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HRM Recruitment and Selection FINAL

HRM Recruitment and Selection FINAL

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MET’s Asian Management Development Centre

Human Resource Management

A study of Recruitment and Selection
Submitted to: Prof. Cabral

Pratiti Shah PGeMBA – Insurance Roll No. 7081 2007-2009

MET’s Asian Management Development Centre

Human Resource Management

A study of Recruitment and Selection
Submitted to: Prof. Cabral

Pratiti Shah PGeMBA – Insurance Roll No. 7081 2007-2009

..................................... 14 .......................................................................... 17 ............................. .......................................... .......................... ....... .......................................................................... 13 ........ 19 .......... 18 .... 16 ............................................... 12 ........................ 10 .......INDEX RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION SYNOPSIS OBJECTIVE & METHOD ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS COMPANY INFORMATION (ACME) ACTUAL STUDY TABULATION GRAPHICS FINDINGS ANALYSIS CONCLUSION DOES MONEY MAKE YOU MOVE RECOMMENDATIONS BIBLOGRAPHY ANNEXURE (QUESTIONNAIRE) ……………………..... 4 5 6 7 8 9 ................................ ......... 15 ……………………...........

skills and aptitude needed Attract a field of candidates Sort candidates Selection through interview and/or other methods Induction The personnel specification • Represents the demands of the job translated into “human” terms • Involves differentiating criteria which are essential from those which are desirable • Lists those which would exclude a candidate from consideration Criteria to assess the value of selection procedures • Discrimination – Measurement procedures must provide for clear discrimination between candidates • Fairness/adverse impact – Measures must not discriminate unfairly against specific sub-groups • Administrative procedures – Procedures should be acceptable and capable of implementation .Recruitment and Selection The recruitment and selection process • • • • • • Agree vacancy to be filled Job analysis – define knowledge.

The 5Ws and 1H play an important in the recruitment process too. An effective recruitment will be an advantage for the company as well as the HR Manager as well as the person to be recruited. Finding the right people is the most important and equally difficult job.Edwin Flippo Hiring and firing is an old game that the management has to play. and finally how is he retained if he wants to look for better pastures in the outside world.SYNOPSIS “Recruitment is the process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating them to apply for the jobs” . performance appraisal. Recruitment is an important part of every organization. ACME. . the management had to undertake the task of recruitment and selection. Each point of placement demands a person with right qualities and qualifications. Once the human resource needs are ascertained and vacancies are created. The purpose of this project is to study the recruitment strategy as well as selection structure of a construction company. This includes how is recruitment done at ACME and what do they do after the person is selected as well as his training. Every organization has a different unique style as well as time as an when and whom to recruit.

OBJECTIVE AND METHOD THE main purpose was to cover all the aspects of recruitment and selection. For the same purpose questionnaire method was used. Learning was in the form of visit to ACME and to meet different people from different backgrounds in the organization and find out what keeps them together and still together after the entry of a new face (employee) in their phase. The purpose of using questionnaire was to have point to point feedback regarding the concepts and strategy of appointment of a candidate. .

Acme Constructions 2. Resource Executive. Vency Fernandes. Mr.ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The vote of thanks: I would like to thank all those who helped me in this project. Michael Coutinho. Head HR. HR Executive. My sincere thanks to the following: 1. Visiting Cards of all the persons possible are attached. Mrs Shubha Naik. Ms Nisha Pushpavanam. They devoted their precious time in giving me an interview as well as filling up the questionnaire. Fairgrowth . Without their valuable cooperation this would not have been possible. Contactx 3. Resource Executive. K Raheja Universal 4. Mr.

is "To satisfy the customer" by executing quality work at competitive costs and in the given time period. lifestyles and price . Practicing continual improvement techniques. : Customer is God and we keep our God Besides earning reasonable profit for its shareholders. QUALITY POLICY • • • • : We at ACME ‘ house happiness' Providing value for money and excellent after sales service. Being socially responsible by effectively utilizing resources. sturdy. ACME Group has been studying Mumbai with landmarks in over fifty-eight projects. Ensuring professional growth of our employees through continuous training. high-rise projects.5. amenities. Deepak Mehra. The mission of the company is to ensure that the quality policy is understood. Fairgrowth COMPANY PROFILE: ACME CONSTRUCTIONS Mission Statement happy. all colorful. Since 1976. Team Leader. A buyer can make his choice from a variety of locations. Mr. implemented and maintained at all levels in the organization.

