CLEANSING BREATHS This is the first thing you do, no matter how advanced you are in hyperspace or other techniques

. It is important to remove negative energies from your body before you start anything else. If you don't do it, it will be harder for you to do other work and to get good results. This is also important when you work with high frequencies. Make sure your energy is clean when you access higher realms. Inhale deeply and slowly through your nose while visualizing clear or transparent white energy, (not milky white!) energy entering your crown chakra (the top of your head). Let this energy fill your body completely, to the toes on your feet. Now, exhale through your mouth and rush all the clear energy WITH ALL THE NEGATIVITY from your body all the way back, leaving your body. If you like, you can visualize this negativity as patches of dark color energy that are begin leaving your body with the clear energy. Do this a couple of times, feel for yourself how many times you need. There is no rule on how many times you should do it, however a couple of times should be enough. This also helps you to relax your body from tension, preparing you for mental work. It is also excellent if you do conventional meditation.

BALANCING LEFT AND RIGHT BRAIN HEMISPHERE This hyperspace technique is very important before you do any hyperspace or other techniques. If your are not balanced, you would get emotionally or Egoistically involved in what you do which would then destroy the result of what you do. For example, if you are trying to get some answers, most likely unbalanced mind will create answers for itself. Concentrate on your pineal gland, put it in royal blue. Visualize royal blue Ankh. Visualize pale red epsilon in your reptilian part of the brain (which is in the back of your head). Now, move both symbols above your head, but let the royal blue Ankh overlap the pale red Epsilon. Concentrate on it for short time. Some people need more time, some less it depends. You would feel that you are becoming more focused and more balanced, that is how you know your work is done. If you are a beginner and you don't feel anything, don't worry. It takes time to get use to it. Just do it.

BASIC SHIELDS Shields helps you to repel any kind of attack and to stay protected for a certain amount of time. Depending on your practice and a type of shield, it should keep you protected for at least 24 hours. In current time, we are very much exposed to negative forces, negative entities, technology attacks (ELF waves), subliminal messages, triggering alters, programing mind, etc. Let it be clear! We teach defensive methods ONLY! We never use offensive methods even under severe attack. If you are interested in attacking other people, then you are not on the right place at all! How shields work? Basically, every action based on manipulation, attacking, lies, programming, and other negativity is on lower frequencies. Negative entities, demonic entities, luciferian consciousness, egoistical thinking, is all on low frequencies. What you do is that you put yourself and surround yourself in higher frequencies. Lower frequencies cannot access higher frequencies, so basically you become invisible to those who want to harm you in any way. The use of certain color, shapes and frequencies of higher realm allows you to enter higher frequencies. There are many ways how can you achieve this. Lets start with basics. This will help you understand the method of protection. PROTECTION COLORS. Protection colors are those with high vibration. These are: VIOLET This is the highest vibration color that exhibits our natural body. It is a color of our crown chakra. SILVER GOLD Silver and gold are beautiful and extremely efficient protection colors. These are NOT part of our chakra system, however you can use them safely to protect yourself and to raise your being on a higher frequency. These colors may feel "heavy" at first, but that is only because your body needs to get used to high vibration. WHITE - is extremely high vibrational color and it is used in some advanced technique, which we are going to describe specifically. It musnt be put inside your body, because it fades your chakras. Dont use white color before you read more about it! Ill add link here when I write it down. BUBBLE This technique is really only to help you understand basics in shielding. If you are beginner, you would want to try this a couple of times just to "feel" how these things work.

