EXPERIENCING THE TEACHING – LEARNING Syllabus PROCESS COURSE DESCRIPTION This course is designed to provide students with opportunities

to examine the application of teaching theories and principles in the learning environment. Students are expected to verify the cognitive metacognitive, individual differences, and motivational factors tha influence he acquisition of knowledge. He students are given the chance to develop and try out learning tasks, instructional materials and assessment tools. Field Study 2 can be anchored on the following Professional Education subjects: 1. Principles of Teaching 1 2. Principles of Teaching 2 General Objectives 1. Enrich knowledge on teaching methods and strategies appropriate instructional and assessment tools used by teachers;

2. Reflect on the application of different theories of learning and knowledge
acquisition that promote the cognitive and metacognitive process, positive motivational processes, and the use of verified resources of learning in the actual learning environment. 3. Develop alternative ways of teaching a lesson. SUGGESED ACTIVITIES FOCUS Meaningful learning experiences SPECIFIC TASKS Episode 1 LOOKING THROUGH a. Observe at least 3 classes b. List down he different b.1 methods or strategies b.2 instructional materials b.3 assessment tools used by the teacher a. Observe a class b. Identify the: b.1 methods and strategies b.2 instructional materials LEARNING EVIDENCE List of methods and strategies DOMAIN Curriculum COMPETENCIES/PE RFORMANCES INDICATORS Identifies varied methods and strategies instructional materials and assessment tools used in the learning environment. Distinguishes general learning processes as well as unique processes of individual learners Identifies teacher’s actions that demonstrate value for learning

Peace Concept in focus: “Critical Friends”

Learning Environment


2 Enriching Learning Learning Environment Establishes and maintains consistent standards of learners’ behavior Creates healthy psychological climate for learners Assisting a Teacher Teacher’s teaching – Learning plan with instructiona Diversity of Learners Planning. Indicate your reason for the choice. b. Identify the lesson Matrix of teacher’s activity (Refer to pages 5557 for activities in Episode 2) Activity Sheet No. Determines. Observe a class. Episode 3 TEACHERS TOOLBOX a. Make a matrix showing the teacher’s activity.3 assessment tools used by the teacher Reflect on how the items on the list facilitate cognitive. On another column. metacognitive and positive motivational processes as well as the use of varied resources of learning Enriching Learning Episode 2 THE VISIT Observe a class. understands and accepts the learners diverse background and experience . a.b. suggest an activity that would promote better learning. focus on the lesson proper. describing the learning behaviors of the learners and identify the corresponding theories of learning applied by the teacher b.

c. Find out the reason behind the use of the observed learning activities and the instructional materials. Selects teaching methods. learning activities. b. interests. Interview the teacher. l materials and assessment tools. learning activities and instructional materials or resources appropriate to learners and . Assessing and Reporting Curriculum Develops and utilizes creative and appropriate Develops and uses variety at appropriate assessment strategies to monitor and evaluate learning. d. Assist the recommended learner/s to improve/develo p a specific concept/skill through the help the resource teacher. a.objectives. instructional materials and assessment tools employed by the teacher. Social Regard for learning Makes good use of allotted instructional time. Write a narrative report on your experience. Demonstrate mastery of the subject matter Communicates clear learning goals for the lessons that are appropriate for learners. c. Reflect on the reasons cited by the teacher. Interview the recommended learner to find out his/her background. Request the resource teacher to recommend a learner who needs help/assistance in a specific concept/skill. needs and difficulties. d.

e. 2.. On the mode of implementing the tasks (i. dyad or by group). 3. To choose all or any of the suggested activities. On the time allotment for each activity to sufficiently cover the 17-hour requirement of the course. individually.aligned to the objective of the lesson. Note: The Field Study teacher may decide: 1. . Demonstrates that learning is of different sources.

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