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Binder Contract
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D.R.A.G.O.N Binder Rules

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Take your DRAGON binder home every day and bring it with you to school each morning. Show your DRAGON binder to your parents each day. Give your parents any communications meant for them. Have them check your work and sign anything that needs to be signed. Make sure you have everything you should have in your binder. (For example: homework, notes, grades) Remember it is your responsibility to keep up with your work. Keep your DRAGON binder neat. Make sure all papers are secure and in the correct section. Nothing should be hanging out or stuffed in pockets. Put only papers that your teacher tells you to in your DRAGON binder. Keep other papers out. Keep your DRAGON binder clean. Do not eat or drink while using it. Keep your DRAGON binder away from younger brothers or sisters and friends. Do not let anyone borrow, tear or draw pictures in it. Remember, it is yours! Use your DRAGON binder for school only. Dont color or tear any pages in your binder. Have your DRAGON binder at your desk everyday. Remember, you are responsible for it. Be proud of yourself for Developing Responsibility And Getting Organized Neatly!

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*These rules are also in your binder in case you need to review them.*

I pledge to follow these rules and use my D.R.A.G.O.N binder for its intended purpose, to help me stay organized and turn in my work on time. I understand that if I should misplace or destroy my binder I will not receive a new one from Mrs. Johnstone. I may create a replica from my own supplies and request new handouts from Mrs. Johnstone in writing. Student signature: ____________________________________ Parent signature:______________________________________ Date: ________________________