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Published by: Hiren Parmar on Jul 10, 2011
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The Secret of Bhagavad Gita

Discover The World‟s Grandest Truth


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zeroeffort.html 6) Shraddha: The Little Book On God 7) The Story of Nachiketa : How A Little Boy Conquered Death By Meditating On A Force Superior To Death. You can also alternatively reach him at vish@vish-writer. www. – www.knowthatonething.360meditationtips.com 3) The Joy of Becoming God.com . – www.tv 2) No-Nonsense Meditation : What The Greatest Wise Men & Women Knew About Human Consciousness That You Are Not Aware Of. http://www.com To book Sri Vishwanath for a key note speech contact him at his USA number at 2138142680 or his India contact number 91-22-21645009. 8) Give Up Your Excess Baggage: 24 Simple Mind Exercises That Great Men & Women Effectively Use Every Single Day.soulpowermagic.Other Bestselling Books By Sri Vishwanath 1) Zero Effort : How To Achieve Big Breakthroughs In Your Life In Less Than 30 Days Flat. 5) The Power Of The Vedas : The Spiritual Guide That Has Been 5500 Years In The Making.com/shraddha1/index. 4) Shiva : Four Ancient Secrets To Win God’s Grace.

When I looked at the material Vish was doing. I first met Vish at a seminar where I was one of the speakers and his passion for thanking somebody for all their help made me notice him. "Hi My name is Andy Shaw. which is just off the south coast. . This guy has a easy way of making some of these difficult concepts actually very easy for people to understand and much easier for them to actually apply them to their life.Praise For Sri Vishwanath Immediate Results From First Tactic Tried. live in a little village called Ashington. I made my wealth using the Law of Attraction and I am a life long study of this sort of material. I am from England.

. It can be so important for you because it reveals the secrets in a very simple and effective manner. it can achieve. I have worked with Vish and they both really know this process and I think you'll enjoy hearing it from them in this special site."" Yanik Silver. So now I am almost 38 years old. for once. Norman Vincent Peale. V. and spirit like I never experienced. Eckhart Tolle and other great teachers and authors. And that is where the Zero Effort program can really help.I think the message he is trying to give across of how easy this is to do is very important and I feel it can help a lot of people. I feel a silence in my mind. ”We all have heard that whatever our mind can conceive and believe. Carlos. etc. Nothing seemed to be enough to hold my attention for long. We have heard that from Napoleon Hill and countless others. but would soon bounced back to where I was before. Then I read this. I am grateful to you in a way I cannot express. the ways of the mind. in spite of my far-more-than-average knowledge of self-help. body. “Thank you Vish. and never achieved much. positive thinking." Andy Shaw. “And now. Ever since I was about 14 years old I read everything I could get my hands on.” -Greetings and affection.Real Estate Mogul From UK Discovers The Secret Process Of Converting Beliefs Into True Reality. And I know this is only the beginning. Finally I wasn't doing anything with any program any more. It is my pleasure to recommend his service. for helping me achieve what no other teacher ever could. And the same goes for other things in my life.Internet Entreprenuer and Director of the World Famous Underground Online Seminar Helps Where No Other Teacher Could "I've read books from Dale Carnegie. But a lot of people struggle to realize their dreams and desires mainly because they do not understand the secret process of converting those beliefs into a true reality. Paul Wilson. Neale Donald Walsh.. “Sometimes I’d think I had it figured out. Switzerland .

