of hours of neckEverybody was turning that rubbish with me," my opcraning ... and more! ponent said, kicking my seat! . round and "Hear-hearing" the I Gloria looked at me wistful- hat lady. They seemed to have BOVVER! But not only could I not see 11y, waiting for me to make a lost complete interest in the film. brave stand. But no chance. the movie - we had a Poor Gloria, she was so emHe looked six foot tan and popcorn rustler behind us! barrassed she took a turn for that was sitting down! We couldn't even -hear for



"C'mon Scott,' she said in her very loudest voice. "Who wants to stay here anyway!" And before I could stop her she was trying to storm out of the cinema over everybody else's knees ... WeB I could hardJy just sit there, I had to follow ber! Cor! What a waste - of time and very precious money. And to think, I could have spent a trouble-free evening watching "Match of the Day!" See ya next week!

the worst.

CANCER (June '21--July 21)

LEO (July 22-Aug



VIRGO (Aug 22-Sept


LIBRA (Sept 23-------0ct 22)

SCORPIO (Ocl 23-------Nov 21)

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22-Dec 20)

Suddenly you're very determined to get something you want. You could be surprised at your own strength!

You're feelin' serious about your future career this week - and your love life. too, So aim -high!

Your life is rushing along at a much faster pace suddenly - so be careful you don't get left behind!

The stars are shining on home and social affairs this week. Things should go well for you without the need to get out and about too much.

Change is in store lor you. So be prepared to make the best of it. Don't hang on to old memories, or you could miss out.

You certainly reach for the stars, don't vou? But don't be too disappointed when you don't quite make it!

PISCES (Feb 19-Mar


ARIES (Mar 21-April


TAURUS (April 21-May


GEMINI (May 21--June


Your thoughts are all very romantic this week - but don't overlook small, practical things.

An upward and forward trend carries you along for the next few weeks, It could lead to some lasting improvements.

A week to tread carefuJJy where romance is concerned. A thoughtless act could upset someone.

A good week for new ideas - and lucky enterprises. This brings a bright and happy attitude, that should carry


Don't try to force an issue. If you can just ride it for a bit, time should sort it out for you. Then you can enjoy yourself.

good week for travel and changes. New and interesting. things and people should come into vour life. so make the best of them.


The next time somebody asks me if I can keep a secret, I'll make. sure I ask them what it is before I promise anything. 'Cos last time I promised without asking, I landed myself in a real mess! It all started one evening on the way home from school when Je.nny, one of my class-mates, decided to confide in me. "You know all those plants . that were pulled up in the school grounds last night," she said with a funny sort of smile. "Well, I can tell you who did it." Of course, I knew what she was talking about. Only that morning we'd all been kept late after assembly while the headmistress ranted and raved about how they were going to find the culprit and punish her severely, She was convinced it was one of us kids. I looked at Jenny, surprised. "How come you know?" I asked. She gave another of her funny smiles. "I'll tell you who it was if you promise to keep it to yourself. " "Okay, I promise," I said without thinking. "Who was it the.n?" "It was me! I did it for a dare. , Now, remember you promised to keep quiet .. .!" "Don't· worry." I assured her "I won't tell a ;ou1." ' So, there I was, bound to

"The wrong girl had been blamed, .. and 1 knew who the real culprit was. The only trouble was _' I had been sworn to secrecy. n
secrecy ... even though I thought 'felt ... Only Jenny and I knew old Jenny deserved everything who the real vandal was, We she got for doing such a rotten Were the only ones who could thing, And I would never have save Laurie - and yet I'd sworn dreamed of breaking my promise not to say a word to, anyone! if. next day, another of my class- And it didn't seem very likely mates, Laurie, hadn't been that Jenny would volunteer the accused of being the culprit. truth. Apparently someone had seen Suddenly I realised I'd landed a girl wearing our school uniform myself in a really nasty situation. lurking about the school grounds If I spoke up I'd be letting Jenny that night - and had identified down. and if I kept quiet I'd be the girl as Laurie. letting Laurie down. 1 couldn't Of course, Laurie denied it, but win. Still I could hardly just do the headmistress refused to . nothing. believe her - and it looked like That Iuneh-time I managed to she was in for a load of trouble get Jenny on her own. unless someone came up with the "Look," I told her, "we've got truth pretty soon. , to get Laurie out of this. It's just Well, you can imagine how I not fair if she gets blamed ... " She looked at me accusingly. "You promised," she said. "1 know. That's why I think it's up to you to confess. I don't want to break my promise, but ... ," Well, I must admit, it was pretty brave of Jenny, 'cos next day she did go to the head and admit that it was her, I'm glad she dili, too; because I would have felt really bad about. breaking my word - even tho' I suppose I would have been forced to in the end. Still, one thing's for sure ... Jenny certainly won't be confiding in me any more. I certainly hope not anyway!

