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Equator Worldwide Video Festival 16 NL 1998 Opt

Equator Worldwide Video Festival 16 NL 1998 Opt

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Published by Philip Pocock

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Published by: Philip Pocock on Jul 09, 2011
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At the dose of the zoth century we see the definite breakthrough of the moving image in society. Internet connections, television and videotapes greatly influence the way people think and what they think. In education also the electronic image becomes more and more important. skill that becomes increasingly valuable nowadays. The vision of artists presents perception, common Image analysis is a

us with a certain outlook on life. It is their view of artists, heedless of media art is developing

not always the most accessible one, which forms the core of the opinion, that determines the content and look of this festival. and specialization

World Wide Video Festival. It is the idiosyncratic Against the trends of conformity in an interdisciplinary choreographers ease in a museum and composers,

way. Visual artists join forces with musicians. to name but a few, and are just as much at Nowadays. if you want to

as on a stage or in cyberspace.

keep in touch with what's going on in art, you can surf the Web looking for as yet sporadic artworks, visit museums, videotapes pondering and

go to the 'theatre' and buy editions of videotapes. Now you can Its

In the seventies and eighties some artists were still


limited, numbered

simply buy a copy of a tape or CD' ROM in the shops. After all, the artistic quality of a work doesn't change when there are many copies of it around. uniqueness environment lies in the force of the artwork, and, in some cases, also in the where the work is exhibited.

Image size. framing. volume level. serenity, silence. time, environment. isolation: all elements which are essential to the presentation of media art. The one hundred presented selected works in the 16th World Wide Video Festival are in mind. with these thoughts

On the following pages you will find an account of our choice and descriptions and images of the individual videotapes, CD-ROMS, installations. performances and websites. A number of artists have been interviewed, will take place to allowing us a deeper insight into their work. During the festival itself artists will be present to introduce their work. and discussions

further explore the background Fortunately, industrialized productions

and ideas of a generation

of artists who apply

the dynamics and versatility of electronic these artistic expressions countries.

images and sounds. of places all over the world

are no longer limited to highly to take place on a global level.

In an ever growing number

are made, allowing the discourse

Tom van Vliet Director

Philip J. Pocock, Florian Wenz, Udo Noll & Felix S. Huber
A Description of the Equator and some 0therLands

1998 - website

Equator is een 'travel-as-art-as-information' project dat werd gemaakt voor Documenta X waarin kunstenaars berichtten van en optraden op de everiaar in centraal Oost-Afrika en Zuidoost-Azie, maar ook Elders. Equator is sindsdien uitgegroeid tot een grote website waar vaste gebruikers, agents en rob otten vertoeven. AI deze virtuele wezens voegen inhoud en software aan Equator toe. '0therlands' presenteert de landschappen die door deze kunstenaars en vele bezoekers van de site worden gemaakt. AUegebruikers worden uitgenodigd, zo niet gedwongen, om iets aan de site toe te voegen. Volgens Pocock is Equator post-beat. zowel op tekst gebaseerd als op actie, een soort groepsportret of dagboek, gekenmerkt door met elkaar verweven scenes die door de deelnemende kunstenaars worden ge-upload en die vervolgens worden uitgebreid en gewijzigd door e-mailboodschappen van webbezoekers. De Equator als metafoor wordt opnieuw in kaart gebracht in de netwerkruimte van moederbord Aarde als een correspondentie tussen voorlopige identiteiten. Als vorm is de Equator een schuivend SLOB (Binary Large Object) in de virtue Ie ruimte tussen architectuur (datatextuur) en film (hypercinema). De esthetiek is niet aileen evident (consumabel]. maar ook relatief (participerend). De Equator gaat over verbinden, verkeerd verbinden, opnieuw verbinden, verbindingen verbreken. De Equator is een persoon in meerdere lichamen en meerdere person en in een lichaam. De Equator is een film die niet vlakbij u te zien is. maar binnenin u. - WVllC
Philip J. Pocock. 1954, Ottawa (Canada) Woont en werkt in Karlsruhe (BRll) Florian Wenz, 1958, Munchen (BRO) Woont en werkt in Zurich (Zwitserland] Udo Noll. 1966, Hadarnar (8RO) Woon! en werkt in Keulen (BRo) Felix. S. Huber. 1957. Zurich (Zwitserland) Woon! en werkt in Keulen (no)


The Equator is a 'travel-as-art-as-information'

project produced

for Documenta


with artists reporting from and performing

on the equator in Central Eastern

Africa and South East Asia, as well as 0therwhere. The Equator since then has grown into a large website, where regular users, agents and robots reside. All these virtual beings add content and software to Equator. '0therlands' presents the landscapes build by these artists and many of the visitors to their website. Any user is invited, if not forced, to add content to this site. According to Pocock, the Equator is post-beat, both word-based portrait or diary described by interwoven and performative, a sort of group artists, scenes uploaded by participating

extended and interrupted by email messages from web guests. The Equator as metaphor is remapped in motherboard earth's network space as a correspondence between provisional film (hypercinema). (participatory.) disconnecting. identities. As form, the Equator is a shifting (consumable)


Large OBject,) existing in a virtual space between architecture Its aesthetic is not only apparent The Equator is about connecting, misconnecting,

(data texture) and but relative reconnecting,

The Equator is one person in several bodies, and several persons in

one body. The Equator is a movie playing not near you but in you.

M.mY: Frederick W. Ayer, Fabrizio Gallanti, Mo Diener, Davide Legittimo, Nanne Prauda, John Zinnser, Walter van der Cruijsen e.v.a.


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