house prices fall or increase prices of houses actually can fall down for reasons being a) when public doesn't have money in its hands---- real estate prices of houses constructed fall b) During natural disasters time c) Demand and supply of economics d) boom in the income of employees in particular industry segment e) knowledge capitalism and strategic mindset of purchasers think ? prices of houses are linked up with geographical income of public to which real estate is associated with

NEXT Information about bad debts for those who dont know normally bad debts in banking knowledge is called as money which is not paid. people may have wrong notion if i am correct that if bad debts ( that is non payment or defaulter) doesn't pay government has to mint money . this is not a fact the fact is bad debts are just like money in circulation. meaning : money has changed hands to somebody other than defaulter in the form of purchases of assets and liabilities think ? if you take a loan from bank ? what happens to that money at the ending scenario hint ? company accounts NEXT Knowledge capitalism and educational institutions

India now is a super power nation and at this core problem jagadish thinks that educational institutions should be groomed up and has to be on par in knowledge sharing with other super power nations writing books should be promoted by Indian authors and i am happy that steps have been taken care with the coming up of INDIAN DIGITAL LIBRARY giving a helping hand to student fraternity is a blessing in disguise for students in INDIA always depending upon foreign books will not cater to Indian needs because education and human relations knowledge is different compared to western education those who have common sense knowledge would automatically know that eastern education and survival is different from western education system and cannot be copied in either way hence depending upon own stuff is mandatory and required for stability of country it is easier to groom up education as per Indian needs and always depending upon either USA or UK for books would make India weaker and given pressure to USA or UK would atlast destroy nation it is because in USA books knowledge is about USA companies and activities in their country or to certain extent covers western side of knowledge and it never give information about INDIAN scenario. it is a mistake and to be corrected as quickly as possible with possible steps in the direction of company law also and other details which are bread and butter to INDIAN nation.

thought for the day : in books how much of similarity can one see between western education books and Indian books on application side to nation this analysis would determine the path of the nation NEXT

How can a company manage bad assets Assets can be anything life term from 1month to decades of usage.

how can one define bad assets any asset which has negative money earning capability when if used example : money lent turns into bad debts books giving wrong information products wrongly misquoted in advertising business than what is being sold in market etc etc in Internet bad assets is defined as price of asset quoted which is lesser than what owner thinks it is worth the above definition of mine can be managed through cannibalization the below part of Internet definition is work of courts to think ? bad assets are the work of accountants NEXT How to determine interest rate in the economy it is seen that finance ministers across the nations determine the interest rates with discussions. in India RBI help finance minister of INDIA actually determines it even in some cases like 6.25% or 6.50% or 8% . as per layman me is concerned i am unable to decipher how the percentage change has affected the global and indian scenario so easily with a small percentage change of point 25% to tell you in short story these percentage as per my commonsense change the money equation but how can such changes determine the nations growth where money supply is dependent upon other variables like financial instruments and monetary policy of government

i consider it a miniscule waste of time and energy by the country just to keep themselves busy in their life span how to determine interest rates in country to tell you about my background i deciphered in first phase that

all companies are dependent upon stock exchanges. so start from their what did you gauge share and bond market are the most sought after in finance with the help of stakeholders so control over them would give you control over finance of companies interest rates are determined on the basis of flow of capital in the hands of public thought for the day interest rates are decided on the basis of cash with companies ? Do companies amount flow to stakeholders or not ?

NEXT buy back shares option in company law of INDIA their is a option called as buy back shares option. recently after coming to management i am amazed that their hasn't been any reference of this topic by anyone in both either newspaper or magazine since a long time maybe i think this is a big money swindling option which may have been rejected by SEBI perhaps because under this option a company can purchase shares and sell them at higher price at any given point of time just like speculative business and get hold of working capital money to run the operations of the company think ? can this option be used at crisis time for a company with direction from SEBI to know market capitalization NEXT

what happens when savings rate by a nation is kept zero percentage economy runs when business is flowing and economy collapses when their are no savings. how come ? generally when i was reading freefall book written about USA collapse, it was specified in the book . i was pondering over it how come they made the decision of keeping savings rate of economy zero percentage and wanted to earn huge amount of money by sanctioning loans

