Norman “Emotional Design” : Why we love (or hate) everyday things

2003. 08. 21. 17:00-20:00 @ University of Tokyo. Human Interface Society Symposium

. -2- Titech. Tokosumi Lab. but emotion and enjoyable!’ Norman says.”  (e.) When you wash and polish your car. “Products and systems that make you feel good are easier to deal with and produce more harmonious results.Emotion’s role     Product design  usability + aesthetics + practicality The emotional side of design may be more critical to a product’s success than its practical elements. doesn’t seem to drive better? ‘Life is not just user interface.g.

.Structure of three dimensions -3- Titech. Tokosumi Lab.

Tokosumi Lab. .Visceral -4- Titech.

Tokosumi Lab. .Behavioral 行動的 Power window controllability -5- Titech.

keep social interaction .Reflective 内省的 clothes appeal of social states use as a memory souvenir -6Titech. Tokosumi Lab.

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