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Title: Using Interactive Three-Dimensional Map in Locating Definite Place in UST Abstract: Studying or visiting in a huge university like

University of Santo Tomas is inconvenient when you are not familiar in the place. In order to solve this problem we created an electronic and interactive three-dimensional mapping system that will show the path of destination for every specific place within the campus which students, school personnel, visitors and others want to go to. This mapping system will help the newcomer to conserve their time in asking students or guards about the place they will go. It also shows the shortest path and the approximate distance that the user will cover in reaching his destination. We used the software called Adobe Flash for animating the pointing arrow and AutoCad which is a computer aided design software used for making the structure of campus in threedimensional. This will help the user to visualize the structure of the building and to have an assurance of the place. This electronic map also used touch screen technology for more convenience because for those who are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with computers, touch screen technology is easy to use and can remove apprehension. The result of this project promotes convenience and accessibility for the people in visiting the university like student that will take the University of Santo Tomas Entrance Test (USTET), civilians that tours in the university and people that have other business to go in the campus. The significance of this project increases the ease of the user and the advancement of the facilities in the university. Signed by:

Mr. Raul Ponay IT Faculty Member

Mr. Mike Victorio IT Faculty Member

Mr. Domingo Tanael IT Faculty Member