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AP Studio Art Course Description

AP Studio Art Course Description

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Published by: pinklov3eselle on Jul 10, 2011
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  • AP Studio Art
  • CommITmenT from sTudenTs, TeaChers and sChools
  • sTruCTure of The PorTfolIos
  • aP PorTfolIo suBmIssIon ProCess
  • how digital submission Works
  • 2-d desIGn PorTfolIo
  • ethics, artistic Integrity and Plagiarism
  • section I: Quality
  • section II: Concentration
  • section III: Breadth
  • 3-d desIGn PorTfolIo
  • draWInG PorTfolIo
  • ImPorTanT InformaTIon for aP sTudIo arT TeaChers
  • The aP studio art Poster
  • Photographing artwork
  • details/second Views of Works
  • Basic Information about Portfolio evaluation
  • scoring Problems
  • overlap among sections of the Portfolio
  • double submissions and resubmissions
  • aP studio art Publications
  • art magazines and Journals

Because the Studio Art portfolios are unique within the AP Program, there is some
specifc information that you will need

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