Don´t stay too long on this, because you need to proceed to advanced shielding so that nothing can interfere with your progress on other stuff that you need to work on.
After you did preparation techniques, relax and visualize a VIOLET BUBBLE is surrounding you. Feel you are completely surrounded with VIOLET energy. Also, completely FILL your body with VIOLET. Try to feel the energy. If you dont feel anything, don't worry, you just need some practice. While you are in this state, mentally say; "I AM COMPLETELY PROTECTED WITHIN THIS BUBBLE." "I SUCCESSFULLY REPEL ANY KIND OF ATTACK." You can also create affirmation that suits you better. Stay in this state as much as you need to feel the "effect", that you are really now protected. It takes time to figure this out. Especially if you have "victim" mind-pattern (and these days we all do, more or less), you will need some time to start "believing" in your protection. That is essential. That will help you change your "victim" mind-pattern. You need to understand that you have to be patient with this. It takes time to get full effect. Just work on this EVERY DAY. VARIATIONS ON BUBBLE: Golden or silver bubble You can try the same technique with GOLD or SILVER. I recommend this. Your goal IS to use these color on regular basis. Multyple layers: While you are in violet bubble, add another layer of golden energy around it. This is especially useful, if you want more effective protection, but you are still not use to golden energy. In this case, violet will act as an filter. You can add both silver and gold layers around violet.

Hyperspace archetype for Oversoul Communication:

First you do preparation techniques: -cleansing breaths, balancing and shield. It is a must!

Then, concentrate on your pineal gland. Visualize it in ROYAL BLUE. Go through it mentally. You are in hyperspace mode, surrounded by royal blue. Now, position high above your head the SILVER Oversoul archetype. Pull its energy through your crown chakra. You will feel very intense energy but yet very gentle and enjoyable. USING PLATONIC SOLIDS AS SHIELD There are 5 platonic solids. Study them on internet while you wait some more on this topic.

Put yourself in ALL FIVE platonic solids. You don't have to visualize them perfectly, just be aware of them around you. Rotate them around you, feel the energy. You can make them smaller to rotate within you and then expand them back to rotate around you. Use them in golden, silver, shimmering colors, with white glow if you like. Just to add something here, historically, each if the solids have been associated with specific element. tetrahedron - fire cube - earth octahedron - air icosahedron - water dodecahedron - You to fill in

LOGOS CHRISTOS 3D Create this shape from two intersecting 3d logos Christos symbols. These are not spikes but arrays of light which intersect in the center of your Being. Colors: gold, silver, white glow. Variation of all three.

It is not shown on the pictures above, but you can also add a globe around it. Globe comes from the form of the circle on basic Logos Christos archetype:

Visualize Logos Christos archetype as white sparkling energy from pineal, expand into your body: extend circle at solar plexus with top 2 diagonal rays aligned with your arms and bottom 2 diagonal rays aligned with your legs. Visualize white shining energy dissipate all negativity from all bodies in all timelines: from all cells in your physical body, from all chakras in etheric body, from astral body, from soul body, mental body etc. Visualize all negative energy and errors disappear into infinity through crown chakra. Dissipating errors: alters, programming, activations, implants, chips throughout timelines and sending healing christ frequency into the past and all simultaneous existences. Purifying all your cells, chakras from negative thoughts/mind patterns and transforming errors into lessons. Keeping Christ Frequency energy at pineal strengthens right brain and deactivates alters/programming/activations from left brain. Christ frequency is meant to be used by all to heal and reunite with all that is.

The highest frequency of a God-mind nature that can still manifest on the Earth plane is the Lion frequency.In ancient times,Lions were used as symbols of God-Mind.Ancient people knew about the Lion frequency. By using the Lion frequency,you can attain an intimate and very powerful connection to a very high level of God-Mind that can exist in physical reality.

When we face traumatic experiences, disappointments, emotional pain, the negative energy of it goes into solar plexus and usually stays there, because we never forget what happened to us. Unless we face the pain and let it go, everything stays within the solar plexus which creates blockage. To remove blockage from solar plexus goes like this: Find a place where you can yell, best in nature and alone. Do balancing,and cleaning breaths. Stand and spread your arms and legs, palms up. Concentrate on your pineal gland, visualize that your body is golden pentagram. Then move your focus to your solar plexus. Concentrate on the situation from your past that you want to remove from your solar. While you are doing that, you sing one after another (no break in between) MHHHHH UHHHHH AHHHHH With AHHHHH you launch the negative energy from your solar out! Your intention should be "I am removing blockage in my solar plexus concerning that and that situation/person.." Be aloud as you want. Do it as many times as you wish. You will feel better. Combine the things you already know, affirmations before you go to sleep, cleaning with oversoul and archangel, etc.