Hurry for it ! 64 smash ing pages with !6 in full colour! And that includes, the fabulous colour poster ofthe Rollers .•a pin-up of Donny and a David Essex double spread. Among the special summer features are an article on holiday romances, plus a telling quiz about them" a look at some "Stars Having a Whale of a Time", and a Beauty feature on see-through make-up for sunny weather, You'llflnd some super summer fashions, too, and plenty of pic-stories full of tender emotion.

So catch the Pink Summer Special at newsagents and bQokshops . 2Sp

n her flat, Jenny Jones, a typist, had statuette ItastedLondonopened an oldcontained. and the blue powder it
A few seconds later, Jenny had found herself in 1775, on the Pacific island of Naratonga, hailed by the islanders as Janora, their Golden Goddess. Jenny


was to choose the new king from between two ·rivalprinces - one, Sola, Whomshe liked ... and Gora, who seemad eviI. But now, Jenny had been taken prisoner - by Gore's followers •.



Next Week-: Into the Blue Powder Mountains!











... " GOOD ON YER,
~ __ BOYD!


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Don t sit and worry about -that personal problem a mCfJment longer, Write and tell me about it and

f'11do my best to heJp you sort it ou.t, TERRmLE PAINS Dear Chris, I started my periods three months ago and each time, so far, I've suffered from the most terrible cramping pains, My period lasts for five days and for the first three of those days I'm practically doubled up with pain, 'I'hingsare so bad that I'm finding It difficult to go to school at this time of the month, because I spend most of the time either in the 100 or in sick bay, Mum has given me period pain tablets a couple of times but Dad went mad when he found out. He says I'm too young to be taking this kind of tiling, (I'm nearly fourteen.) I'm beginning to feel drained - and dread the very thought of my next period, 15 there anything 1 can do? Melissa. Stoke-on-Trent. Dear Melissa, Firstly, let me say that, since your menstrual cucie is still at a.'( eru early stage (many girls wait a yea'1" or two before their periods .eettte down). the'1'e IS nothing to say that you wi!! alma,Ys su.ffer from such terrible period pains. . .in two 01' three months ()1' so you may finn that the cramps have subsidecL quite Q, pi.t. Htnoeoer, for the time being, each period is obviouslU a. monthly nightmare to you. So let's see 'what can be done, father's concern for you taking pain-killers. But, /Joang as you are, you: cannot be expected to have to just 'grin and bear' these terrible
cramps. For girls who suffer for the day or so Of their

To most girls there's nothing mOTe natural, than jeeling crazy about some dishy superstar. But did it ever occur to you that some [euas might find it a trifle irritating ... and maybe even iee! jealous that a girl can get so wo-rked up about a guy they'll probably never get the chance to meet? We chatted to some boys to find out just how they do feel about it .. , and to some girLs to discover if they really care what ine ieuas think anyway!
"1 just don't understand some girls, . " honestly I don't," Jim of Brighton told us. "Take my girlfriend Julie. At first she was crazy about Donny and now it's the Rollers. She's got posters all over her bedroom wall and

pains a1"e persistent, you sturuui seek the oaotce of YOl1r doctor. Ask Mum to go a,long with you (for a tittte moral support) and explain how drained and feeling pains.
run-doum. you've been tateiu due to these

1 dojeel, though, that in you?" case, where the

ease the pain with tablets such as Feminax, which, taken as instructed are quite safe.