USA Case Study No 72 – This is unbelievable ! I never thought I could attract enough wealth in such a short period.. Within moments. I decided then to really settle into the moment. like a cocoon to protect her from any more pain. but I began to feel the energy extending out from my hands and flowing into my wife. When my family and I were going through major financial problems with the business we were completely stressed. This is information that should be taken in and put to good use.. I offered to take her to the hospital but she refused. When her pain became quite intense around midnight. I hope you can keep your knowledge flowing to the world because if you do you will be helping many people around the world. and no amount of reading some of the best self help books around got us any where but in deeper troubles.I thought it was brilliant. sparkling health and a connection to his higher self which is driving him nuts. which I attributed to viral illness.” Richard Maeur. Thank you for this from the bottom of my heart. I'm not sure how . It worked – she was able to sleep comfortably the rest of the night. My wife has had some stomach problems the last few days. I imagined an energy shield around her. God bless you. and surrender to the silence – that „pause between thoughts‟ you teach us how to find. My first attempt produced no change. I thank you so much Vish. It was then that I received an email from you.. her cramping and pain were completely gone. where a minute earlier she had been shaking in pain. "Yes it has been three months since I heard from you and the wonderful messages you have been sending me. without knowing why. There is no person who has revealed these amazing tips before. That drastic transformation in her really hit home to me … and there‟s no doubt in my mind that what I have learned from you over the last nine days is what gave me the tools to accomplish this. Instantly she began to feel relief. which I've practiced for some time but never used to treat an acute medical problem. This is the email he sent on Day 9 of the program Day 9 includes an interesting event that I would like to write about. So I decided to try some Reiki. It took a few moments. People who flaw this information do not know what they are missing." Stephen Hempkin. Then.New Zealand Top Eye Surgeon who had earlier rubbished all talk of the life force gets his first jaw dropping experience on Day 9 of the Program and goes on to manifest a high 7 figure check. very easy to follow and with outstanding results.

Judaline & William CA. one tiny step at a time. when we were not sure how we are going to survive the business a customer called up to tell us that he had a big shipment going to the UK. studied. Program Participant . or listened to. William and I put into action all the wonderful stuff you sent us and day by day our lives turned around.” Margaret Ferguson Uk. On Day one. USA "No matter what anyone has read. . With love. Tomorrow is 7 days since we downloaded the Zero Effort. On the third day along came another unplanned customer to send his packages to Alberta where he is moving You have simplified the whole Law of Attraction process and made it easier for people to not only understand but to learn and above all gain from it. Just enough to pay our bills. I joined your 30 day challenge 8 days ago and not only read the reports you send us but actually put them into practice.that came about but I believe the Good Lord up above send you as an angel to guide our disrupted lives and teach us to remain calm in this chaotic world. yours is not an „additional source‟ – it is truly all one needs.

. What are the changes in the field ? The changes in the field are the effects of your thoughts and action .. and the whole of nature....).... What is the field. the non-agent . Says Krishna to Arjun “All beings in this world. You are not the Prakarti. You are not the body. the changes in the field and the agents of change form Prakarti. He who knows the Purusha and the prakarti is no longer born in this world no matter how he or she fares in this world” This is very interesting.. Rajasic(one who derives pleasure holding on to work) and Tamas(one who dervies pleasure holding on to error) I will explain this is in detail later on. When you relate yourself to prakarti you tend to experience the changes and these in turn cause you pain or pleasure.. moving and non-moving are born out of the union of Purusha(self) and prakarti(catalyst of change). the changes in the field.. The fire burning is Prakarti if you put your hand it will burn. Says Krishna” Purusha lodged in Prakarti experiences the constituents born of Prakarti.. But the key word is holding on to. Take it out knowing that you are not the fire and you need not experience the heat of the fire.... Imagine there is fire burning and you put your hand in it and you say it is hot. you are not the mind. .This is Vish here and I want to welcome you to Episode No 1 of The Secret of Bhagavad Gita series. Break free from these and rise above your constituents.? The field is your body. You are the Purusha the soul the spirit. your mind.Sattvic(one who derives pleasure from holding on knowledge. Is what Krishna says to Arjun. What are the agents of change? The agents of change are the three constituents. you are not the changes in the field of pain and pleasure and you are not the constituents... Every thought or action produces either pain or pleasure. the agents of change and he knows me as the knower of all these knows me completely.. This is what we are doing. ” You are the Purusha.. . you are not the field. These are the changes in the field... Krishna says to Arjun “ He who knows the field. Together the field.

com .. I will be back with you tomorrow for yet another episode of The Secret of Bhagavad Gita” series..... The whole of Prakarti is for you and not you for the Prakarti.Know that the whole of nature is for the soul and not the soul for the nature..secretofbhagavadgita.Break free today.. Break free from Prakarti.. www.

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