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Published by: Gitanjali Janarthan on Jul 09, 2011
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Material with a size between 1 to 10nm.

Nanotechnology :
Construction of various structures of matter having dimensions Of order of 10^-9m.


quantum well . EG : Atoms : ‡ Multilayered material with layer thickness in the nanometer range EG : Fullerenes.Clusters or powders which have got at least one dimension in the nanometer range.

: Layers in nanometer thickness range consisting of grains of nanometer diameter. Materials with three dimensional equiaxed nanosize grains. Quantum dot. E.G. quantum wires. nanotubes. E.G. .


Energy transfer from nano-thin layers of Sandia-grown quantum wells to the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) nanocrystals above the nanolayers () .

transmission. photodynamic therapy.BIOMEDICAL : Drug delivery. Future molecular electronics. sensors. molecular motors. Smart materials of nanocomposites for pattern recognition. memories. electronic noses. Better solar cells (photovoltaic cells) batteries and storage devices and optoelectronic devices. Better optical materials for light production . Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and nanotweezers. switches. neuro eleactric interfaces. control and manipulation. molecular recognition nanosensors. gates.quantum computing and architectures. . cosmetic purposes.

This property is used to improve its mechanical behaviour. These materials have a large volume function of grains boundaries between surface area and volume. quantum dots and quantum wires having quantum confinement are mainly produced from semiconductor nano materials which acts as computer storage (memory) materials with high density.To produce very tiny permanent magnets with high energy products (BtHc). . Quantum wells. Hence used in high density magnetic recording.


GaAs .

Each nanodot can hold one bit of information. 13 nm high 10 Trillion dots per square inch. 80 nm wide Self Assembled Nanodots .

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