Mr. Besides offering variety like a one-stop-shop for homes. The experienced customer service department is well versed with the entire process of mandatory paper work involved in buying and selling of flats.options. Everything was as per schedule. Vency has been in this organization since a long time. Acme Complex. Acme Amay in western suburbs. which ranges from just over a half million rupees to fifteen million rupees. The atmosphere was very warm and the ambience was good. We had to remove our footwear outside. Vency Ferandes. Amartaru -VII. Head HR. which is a commendable practice for any business house in this industry. and designed as per Vaastu Shastra more often than not. Recruiter and Admin. Acme offers all services under roof including choosing a property to Home Loans to Stamp Duty & Registration Assistance. I wasn’t kept waiting long. ACTUAL STUDY Actual study was a visit to Acme. Acme operates as a veritable service oriented group. Also introducing shortly. Acme has been consistently handing over possession of flats in time and it maintains transparency in all its dealings.. 10 years after working he did part time MBA from ITM in New .. Knowledge was imparted on both the sides.this shows the organizational culture. Fernandes. Later I met Mr. Yet to add to Mumbai's grandeur are Acme's ongoing projects like Acme Mall a Shopping Zone. Later did LAW. Akshay Girikunj-4. HE started working in the field of HR since 1988. Acme Ozone in Thane and Acme Avenue in Kandivili. Proper appointment was granted by the concerned person. Every Acme flat is earthquake resistant. The marketing team goes the extra mile to customize major deals as required by a client. The HR team in Acme consisted of 3 persons. besides residential projects like. They provide customized solutions for every legal formality. Then the actual discussion about recruitment and selection started.

it was not as glamorous as it looks today. People’s opinion about Vency is that He does not market himself well enough.Bombay. S0o He gets paid lesser than his counterparts. . He works @ 50% of market rate. Today HR is recognised and publicised. When Vency was HR. TABULATION Acme What is Recruitment Inducting manpower to fill up current and future vacant Fairgrowth Contactx Choosing the Sourcing the best candidate right Candidate for the right job.

How often the process takes place position on ensuring a right fit As required Twice in a year As and when there is requirement of manpower with a client. Competency. Salary band problems.lack of feedback from the clients Openness to negotiate NO Problems during Recruitment and Selection Cultural Background issues. employment history and most important his attitude. Very much Negotiation is very important on both fronts with the candidate and clients. Track Record. commit Qualification. internal database. Job Portals and Job Portals. Referral.candidates not attending the interview . Family Background. Job profile. Head Hunting referencing. Candidates not joining after offer acceptance . Sourcing the right candidate for a technical position . Etc. Portals Domain knowledge. Confidence Communicatio and ability to n. networking. Main sources Placement of Recruitment agencies. Selection Criteria Newspaper Ads.

Job Scope and satisfaction. Note: The above table shows details about various companies Opinion about Recruitment and Selection on the basis of the mentioned criteria.Does MONEY make you MOVE Profile. Compensation and benefits along with money is important Not so much but definitely a factor to be considered. growth makes me switch. They are highly subjective as they are personal opinion GRAPHICS . remuneration.