[ unaerstand


abl,e to p7'escribe the 7".ight kind of treatment [or '1 eru heavy period pains. Could be you need a. tonic to pep you u.p too. S0 'm.any changes take place in your bod11during period time, that hypertension, a,nd anxiety ahout the pain you're expecting. all contribute to making tne cramps doub1u-worse. As soon as . you CW1. feel a little rel,ease from this dread.
1101.1ave n

Yours is not a?l, nnCQmm.on problem, so stmi{:jht away he'll be

she's always talking about them. But she reckons she still feels a lot for me. A different kind of feeling, . , Still, I put up with it ... 'cos I really like her!' In fact lots of fellas feel like Jim about it ~ they're puzzled, but not too bothered by their girlfriends' feelings for their favourite group, Not all fellas, tho' ... Reader Kate (left) from Manchester found that her fella reacted quite differently to her feelings, "1 started going out with Pete about six months ago," she told us, "then I went to a David Essex concert and he went up the wall! "He said he couldn't mean anything to me if 1 could scream at David, so he packed

the tension subside.

at the moment
may well .

WeJve heard what the fellas have to say ... now hear from the supe-rstars themselves ...

that the fans really care about us. of course - 'cos we care about them, too. But I think it's a pity when girls let these feelings interfere with the rest of their lives. It would certainly be a shame if they let them come between them: selves and their boyfriends!" And Bay City Roller,

that yonr per'iods will settle tioum. naturally is quite safe to and painiessls),

And. [ hope, very


David E.ssex reckons a bit of star worship is probably alright ... as long as it doesn't go too far. "It's nice to know

me in! He just didn't understand that the feeling I felt for David was different to what I felt for him. ' Billy of Preston admitted that he couldn't work out how a girl can feel so keen about a pop star when she hasn't even met him. "I couldn't stand to go out with a girl while she's got a

crush on some pop star. And if she turned up wearing scarves and badges I d be furious! I'd see it as a personal insult! "I mean who wants to be treated like second bestlike a girl's only going out with you because she can't go out with the Bay City Rollers or whoever anyway? It makes you feel like she's just making do - and she'd drop you like a hot potato if one of those Langmuir fellas came along!"

Sue of Hull tried to explain to her boyfriend how she felt about Eric of the , Rollers ... but all in vain. "He just wouldn't - or couldn't - understand how I felt about Eric. But the joke is he's pretty keen on Lynsey de Paul and he seems to understand that okay ... l" But some girls feel that if they are that crazy about a star they can't think about going out with a fella. Take Jill from Northampton (left), f'rinstance ... She's so crazy about Donny that she feels she couldn't fit another fella into her life. "I don't think it would be fair on the bloke either. I know I'd be thinking of Donny all the way thru' the date!" And I couldn't blame any fella for feeling pretty fed up about that! "But the real truth is that I just don't need any other fella but Donny. He may be hundreds of miles away most of the time, but I still feel he's mine - and that's enough for me!" Reader Sarah reckons that altho' she's mad about the. Rollers and even wears their outfits if another fella asked her out she'd still want to go. "It's different going out with a boy and being a Rollers fan. The feelings you have aren't the same, are they? "You have to deal with a Woody, finds that when the fans' feelings get out of control it can be a pretty frightening experience. "Sometimes a t some of our concerts when the girts start to go really wild, I can't help worrying a bit. I really hate to think of any of them getting hurt. That scares me." Pilot's Dave Paton had to admit that he didn t really blame the felIas for getting jealous at the way some girls feel about their fave pop stars. "I suppose if I was in their shoes I might feel pretty fed

boyfriend personally ... but a pop star is just an image. Not that that means I love the Rollers any less tho' ... " One couple we spoke to tho' have a very good (or perhaps we should say lucky?) arrangement ... "We both like the Glitter Band and so we both go to the concerts and collect pictures of 'em", Julie from Paisley up myself," he admitted. "I can be a pretty jealous kinda guy - I like to feel a girl's one hundred per cent with me! If she went raving on about some other fella, I reckon it would make be pretty mad!" Gary Glitter, on the other hand, reckons the fellas really have no need to worry. "I'm sure that what the fans feel for us is something quite different from what they feel for their boyfriends. After all, our music is our lives. We like to think that counts for something too!"

told us. "But if Terry stopped liking the band and objected to my feelings about them I'd have to stop going out with him! " So it looks like some fell as do mind and others don't. But one thing's for sure most of you continue to leel the way you do about that extra special superstar whatever the fellas think!



