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Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Reversed

Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Reversed

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Published by MarVeena
Texas rancher, psychic medium and "ghost queen" explains the meaning of the Wheel of Fortune Tarot card being reversed.
Texas rancher, psychic medium and "ghost queen" explains the meaning of the Wheel of Fortune Tarot card being reversed.

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Published by: MarVeena on Jul 09, 2011
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Wheel of Fortune Reversed If this card is reversed you are not using your creative power and naturalness

t o the highest degree you could. This is one card you sure don t want to see up side down. If I see it for a clien t upside down I know they are having issues with their sense of self worth, self deservement and not allowing them selves to experience the abundance the univer se has to offer. They may be having financial problems or about to. They may feel out of touch, out of sorts, and even out of grace. Could even have some Karma playing out, and some times for one reason or another they may have blocks on their abundance valves. I had this on mine, that was one of the reason s I got into the clearing work to begin with. Some times the karma might be this life time or past lives. If you think you hav e some situations you haven t resolved like debts that are out standing, that cold be one of your problems that are blocking you from being prosperous. When you look at this card you see the Sphinx on the top of the wheel of fortune . Ask your self how objective am I being in my approach to life. Take some steps to practice objectivity in your day to day dealings. You also see the monkey to remind you to be flexible, reach for opportunities. Y ou see a giant crocodile, if this card is reversed you are not using your creati ve power and naturalness to the highest degree you could. So take notes and star t to make changes. By taking action in a step by step plan, you can alter the co urse into a more prosperous direction. All of the swirls on the background are about being willing to take some risks a nd be willing to change things up from time to time. The Wheel of Fortune is the 10 card in the tarot deck, it has the numerical val ue of 1. 1+0=1, so you can factor in the support cards of the Wheel of Fortune. Like the Magician a 1 value card, all of the Aces will help give you ideas. The Sun Tarot card reminds us about the power and usefulness of team work. How do yo u interact with your partner? Pull these cards out, meditate with them. Study wh at they are about. Even do some path working, put your self in the scene of the cards with those characters. Pretend they can talk, and see what they say! This can be a really powerful meditation to help you get what the cards are abou t and how they can clue you in to the dynamic s that are running your life Positive change is up to you to initiate! BTW if you think you have a block or d iversion valve on your abundance streams you can purchase a Valve Clearing here on my marveena.com site. Just send me and email and I can get it organized for you. I just need your name to do the clearing and were you were born. If you would like to have a tarot reading let me know and we can get that organi zed! Have a powerful and abundant day! Blessings! MarVeena

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