ANCIENT INDIA 1. Begin with Ancient India NCERT 11th std. by R.S. Sharma.

Read it thoroughly and make it the base of your knowledge. 2. Ancient India- D.N. Jha 3. Ashoka and the decline of the Mauryas: Romila Thapar 4. The wonder that was India (only relevant chapters on religion and culture): A.L.Basham 5. IGNOU booklets on Pre-historic cultures, Indus valley and Guptas 6. Krishna Reddy's guide: Vedic Age, Buddhism, Jainism and religious movements MEDIEVAL INDIA 1. NCERT by Satish Chandra 2. Satish Chandra: Medieval India vol-1 and vol-2 (Thorough understanding of all chapters is must) 3. J.L. Mehta: Medieval India vol-1 and vol-2 4. IGNOU booklets on Sufism and Bhakti movement 5. Krishna Reddy and Agnihotri guides (do questions given at the end of the chapters) MODERN INDIA 1. 8th standard NCERT: Arjun Dev 2. 12th standard NCERT (particularly starting chapters till 1885): Bipin Chandra 3. History of Modern India by Grover and Grover: (chapters on Ranjit Singh, Tipu, Marathas and Governor Generals should be thoroughly studied) 4. Sumit Sarkar: Special focus on socio-religious movement, tribal revolts, caste movements and peasant movements etc. 5. India's struggle for Independence: Bipin Chandra et al. (Indispensable book, study it thoroughly and if possible make pointers for prelims) 6. India after Independence: Bipin Chandra 7. IGNOU booklets Lastly, history is a subject which not only asks for hard work but also keen interest from the student. One has to love history to master it. After all it is the story of human civilization with all its triumphs and tragedies. Best of luck!

BOOKS ON ANCIENT INDIA : 1. Wonder that was India - A.L. Bhashem. 2. Ancient India Social and Culture - Luniya 3. Ancient India - an introductory outline - D.N.Jha. 4. An Advanced History of India - R.C. Majumda, H.C. Raychaudhurai, - Kalikinkar Datta 5. Ancient India - L.Mukherjee BOOKS ON MEDIVAL INDIA

Mehta A history of South India . Wonder that was India . Jha Mauryan : Ashoka and the decline of mouryan empire .Sumit Sarkar IGNOU material (specially on freedom struggle) .K. Medival India .Rizzvi 4. Medival India .XI. Mukherjee NCERT BOOKS VIII.Groover & Grooover. Raychaudhuri & Datta Social life and cultural life of both Delhi Sultanate and Mughal India .XII History HISTORY BOOKS GUIDE 1.Krishna Reddy 2. IX.L. 2 The rise of civilization of India and Pakistan .R. A.L. Advanced study in the History of Medival India . Varun Dey and Amlesh Tripathy (NBT) India's struggle for independence . X.A.Bridget and Raymond Allchin Ancient India in historical outline (Revised and enlarged edition .Bipin Chandra Modern India .Bipin Chandra 3.Bipin Chandra. III J. Mehta 2. IGNOU Material 5.L.(a) IGNOU booklet no.Bipinchandra 4. II. Nilakanta Shastri IGNOU material (specially on agriculture and agrarian relations and culture) BOOKS ON MODERN INDIA y y y y y y NCERT (12th) A new look into the modern Indian history .Majumdar. 4. Freedom Struggle . 2.Volume I. Raychaudhuri & Datta The wonder that was India .Romila Thapar Indian Feudalism . Y.J. Mukherjee BOOKS ON MODERN INDIA 1.Volume I & II Satish Chandra 3.Majumdar.L. L Bashaon Indus Civilization .D.D.1. Indian History .Agnihotri 3.Mishra REFERENCE BOOKS OVERALL : BOOKS ON ANCIENT INDIA y y y y y y y y NCERT (11th) The Advanced History of India .B. Competition Wizard Workbook.98) .L Grover Freedom struggle . Indian History . Modern Indian History . Modern India .S.N. Sharma BOOKS ON MEDIEVAL INDIA y y y y y NCERT (11th) The Advanced History of India . A struggle for Independence .