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Unfortunately, there is a very good reason for WHY NASA shut down the SpaceTruck Program: The space

weapons (directed energy) platform has now been completed
During the mid-1980's, I worked for Emery Air Freight in El Paso, Texas, and I would make deliveries each weekday to The US Army's White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico, located between Las Cruces and Alamogordo, New Mexico, very near Los Alamos, which is located deep within the Range in a very high security area. I would also make deliveries every few days to the HELTSF facility, which was a very high security base located deep within the Range itself. The original

HELTSF, like the SpaceTruck, closed up shop when their work was completed. But a new site was built on the Range in 2009 because The High Energy Laser Systems Test Facility had by then produced a working directed energy weapon small enough to operate effectively and efficiently, which took many years to perfect. The old shoot-down-amissile-with-a-missile StarWars concept never worked and was easily abandoned in favor of the new speed-of-light weapon HELSTF had (by 2009) perfected, even field testing the portable weapons in Iraq and Afghanistan. SpaceWars had taken the place of StarWars. See: USAF SPACECOM – See: HELSTF aser_Systems_Test_Facility.html See: US NAVY shoots down drone aircraft using directed energy See: Military Aerospace directed energy weapons

See: US ARMY’S White Sands Missile Range – HELTSF rSystemsTestFacility.aspx