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Features - Compact design. - Complete with Venturi. - Sponge for biological filtration. - Flow control. - Suction cups. - Carbon cartridge. - Fixed shaft. All of these features provide physical, chemical and biological filtration. It is recommended that the filter be cleaned every 3 weeks. Unplug the unit and rinse out sponge in a small amount of tank water and discard the dirty water. Do not clean the sponge in tap water, as you will kill beneficial bacteria. Remove impeller cover and clean impeller under running water and replace. Do not submerse black end of venturi in water, as it will not draw in oxygen. Ensure it hangs outside the tank. Unit must be fully submersed to operate. Create a drip loop in the cord as shown below to ensure safe operation. Item# 29032 29033 29034 Description Dolphin F800 Internal Filter Dolphin F1200 Internal Filter Dolphin F2000 Internal Filter Flow Rate 300L/Hr 450L/Hr 650L/Hr

Item# 11057 11058 11059 11074 11075 11076 Description Dolphin F800 Sponge Dolphin F1200 Sponge Dolphin F2000 Sponge Dolphin F800 Impeller Dolphin F1200 Impeller Dolphin F2000 Impeller