FS/FT Historical reference books, rules, game supplements, etc

FS/FT Historical reference books, rules, game supplements, etc
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• From: "markthree" <sanders6203@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> • Date: 21 Aug 2005 05:34:00 −0700 I have the following items for sale or trade. Shipping is extra. I will trade for HO scale(1/72) figures and vehicles or 6mm figures unpainted/painted. E−mail if interested in anything. Pershing Expeditions Moro War War Games Rules 1925−1950 Special Forces Modern Infantry Skirmish Rules Army Lists Book 3 Armies Originating After 1000 AD Wargames Research Warfare in the Ancient World Wargames Rules for 3000 BC to 500 AD Napoleonic Warfare Fistful of Miniatures For a Few Miniatures More 18th Century Army Lists Napoleonic Army Lists Two Hundred Years 5mm Wargame Rules 1700−1900 DBM Army Lists Book 1: 3000 BC to 500 BC DBM Army Lists Book 3: 476 AD to 1071 AD DBM Army Lists Book 4: 1071 AD to 1500 AD De Bellis Antiquitatis 1990 War Games Rules 3000 BC to 1485 AD Wargames Research 1987 Hordes of the Things Wargames Research 1991 Strategy & Tactics August 1991 Chad The Toyota Wars Strategy & Tactics January 1992 Cropredy Bridge: A Fleeting Victory Enola's World's Major Armies 1981 Organization & Equipment of Modern Combat Units Excalibre Games Crimea WBF Press CNO Series Naval Operations 15 Historical Scenarios for Naval Wargames No. 1 Mediterranean WBF Press CNO Series Naval Operations 15 Historical Scenarios for FS/FT Historical reference books, rules, game supplements, etc 1

1 Mediterranean FS/FT Historical reference books. game supplements. 23 Operation Gorza Europa Magazine No. 4 Atlantic & Artic 2 WBF Press Naval Operations No. 2 Atlantic & Artic 1 WBF Press CNO Series Naval Operations 15 Historical Scenarios for Naval Wargames No. rules. game supplements. 5 Pacific 2 Seekrieg CV Operations Sheet WBF Press Naval Operations No. 5 Pacific 2 Europa Magazine No.FS/FT Historical reference books. 4 Atlantic & Arctic 2 (2) WBF Press CNO Series Naval Operations 15 Historical Scenarios for Naval Wargames No. 17 The Europa Naval Module Supermarina Europa Magazine No. 28 Europa Demonstration Battle: El Alamein EMS Crisis Games: Colombia Omega Games Carrier War The War in the Pacific 1944−1946 Expansion Kit World in Flames Global Conflict: 1939−1945 5th Ed Expansion Kit World in Flames Global Conflict: 1939−1945 5th Ed Rules Set World in Flames Global Conflict: 1939−1945 5th Ed Rules & CS 6 Set World in Flames Global Conflict: 1939−1945 5th Ed Countersheets World in Flames 5th Ed Expansion Kit Napoleonic Army Lists 1/50th & 1/20th Desert Shield Gulf Strike Expansion Module The Universal Soldier Miniature Rules DBM Army Lists Book 4:1071 AD to 1500 AD (3 copies) De Bellis Antiquitatis 1990 Europa number 17 Supermarina (2 copies) Europa number 21 Leningrad: 1941 Army Lists Book Three Armies after 1000 AD WRG Long Knives rules for skirmish warfare in old west (2) Close and Destroy II C−2 (2 copies) Fistfull of Miniatures (2 copies) Fore a Few Miniatures More Special Edition #1 magazine with Assault on Sevastapol game inside GDW Harpoon Battles of the Third World War GDW Harpoon Ship Forms GDW Harpoon Sub Forms GDW Harpoon Data Annex SPI Sniper Companion Game #2 GDW Harpoon Naval Review 1994 Seekrieg Ship's Log Sheet (2 copies) WBF Press Naval Operations No. rules. etc Naval Wargames No. etc 2 .