Our Gary feels as poor as a church mouse compared with all his other pop mates. Not that he's hard up by our standards, it's just that pals like Rod Stewart and Elton John are 80 much richer that he feels the odd man out. Still, one consolation is that all those pop tycoons are very generous and usually end up picking up Gar)r's bill at the end of a n.ight of fest'ivity. Can't say we'd object to a couple of super-generous friends like that ourselves, come to think of i:d


Danny Finn of Marty, Paul and Danny (see Who's New, page 16) has a reputation with his mates for always being late for everything. " " but even 'they Were surprised when Danny managed to be late for a curtain call one night. "The audience had loved our performance and were clapping for us to come on again, ,.. Marty told us, "but Danny wa,s nowhere' to be found ... " 'Eventually they found him in the dressing room,quite obliVious ... reading a, bookl


Those three lovely ladies who make up the Three Degrees - Fayette,. Sheila and Valerie - area bit fed up with English audiences. "Most of them are made up of horrid old men who .. come to saeus for a good gawp . . . and not to hear the music," f.a,yette grumMed. "We feel we're w8sti'ng our time singing - we could just be standing there,I" But one male fan who made the girls laugh was a little nine-year-old who approached Sheila outside the Talk of the Town and asked her to marry himl Guess tha!t's just the price you have to pay for looktnsc gorgeous, ladies!


Never one to be lacking' in original ideas, ex-Yes-man,. golden-haired Rick Wakeman (balow, centre) has just sta.ged the very f:i,rstrock spectacular on icel Seventeen professional ice-skaters, the fifty-eight piece Nlew World Symphony Orchestra, a forty-eight piece English Chamber Choir andRick's regular band, the EngUsh R.ockEnsern ble, gatheredt.ogetherat Wem.bl'eylce Rink andvisual1ly portr.ayed Rick's latest album "Th,e M.yths and Legends of I<ing Arthur and the Knight.s of the Round Table". Some spectacular, eh?

To meet Pilot you'd never . guess t'heyever suffered from pre.gignerv8s , .. but Bill Lyall (left) r8vealed.t~t he gets very edgy waiting backstage. "The other weeki just exploded.'" BUllet on. "We'd been travelling all day and I was all on edge, Suddenly I went wild and a1.ned acreamin' and shouting and throwing things at 1'he wain" Well, they sa.y it's good to blow your top.!

What's the sweetest secret thait th,e flowers have to share with us? Well, we reckon, without a doubt, that it's perfume. 'Cos there's just nothing nicer than smelling liil:c:e ,bunch of a swee1;,sweet blooms! For summer, chooses fresh, natural perfume like Boots 17's Clover. Or p'ick one from a 'new bunch of super sweet smells .by Yardley -there's April Violets, Lavender or Freesia, and they're all delicious. . Always make' sure you carry' your perfume with you, so you can give yourself a quick squirt halfway through the day when it begins to fade a little. Stick to colognes and eau de toilettes for day; keep perfume for eveni,ng. And, since it's summer, why not try one of those perfumed cologne sticks to help keep you cool - as well as making, you sme'I.'nice? JUSt smooth it across your forehead when the hea,t'son ... and suddenly you're feeling as cool and as fresh as a daisy aga.inj

-Take a-tIp from Mother Nature this summer and say it with flowers ... Beauty~w;se, it's the nicest thing you could do, 'cos you know what they say


-'sweetas a rose', 'bright as a bluebell' - and thatls
exactlv how_~~~~.!!....!o.~_ •.o:.~_',

