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Published by: Phineas Harper on Jul 11, 2011
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The International Festival of Cooperation The International Festival of Co-operation

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Town Council Meetings in every Tow Hall Town Counci Meetings in ever Tow Hall own ow Council eetings every Town al ci ing n Town Consensus --CoCamp democracy in action Consensus CoCamp democracy in action onse su CoCamp mocracy mp a ct on Consensus CoCamp democracy in action -- the public galleries will be open for visitors! the public galleries will b open for visitors! ic lleri e o visitors! sit the public galleries will be open for visitors public alle i s ill CoCamp Afternoon Programme CoCamp Afternoon Programme CoCamp Afternoon Programme mp CoCamp fte oon rogramme Contribute – Come and join in our Co ntribute Comean oin inou Contrib te –Come and joi in our bu m and oin our Co trib e join afternoon’s activities afternoon activities afternoon’s activities fte on’ activities on’ afternoon’s acti tie
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TV News in every Town Hall T V News in every Town Hall ews ver very ve y w a TV News n every Town Hall Collaborate – the nightly CoCamp news Collab r t the nightlyCoCamp news Collaborate –tthenightly CoCamp news lla t w Collaborate h ightl CoCamp ews broadcast made by our young people broadcast m d by ou y un people broadcast made by our young people oad s a broadcast made our young people Hiroshima Day Commemoration Hiro m Hiro hima D Commemoration Hiroshima Day Comme oratio mm on processions starting ro Town a s procession starting from Town Halls processions starting from Town Halls ocessio ess tarting art ow -exi -exist – amoment of reflection exi xis xi omen men efl tio Co-exist – a moment of rreflection -exist moment of e lection and c for peac peace and cry fo peac and a cry for peace n

Co a CoCamp Conversations Conversations onver a on CoCamp Conversationss on e ai Stage on the Main Stage ain Stag ag on the Main Stage Construct Const uct Construct – A dynamic c ynami Construct – A dynamic celebration c l bratio celebration of o celebration of the the community we h o mu we the communityhave communityn t we have built together have togetherethe have built together built uilt ge e

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Open Day - all Open Day: All day, Saturday day Saturday the 6th of July

Folk Woodcraft Folk
Co-operative education since Cooperative education since 1925

is the International Camp of Co-operation from Woodcraft Folk. CoCamp brings together over 2500 young people from across the world to live, work and play as a dynamic co-operative community that is a model of the world as we would like it to be. Our vibrant and exciting programme is led by our members and delivered in our four Town Centres, complete with Town Halls, Town Libraries and Cafés. Our CoCamp community includes one town run entirely on renewable energy, MEST-UP - our peer education and mediation project and a cooperative media hub creating a daily newspaper, TV and radio broadcasts - all within a burgeoning festival wide democracy! Now is the time to shout from the roof tops that another world is not only possible, but happening this We would love you to visit us on our summer in Sherwood Forest!
Open Day - a chance for our friends, families and supporters to become a part of CoCamp too. Come and explore our community, take part in the programme, meet new friends from across four continents and join us in making the vision of CoCamp a reality in the wider world.

www.cocamp.coop www.woodcraft.org.uk @cocamp2011
VIST COCAMP IN PERSON! Walesby Forest, Brake Road, Walesby, Newark, Nottingham, NG22 9NG
CoCamp is proudly supported by:

Woodcraft Folk
Woodcraft Folk. Registered charity in England and Wales (1073665) and in Scotland (SC039791)

Co-operative education since 1925

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