etc Paperback books like and including Squadron Publications Rhino The Immortal Phantom II 49th Fighter Group SP F117 Stealth Fighter MiG15 in Action SP F117 Stealth in Action SP Stealth Aircraft Koku−Fan 1986 Nuclear Powere Submarines B−52 Stratofortress in action SP F117 Stealth in Action SP US Army light forces Panama to the Middle East US Navy West Coast Warriors Air Enthusiast 29 Air War Desert Storm (2 copies) Fighting Colors Hawker Hunter in color Yak Fighter in action SP F117 Stealth in Action SP 49th Fighter Group SP The US Navy Today F117 Stealth Fighter Boeing 7070 & AWACS M2/M3 Bradley GDW Gulf War Fact Book Operation Granby Desert Rats Armour and Transport in the Gulf War Air War Desert Storm (2 copies) VNAF South Vietnamese Air Force 1945−75 SP GDW Desert Shield Fact Book Gulf War British Air Arms Norhtrop B−2 Stealth Bomber USS John F Kennedy Fire & Movement apr−May 84 num 41 (a bit warped at bottom) Fire & Movement no 43 June 85 Clash of Steel (2 copies) (a bit warped at bottom) Fire & Movement no 76 Nov 1991 Tet Offensive (a bit warped at bottom) Empres Eagles & Lions #12. etc 3 . rules. Vol 2 no 14 Forward to Richmond magazine game missing 2 rows of counters otherwise unpunched Strategy & Tactivs N0 121 The Indian Mutiny w/game Wargamer No 42 End of the Iron Dream (3 copies) w/game Miniature Wargames no 60 may 88 (a bit warped) Miniature Wargames no 48 may 87 (a bit warped) (4 copies) Miniature Wargames no 49 June 87 (a bit warped) (3 copies) Miniature Wargames No 125 Oct 93 ( a bit warped) Miniature Wargames No 116 Jan 93 (a bit warped) Osprey Men−At−Arms Series: 65 The Royal Navy 1790−1970 FS/FT Historical reference books. rules. #4 (2).FS/FT Historical reference books. Wargamer Vol2 no9 88 . game supplements. game supplements.

rules. Tears and Folly an objective look at World War II FS/FT Historical reference books.FS/FT Historical reference books. etc 175 Romes Enemies(3): Parthians and Sassanid Persians 193 The British Army on Campaign 1816−1902(1): 1816−1853 197 The Royal Canadian Mounted Police 1873−1987 238 Foreign Volunteers of the Allied Forces 1939−45 242 Modern African Wars 3 Soth−West Africa Combat Aircraft Series: 2 F/A−18 Hornet 3 MiG−23/27 7 B−52 Stratofortress 8 B−1B Bomber 13 Stealth Warplanes 14 Mil Mi−24 Hind Elite Series: 2 The US Marine Corps ince 1945 (2 copies) 5 Soviet Bloc Elite Forces 8 Israeli Defense Forces since 1973(2 copies) 18 Israeli Elite Units since 1948 (3 copies) 20 Inside the US Army Today (2 copies) 21 The Zulus 22 World Special Forces Insignia 26 Tank War − Central Front: NATO vs Warsaw Pact 29 Vietnam Airborne (2 copies) 36 The Texas Rangers Vanguard 13 Scorpion Reconnaissance Vehicle 1972−94 42 Armor of the Vietnam Wars Desert Storm Special 1 Land Power − The Coalition and Iraqi Armies Desert Storm Special 2 Air Power − The Coalition and Iraqi Air Forces (2 copies) Desert Storm Special 3 Sea Power − The Coalition and Iraqi Navies (2 copies) Campaign Series: 4 Tet Offensive 1968 (3 copies) Hardback books (Some may be discarded library books and some have some staining) Bernardo O'Higgins and the Independence of Chile Messerschmitt Bf109 at war They Who Fought Here (staining) An Album of the Civil War Terror from the Sky The Luftwaffe's winged assault on Europe and the Battle of Britain The Military Life of Frederick the Great Blood. rules. game supplements. etc 4 . game supplements.

