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Amazon diversified its business to DVDs and music stores and for that it expanded its stores. Different supply zones local as well as nationwide. They improve their technology for handling goods.
Amazon developed key metrics to measure worker performance, including number of items picked per hour.

5) Amazon applied Six sigma and TQM. 6) Software implementation and partnering with other companies to reduce inventory. 7) Launched in UK and Germany in 1998.Then in France from scratch. 8) Then get a very good response and achieved high growth. 9) 24 hr service of assistance in native language is established. 10) In Germany use flaws in laws for slow moving Skus and give discounts. 11) Cheques are allowed for French customers. New payment method for Germany and French customers. 12) Amazon develops good relations with the dealers and developed EDI with US dealers. 13) Implemented 1 day delivery in London, paris. 14) Relied on postal service carriers

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