Discipline by the numbers

Here’s a look at the discipline Louisville Metro Police Chief Robert White handed out between 2003 and 2010:

1,821 disciplinary cases
(some cases involved more than one officer)

opened from 2003 to 2010

1,288 disciplinary actions taken

(this represents one officer per disciplinary action)

755 officers disciplined 316 officers disciplined
two or more times

380 disciplinary actions involved accidents or vehicle use violations 448 disciplinary actions
involved court — typically failure to appear or being late for court.
Of those 422 were issued in 2010

274 cases ended up with written reprimands to the officer 135 officers received counseling
from their commanders

39 officers received suspensions

26 officers were fired by
fired in 2011)

White through 2010 (2 were

236 suspensions* issued to 168 officers and
civilian employees


6 were for 30 days 2 were for 29 days 6 were for 25 days 44 people received multiple

19 disciplinary actions were taken against employees related to alcohol or marijuana use
4 were fired as a result 3 cases involved marijuana use 1 officer was suspended twice for
three cases of alcohol use, eventually resigning.


48 charges of truthfulness violations (most in connection with other violations) 5 officers received more than one
discipline related to truthfulness

All cases involving violating truthfulness policies resulted in termination or suspension
Email and computer violations

30 disciplinary actions taken related to violating department email or computer use polices 1 officer — Christopher Dison —
fired for violating computer use policies

Use of force

14 violations involving use of force 5 resulted in terminations
*Some suspensions were reduced or dismissed after appeal or by settlement with the chief’s office Source: Courier-Journal review of disciplinary letters turned over by the department under Kentucky open records laws. By Steve Reed, The Courier-Journal

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