Welspun is committed to conduct business in a socially responsible and ethical manner. Sustaining mutually accountable and responsible synergies, it serves with passion to its Customers, Shareholders, and Employees & Society at large. To meet the commitment Welspun seek to respect the rule of law, adopt appropriate international standards and strictly follow 6 Guiding Principles (The 6 µE¶s): 1. Enrichment of Mind

Mental wellness signifies a state of flourishing of the overall being. Welspun believe that nurturing of the mind helps to reach high levels of emotional, psychological, physical and social well-being.

2. Enrichment of Body

Living a healthier life improves the quality of life. Feeling physically better and having control over life can greatly increase mental health as well. Welspun believe achieving health and remaining healthy is an active process.

3. Education

To meet the learning needs of all children, youth and adults, Welspun strongly promote and support the Right to education, specifically of the girl Child. Welspun Vidya Mandir (A school up to Standard X) at Anjar, Gujarat, aims towards all round development of Children.

4. Empathy

Effective understanding, communication and relationships are essential to develop solutions and avoiding or diffusing conflict. By helping others, it helps them to grow.

5. Welspun builds and strengthens partnerships with civil society. employment. career and vocational guidance. It work for equal access to women on health care. . quality education. 6. machinery equipments. Enhance occupational environment is integrated in all managerial decisions including selection/procurement of materials. occupational health and safety. particularly women¶s organizations and work towards changing societal attitudes and community practices by active participation and involvement of women. placement of personnel and setting up of projects. equal remuneration. etc. Welspun strives to conserve natural resources & energy by constantly seeking to optimize the consumption and advocate for wastage control & recycling measures. Empowerment of Women Welspun enables women to realize their full potential. Environment Ensures compliance with applicable Health Safety and Environment (HSE) legislation.

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