WHITE TETRAHEDRON AND OVERSOUL First you do the preparation techniques. Then, put yourself in WHITE tetrahedron. Visualize Oversoul archetype above your head (gold,silver, or with white flakes) Pull the white energy through your crown chakra inside your body. Ask firmly that you want to remove from your body everything what was done to you last night. Now, you MUST return this white energy back through your crown chackra to your Oversoul WITH all the negative energy that was put into you last night. Imagine that all the negativity transform in positive white energy of your Oversoul. No white energy should stay inside your body. Remove it completely and return it to your Oversoul. Do this a couple of times if you want.

I suggest using this technique with Oversoul instead of cleaning breaths. In that case, you don't have to visualize tetrahedron if you don't want to, just connect to Oversoul though your crown chakra and do the same as with tetrahedron. It is also beneficial to maintain more efficient feedback with your Oversoul.

Fifth Level: Powers - Akashic Records This level of Angels provides the pathway to the future. They are almost like Dickens' representation of the Ghost of Christmas Future. They help determine which path to the future will become reality out of all the possibilities that exist. This group also assists in opening DNA to review who and what a person is. The associated colour is light blue, and they are indespensible in helping with all forms of communication.

Visualize the archetype, go through the dot. You are now in realm of Powers. Ask them to help you to open your DNA sequences in order to start your journey back to your Source. You can also ask them to show you near future. Since light blue color corresponds to the throat chakra, these angels are also great to help you with problems in this chakra.

Ninth Level: Archangels - Unity - Pure Intelligence The Archangels are the right hand of Christ as directed by the Father God. There are seven different functions, each with its own identity. They assist in the direction of all intelligence, bringing entire frequency bands into proper alignment. They activate the Christ-Mind in all beings for the sake of logic, sanity, and an end to error. Their colour is gold, and they bring unity and a return to the source. They are intimately in the so-called battle between good and evil.

When you are on Archangel frequency, here is what happens -angelic frequencies repel demonic and low frequencies, so you become "invisible" to them. They cannot afect you, chips are not working, programs not working, ego decreases, you are becoming more aware of your mind patterns. Still, the best thing you can do to become less vulnerable is to work on your mind patterns. Being in Archangel frequency helps you to stay protected while you work on other stuff. INITIAL USE OF ARCHANGEL FREQUENCY: First, do cleaning breaths and balancing. Then,go into hyperspace mode, visualize golden archangel symbol in your pineal gland, and try to connect to its energy. Pull its energy through your pineal gland into your body. If you cant "feel" the energy, just visualize the golden energy entering your body. Feel that your body is more and more filled with Archangel energy, from the top of your head to the toes on your feet. In the beginning, you might feel its very intense energy, however the more you do it, the more your body will get use to it. This is a very high vibration, so your body needs to get use to it. Take your time.

ENTERING ARCHANGEL REALM Concentrate on golden Archangel archetype. Then mentally go through the dot. You entered Archangel realm. Know you are there. Feel the energy around your body and in your body. You are there. Lets see what can you do,while you are there. 1. MAKE SHIELD BASIC ARCHANGEL SHIELD The moment you entered Archangel realm, you are already in very high frequency surroundings. That means you are already somewhat protected. Now, empower your shield consciously. Ask mentally Archangel intelligence for protection. You can just let Archangel energy fill up your body, and surround your body. You are going to fill the intensity of the energy. Now, use the affirmation; "I am completely protected by Archangel energy. I consciously repel any kind of attack, day or night, asleep or awake." You can create your own affirmation that suits you better. When you are done, surround yourself in brown. This is done for grounding. ADVANCED ARCHANGEL SHIELD Ok, here is the extremely effective protection which definitely works even against technology attacks. It was given by MC It is very simple actually, just need a little practice. Use it whenever you feel you are under heavy atack. First you go into Archangel realm. Fill your body with its energy. Then whilst you are in this energy, start singing aloud a letter "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" ( Its like in these words: fAther,fAr,yArd) with highest tone you can achieve. You don't have to be musically talented, just do anyway you can. Repeat this. Repeat even 10 times if you feel you must. Sometimes a couple of times will do. While you are doing this, dont listen to the sound, but concentrate on your energy. This is very important. The point is you are using all three at once: Color, shape and tone. All three has its vibration. After a little practice, you should be able to see platonic solids spinning around you. Even if you don't see them, don't worry. Just feel the effect of this protection. If you need even stronger protection, use your body position, lie down with your arms and legs spread( you can do it in a standing position as well) . This gives you the shape of pentagram. Then do all of the above, color,shape and tone and imagine that YOU ARE pentagram. KNOW you are pentagram. 2. RECEIVE INFORMATION You can ask questions. You ask questions mentally. 3. NEUTRALIZING TRIGGERS Whatever comes to you that you suspect it is a trigger, put a golden Archangel archetype over it. 5. ARHCANGEL ARCHETYPE IN CHAKRAS You can put Archangel Archetype in your charkas. Exellent way to clean them and protect them. Start from the root chakra. Put golden Archangel in it, rotate it, do whatever you want.