Ma.ke~up-wise·you've got it made .. . Vou only need to take a "ittle peak at the cosmetics that are around to see just how lovely and flowery aU the colours are right nowespecially the pretty pastel shades. Perf'ect for summer. Malch your eye colours to your clothes for maximum effec't. All you need's just a touch of forget-me-not blue, primrose yellow or soh. leafy green on the lids to re.ali'y make those-eyes sparkle, And just a hint of mascara for em.phasis: And, just fora Change, try using a combination of soft colours, on the lid - just a touch of each, then blend together. Lip-wlse, choose soft, bri.ght colours - geranium pinks or poppy reds (especially if you've got a tan') and add just a little lip gloss to make your lips dewy soft and-smooth. And don't f,orget to add a rosy blush to vour cheeks - you can use your .Iipstickl Or try a pearly or irridescent blusher for extra bloom. Now' you really are bloemin' lovelyl

There's lots O'f pretty, flowery jewellery around at the moment, so you can carry your flower theme right through. Coroers't have broug'ht out a whole new nmge of floweryeal'rings and chokers (h,ke the ones in our piccy) and you can buy them from most I.arge department stores .. Or sfic,k to the real thi'ng andpina flower in your hair ... Looks espec'ial'y !pretty if your ha,ir'slong

1:_ and tied up In a knot on .op.

BATH BLOOMS Bath-wise, you can really go to town on the flowers, ... Add a few flower petals to your bath water for a touch of sweet-smelling luxury. Or gather some clover and tie it up in a,liule 'muslin ba.g,.along with a handful of aromatic herbs from the kitchen. Then hang the bag from the hot-water tap so the water runs over it - and you've got yourself the floweriest, most relaxing bath imaginable.

BLOO MI NGEXTRAS Now that you've got yourself I!ooking and smelli,ng as lovely as a bunch of frash-pleked blooms, why not do the same for your bedroom as well!' Ne,xt time you're out in the country, pick yourself a big bunch of wild flowers and stick 'em in a vase. Or' treat yourself to a potted plant (you can get a geranium for as little as 30p). Vou eould even take a cutting from one of Mum's pl.antsbut make sure you ,ask her f,irst'

PaHy decides th.e Twiggy line is not for' her!

Patty's World

so WHAT?



And as "0" n as I got home ...

Next Week: Enter FAny Lucas!

MIc;K RflBERl'SON's . "Tango~s Over' 'to swop for "Great Big Traffic Jam" by Sailor and "Getting a Drag" by Lynsey de Paul to swap for "RecketMan" by Etton John. Write to: Christine Freshwater. Chaiya, Ball Bill, ~r. Newbury. Berks. "OSMONDS LIVE" album or Donny's "A Time for Us" to swop for any BCR's album. 'Write to: Karen Stride. 17 Grasmere Drive. Cwmbacb. Aberdare. Mid-Glam, Wales. ANY TWO Do1UlY or Osmond records to swop for either 'Remember", "All of Me Loves All of You" or "Summer Love Sensation" by the Bay City Rollers, Write to; Bay City RoUer Fan. 15 Hinton Street. Burnley, Lanes. BB10 4EB. BCRs. Osmonds, Kenny, Sweet. David Essex. Jackson 5. David C~ssjdy. Rod Stewart. Mud. Elton John. and Slade pies and info to SWQP for anything on the Glitter Band. Send s.a.e, (Ia~et stating whicb pop Flowerlands. Mill Road. Willingham, Cambridge, CB4 5LA. MUD. Gary Glitter. Rubettes. Rod Stewart. Arrows. Queen. Slade. David Essex. David Cassidy and ' Cockney Rebel pies to swop for pies of Bay City Hollers, Write to: M. Robinson. 277 Windsor Road. Copice. Oldham. Lanes, 018 lAE .. LOTS of Osmond pies to swop for your Plcs and info. on Slade and Mud. 1 would especially like pies Irom copies of Mw~ic Star! Please enclose a large s.a.e. Write (enclosing your pies please) to: Andrea Joffiffe. 43 Holmlea Road. GOring-onThames. Reading. Berkshire. DAVID CASSIDY. 16 double-page pins-ups and 10 single-page pin-ups, also poster 40" by 30" to. swop for Bay City Rollers pies, Write to: Jackie Joiner. Swtss Cottsge, School Green Road, Freshwater. Isle of Wight.
P040 9AZ,








stars/eroupe you requtre to: Miss Sally Foster.




