Celebrating the 101st birthday of pulp fiction master, Hugh B. Cave!

Best known for his work in the horror, weird fiction, crime, dark fantasy and adventure genres, Cave authored (often under the pen name, Justin Case) more than 1,200 short stories, 40+ novels and an acclaimed body of non fiction work in his seven decade career. He was the recipient of The Phoenix Award and lifetime achievement awards from the International Horror Guild, the Horror Writers Association and the World Fantasy Convention. Cave also spent 5 years in Haiti studying the voodoo religion and publishing Haiti, Highroad to

Adventure, acclaimed by Bill Pronzini as "perhaps the most authoritative and objective" written and the bestselling voodoo-themed novel, The Cross on the Drum. Collections of his short stories include: The Witching Lands. Doubleday, 1962. West Indies stories from the slicks. Murgunstrumm and Others. Carcosa, 1977 Pulp weird-menace stories. The Corpse Maker. Starmont, 1988. Pulp mystery stories. Death Stalks The Night. Fedogan & Bremor, 1995. Pulp weird menace stories. The Dagger of Tsiang. Tattered Pages Press. Pulp adventure stories. Hugh B. Cave Links: Hugh B. Cave On Voodoo My Friend Hugh by Stephen Jones at Locus Online News The Pulp Fictioneers-Hugh B. Cave Hugh B. Cave Obituary in The Washington Post 2004

2 Interviews with Hugh B. Cave by Tim Dill: December 1996 August 1999

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