Central committee of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, International Affairs Department 62 Ba Trieu, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi.

Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing this letter to introduce myself and would like to apply for the position in which 29 Vietnamese Youths are going to travel across Japan and four other Asean countries including Philippines, Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia as annual practical activities which aim at enhancing cooperation, solidarity, friendship and respect between Japan youth and Asean countries’ ones. First of all, it would be my great honor to share some of my brief information. At the moment, I am the final year at Faculty of English Language Teacher Education_ULIS_VNUHN. At University of Languages and International Studies, I have been equipped with outstanding and profound understandings of the cultures, economics and politics of English speaking countries along with solid background knowledge about Asean countries. Therefore, I believe that I would easily take part in DISCUSSION GROUP (DG) activities in Japan or HOMESTAY if I could get good luck to become a member of one SSEAYP 2011 big family. Secondly, I participated in some special international events hosted by Vietnam and Olympic Council of Asia, such as AIG3 (Asian Indoor Games 3) in 2009 and 17th Asean summit and related summits in National Convention Center in 2010 (you can see my activities from my pictures attached) which helped me build up my patriotic spirit as well as upgrade my communicative and teamwork skills thanks to working with the students from Ha Noi Trade University and Hanoi University when we welcame Asean delegates who came to Vietnam in order to

join in the third Indoor Games or take part in high-class meetings in National Convention Center hosted by our nation as the president of Asean. Furthermore, we are living in the enlarging region about cooperation and development in South East Asia; so it would not only Vietnamese students’ vision and mission but also their actions to devote love, passion and youth to our nation’s economic, political and social welfare advancement. Under the light of the activities organized by Youth Union and the Student Association along with International Affairs Department, participating in the Ship for South East Asian and Japan Youth Program would be a great opportunity-an excellent practical action for both me and other Vietnamese Youth to “Live our dreams, fly our flag”. It is not enough without mentioning the mission of a Communist Party’s member. Admitted as an official member of the Communist Party in 2010, I identified my goals that I would have to contribute my endless efforts to the development of Youth Union activities at local region and its solidarity because Youth Union has been regarded as the Communist Party’s guiding star. With the ideal in my mind, it is very obvious that involving in SSEAYP would act as a golden way to shape more bright future for my goals due to my small but very necessary contributions and experience during the time of getting involved in SSEAYP 2011. I have just given some main reasons for my attendance. I strongly hope that my dream and desire would deserve your considerations. Coming to the next part is my viewpoint about Vietnamese students’ participating in social activities. It is undeniable that Vietnamese youth at the age of between 18 and 30 have been major labor sources in many social aspects. Not only are they young but also they are enthusiastic and very responsible for our country’s prosperity. From the little but meaningful jobs such as cleaning up the streets on Saturdays or Sundays until the harder work such as “riding around Vietnam” by their own budget on their own feet to enhance the Vietnamese habits of practicing

physical education or sending messages of protecting environment through “Green Journey” activities, we can realize that nothing is impossible, nothing is unreachable when Vietnamese youth start taking actions. I still keep my point of view that Vietnamese youth have been facing with a lot of trouble related to unemployment, but they are not too worried because, simply speaking, they often overcome these difficulties and are usually ready to share hardships with the old and the handicapped by social activities such as raising fund to build up thousands of houses for the old or participating in looking after the handicapped. Actually, no words could describe the total meaning of Vietnamese Youth’s devoting to community. Last but not least, from the objective perspective, it has been widely admitted that a small number of the Youth has been living and studying without ideal and life goals which result in many concerns towards our society. Therefore, it is very crucial and urgent for the Youth Union to go on strengthening their life attitudes thanks to community activities. In conclusion, it is no doubt that the roles of the Youth Union have been put a special emphasis in the age of international integration. Thanks to good relationships between Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union and other Asean countries’ Youth Union, the program “Ship for South East Asian and Japan Youth Program” are always good chances for the Youth among six countries in South East Asia to take part in and exchange cultures with each other. I really feel happy that since Vietnam was involved in Asean in 1995, Vietnam have participated in SSEAYP 15 times and always leave unforgettable impressions in the hearts of South East Asean friends. For me, I am looking forward to getting honored to be a part of SSEAYP 11 and my heart will go on when I can hear the result from you. Thank you very much!!!


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