G. and the Sea War PB Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes Larousse Encyclopedia of Ancient & Medieval History Ballantines Illustrated Pearl Harbor PB The Ancient Greeks small PB Bayonets of WWII Germany magazine Mauser Rifles from NRA magazine like Tricolor Rules for the Napoleonic Wargame rules Voltigeur Wargames Rules for the Napoleonic Wars Houserules Napoleonics − 2nd ed A Complete Guide to Heraldry Dungeon. Fire and Sword The Knights Templar in the Crusades The German Army Handbook 1939−45 PB The Standard Directory of Proof Marks with WWII German Ordnance Codes The Age of Chivalry Boutell's Heraldry The Lives of the Kings and Queens of France The Outline of History H.FS/FT Historical reference books. Art of War PB The Flying Tigers PB FS/FT Historical reference books. rules. game supplements. etc America's Tenth Legion The Angels airborne 11 Battle Cry of Freedom (paperback) The Age of Napoleon Decisive Battles of the Civil War Aug−44 The Vietnam War Almanac Suicide Submarine PB PT109 PB Triple Cross PB All the Drowned Sailors PB Bat 21 PB War in Europe Vol 1 PB Dunkirk The patriotic myth In Gurkha Company Korean War Almanac Men. game supplements. etc 5 . Wells Vol 1 and 2 Ancient History by Robinson The Coldest War Brady Clausewitz on War Warships of the US Navy A New Age Now Begins A People's History of the American Revolution Page Smith Vol I and II Military Swords of Japan 1868−1945 Uniforms of the Indo−China and Vietnam Wars The Art of Heraldry The Mighty Aztecs Stuart The Illustrated History of Artillery The Vietnam War PB The Jacobite Rebellion Kemp Israeli Airborne Troops Strike From the Sky PB Roots of Strategy Book 2 3 Military Classics Battle Studies. rules. Ships. Principles of War.

• Prev by Date: Re: [ebay] Old Lead vintage DragonTooth. Grenadier. game supplements. What Happened? • Index(es): ♦ Date ♦ Thread FS/FT Historical reference books. rules. Ral Partha. rules. Ral Partha. Grenadier. Citadel • Next by thread: Warzone. Courts and Monarchy by Nicolson The English Heritage by Plumb PB The American Heritage Pictorial Atlas of United States History Eyewitness Books Ancient Greece Ancient Empires Milestones of History Volume I 3000 BC−AD 70 The LIFE History of the United States Volumes 1−12 The Life & Times of Napoleon The Atlantic Campaign World War II's Great Struggle at Sea by Dan van der Vat. Approx 600 pages with some B&W photos $8 . Approx 420 pages with some B&W photos. etc 6 . etc Through Hell and Deep Water PB One Day in a Long War PB General Maxwell Taylor PB MacArthur's Navy PB The Longest Tunnel PB Uniforms of Waterloo Blanford HB Uniforms of the American Revolution MacMillan HB A Dictionary of British History Nazi Europe Life and Times of Washington small thin childs HB The Second World War Keegan Airmobile PB SP The Men of the 24th The Zulu War of 1879 PB by Giese Armies at First Masassas PB The Battle of Batoche British Small Warfare and the Entrenched Metis PB (2 Copies) American Heriatge Picture History of The Civil War Rome: The Center of Power Bandinelli Red Victory A History of the Russian Civil War by Lincoln American Socket Bayonets 1717−1873 PB Atlas of Medieval Europe Kingdoms of Europe by Gurney Life History of the US 1861−1876 Kings.FS/FT Historical reference books. $8 D−Day June 6. What Happened? • Previous by thread: Re: [ebay] Old Lead vintage DragonTooth. Citadel • Next by Date: Warzone. 1944: The Climatic Battle of World War II by Stephen Ambrose. game supplements.

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