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Nokia C6-01 Support

Nokia C6-01 Support

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Published by: khai16451 on Jul 11, 2011
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Nokia Malaysia - Technical specifications - Nokia C6-01 support


Support search Nokia C6-01

Nokia C6-01 support
Design Hardware Software & applications Communications Sharing & Internet Navigation Photography Video Music & audio Gaming Environmental features Package contents Accessories

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3/29/2011 6:28 PM

nokia. WLAN 2 of 5 3/29/2011 6:28 PM . volume up & down Colours Available colours: Black Silver grey Personalisation Three customisable home screens with the option to add widgets.Technical specifications . max.7 million colours Capacitive touch screen Orientation sensor Proximity sensor Ambient light detector Hardware Power Management BL-5CT 1050 mAh Li-Ion battery Talk-time (maximum): GSM up to 720 min WCDMA up to 290 min Standby time (maximum): GSM up to 420 h WCDMA up to 380 h Operation times may vary depending on radio access technology used.Nokia C6-01 support http://www.Nokia Malaysia . WMA Themes wallpapers screensavers ring tones pre-installed themes changeable colour themes Display and user interface Screen size: 3.my/support/product-support/nokia-c6-01/specific. Back to top Memory microSD memory card slot. theme. 32 GB 2 GB microSD memory card included Internal memory: 340 MB user memory Operating Frequency HSPA.5 x 13.. WCDMA 900/1700-2100/1900/2100. GSM/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900. operator network configuration and usage. AAC.com.9 mm Weight (with battery): 131 g Volume: 65 cc Additional size and shape information: Back to top Keys and input methods Touch screen Front: application key. send & end/power key Side: camera key. lock key. hot swappable. AMR.8 x 52. Design Dimensions Size: 103.2" Resolution: 640 x 360 (AMOLED) Up to 16. AAC+ 64-tone polyphonic. shortcuts and icons Customisable profiles Ring tones: mp3..

2 Mbps and HSUPA 2. The establishment and continuation of a data connection depends on network availability.com.Nokia C6-01 support http://www.0 Firmware-over-the-air/internet (FOTA. HTML 4. calendar and notes Requires data service. but may vary based upon network capabilities and other conditions.0 (micro USB connector) 3. FOTI) OMA DM 1. Communications Email and messaging Easy-to-use email client Email web widget Nokia Messaging for email Back to top 3 of 5 3/29/2011 6:28 PM . Data Network GPRS/EDGE class B.2 Mbps HSUPA cat 5 2.11 b/g/n TCP/IP support Capability to serve as data modem Support for MS Outlook synchronisation of contacts.0 Ovi Suite 2. OMA Client provisioning 1.0 Mbps.0 Mbps WLAN IEEE802. provider support and signal strength.Technical specifications .1 Back to top Personal Information Management (PIM) Detailed contact information Calendar To-do list Notes Recorder Calculator Clock Applications Nokia Messaging Social Ovi Maps with free lifetime navigation Ovi Store Nokia Ovi Suite Cmail Flashlite 4. Connectivity Bluetooth version 3..1 QT4. Data Services may not be available in all networks.2.6.2 Web TV Games * Some services may be available only via downloading or upgrading.my/support/product-support/nokia-c6-01/specific.0 with Enhanced Data Rate High-Speed USB 2.2 Client Platform 2.1 Flash Lite 4. multislot class 33 HSDPA cat 9 10.Nokia Malaysia ..nokia.0. Data transmission speeds may be as high as HSDPA 10.0 QTWTR 1.5 mm AV connector Micro USB charging FM radio Software & applications Software platform & user interface Symbian^3 OS for Nokia Java MIDP 2.

CSS Supported protocols: HTTP v1. Your service provider may charge for the data transmission.com.1. voice dialling (speaker independent) and voice commands Logs of dialled. services..Nokia C6-01 support http://www. Call management Contact shortcuts for your home screens Advanced contacts database with support for multiple phone and e-mail details per entry and thumbnail pictures Contacts bar widget Speed dialling.Nokia Malaysia . The availability of particular products. Flash LIte 4. HTML and JavaScript suppprt. received and missed calls Conference calling Integrated hands-free speaker Video calling Sharing & Internet Browsing and internet Full web browsing of real web pages Web browsing with touch control Supported markup languages: HTML. Back to top Photography Camera 8 megapixel camera (3264 x 2448) 2x digital zoom Dual LED flash Back to top 4 of 5 3/29/2011 6:28 PM .nokia.Technical specifications . These specifications are subject to change without notice. Please check with your local Nokia dealer for further details and availability of language options.0 and Flash video support Nokia Mobile Search RSS reader Ovi Store for application downloads Support for streaming video Social networking profiles visible in phone contacts Upload and view photos and see locations via Ovi by Nokia Social client Social networking events visible in phone calendar Back to top Navigation GPS and navigation Integrated GPS.. WML. A-GPS Ovi Maps with free car & pedestrian navigation Wi-Fi Positioning Compass and accelerometer for correct orientation of display Use Nokia Ovi Suite to get the latest country maps for Ovi Maps for free * Downloading of maps over-the-air may involve transferring large amounts of data. XHTML MP. and features may vary by region.my/support/product-support/nokia-c6-01/specific. WAP TCP/IP support Visual history.

nokia. Flash video (VGA 25fps) Streaming D1 25fps: MPEG-4. MPEG-4.MP3.Nokia C6-01 support http://www. streaming. video light. RDS Back to top Radio Stereo FM radio 87.Technical specifications . AAC+.0 connectivity Video Video cameras Main camera Take high-quality 16:9 videos HD quality 720p resolution Video capture 720p 25 fps with codecs H264.5-108 MHz with RDS support Gaming Gaming Use the touch UI to play games Includes preloaded games Download games from Ovi Store Back to top Environmental features Energy efficiency Power Save mode. and video podcasts. and progressive download Support for Flash video On demand Webtv widgets to watch internet streaming TV Video codecs & formats H. OMA DRM 2.5 mm stereo headphone plug Music codecs: .263 (CIF 25fps).. colour tone Secondary camera (VGA) for video calls Back to top Video sharing and playback Access to last-played video and easy resume Access to Internet Videos. with direct wireless updates and downloads Video directory to discover new Internet Videos Support for download. eAAC. eAAC+ Music meta-data ID3 tags. AAC.5-108 MHz/76-90 MHz). Real Video 10 (QVGA 25fps). white balance.264.com. unplug charger reminder.0 Stereo FM radio (87. RealVideo 10 (QVGA 15fps). WMA.my/support/product-support/nokia-c6-01/specific. Nokia Compact Travel Charger AC-15 Back to top 5 of 5 3/29/2011 6:28 PM . 3GP Video call support (WCDMA network services) Music & audio Music features Nokia Music Player and mono IHF speaker Cover flow user interface to browse the albums in your music collection Ovi Music 3. VC-1. Other 340 MB internal memory. H.. compatible with RSS feeds. H.Nokia Malaysia . MPEG-4 Settings for scene. ambient light sensor. expandable to up to 32 GB with microSD card 4 GB memory card included High-Speed USB 2. album art Bit rate up tp 320 kbps DRM support WM DRM. VC-1.264. ON2 VP6 (VGA 25fps).

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