A well written introduction in task 2 of IELTS is crucial in reaching a high sco re.

The introduction outlines the organization of your essay and makes the, eve r so important, first impression on the examiner. The introduction outlined belo w can be applied to several task two topics that ask for an opinion. Some people think that competition in school should be encouraged. Others feel t hat students should be taught to cooperate instead and as a result will become b etter people. Discuss both these views and give your opinion. The introduction in task 2 should be 15-20% of your total response. Given the t ime restrictions, you should be able to write the introduction in about five min utes. A solid introduction will do the following: Introduce the topic This will require the ability to synthesize the question into a topic using 3-6 words. Example: The issue of competition in schools has become a widely discussed topic in our society recently. Present both sides of the topic This is best done in one sentence using a contrasting type of structure (althoug h, while). At this point the two perspectives should be introduced objectively. Aim to use a variety of vocabulary words. Example: Although some people believe competition has a healthy influence on chi ld development, others feel it can detrimental and cooperation should be encoura ged instead. State your opinion on the topic In this third sentence of the introduction state you personal opinion directly. It is best in IELTS to have a clear opinion and not â sit on the fenceâ . Example: I personally believe that competition can have a positive impact on you ng people and should be encouraged in our education system. Outline Essay State in this final sentence of your introduction what you will write about in y our essay. This sentence should include the 2-4 topics of each paragraph you int end to write about. In the example below the writer plans, in the body of the es say, on writing about 1) cooperation, 2) competition, 3) his/her opinion. Example: In this essay, I will discuss the nature of cooperation and competition in schools today, as well as explain my personal opinion on the subject.

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