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Troubles come in all sizes and shapes. Whatever yours may be, pop it in an enve~ope and send it off to me. I'll try to sort it out ...
experience similar problems, due to bodily changes that are taking place. These changes, which are all part of development, affect the emotions and feelings. When you were a small child, your happiness or unhappiness was dependent mainly on your parents. They were your world, so most of the things that happened to you - good or badcame from their influence. Then, as you grew, other influences outside VERY DEPRESSED of your family crept in, Dear Sally, I'm very unhappy and you had to deal with and desperately worried. My these as well. Now, as a parents and friends must be teenager, you're in getting very fed up with me. between chiLdhood and So far·they've all been very adulthood, learning to patient. cope with all of these I've been getting into very i~fluences in the midst of bad moods. and for the last six finding your own months, I've slowly retired individualitu. from going out much, apart Of course, this is a from shopping and school d~fficulttime, sorting all I'm irritable, miserable, silent of this out. Sometimes and broody for long periods of you need extra help. time. Then I become joyful There's no need for you to and active for a short while, continue to suifer with then down again. I have no uour co~flicting confidence in myself and it emotions. shows. As your parents are No-one can understand me; sympathetic, ask them to what's more, I can't find a professional understand why I'm like this penon for you to talk to, myself. I used to be so happy. either through your doctor, a school Dear Evelyn, The answer Now life has become so to your problem really boring, I can't find any counsellor or the Social Services Dept. of your lies within yourself. Just interests any more. I'm 16. What's wrong with take a good look at your local council. There are doctors (psychologists actions within the past me? Please help. few months. You like one Unhappy Osmond Fan, Essex and psychiatrists) who boy, he asks you out, then Dear U. O. F., When a are specially trained to' you drop him for another. problem deals with deep- cope with teenage emotions and problems. And again, you do the seated it usually same thing, as if you feelings, NO MUM were playing "Change doesn't have a simple Dear Sally, I'm 12 and without solution, fOT there can be a mother. This doesn't worry Partners. " Naturally. both boys mq.ny causes. me, as my dad and .I get on probably felt that they HOWeV€T, it might very well, and I've always had were being used by comfort uou. to know that ev I want. uou. and were not wiHing' many girls your age
TWO BOYFRIENDS Dear Sally, I have a very difficult problem that has been bugging me for a long. time. It's about two boys, both named Gary. One night I went out with a friend of mine and met a boy called Gary H. I liked him so much and was so pleased when he asked me out. We w.ent together for a month, then became engaged. Right after this, another boy whom I liked for a long time - Gary C. - came up to me and said, "So, I've lost my chance now." That choked me up a lot, as I'd really fancied him. Then Gary H. and I broke up, and Gary C. asked me out. I just went out with Gary C. for one week when Gary H. asked me back out, so I said goodbye to Gary C. Then, after 3 days, Gary H. said he didn't want to go out with me any more. I tried my hardest to get Gary C. back, but he just wouldn't take a hint. So, please, Sally, tell me what I should do. I'm so worried because my friends last such a long time with their boyfriends and my relationships only last a few months. Please, Sally, try your hardest to solve my problem for me. Evelyn, Middlesex

to be regarded as playthings. You can't blame them, can you? In the future, try to be cleaT a.s to what exactly it is tha.t you want before you go after it. Then other people (including boys!) witt be more sure of you. As to your present circumstances, it's best f01" you to stop pursuing or hinting to either of the Garys. Just let each of . them. make up theiT own minds ~fthey wish to a.PPl'oach you again..