6. ARCHANGEL SANDWICH This is a very powerful way to clean your chackras and to remove programing from them. Go into the Archangel realm (read above), and visualize two archetypes as shown in a picture below. Start from the lowest chackra, let the energy go through it from the front Archangel to the archangel in the back of your body. Clean them. Feel the energy. Go to the highest chackra and then repeat everything if you feel, or repeat tomorrow if you feel tired.

While doing this Archangel Sandwich cleaning, you could also spin chakras in their corresponding color, just like in the picture above.

Dolphin Frequency

Getting on a Frequency Everything in creation has a unique vibration. A frequency is a rate of vibration that distinguishes one flow of energy from all other flows. There are infinite frequencies within the God-mind that break down into infinite vibrations. No 2 things,places or individuals can have the same exact identical frequency,because then there would be no separation-the two would be as One. Because all creation emanates from the Mind Of God, underlying each individual frequency is a common frequency that sustains all creation. This explains why all DNA is 97% identical with only 3% differentiating species and individuals within that species. When similar vibrations band together,a group mind is formed. When similar frequencies band together,a species mind is formed. Each species-mind/frequency is unique and all individuals who are under the umbrella of that species mind frequency have similar qualities, behaviours,and mind patterns. The highest frequencies have more diverse and individual mind-patterns. The lower frequencies have more "hive like" and group minded individuals. Animals and insects have a species mind that is group originated. This means that the species mind thinks as an individual for all of its members. There are no separate personalities under these conditions. Plants have a species mind as well which is sometimes referred to as a "Deva" or "nature spirit". Since all species minds are related,each can tap into the others due to the commonality of the underlying hyperspace God Mind within all of them. This is called "getting on a frequency".When you get on the frequency of a species mind that is not your own,you can assume the traits and characteristics of that species when you are tapped into it. Tapping into a species mind often and for long durations of time can create DNA to match that frequency. Some individuals,for example,ancient Shamans,can shapeshift into the creatures of a frequency into which they have tapped for many decades. This takes an extremely well balanced individual who can shapeshift into the frequency and not get lost there without the ability to return. Ancient hunters used to tap into the species mind of their prey to make hunting more easier as well as to honour the life force that sustained their own. Ceremonies were performed to mimic these creatures to bring the frequency closer. Why then would a human want to tap into another species mind during sexual activity for a beneficial reason?There are many reasons. When you reach orgasm,for example,the thought held in your mind at that moment is projected out and amplified into creation. Tapping into a species mind and holding its archetype at the pineal during sexual activity enhances this projected thought form,amplifying the speed and intensity with which it manifests in physical reality.

Unlocking DNA
What you do is visualize golden DNA symbol in your pineal gland. DNA symbol has four steps, because they represent four proteins, Adenine, Thymine, Cytozine and Guanine. Vizualize golden symbol Pi, which is going to be a key to unlock your DNA strand. Put the Pi inside DNA strand and turn it clockwise, just like it is shown on the first image. Then imagine your strand is opening. It will release unlocked information. Use pale yellow pay to withal information to your pineal gland. Maybe you wont feel anything right away. The info you took might come on later, in dreams. You can also use deep green DNA for opening information from your deep past and incarnations you had long time ago.

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