compensation survey.” A rightly said and a well defined concept. The next step after selection is training and placing on job. Criteria that they look for is domain knowledge. and finally job portals. The procedure takes time depending on the position vacant. The main sources they use for this purpose are Placement agencies. Negotiation is an important aspect of recruitment and selection. and employee satisfaction survey.e. internal as well as external sources. Then what do you do? Acme has a solution. competency. These are called methods of retaining an employee. cultural background. The company is not so keen in renegotiating. There are times when the job becomes monotonous and you feel like looking for a change. But still is the candidate is exclusive then they might consider. referral i. schemes. Qualification. tracks record and so on. At Acme recruitment is done as per requirements and not on timely basis. And the position such as that of a driver can be decided on the day of interview itself. . and many a times the candidate does not join after committing. There might be issues regarding salary bands. Then this process becomes time consuming.“Recruitment is inducting manpower to fill up current and future vacant positions and ensuring a right fit. newspaper ads. If the position is that of a senior level employee then it takes a longer duration. There are certain problems or say hurdles that also occur during the process. It is done by training and development. family background.

ANALYSIS On the basis of Findings Before you go for recruitment you have to find out the details about a particular position. This is also mentioned by the department. It is very important to bridge the gap between the candidate and the job. . Today there is a lot of buzz about n term called ‘competency’. So how is it done? The gap comes through the concerned department. Still efforts are made by the company with regards to his retention. It might be possible that the CVs shortlisted by the HR are not accepted by the concerned HOD. It is difficult to retain an employee once he has made up his mind. The Head of Department of the concerned department takes active part in the recruitment and selection procedure. Also today there are many environment friendly schemes. They also give the job description as well as the age limit and qualifications required along with other requirements. They in turn inform the HR. So this is discussed further between them in a free flowing and detailed manner. At times he/she is present right from stage 1.

4% and the opening of many avenues has always been an added advantage. As the economy is growing at around 8. One wrong step can lead to the loss to company as well as waste of time and skills of the candidate where it is not required. By the end of the day you have to see what the cost of the candidate to the company is.CONCLUSION Today the environment is very hostile. He has to be selected in an orderly manner. . Every day new techniques of recruitment and selection are defined. The construction and real estate industry is growing at a very high speed. Today the candidate had many options available in the market. Infrastructure is improving and better technology is being made available day after day.

growth makes me switch. Money is highly subjective. . Depending upon the circumstances a call has to be taken. remuneration.Does money make you move you move or it is something else? Vency(ACME) : The answer to this question can be yes as well as No. A generalist profile gives you more exposure to the entire concept of Human Resources. Rest all should be secondary. Nisha(Raheja) NOT AT ALL Michael (Contactx) Job Scope and satisfaction. Later you should not regret. Profile is very much an important factor. A profile which gives you an opportunity to grow and learn is the best.

We have the multinational culture today. A position kept vacant for a long time can lead to instability in an organization. The office timings are too long that is morning 9:30 am till evening 7:00 pm. The demand at least alternate Saturdays off. This may turn away many prospective candidates coming for the vacant positions. etc. Finally. But the gestation period between the interview and selection should be reduced. Since all the people in HR don’t have a degree in management and hardly have . directors. You can always have rotating Saturday’s off. Also there should be a facility of a suggestion box and direct interaction with the senior most executives. the HR Department.Shubha(Fairgrowth) Not so much but definitely a factor to be considered. As there are many aspects along with monetary compensation to be considered. RECOMMENDATIONS There would be no recommendations as such. especially in a construction industry which is growing considerably. To top it all they do not have any of the Saturdays off.

Human Resource Management Aswathappa The HR Answer Book Mazin 3. BIBLOGRAPHY 1..any experience in the field.it needs to be stronger. Fundamentals of Human Resource Management (Indian Edition) - Decenzo & Robbins K Smith & 2. HR here at ACME . or people with proper degree and knowledge. and a bit bigger. They have to either recruit trained professionals. ..

ACME CONSTRUCTIONS QUESTIONNAIRE NAME: DESIGNATION: DATE: 1. According to you what is recruitment? .

2. How free are you towards candidate’s further negotiation? 8. What do you look for when you are interviewing a candidate? 6. Which sources do you use to recruit? 4. What is the next step after selection? 9. How long does it take for you to recruit an employee? 5. How often do you recruit? 3.Does money makes you move or it is something else? Please specify. What are the problems faced during the recruiting process? 7. . How do you retain an employee? 10.

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