have one for about four days, then it stops for a day, then continues for four more days, etc. I can't tell my dad as I haven't even told him I've started yet. The only other person I can tell besides you is a teacher at school who is very nice and said that if I had a problem I should go to her. Do you think I should tell her, as it's making me badtempered and I'm in pain nearly all the time? Please don't tell me to go to the doctor's as my dad would want to come with me. Pink Fan

Deal' P.P., Yes, I think you should go to this teacher immediately, and not put this off another day. As to your not wanting to tell 1I0ur dad, I can understand this, but I'm sure your dad would understand, too, as this is nothing to feel ashamed of, but only the natuml C01.l.rse f life. o EventuaUy, he'll have to know, as it wilt be necessary for you to see a doctor. Perhaps this nice teacher wiLl.offer to tel,l him herse{f. The important thing is for you to take care of this as soon as possible.
Send your problems to Sally, Pink Magazine, Fleetway House, Farringdon Street, London,

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~}JilDDW DJ]
heila Johnson's friends, the Dales, have moved into a new house in the country, near an ancient, ruined castle, Now Sheila suspects that her friend, Stella, and her brother, 51mon are in danger from some kind of evi I power 1I1at lives in the shadows of the castle tower .. , an evil power capable of creating a "figure" that looks like Simon - and a power that can make people do things against their will. , .

The "thing" that looks I.ikeSimon strikes again!

Sheila told Mrs Dale how a figure ~~~"': who looked like her son, Simon, had tried to lure her into danger





Next Week: The Tower attacks!

uou. more if you
tell the truth?
Well. ..

Do people love

Ts honesty really the best policy?

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What she wants me to say is something like, "Your freckles are like the sun breaking over the hilltops" or, "With legs those you should be a model". But I won't say it because it's just not true. And anyway she'd think I liked her. [realise, af course, that a lot of people are afraid of my honesty. "Why can't you tell just a few little white lies," my mum would plead after I'd just told her best friend, Mrs Wrinkle, that her trifle was suitable only for people with reinforced teeth. And lips. And that her elderberry wine tasted like something had died in it. It's tough being an honest person in a world full of fibbers and 1'm beginning to think I should try it after all _._ 'being nice' I mean. Then maybe people will stop going on at me about my being so cruel. All right, Kim. With legs like yours you should have been a model. A nd your at her yards of freckles are like the sun legs, ' I know what breaking over the hilltops. And I'm fed-up with this it feels like to work in a spaghetti factory ... "

One of my greatest friends always used to tell me, "You know. Bridge, you will never get on in this world until you learn to be nice to people, even people you don't really like By the way, I hate you " She was a nice girl and it's a pity about the brain damage. She was right of course. You have to be nice to people. Greet the world with a smile instead of snarl. Learn how to say, lovely to see you" when you mean is "Why didn't I just stay in bed today?' 'It doesn't come easily to this being nice business. That's probably a surprise to you. Because to you, dear Reader, I must seem kind, and altogether a charperson. That's because dumb and easily taken

HOWZAT! Have you ever been to watch someone playing cricket? Boring, isn't it? Actually I think it's just an excuse to sunbathe. Boys don't like to admit that they do things like that so they nave to invent something like cricket - so that they can laze around in the sun. Mind you, a bit difficult getting the old Mediterranean tan through layers of white wool. Still, when I got invited by an old school chum's brother to go along and watch a game, I decided I had nothing to lose, After all, it would be practice for the big day when someone's bound to come along and invite me to grace the VIP's pavilion at Lord'S'. SoJ donned my immaculate whites and off I went. Found a nice comfy deekchair on the edge of the pitch and settled back to watch the action. Nothing happened. I got so bored by the whole thing that in the end I was yelling "Howzat!" every five minutes just for the fun of it. I didn't actually know what was going on in the first place. And after I'd sat there for a . few minutes watching these chaps strolling up and down, and sometimes breaking into a sort of stumble that they call running. and clapping and yelling things - I though~: I still don't know what's going on. "What's it all about then?" I said to this fella strolling off the field. "Actually." he said, "1 don't teally know. I only come for the tea. Darn good fairy cake; Mrs Brown makes,'
. ?

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