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Tutorial Revit

Tutorial Revit

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Published by: Dinesh Garg on Jul 11, 2011
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In this exercise, you modify the profile of the roof in order to extend the roof over the entry deck.

1Open the 03 Roof floor plan.

2In the drawing area, select the roof.

3On the Options Bar, click Edit.

4Modify the roof profile:

■On the Tools toolbar, click

(Split), and split the top edge of the roof profile by clicking

to the right of the entry deck.

■On the Design Bar, click Modify.

■Select the left segment of the split roof line, and drag the right endpoint up to align with
the endpoint of the slanted deck line.

■Select the right segment of the roof line, and drag the left endpoint to the intersection with
the vertical floor line.

■On the Design Bar, click Lines.

■Draw a line from the end of the right segment up to the end of the left segment.

34 | Chapter 1 Getting Started

■On the Design Bar, click Finish Roof.

5Open the To Building 3D view to view the result.

6Save the project file.

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