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Workshop 3 - Sharing - Workshop Information Sheet VF1

Workshop 3 - Sharing - Workshop Information Sheet VF1

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Published by: Eric Britton (World Streets) on Jul 08, 2011
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Workshop 3: New perspectives of sharing

Monday, July 4, 2011 2.15–3.45 p.m.

Responsible: Moderator:

Wolfgang Forderer Robert Stussi rstussi@gmail.com

Setting the scene
The collective use of vehicles has been increasing for years. Especially in densely settled conurbations, sharing has become a good alternative to private cars or bicycles. Many cities have already public or private rental/sharing systems. But only a very few cities have prepared proper strategies of taking the potential of shared modes into their transport strategies and urban development plans. Completely new ideas are being developed in addition to the already established rental concepts, benefiting from good neighborhood or new technologies. How will the next generation of sharing look like? Are new models of sharing having the same good impacts? How can shared modes be integrated into an intermodal transport system? How can the collective use of vehicles be taken into account in early phases of urban planning? How can a cooperation of the public (and planning) sector work with private actors? It would be interesting to enlarge the “car” scope to “bike, taxi, informal sharing”, and to include examples from Latin America, Asia, Africa…


 Anke Borcherding, InnoZ GmbH im Auftrag der DB Rent GmbH www.innoz.de Anke.Borcherding@dbrent.de  Nicolas Le Douarec – www.cityzencar.com nicolas.led@cityzencar.com  Michal Glotz-Richter, City of Bremen / momo-project www.momo-cs.eu, momo@umwelt.bremen.de  Juliane Muehling, Daimler/ press department car2go juliane.muehling@daimler.com  Eric Britton, Managing Director of EcoPlan International, Founding Editor of World Streets, France/USA eric.britton@ecoplan.org http://www.EricBritton.org  Peter Soutter, Director Good Travel Software, Ireland peter@goodtravelsoftware.com

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