which as per my commonsense would be starting from 1 percentage and above normally savings is given a low percentage asking public to participate in developing the economy and give them motivation to save money so that economy is balanced economy where savings and loans play equal role by denying savings percentage the country USA actually discarded savings making their people think that at any way their is no percentage of savings interest it is better to spend rather than save money , in return discarded loans because their were no funds available to banks to give further loans to needy people savings actually if done in maximum basis gives the country finance manager an opportunity to know how much of business can be undertaken in the country and how much of minting money is needed to save the country from inflation when their are no savings how can the country know what bank balance is , interest rate decipheration of country is done on the basis of savings and not on bad debts loans losses thought for the day : Does savings of the public give finance minster of the country an edge in determining interest rates for the nation NEXT consumption and income what happens when you gain income but even through smart effort consumption of citizens is lesser than money earned solution : reinvestment capital is very difficult at times when population is unable to spend resulting in investments in population other than its own country. intricacies are : inflation where demand is more than supply resulting in crashdown in natural resources which results in crash down of economy how to balance demand and supply of resources available which be nature are rare ---- once spent stands spent need vs want

the best way to invest during these times is 1) creation of websites all over the world 2) Internet usage facility to be made paid 3) selling of commodities online instead of selling on direct marketing 4) banking business online etc etc think of all the areas where business is done online and is done intelligently by keeping money in circulation concept now question arises if consumption of country is more than income earned its good news that country requires the ability to withstand pressure of the world and is able to cater to those who actually depend on excess liquidity to be spent here in the country and poverty is rampant so something to work with idle mind is a devils workshop so work slowly and intelligent smart way to keep it running for ages to come till a new revolution takes over NEXT

Deficit budget ------ implications in 21st century Deficit budget is defined as budget where expenditure is more than income of tax generated by the central government . also followed by state governments in INDIA.. while reading freefall book it was stated very explicitly that government of USA has a 70% of GDP under debtors list maybe to UNITED NATIONS. the point i am making out is countries like INDIA also follow deficit budget and much of literature has been written in support of deficit budget my viewpoint is even though deficit budget gives opportunity and scope to central government to manage funds and comfort it has implication of

over a period of decade deficit budget by growing every year becomes unmanageable levels making country a debtor in relation to GDP growth. how come it is by taking loans from world bank without their knowledge and after few decade down the lane see their budget under huge debt jagadish suggests that by managing budget for few years of say 2% deficit every year and in few years managing budget under non deficit budget country can balance its debtors money intelligently . thought for the day is : Deficit budget vs non deficit budget in the gap of 5 years plan NEXT Managing information in 21st century in 21st century managing information and ideas is very difficult as ideas generation is mandatory but losing it very quickly makes the organization lose financial capability. so how can a company save ideas . it is seen that old ideas can be applied after few years when situation gives opportunity to idea to come into force but alas old ideas aren't recorded and it makes the present situation difficult to gather them the only solution left to organization is how to make the ideas stay alive. my friends in Microsoft and me while browsing Internet way long ago came across a terminology of threads which if used correctly would be able to make the concepts popular and long lasting . what it requires is LAN (local area network) and opening up threads for discussion . over a period of time any ceo or board of director of the company can pick up these threads by looking up at them under popularity chart and incorporate it in the strategy wing. their can be a likelihood of getting finance if solutions are provided in them and the concerned person who gave the best solution is given ESOP etc thought for the day : Are their any other ways by which a company or industry can save ideas to gain financial independence NEXT

Reserve capital ----- a liability i am still reading freefall where it is stated by the author that reserve capital if is their one need

not save the income for contingency situation . is it really the fact reserve capital i have been scrutinizing is actually a fictitious money which is not present in physical form. it is found in balance-sheet .money in circulation is actually the physical form. money kept in banks is also money in circulation where reserve money kept in banks is also money in circulation having maximum limit of usage per day transaction the money which the author stated as reserve capital is actually never into existence because it never can be money in circulation .it is fictitious transfers and fictitious transfers are not in physical form they are actually in balance sheets where company bank balance doesn't tally with banking industry money in circulation is guided by rules and regulations where reserve capital excess money rules are applied only once or twice in transferring amount but is found in fictitious manner of circulation and not in physical transfer of money banking transactions are fictitious and not real money transfer. how can physical money get transferred every now and then, it can never happen in real live case study thought for the day : is money in circulation fictitious transfer or not Are billionnaires really billionnaires ------ they have limit of usage of money Fictitious transfers occur every now and then in banking industry and are eaten up in bad debts working capital is actually your cash in hand ------------- use it wisely excess cash is liability------ it never gets converted into working capital due to bad debts occurring in banking industry and limitation of removal of cash per day transaction in banking industry all the eggs in one basket is dangerous business said allready in the olden days END

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